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Miranda Kerr: Post Baby Body Secret Revealed!

Miranda Kerr: Post Baby Body Secret Revealed!

Miranda Kerr works on her fitness as she leaves a private gym on Friday (June 10) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old Aussie model recently opened up about her amazing post-baby body and how she kept in shape throughout her pregnancy with her son, Flynn.

‘I practiced yoga for over 10 years and I just continued that practice throughout my whole pregnancy and then after as well. It does (keep you in shape after the birth) especially when you’re breast feeding,” Miranda told Access Hollywood.

Later that same day, Miranda went for a walk in the canyons of Los Angeles with baby Flynn and their pup!

FYI: Miranda is using her Baby Jogger City Mini stroller!

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr leaving her private Los Angeles gym and on a walk with Flynn

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miranda kerr flynn gym 01
miranda kerr flynn gym 02
miranda kerr flynn gym 03
miranda kerr flynn gym 04
miranda kerr flynn gym 05
miranda kerr flynn gym 06
miranda kerr flynn gym 07
miranda kerr flynn gym 08
miranda kerr flynn gym 09
miranda kerr flynn gym 10
miranda kerr flynn gym 11
miranda kerr flynn gym 12
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miranda kerr flynn gym 15
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  • :)

    She’s too skinny, but she has a pretty face. I like how natural she looks. She has a nice pale skin tone and a very “fresh” face. Cute!

  • G:|

    Miranda looks like a kewpie doll. Except she isn’t cute and a kewpie doll is.

  • :D

    AGREED> SHE IS A GODDESS wowowowoow, that body
    if i was her i would stare at myself all day, she seems like a lovely mom as well :)

  • AZ

    I love her Prada bag!


    yoga is BS. why doesn’t she say she starved herself. cos that’s the only way to lose weight.

  • cat


  • 12

    So CUTE !!!

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    I think Miranda is so beautiful and seems such a lovely lady,

  • sea

    It’s her body type and that’s nothing new! Are you fat?

  • ywll

    ugly chipmunk face! eww

  • craig stairs

    The secret for hollywood women is they don’t have real lives like real women do.

    They don’t have to work or take care of a household so for 24 hours a day they have all the time in the world to do whatever which for some mean keeping yourself looking pretty if looking pretty is what got you to where you are today.

    We can all agree that if Miranda went fatty nobody would be talking about her in a positive manner.

    Theres the secret.

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    Weeks ago she was a fatty now she is starving herself to death? LOOOOOOL I came to this threads for the laughs at this point.

  • walktheline

    @6 starvation? are you kidding me? that only slows the metabolism down and you lose weight slowly and miserably. Miranda’s weight came off fast because she isn’t sitting on her a*se like you 24/7 :) You sound like the 12 yr old tween hermit that the internet is breeding these days.

  • seldom

    flat butt

  • Hotel del Coronado

    Lovely mama , a little skinny but she’s a model after all

  • Hotel del Coronado

    Your body needs nutrients and I’m sure she knows that as she’s breastfeeding /it is good both for the baby and the mother/ . She’s beautiful with very good genes but even with good genes you must take care of yourself ,keep active and not being couch potato . Health is priceless .

  • mm

    whats that stupid thing around her head? she looks stupid

  • truckdriver

    her thighs need can drive a truck between though things.

  • truckdriver

    her thighs need can drive a truck between though things.

  • dlist

    her face is ugly

  • dlist

    her face is ugly.

  • BradP

    fugly round pumpkin head! LOL

  • yes!

    She looks incredible!

  • WOW!

    She has her waist back now, too!
    At the last VS event she was still a bit thicker than she was pre pregnancy, but now she has her tiny waist again.
    All of that hard work sure is paying off!
    She looks fantastic!

  • Mike

    Fugly chick.

  • Alice

    Let’s get real. It’s mostly genetics that allow her to have and keep that body. Yoga keeps things firm and undoubtedly she watches her diet carefully. But simply doing yoga isn’t a post-baby miracle cure for everybody because we’re all predisposed to have different kinds of bodies. Anyway, she looks lovely and seems very happy so…she’s a fortunate woman for sure.

  • what a boob

    this woman is Obsessed with breast feeding, cant stop talking about it or showing off her feeding pics!

  • @28

    She posted two pics. Both very discreet. And one pap pic has been shown. And she mentions breast feeding as an aide to her weight loss since she is asked about it ALL the time, and as a way to ensure a healthy baby. Obsessed? hardly.
    But where exactly are the breast feeding pics in this group of photos?
    And where, exactly is she talking about breast feeding here?
    Bringing up the subject when it has no relevance in the subject matter? THAT is obsession.
    So it seems like YOU are the one obsessed.
    Maybe you should seek help?

  • @28

    I hardly think that JJ posting an excerpt from an older interview implies that she “can’t stop talking about breast feeding”.
    There was no interview taken for these pics, and no pics of her breastfeeding here.
    I also think that YOU are the one obsessed.

  • suks

    yeah right more like she got a tummy tuck no women noo matter what can come out of a hospital just after giving birth with a flat stomach its not possible unless ur super rich and can afford surgery

  • @30

    It’s been five months since Flynn was born. And she didn’t have a flat tummy right away. Weren’t you haters calling her “FAT” not too long ago?
    And yes, with a healthy diet and exercise, you CAN get your figure back. That doesn’t cost a dime. She got her figure back the natural way, and she looks fantastic!
    Plus, it is obvious from numerous pap pictures that she DID NOT have a tummy tuck. No scar means no tuck. Simple as that.

  • Mikado

    Blablabla goddess, she is not a goddess. At her age she should easily be able to loose pregnancy weight and get in shape withing 6 weeks after the birth, especially when eating right. And that is what she does.
    But breast feeding? Naghh, that is not true. Every woman who breast fed their child knows their breasts simply cannot stay firm and strong. It is the price you pay for feeding your child. So let’s stay realistic. Her breasts look very good but they aren’t feeding her little son. That I am sure about.

  • thinkaboutit

    You are wrong. Sorry, but when you are nursing your breasts become engorged with milk which is why Miranda’s breasts are large and full. Yes, she is feeding her son with those boobs. You were right however, that if you have a few kids, and nurse them all for a prolonged period of time, your breast will begin to sag and loose elasticity. It’s well worth it considering it’s all for the health and well being of your child though.

  • Mikado

    True what you say. But i do have the experience too. Also after one child, It also takes a couple of years for breasts to recover from breast feeding. Stomach muscles and butt aren’t that difficult though to get in shape again after giving birth,
    Anyway I share your point of view 200% it is all well worth the effort for the health of a new born child.

  • Felix

    Miranda and every other model out there have the pressure of losing weight and keeping their bodies very (or extremely) thin. These girls make money based on thier appearance, looks, and weight. This is why they are forced to look the way they do. Even if they have to starve. They have lots of time to work out and have money to get all the help they need to lose their baby weight. They have nannies, personal trainers, personal chefs and probably even maids. They don’t have to come home and cook or clean…….

  • Legs

    @Felix: well cleaning is actually a very good work out and burns tons of calories.

  • Brainy box


  • @33

    How can you claim that you are sure that she isn’t breast feeding her son?
    All of the evidence points to the fact that she is.
    Her breasts are larger and fuller than before she was pregnant, and they have remained that way since his birth. We even have pictures of him feeding at her breast. And don’t start with the ‘implant’ BS, we all know that is nothing but lies.
    If she wasn’t breast feeding him, her breasts would be a lot smaller by now, just like the rest of her body.
    How do you explain that if she isn’t nursing him? You should be able to explain this, since you know things ‘for sure’.

  • puleeze

    these celebs all get “mommy tucks”

  • lola

    .. are you guys actually arguing over her boobs? lol let the woman be! She looks fab and most importantly she is a very good mom :)

  • @40

    No scar = no “mommy tuck”
    And since she has no scars at all, that means that she got her figure back the old fashioned way. Eating right and exercising.

  • Courtney

    @40 you’re an idiot she had a vaginal birth not a c section and you can’t get a tummy tuck directly after a c-section anyway because both are major surgery. @ Felix not all stars have chefs some actually cook for themselves when they can. granted the example I’m gonna give was nearly 40 years ago Sophia Loren after she had her younger son Edouardo granted she always cooked for herself nor did she have nannies she took major time off to be a hands on mama to her beloved boys who she struggled to have unlike Miranda who had her first child from her first pregnancy. A model is not a celebrity nor will Orlando Bloom ever be a legend like Paul Newman & Clark Gable are

  • Riri

    When does she sleep?
    To care for a baby, to breastfeed- is exhausting and demanding and leaves you sleep- deprived.
    When does she find the time to “practice Yoga”?
    You need to feed the baby every 2 hours.
    Seriously, how does she find the time or energy?

  • @Courtney

    Old Hollywood has no relevance to the stars of today. Back then, actors were under contract to studios, and could not really set their own career paths. This practice was dwindling when Paul Newman came on the scene. That’s why he had such a long career, and has become a legend. Clark died much too soon for us to see what he would have done with his career post studio. But if not for a few iconic performances, such as in Gone With The Wind, he would not have been that well known, or that well remembered. Orlando has those same kinds of iconic roles. Both Legolas and Will Turner, and even Balian, will be seen by audiences for decades to come. So his career can be compared to Clark Gable’s very easily. Whether or not he will have the longevity of Paul Pewman remains to be seen. Writing his career off now, when he is still younger than Clark was when he portrayed Rhett is a bit premature, don’t you think? And a bit disingenuous.
    And I hate to break it to you, but some models do become celebrities. When their names become known and not just their faces, they can become stars.
    Like it or not, Miranda is a celebrity. A celebrity married to a star.

  • Shelly

    Yeeeah…. that’s why she’s a model and your NOT, right?

  • @44

    She doesn’t have a 9-5 job. She has plenty of time every day to do what she wants. Plus, she has a nanny to help with the baby when Orlando is not there, and when she is working.
    And now that Flynn is older, he won’t eat every two hours. he probably goes 4-6 hours between feedings now.

  • elle

    I have to say she’s too skinny for a new mum but she is a model and she needs to be skinny for her job which she probably wants to get back to asap…

    but come on some of us can do all the yoga we want and our bodies will never look like that… i’m sure the yoga attributed to the weight loss and the fact that she has the celebrity lifestyle that not all new mums have to be able to afford nannies and go to the gym but good genes are a huge factor in how our bodies go back after pregnancy!

  • dlist

    it’s called breast implants

  • @49

    Are you back again????
    Just how many times do you have to be proved wrong to get it through your extra thick skull????
    Your coming back to say the same thing over and over just proves your stupidity and desperation.
    So pathetic!