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Alexander Skarsgard: Quick Gas Station Stop

Alexander Skarsgard: Quick Gas Station Stop

Alexander Skarsgard fills his car up with gas at his local gas station on Thursday (June 30) in Palisades, Calif.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor finished pumping his fuel and made his way to a meeting across town!

Earlier this week, Alexander was spotted leaving Il Pastaio after having lunch.

In case you missed it, check out the latest trailer for Alex‘s movie, Straw Dogs, which he stars in alongside his girlfriend Kate Bosworth!

20+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard filling up his car with gas and heading to a meeting in Palisades…

Just Jared on Facebook
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 01
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 02
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 03
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 04
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 05
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 06
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 07
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 08
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 09
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 10
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 11
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 12
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 13
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 14
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 15
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 16
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 17
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 18
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 19
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 20
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 21
alexander skarsgard pumping gas 22

Credit: Fontoura; Photos: AKM Images
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  • GG

    Why does all of hollywood suddenly insist on wearing these stupid beanies?

    Nothing against Alexander but that hat DEFIANTLY takes away from his hotness.

  • tami

    Oh my, look at all those lovely photos. Alexander looks great.

  • PurpleSamantha

    Did they tail him from the gas station to his destination?

  • beanieskars is hot

    1) the beanie is classic alex, and its adorable.
    2) leave the poor thing alone, he just wants to put gas in his car
    3) SOMEONE, QUICK, FLAG HIM. ohhh god, those pants are fallin’ and i forgot how to breathe


  • JB

    Dude, buy a belt!

  • Lilakoi

    @GG: What a load of BULL$HIT. Beanies are the coolest things to put on your head. It never went out of style recently and it won’t. Yes, they’re classic and they look cool ESPECIALLY on hot guys like this. GET A FUKCING CLUE, buddy.

  • Debbie

    As a woman with working eyes in her head and an appreciation for good looking blokes can I just say ‘mmmmmm’.
    As a woman with a brain in her head and empathy for others I’m starting to think this poor bloke must be feeling haunted by the press/paps etc, and that I’m as guilty as the next person for this every time I click on a link that shows him walking to his car/leaving the gym/picking up his shopping/doing all the sorts of mundane things you and I would do (and looking dog rough while we did it.)
    Bet he can’t wait to get out of LA and back to some semblence of normality in Sweden. Poor sod.

  • Anthony

    Look at all those lovely photos. Alexander looks great.

  • Well………

    @Debbie: Don’t feel too bad for him. He calls the paps on himself most of the time. It’s a fact. Lots of celebrities do this. It gets his image and name out there onto sites like this and he gets talked about.

  • PurpleSamantha

    I do have to say thought, that here in Fort Worth, TX, they’ve started ticketing people for saggy pants like that. Is that happening anywhere else in the country?

  • Erica

    I love me some Askars but that brutha needs to bulk up a bit and eat. He looks like every skinny Swedish hipster I’ve ever met, not like the specimen he was. This guy, Eric the Viking?!? No way.

  • tami

    Why did you copy my comment?

  • Gross

    I couldn’t get with someone right after he played my rapist in a movie. Kate’s just a nasty ho. Doesn’t say much for him either.

  • a private d*uchebag

    he’s so private ! why he pay JJ to stay relevant in a gossip site??

  • you are stupid

    you should DEFINITELY learn to spell before you comment

  • Shannon

    …and the paparazzi tour continues

  • Canuck

    What a delightful sight to greet my eyes this morning, the yummy Mr. S and in blue no less! Having one of those bad hair days though, lol

    As for the jeans, I’ve now got this song running through my head. ;)))

  • Foofa

    i see jared has tacked kate’s name onto alex’s post again *sigh* i remember seeing pics of them together last year on the 4th of july…i wonder if that will be the case this year. let’s hope not!

  • Foofa

    @Gross: haven’t you heard? it’s an epic love story! lol

  • Sick

    22 pics of this guy putting gas in his car and walking? That’s 4 posts in the last 7 days, jj’s kneepads must be worn out by now.

  • LooksGoodToMe

    He looks great, very casual but hey he’s getting petrol. Let him have his beanie. He’s so hot it doesn’t matter what he wears.


    My cat can’t eat spaghetti, but I can!!! :D

    I also pump gas really hard.

  • craig

    @MERRICK: i like peanut butter so i know how you feel. plus alex makes me go beep-boop-bop-beep and i smile!

  • Debbie

    I get that he is a celebrity, but geez, leave the guy alone! Everyone is entitled to some modicum of privacy. Beanie or no beanie

  • Debbie

    @Debbie: From one Debbie to another, I completely agree!

  • ok go

    @Debbie:i am sure they will leave him alone when he STOPS CALLING THEM! they didn’t run into him on accident 4/5 times in the past 7 days. lol.

  • Ella

    Is it a fact? Please give us the facts. Prove it.

  • Debbie

    Too many Debbies, as per usual… ;o)
    Maybe I’m being really naive, but do people really call the paps on themselves?
    Without getting into all the crazy conspiracy stuff, I’d've thought the guy was getting enough publicity off the buzz around this season’s True Blood (which makes him look interesting), as opposed to the recent pap shots (that make him look pretty ordinary).

  • ok go

    @Ella: if you think that all the recent and past “photo-ops” on here are the paparazzi “stalking” alex and him not calling them, then i have a bridge in brooklyn i want to sell you.
    @Debbie: yes debbie, celebs call the paps on themselves all the time. lainey has admitted this, ted has admitted this and even some paps have admitted that they get calls all the time from actors and their publicists and agents. this is common knowledge.

  • jamiehsu

    you know,only because TB is on air,the paparazzi follows Alex all the time,it’s very normal,I don’t see its weird,4 posts in the last 7 days,this is normal,what is not,that pippa middleton was on the website al most every day

  • jamiehsu

    you know,only because TB is on air,the paparazzi follows Alex all the time,it’s very normal,I don’t see its weird,4 posts in the last 7 days,this is fine,what is not,that pippa middleton was on the website al most every day

  • Hans

    Hmm the crazy fans stalk alex… im

  • Debbie (the naive one)

    @ok go:
    Well, you learn something new every day. Thank you for your response. I’m away now to learn how to spell narcissism…

  • Hans

    Umm the crazy fans stalk alex 24/7… why wouldn’t the paps do the same, I mean they are atleast getting payed for it… numnuts… lol

  • craig

    beep-boop-bop-beeeeeep! i got ipad like alex and i skim the latest news on frog dna.

  • a private d*uchebag

    celebrity call’s know. Look at kate bonesworth for example..she usually calls paparazzi all the time and she was always on JJ and it’s her choice…now for some reason she choose to take a break from gossip. Alex is not different, he pay paparazzi to take pic and pay JJ to publish that pic

  • Canuck

    @Hans: Are you calling the Bos a crazy fan? hehehe

  • Canuck

    What’s up with the influx of pidgin English speakers all using different names? Me Tarzan, you Jane, I got Ipad too!

  • LooksGoodToMe

    @a private d*uchebag:

    There’s a difference between Alex and Kate, a HUGE one ie; as in she NEEDS to call them because her career isn’t going so well, while Alex is a hot actor, in a hot show that just got phenomenal ratings for its first episode, and he has a few movies in the works, so the paps would follow him because he’s money to them. His posts get ratings, not just because of the comments, but because of the huge number of hits recorded on his posts.


    check out Rod Lurie’s twitter

    “My fav YouTube comment on Straw Dogs trailer – moral of film: don’t have a hot wife.”

    yeah because an attractive woman deserves to be raped??
    yeah because an attractive woman wants to be raped??
    When a woman says no she really means yes???
    men can’t help themselves when they see an attractive woman so they shouldn’t be blamed if they feel the urge to rape???

    WTF??? It really doesn’t take long for mysogyny to raise it’s ugly head. Well done Rod and everyone else who worked on this movie…

    I really hope this movie bombs

  • Gross


    I don’t know why he would say that. James Marsden’s character in Straw Dogs didn’t have a hot wife, he had Kate Bosworth.

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: It looks like the glue-sniffing brigade was out in force on the overnight shift.
    @Debbie (the naive one), yes some celebrities will call the paps on themselves, as already mentioned KB is most likely one of those. I highly doubt Alex is doing so.
    So, JJ is back to mentioning KB as the girlfriend? Did her check not bounce?
    And to Canuck and Camille, Happy Canada Day!

  • ladybug

    @Gross: OK, I’m bad, that made me laugh.

  • Kim


    I was wondering the samething…why is JJ mentioning KB as the ‘girlfriend’ again? It seems to me JJ got a call from someone about that or received his check. It makes no difference, no one cares for KB or wants to see her movies. Getting her name attached to AS will not change that fact one bit.

  • ladybug/camille/canuck

    oh god…they arrived! ladybug canuck and camille
    ready for 300 comments! let’s get it started!

  • Danielik25

    Alex looks good and in new TB season is brilliant.

  • jessa

    oh yay here comes sour puss.

  • Joao Pedro

    Do you really should put himself in your life and not the other you have for me jealous of their fame and you are worse than old

  • Joanna

    I WANNA DO BAD THINGS WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the beanie he’s wearing. they are very, very hip, and very easy to make. I sell them at street fairs and crafting Bazaars, and they go fast.

  • ladybug

    @Kim: I think someone pointed out on an earlier post that JJ continued to refer to James Rousseau (SP?) as KB’s boyfriend up until Christmastime of 2009, when they’d obviously not been together for awhile. Maybe JJ just does it out of habit, especially since nothing’s been confirmed either way. That, or he likes playing with us.
    And the Lurie tweet that his favorite YouTube comment on the trailer is motto: don’t have a hot wife is just … weird. He strikes me as someone who really isn’t a misogynist, but I wonder if he really has no clue how misogynist that tweet appeared.