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Katie Holmes & Suri: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri arrive at a hotel on a rainy Friday (July 1) in Miami, Fla.

The 32-year-old actress rushed inside behind Suri, 5, who tried to keep dry under a clear umbrella.

Earlier in the week, Katie was in Beverly Hills, where she drove around in her Mini Cooper and did some shopping at Club Monaco.

At the premiere of her new horror flick, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Katie told the L.A. Times it “was a pleasure” working on the movie.

“This film has great characters and a great family drama happening outside of the scares, which only increase the scares,” she shared.

FYI: Katie is wearing “Kamalli” peep toe booties by Jerome C. Rousseau.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri getting caught in the rain…

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54 Responses to “Katie Holmes & Suri: Rain, Rain, Go Away!”

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  1. 26
    NG Says:

    There’s always some kind of bruise on Suri. I guess she loves to jump around a lot. In this picture you can see the bruise when Katie lifted Suri while they were on the beach and she was wearing her dress in the water. A few weeks ago, Suri appeared in a bikini with Katie in a swimming pool but NOT this time. Maybe Katie knew there would be too much chatter about the bruise and Suri kept her dress on.

  2. 27
    NevaehTnes Says:

    Omg thats exactly what I thought lol

  3. 28
    Jennifer Says:

    That child is in the rain in flip-flops, no socks, a tank top, and a skirt. Katie never learns.

  4. 29
    ? Says:

    ouch! Suri has that vacate stare now too…

  5. 30
    NG Says:

    Suri a few weeks ago

  6. 31
    stinkeroo Says:


    oh my gosh! what a scary scary face off of a 5 year old!!

    almost evil looking. LOL

    Just the face of a big brat!

  7. 32
    Why does Says:

    that kid look so strange?.. she’s not cute at all . Never was.

  8. 33
    whaaaaa? Says:

    The kid looks just like Joshua Jackson- forehead, eyebrows, nose. When is Suri’s real paternity going to come out? It took Linda Evangelista 4 yrs to cough up the truth. Katies contract with Tiny Tom must be keeping her mouth shut, and after all–Tom IS amazing! HAHAHA

  9. 34
    CAKK Says:

    Suri is soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 35
    AEP Says:

    Cankle pig girl is looking more like a crack ho everyday. No wonder her teeth look like sh8t.

  11. 36
    Wow Says:

    Holy Joshua Jackson batman! Suri is the spittin image!!!!

  12. 37
    Annie Says:

    @ck – imo Katie *has* hips – she’s thin but her hip bone structure is wideish. What she needs is ANKLES. Whatever she weighs girl has none and it ruins a lot of her outfits.

  13. 38
    lydia Says:

    If she so admires Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, then please take some fashion pointers from the woman!
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  14. 39
    anon Says:

    There is no way Suri is Josh Jackson’s daughter get a life people. If he even thought there was a chance, don’t you think he would have done or said something?

  15. 40
    Suri Jackson Says:

    1) I’m glad that there are others out there that see the resemblance.
    2) With Tom shifting the pregnancy timeline…even going to the extremes of that fake baby bump after Suri was born; and going into panic mode anytime Josh is within a mile of Katie, all Josh can do is wait for Katie to tell the truth, or Suri to reach 18 and figure it out.
    I am sure that The Mighty Ducks movies and the Dawson’s Creek videos(that were given to all of the main cast members) are not allowed in camp Cruise.

  16. 41
    Paty Says:

    I think Suri must have picked mommy´s clothes and her own…didn´t work quite so well this time. I´d say it´s ok to let the kid have an opinion and say on what she´d like to wear but it wouldn´t hurt to provide some guidance and tips to help her out sometimes. Suri has been looking pretty mismatched and unkempt lately…

  17. 42
    Jaycee Says:

    OMG what happened to Katie!! Is she anorexic or something!! She has lost way too much weight. She must be very unhappy.

  18. 43
    stinkeroo Says:


    LOL….she has NO guidance! Her own mother’s taste in fashion is down the toliet

  19. 44
    crazy people on the loose!!! Says:

    rain rain rain, rain this people away…..

  20. 45
    Marie Says:

    stupid stereotypical american bullies! katie has a great sense of style and how dare u picking on a child! in btw her boots cost more than u earn a month.. work it Katie, u r fierce!

  21. 46
    Marie Says:

    stupid stereotypical american bullies! katie has a great sense of style and how dare u picking on a child! in btw her boots cost more than u earn a month.. work it Katie, u r fierce!

  22. 47
    Mikado Says:

    Mother and daughter have been washed away simultanously. And not by the rain.

  23. 48
    Dani Says:


    You are pretty stereotypical yourself.

    Marie this is MIAMI. It is around 90 degrees with high humidity. The day the pics were taken it was raining.

    Katie is terribly impractical and has to be uncomfortable. This is not fashion. She is wearing open toed domin-atrix boots in the rain, in the heat, in the humidity with too tight black jeans. Anyone who lives in a high temp/humidity climate knows this is really an uncomfortable combination–tight jeans and boots? Puh-leez. Not to mention her hat looks totally ridiculous.And the shirt/vest combo also looks odd on her as it isn’t right for figure.

    For once, though, Suri is dressed like a little girl. And appropriate clothing for the heat and humidity.

  24. 49
    Marie Says:

    dahhhrling plz, go to Europe. Monaco, Ibiza, The riviera, paris and milan- this how european women dress. Classy and elegant, in any kind of weather!

  25. 50
    lucy2 Says:

    It makes me nervous when I see Katie in ill-fitting low-riding jeans. She did that throughout her pregnancy with Suri. Please don’t let her be preggers. Could you imagine if she actually brought Tom’s spawn into this world?
    Oh, and Romeo, annie, and anon, that would mean that Tom had a relationship with a plastic cup and a gay magazine, after which Katie visited clinic. Who knows? With all of the funky pregnancy games played by Scientologists, they may have a special clinic within the Celebrity Center.

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