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Aishwarya Rai: Ambassadress of Elegance at the Prix de Diane

Aishwarya Rai: Ambassadress of Elegance at the Prix de Diane

Aishwarya Rai anticipates the upcoming festivities at the 162nd Prix de Diane horse race on Sunday (June 12) in Chantilly, France.

The 37-year-old Bollywood actress, who was accompanied by her mother Vrinda, spent the day watching the horses race and signing autographs for fans!

The race was sponsored by Longines, who have named Aishwarya their official Ambassadress of Elegance! She even got to award the winner’s trophy to the victorious jockey.

Aishwarya just began filming her latest movie, Heroine, on Thursday (June 9), which is scheduled to shoot for 45 days.

FYI: Aishwarya is wearing an Elie Saab dress.

10+ pictures inside of Aishwarya Rai at the 162nd Prix de Diane…

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aishwarya rai prix france 01
aishwarya rai prix france 02
aishwarya rai prix france 03
aishwarya rai prix france 04
aishwarya rai prix france 05
aishwarya rai prix france 06
aishwarya rai prix france 07
aishwarya rai prix france 08
aishwarya rai prix france 09
aishwarya rai prix france 10

Photos: Fame Pictures, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Craig

    She’s drop dead gorgeous!! Never seen more beautiful eyes than those! And love the fact that she doesn’t give a shit about being SKINNY. She’s healthy and sexy. Why hasn’t Hollywood woken upto her yet? She is a very talented actress.

  • yara

    She’s really gorgeous, i like her especially when she’s wearing Elie Saab, then it’s a combination of AMAZING.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @Craig: because whenever she makes a Hollywood movie, people who watch the film go online and post about how she stinks and needs acting lessons.

  • BEAN

    Oh my god what a beautiful woman

  • chris

    Oh my God.I really Cant Belive where she’s been.she’s really beautiful woman.sooo healthy looking.perfect face.dnt knw why she isnt acting in hollywood.wanna find abt this beauty

  • Dave

    drop-dead hot hot hot……..

  • ++Logan++

    Absolutely horrible outfit.

  • Bananasplit

    Lovely and I love the fact she is not a stick insect which makes her unique.

  • ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    ok nothing wrong

  • Robert

    Very overrated! Alot of more beautiful woman on earth.

  • zephon

    Has she had any children yet? youd think after being married for so long she’d be able to punch out a few? Unless she cant?

  • sapna

    Beautiful face!! Just love her eyes!!

  • Ann Marie

    I see her paid agents are on here praising her painfully average looks. Without the coloured contacts, her eyes are normal. She also has a round face that gets rounder every year and a fat neck. She is a pretty woman but not beautiful or gorgeous. Her best talent is self-promotion and endless publicity.

  • Jessica Simpleton

    She is nothing special. She gets whiter everytime I see her; must be all those skin bleaches they use in India. And yes, people can deny it, but I’ve seen photos of her with dark brown eyes. Her hair isn’t brown, either; she’s a white-washed phony who always giggles irritatingly in interviews.

  • LadyB

    I think she is an extremely beautiful women but because she’s put on some weight in the past years, she’s looking more average. But something tells me the weight gain is as a result of trying for a baby (just speculating on my part). But when she first came on to the scene, I think she was one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen. Yes, she does wear colored contact..but a lot of people do, and don’t look as beautiful as her.

  • patrick

    guys…..shes she a queen in India, I wish to have a queen like her in Britain…it would be so cool, gorgeous queen!!!

  • zac

    what a lovely lady!!!

  • Inihos

    I am not really her fan, but she isn’t wearing contacts. She has naturally light eyes.

  • hohoho

    looks fat and too pasty.

  • Amanda

    Beautiful lady with beautiful eyes! And a good actress.

  • sea

    At first I thought she was Miranda Kerr O_O

  • terry

    @sea yeah,,,,she looks like Mrs. Bloom!!! they should meet each other big fan of both!!!! two gorgeous ladies!!!

  • mango

    @ANN MARIE – Those aren’t coloured contacts, those are her natural eyes. caucasians aren’t the only breed in the world with light eyes lol

    Anyway, the dress is really ugly, and doesn’t look good on her at all. She’s a good looking woman, but doesn’t look good in those pictures at all.

  • longchamp

    she looks nothing short of hilarious here – pink plumpy meringue dripping in frosting :-).

  • DJ

    Favie, you know i love you and i love your curves but please, pretty please with cherry on top… lose a teeny tiny bit of weight? or maybe it’s that (ugh) outfit?

    and NO. not Elie Saab AGAIN! :( this guy makes you look.. bulky.. :(

    love you still Ash.. ♥

  • Bolden

    beautiful woman. I like her eyes. So glad I found you.

  • Fashion Lover

    She looks lovely. Her face is just so perfect.

  • http://@johnmaths johnmaths

    hi, great pics of aishwarya. she looks gorgeous as always. waiting for more pics. thanks

  • New Boyz

    She just becomes uglier and uglier with time… and what’s with her stupid clothes?

  • Anita

    As an Indian, I can vouch for the fact that she has natural grey-blue eyes. The brown eyes that someone mentioned earlier were in fact contacts that she had to wear in order to look classically Indian, because that’s what her role demanded.

    She is also naturally fair-skinned compared to the average Indian population, as are a lot of people who belong to her community! It’s in her genetics. She is a stunning woman, and the camera loves her.

  • Julia

    Her Face is BEYOND GORGEOUS!


  • cindy12

    @Ann Marie: Its not color contacts. She has green eyes. Everyone who knows her since her Miss world days knows that. Its not uncommon for Indians to have green eyes.

  • Samm

    @LadyB: she’s pregnant moron

  • whatever

    @mango: Actually, Mango, you are not quite correct. Indians are not a different race as Blacks or Asians. Indians fall under caucasian race (same facial features, different coloring due to climate of the area) just like South Americans. Infact, there are Indians that are whiter than caucasians we see in the west and there are also darker Indians but with the same features as caucasians but darker because of the area of the earth they belong to. Have you ever heard of the word Ino-Aryans? Infact, Aryan/Arya is a Sanskrit (Indian) word which means wiser… nothing racial until Hitler adopted it and made it all about race. But it refers to people of parts of the Indian sub-continent.

  • whatever

    @Jessica Simpleton: You saw photos of her with brown eyes because she uses contacts now and then to match the role she is playing. Most of the people that belong to her community are very light-skinned with lighter eyes. In fact, there are millions of Indians that are very light-skinned… not because of any mixing but because Indians are not a different race than caucasians. While many are very light-skinned, many are dark because of the climatic conditions and many are in-between. But the facial features are the same as Caucasians. If you know more about the history of the world, you would know that. BTW, check out the orgin of the word “Indo Aryans”.

  • hally

    too over rated.. she is not the most beautiful in the world… what a joke

  • http://n khandoker saifudddin uze

    its so much hot news from u that keya kaho kisiko pusay vi ?avi kaisa hay upka husband nice coupule jee.job daykho keya ray vai kon jane khep kay uthtahay alllah malum dhoor sob chapter close day deay. does u come on the night of 1 1 or not sep tem ber in murapara not to step not there lot of trap .bye.

  • taniya

    she looking so beauityfull

  • Estes

    Anne Mari is the obessed Freida troll. She goess arounf every site featrung pinto and puts down beautiful indian actress like aishwarya rai in order to sniff up freida pinots ass
    freida is not gorgeous or even pretty, just avg. She is not in the leagues with beatuies like Aishwarya mAngelina,Megan,Catherine Zeta Jones,etc
    Spares us with the indian are jealous and want white skin quoutes. Your just mad that the fact that freida is a c lister in hollywood and can’t accomlish what rai has done.
    See people when this troll comes, they pretend to be ‘western’ but seem to have all the info on indians and bollywood stars lol.
    If anybody check out just jared,pinkvilla,rediff,youtube. You will that many have idenfied this troll

  • Estes

    They will also make fund of the indian actress features and say that by having a round face,beaky,nose,buggy eyes that they are ugly and that freida is better looking because of her high cheekbones and delciute beauty which is a lie. Freida is very,very avg for Hollywood and ‘western’ standreads. Plenty of ladies in Hollywood don’t have high cheekbones are are considred far more beautiful then Freida
    Expose this troll.
    And what is Freida talent exactly? She is the one who goes rusns around in expensive designer outfit, doing unesscaery magziness cover when she has no movies. Aishwarya Rai is a very talented actress and doesn not make unesscary red carpet appearences or magzines like Freida does.
    Your freida is nothing but like a Kim kardtrashin.