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Leonardo DiCaprio: Back from Europe!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Back from Europe!

Leonardo DiCaprio goes for a walk on Monday (June 6) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor was dressed casually in a plaid shirt, cargo shorts, sandals, sunglasses, and a bright blue UCLA cap.

Leo is back in the States after spending time with rumored new gal pal Blake Lively in Europe.

The two were last spotted on a water taxi in Venice, Italy, after enjoying the sights in the south of France (where they reportedly took a helicopter ride) and also Monte Carlo, Monaco.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio walking around Los Angeles..

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leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 01
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 02
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 03
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 04
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 05
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 06
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 07
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 08
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 09
leonardo dicaprio ucla cap 10

Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • Averi

    Leo always looks so good. Even if he dose not have good style he always looks good. He has that bad boy look i like it. Thank god he brokje yp with bar :)

  • Huh

    He looks so shabby and worn out. Rumored new downgrade, Blake Lively.

  • Averi

    @Huh: Who are you to know ??

  • liz

    dump blake please….its not good for leo’s career, and to be honest he seems to be one who is concerned with his image/ reputation. Also why would you want a girl that takes nude photos…it is quite trashy

  • April

    Leo looking good! But I heard he went to Disneyland with Blake?

  • boxersnotbriefs

    whatever u do, leo, don’t get her pregnant. these wannabes will do anything to trap u. and have u seen her before plastic surgery? if she does “accidentally” gets preggers, u’d better pray very hard that the kid gets ur genes.
    use protection, leo, for ur sake, please use protection. don’t trust her.

  • carrie

    on twitter,some people said they were together in disneyland

  • Averi

    @boxersnotbriefs: Your funny he wanted kids with bar but she did not want kids right now so he told her to take a hike. He thought he was wasting his time.

  • john

    @Liz hate to break it to you but barring a complete Mel Gibson type meltdown Leos career is unable to be hurt EVER.. all i wanna know is why hes pushing forty and dresses like a frat boy and no seems to think its strange..

  • Huh

    What`s there to know? Blake is another downgrade for Leo. It`s obvious. Such an odd couple and a huge shocker from Leo to start with someone like her. What is he thinking? Lost his mind?

  • @8

    …. according to National Enquirer. Now that`s reliable! John, he is an accomplished actor but even in his position his career can take a hit. Dating Lively can do that.

  • Averi

    @Huh: Its leos business & how is she a down grade shes a good person. Don’t worrie about leo he can make his own choice hes a grown man. Your not his mother!

  • donie

    @john: Because he doesn’t care what you and people think about him personally or his style. He promote his movies not clothing line. duhh, If you want to see a guy promote his life style not his work, go to brad pitt thread. cheers..

  • kiki

    leo dump her fake ass. find a real woman and settle down!!!

  • ck

    Twitter sightings of Leo/Blake at Disneyland

  • Really CUTE

    in those “plaid shirt, cargo shorts, sandals, sunglasses, and a bright blue UCLA cap” lmao. i m in LOVE! haha! at least ms. flakey (i prefer flakey ove fakely :P) is not in these pics. thank God. he looking for something there? kind of looks lost. no?

  • deke

    I think Blake’s legs are longer than his body!!

  • GIo

    His life style is not in the public because behind close doors,have heard rumors about being gay…. and ANYWAY TO ME ALL THESE “RELATIONSHIPS” WITH WOMEN never convinced me ALWAYS SEEMS FALSE

  • kizzo

    To much casual s-e-x makes Leo Di Caprio’s head bloated; & face looks uglier & older.

  • guy with him

    is prob one of his PR men…. he’s asking how the heck do i get myself out of this one?!?!? haha

  • HaHa

    He only looks good in movies. In everyday life he looks like a slob.

  • April

    Doesn’t matter, coz he doesn’t make girlfriends to convince YOU or anybody that he’s straight.

  • donie

    @kizzo: Thanks for blake he lost a lot of weigh. It must be the great s-e-x he is having.!!!

  • Averi

    @HaHa: thats your opinion & its really bad. You must be so bored nothing to do @ home so you search you leo on here & be a bully i love leo!

  • Averi

    @GIo: your the ugly homo wating him. Hes not gay bitch

  • donie

    He looks thinner than usually, it must be great s-e-x he is having. Wow Blake you are sure how to take care a man down there. There are couple of GAY here hitting on Leo, you can help them be straight blake. IMAO

  • 2

    I am cracking up at his fashion sense~. I love that he dresses like such a slob (even though those “slob” clothes might actually cost a lot more than most people’s “slob” clothes). It makes me like him more.

  • cute

    He is so cute even though he does not dress very well doesn’t matter fine looking man.

  • leo is lovely

    jelly of blake!

  • STOP!

    Can you please stop saying he is gay, please he is not!!!!!!!!!

  • Evie

    Be happy, Leo.

  • donie

    If you want a style, go to brad pitt thread i am sure he has a great wardrobe beside being a horrible actor.

  • leo is lovely


    stop it!

    it’s prolly true


    lucky girl!

  • homewrecker Aniston

    those sandals belong in the 90s. I saw some old couple wearing a matching pair of birkenstocks the other day

  • donie

    @STOP!: The people who are saying he gay are gay people who hitting on him, you got it. Don’t be bother cause gays can be c-u-n-t sometimes. lol

  • Averi

    @donie: thats so true

  • leo is lovely


    have some sympathy

    they want his bum

    and everythin else

    i understand

    i do too

    but he wants blake

    major jelly

  • donie

    @leo is lovely: Well, that’s was what i have been saying all this time. That’s very much true. well said.

  • leo is lovely

    p.s. i love gays

    there is nothing wrong with it

    they wish he was gay

    hes not

    but you can’t blame for wishing

    i wish he was mine

    he’s blake’s now

    i accept


  • leo is lovely

    beautiful man

    i would gladly press his shorts

    and cook his meals

    and… other things

    blake better take good care of him!

  • donie

    I have a solution for gay people who fantasies Leo. Go and watch Titanic before you go to bed and wack off late at night. lol I hate homos like GLO but i am not mean to help them get over there Man crush. ha ha..

  • one never knows

    in hllywood, you never really know who is straight and who is bi or gay. i don’t believe that LD is 100 percent straight. i’ve had way too many friends in the industry here who have told me leo stories and he goes both ways according to them. not an uncommon thing in hllyweird but to you guys out in the midwest or wherever you are you can keep the fantasy that he’s all normal and straight but i highly doubt it from all that i’ve heard (talking tea)…

  • donie

    @one never knows: Why don’t you come out of the closet and say i am a homo and i like Leo. It simple, i promise you you will feel better once you say that you don’t even have to make a spin about how you have people inside the industry tells you that he is bi so you have a shot at him. Look it adam Lambert, he is open about it, why don’t you ask him out cause i have inside source telling me that he single. LOL…you are too funny. (about having friends inside the industry) IMAO

  • let the music play

    Loving the Leo looking hot and relaxed in the summer time .

  • Ash

    He only hides his face when he is not wearing sun glasses. There is definetly something around his eye.

  • leo is lovely

    we’ll never have him

    let’s make him gay

    make us feel better

  • donie

    @one never knows: I love you homo. It is cool to have a Man crush. It is not like you committed a crime. Come out of the close already and say i am homo and i love Leo. what is wrong with that. Cause we all do. ha ha..

  • OMG!

    He’s not hiding his face! I call PR STUNT!!!

  • donie

    @OMG!: Ha ha, you are funny. Well said.

  • lol

    wow the dumb peeps are on here tnite. nothing intelligent being said…