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Katie Holmes: Bikini Beach Time with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Bikini Beach Time with Suri!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri have some fun in the sun on Saturday (June 18) in Miami Beach, Fla.

The 32-year-old actress and her adorable daughter are in Miami Beach while husband Tom films Rock of Ages!

Earlier this week, Katie attended the Women in Film Chrystal + Lucy Awards, where she spoke to Access Hollywood about her husband’s singing voice, which he shows off in Rock of Ages!

“[Tom] is such an amazing performer,” Katie said. “The voice is incredible.”

Katie and Suri are excited to celebrate Father’s Day with Tom. Katie said about the big day, “My sleeves are always full. I’ve got lots of plans!”

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the beach with Suri

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katie holmes bikini suri 02
katie holmes bikini suri 03
katie holmes bikini suri 04
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  • Lindley

    She looks great! LOVE her! :)

  • Claire

    Suri is a spitting image of Katie. Sometimes I wonder about Katie. She always looks sad and empty, even when she’s smiling.

  • Yo-Landi

    Suri looks like both her parents. She has her dad’s eyes and mom’s hair and overall looks. Cute but she’s too much of a spoiled brat. And as for Tom Cruise, I never see him with them, it’s like Ben Affleck, never out with the girls but oh well, we don’t know what’s going on behind doors, they could be the best dads ever lol. Anyway, Katie’s body is ok. Not the best in Hollywood but certainly not the worst either!

  • mel

    Love Kate, she looks good…Tom is a lucky guy

  • Juan Garces

    Damn, I missed it again.

  • haha

    uhhh? bathing suit? did someone forget to put on her bathing suit? i hope the dress isn’t “dry clean only.”

  • Suri Jackson

    Yup…she looks like both of her biological parents (that doesn’t included Tom).

    Where is Suri’s bathing suit?

  • Mlef

    Xenu is gonna send her to hell…lol

  • ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    umm good

  • commonsense

    The fact that Suri swam in her dress is not a big deal so lets hold off on the no doubt impending judgement.

  • well

    Suri having fun in the water.

  • ANON


  • ANON

    She better get ready for d BACKLASH, she wll be front page on every mag come next week, nd not for very gud reasons!!!! every mag on planet SHOWBIZ WILL DESTROY HER with dat pic of her WRINKLY BELLY, TARA REID saga will be nothing to this….. LMFAO

  • Missy

    @ANON: Her belly isn’t wrinkly. Everyone gets rolls when they bend down. In the photo where she is standing up straight, you can see that her belly is flat. Geez, people are so critical.

  • kitykat

    She is in the water but embarressed to show the rest of her body? well, at least it is a change for her usual miserable look good for her,

  • ppp

    yeah, but Nicole Kidman never gave birth to a kid. katie doesn’t look that bad.

  • peewee

    she’s got an old women’s belly! Kinda young for old belly!!

    Of course, Suri wore a dress for swimming. she makes the rules…or demands…..

  • ANON

    @Missy: take a gud luk @ pic 4, tell me dats from”bending down” LOL!!!

  • Britt

    I think she looks good. As far as the wrinkly belly, you’re an idiot if you think your skin doesn’t “roll” when you bend over.

  • annie

    anyone who has had kids will know that sometimes things change around the tummy area, not with everybody of course but in Katies case she was really huge with Suri , lost weight , then more weight. Katie really needs at least 10lbs more on her. My sister-in law is slim like katie but had bigger rolls of skin, she had surgery and got rid of them.
    Only shallow people will say something about her tummy , certainly not women who have had babies.
    Besides that, can I ask a question , I don’t live in the US, I see some stars pictured in LA dressed really summery, others look like they are in the middle of winter. It’s winter here, I thought it was summer there.

  • ANON

    @ppp: last i checked she had SUNDAY ROSE 2yrs go n ‘JUST GO WITH IT’ was shot late last yr nd JEN ANISTON made d comment this yr when d movie was released (plus u can always check out the dance competion scene between the two ladies in the movie with their bellies out) nways GWEN STEFANI has two kids, wats ur excuse on dat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hibiscus Rose

    With all the money in the world you’d think she would have done something to her belly. @Anon- Nicole had Sunday Rose – so be quite about her not giving birth to a child. Katie’s belly is just horrible looking – the water show case it.

  • mia

    you are so naive if you think Nicole was pregnant. it was a surrogate! the woman was never pregnant and everyone knows it.

  • olivia


  • annie

    as usual there are better pics elsewhere. there is one pic where Katie is standing in the water and she looks very athletically toned, it isonly when she bends over that her tummy wrinkles. there is one pic where the paps have gone in the water up to their knees getting pics.. there is a gorgeous pic of her and Suri together, bobbing in the water and laughing , that’s the nicest. another pic , and everyone on the beach and water taking pics…. that was weird. actually I think she would have looked great without the shorts, now i have seen other pics.

  • janice

    ANON @ 06/18/2011 at 9:53 pm #21
    Nicole did not carry Sunday Rose either. It is common knowledge.

    Nicole is a habitual liar. She also told Sam Ruben she has never lived in California, that she has lived in NY, since she came to this county. And we all know that is a lie, she lived in California with Tom, and their two children.

  • peewee

    oh zip it up #24. Why do you have to yell? U want a heart attack over this bimbo and her brat?

    What a waste of air!

  • janice

    Suri looks just like Tom.

  • Jen

    plain meet jane.

  • JustSaying

    Good thing her loggs are not in view!!

  • Eliza


    And it’s common knowledge that you’re one of the loons from the E board, still trying to spread lies about Nicole Kidman. Crazy woman. You lost your credibility a long time ago. Lol.

  • ace11

    she’s a loon ball

  • Sheri

    I thought that was a dress on Suri as well until I saw the outline of Suri’s bikini bottom in one of the pictures through the sheer material inserts in the outfit. So I think it’s actually intended as a bathing suit cover-up….at least I hope so. Although knowing this wacky family, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her next week walking the streets of New York in this get-up as well. With this family, anything goes.

  • Trish

    @ANON: Those wrinkled marks on her belly is from laying on a towel and it leaves imprints on soft skin. Didn’t you ever wake up with creases on your cheeks from the sheet you were laying on?

  • memoo2

    Katie doesn’t need any more children. She is a lousy mother in every way. Suri is paraded around to give Katie the attention she wants. There is no reason for this child to be photograped every day. The E crazies are stupid with their wishing that NK had not carried her child. She did so just get over it.

  • Fake

    Not a fan, but she looks fine…her stomach actually looks like she had a tummy tuck after birth…Katie is not blessed with an incredible body, but she does work out and she at least enjoys food, unlike other actresses who restrict and starve…names will not be mentioned..

  • Lulu

    To tell the truth, I was surprised to see that belly. After seeing so many of her gym picture, I wasn’t expecting this ! Just sayin’.

  • LoriLori

    There is nothing wrong with KH body, some people go overboard with their hate. Leave the child out of it, not her fault her parents are nuts

  • Jay

    WHY is this kid in the water in her dress? They obviously knew they were going to a beach, Katie is in a bathing suit. Weird kid, bad parenting or both, sorry but it’s true. Suri must rule that family, guess she has her way or has a tantrum, figures. Maybe the alien cult they are in doesn’t allow little girls to be in bathing suits in public, well you can see right through that wet dress, it’s transparent. Foolish and pathetic.

  • sara

    She is such a great mom! You see her with her daughter more than all the other Hollywood mothers put together. Suri is adorable and looks just like Katie.

  • sara

    All you people poking fun at Katie because of her stomach, I bet you all are a bunch of nasty looking insecure ladies with no class. If you were secure with any sense at all you wouldn’t be critical. If you hate yourself so much why don’t you get some plastic surgery. Clearly Katie loves herself, her body, and doesn’t think she needs to cut herself all up to raise her self esteem.

    Stop reading all the garbage on Suri being a spoiled brat that controls her parents it just makes you look like uneducated dopes. You don’t know these people, never had any contact with them other than reading a gossip magazine with their pictures in it. Suri could be the best behaved child in the world yet you believe trash out of Hollywood. That only makes you the idiot.

  • julie

    Suri always lovely, her mother looking fine too. Now, why in God’s name should the girl go to the beach and get in the water all dressed up??!! Sooooooo uncomfortable.

  • avis

    suri look cute in pink…………

  • I say

    Katie looks wonderful. That’s the first thing I said when I came across these photos: She looks great after giving birth. You can tell by her arms that she works out. And her stomach looks better than most women’s stomachs in a bikini. The people talking about her stomach are just plain fuglies and oompa loompas! They just have to say something negative about Mrs. Tom Cruise. Sickening folks!

  • zara

    She looks really good!

  • hmmm

    i guess lady gaga song “born this way”was written for Tom & Katie

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Who the hell wears daisky dukes over thier bathing suit to go in the water?

  • http://justjared neenus

    I think Suri has a fear of the water and Katie was making this a fun time to get her used to being in the waves regardless of what she was wearing. No doubt if she was put in a swim suit she would fear being made to go in the water. Remember those pictures a few years ago of Tom forcing her into the water when she looked terrified and was screaming while Katie looked very upset at what he was doing???? I’m pretty sure going into the water in a thin cotton dress was a small price to pay for the confidence Suri seemed to gain playing in the waves with her mother..don’t pick on everything they do that seems out of the ordinary. I think Katie does her best under a lot of pressure from Tom to do things his way . Just my opinion.

  • Super Cool

    Her tummy is not great in some pics but she looks very good on the first pic. I know people are jealous, because there is no need to hate someone famous. They do not do anything to you. Hate politicians if you will.

  • Super Cool

    @Jay: Maybe they just thought it would be more fun to be inappropriate and it is nobody’s business. They are just having a good mother daughter time for god’s sake!

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