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Hayden Christensen Kicks Some Grass at the Spa

Hayden Christensen Kicks Some Grass at the Spa

Hayden Christensen spends some time with a male pal as they head to the Bahn Sabai Day Spa on Saturday (July 9) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 30-year-old Canadian actor was decked out in head to toe Nike gear, including a shirt with the phrase “Kick Some Grass,” which is from the brand’s tennis line.

Earlier in the week, Hayden went shopping with his girlfriend Rachel Bilson. He picked up Parrot’s AR.Drone video game.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen heading to the spa with a friend…

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hayden christensen kicks some grass at the spa 01
hayden christensen kicks some grass at the spa 02
hayden christensen kicks some grass at the spa 03
hayden christensen kicks some grass at the spa 04
hayden christensen kicks some grass at the spa 05
hayden christensen kicks some grass at the spa 06
hayden christensen kicks some grass at the spa 07
hayden christensen kicks some grass at the spa 08
hayden christensen kicks some grass at the spa 09
hayden christensen kicks some grass at the spa 10

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  • bay

    Ok… umm what straight man goes to the spa with a “male pal”?

  • Chelly

    Nice black socks Hayden…lol.

  • Karina

    WOW when this guy smiles I go weak in the knees! He looks soooo cute! He’s spending more and more time in California with Rachel these days! I love them together! Hayden you rock!!!!

  • ATLQueen

    Aww, look at the cutie!

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    hayden want camera fallow him

  • moi

    looking good hayden!

  • really

    Was it a gay spa?

    he looks HM = hot mess!

  • Kà simply àmazing!!


  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! He looks happier with this guy then he does with his GF Rachel Bilson…Not that I buy the gay stuff but it’s just funny!! I guess living with a media wh@re is such hard work he needs a day at the spa!

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! He looks happier with this guy then he does with his GF Rachel Bilson…Not that I buy the gay stuff but it’s just funny!! I guess living with a media wh@re is such hard work he needs a day at the spa!

  • fatty next to him is….


    The guy next to him with boobs is one of the owner of the spa.
    They are not close friends.
    Hayden looks always relaxed with everyone but Rachy. Sad for a couple.
    She is been stalking him for weeks at his farm before she came back to LA for more fmaewhoring.

  • rayden

    …and Hayden followed her to LA, as always.

  • fatty next to him is….

    Rachel and Hay are still planning o get a “love nest”in LA?
    Or the morning house hunting was a PR?
    Rachel org is her own website. She provides very personal pictures just to self promote her uninteresting career.
    She’s a joke or a walking clothes hanger.

    He looks immature for his age, must be playing video games for hours and not paying attention to her while she does all the can to get his attention.

    They look like buddies but not like lovers at all.
    Hayden can have any girls he wants but maybe he likes needy stupid girls that he can dominate.
    Did she say that he’s a “human dictionary”?

    His brother is like his father, a womanizer always after some a$$. Don’t want to get married too keep the freedom of breaking a girl’s heart. Plus is an awful producer and adviser. All he gets is crap jobs for hayden as soon as he (Tove) can make $ on his bro’s back!

    H.C = Henry Cavill, not Hayden christensen anymore.

    Cavil is healthy and not a chain smoker
    Christensen is a chain smoker with greyish teeth, an fashion pr0stitute as girlfriend, a gold digger as a brother.

    Hayden is a sellout.
    Hayden became everything he said he would never be.
    If he thinks that his fans are stupid and will keep up with his 2 faces, noway!

  • fatty next to him is….


    Yes, she needs a boost for her career, and he needs to check the crappy jobs his older bro booked for him.

  • gilmorie

    I’ll BET sure that no matter how many photo-ops would he do at this period of time; he would go back home anytime to his Canadian cave; still w/ an EMPTY acting job list.

  • adri

    guys I am no fan of Rachel boring ass Bilson, but don’t lie. Hayden is such a bore irl and has no personality……. until he is with Rachel. I watched tons of interviews on him when he was relevant, and the only time I saw personality was with Natalie Portman and Rachel Bilson. Too bad he didn’t get with Natalie!

  • lol

    Well look on the upside of things its a Hayden Christensen post without him cringeing and walking 30 feet behind Rachel Bilson looking like hes going to his execution or something lol Whenever hes around her he always looks like he would rather be anywhere but there at the moment in time. Rachel also looks as though his company is a chore for her.
    Clearly a publicity relationship to save as best as they can two drowning careers.
    And to think when they first got together I thought it was ” real” and wasnt all for show…
    Well time reveals all things I guess and proved how fake the two of them together are.
    I cant believe i use to be a “rayden fan” yuck >< What was I thinking? lol

  • kaleigh

    From the way awful things are going for him right now, he doesnt need a spa treament… more like an “acting school treatment or even much more a psycho-anylysis treatment”.

  • Hayden needs to use his brain


    Do they offer discount for couples? Maybe he should drag Bilson there.
    It’s obvious it does not do movies for cash but seriously, Vanishing on whatever it is called was not that great ….or bad either.
    What the F>>>> is doing?
    he looks like he’s not into making it anymore in Hollywood.
    He got fame at a early age and all the cash that comes with it. So being 30 now, I wonder what he needs to be “hungry” again.
    A wife, kids? to make them happy with nomination for his work?

    Hayden can stay in Canada as long as he wants but at least he should try to make good movies where we can see his acting ability.
    Living n her farm isn’t the issue here. It’s more about the choices he makes that are far from being the best.

    Straight to DVD movies are a big NO NO. Make me think about her Fraudulent girlfriend’s career. She is a Fraud that stole people’s designs, even people’s opinions as she has none(brainless hen).
    Yes , he may need a psychotherapy to understand why he needs to surround himself with loosers, and dumb people or gold diggers?

  • tennille

    How amusing! That HC let this random man walk (much) closer together w/ him… while when walking w/ his so-called significant other, its like their “galaxy far far far away apart” LMAO!

  • phat-ruley

    He’s just an “Orlando Bloom Redux”. If acting jobs would continually be that scarce, He will be seen soon be “”hawking””” some more crap cologne, Japanese or other Asian RTW’s and talking about how he likes not being in the spotlight anymore (really?!). He has.NO.staying.power and /or charisma for a leading actor in HW not to mention consistently/utterly talentless.

  • @15,18,20.21

    Could you learn to post with decent grammar, never mind the multiple names, you sound ridiculous most of the time. You must be very bored to follow these two as much as you do.

  • just me

    Good to see him by hisself for change and rachel running behind like she do everytime he’s there.And jj you shouldn’t mention her if she’s not with him. Like the time you said that they was together and they was not. Why lied and make her look good.She has done enough already.Other sites don’t promote her like you do.They said that he was alone and that the way it should have been. Rachel and hayden haven’t said that they was couple anyway. He could be by hisself for a vacation. soon he will go back home. I think you love to promote a golddigger and media whore.Cause that’s what she is and you helping her do it. Rachel has lied about gettinga new house and about the relationship that she use for for attention Stop trying to promote rachel when she is not with him.

  • Jane

    @just me: Are you crazy or just stupid? Whether you like them together or not, there is no doubt they have been back together as a couple. Also, “Rachel has lied about getting a new house” sorry but, when did she even say she was getting a new house? Even if she had said it how to hell would you know if she “lied” or not. I get a scary feeling you’re a complete stalker or something.

    I don’t know if you’re either 10 years old or dropped out of school but your grammer is horrible.

  • Jane

    @@15,18,20.21: I know, right. You can tell all of those are the same person with the way they talk. STFU already, if you have a million things to say just post under the same name.

  • CC

    Hayden looks good, his face is thinner, the jawline more defined. He looks like he lost the extra weight he had back in Jan. and February. He is probably getting in shape for the movie he is supposed to do next month, The Unknown Son. I read about in on his fansites, there is even a poster about it. I hope this turns out to be a good movie, that gets made and has better publicity than Vanishing on 7th Street did.

  • shadowy

    So his fansite/s now is/are the new Variery or Hollywood Reporter huh?!
    Maybe Haydamn’s very few fansites would have to produce that reported “The Unknown Son” to make it even happen… coz if the 1st choice producers/distributors would take a bite on it; they would take a run at the last minute so it would be shelved off permanently then it would take some 2nd rate & flash-in-the pan producers/distributors to save it up by its budgeted promos & releasing the film at around 5 or less theaters.
    His fansite/s would have to do a damn lot of wishful thinking here or more like all over again as it all happened a lot of times before.

  • Hayden needs to use his brain


    Yes playing video games all day long can make a guy fat if he keeps eating and drinking beers.
    He is not athletic whatsoever. All he does is riding his dirty bike which won’t burn much fat or playing with his bobcat.
    The day he’ll realize that being fit is a part of his job, he will get more active.

    They are all skinny / slim in his family (except his parents).
    Hayden is lazy and does not care about his health or the image his audience has about him.
    His older sis is an athlete. he should follow her footsteps.
    He does not hide to chain smoking and then go support charity for kids with cancer.
    Show the good example, quit smoking an then go support a cause such as this one.

    He’s been associated to many projects but none has been done.
    What Tove is doing to get gigs for his brother?
    I just wonder. Many he just waits for the next car his little bro will buy him. That’s all that counts really for him (he is a cigar smoker and a womanizer just like his Dad).

  • annie

    hayden dominating toooo bad not tru,bilson the smell no talent has him tied to her belt ,too bad like hayden and when will he make a decent movie,all these indies that never make it to first run theaters. i did like TAKERS with all the other males.

  • lol

    The one thing here I find is strange he gets papped randomly just like Rachel does and no one claims he called the paps on this one too? Its just this style seems alot like her staged pictures as well. I mean it could have been someone else called them on him ( maybe even her so sites like JJ wiill mention her again even though she isnt even in these pictures) and he didnt know of course but i just think its odd no one calls these staged.
    Alot of people have wondered why these two remain in their little for publicity relationship. I use to think they were a ” real deal ” couple but recently changed my mind and then a thought came to me as I watched Mr and Mrs Smith today. Didnt the same director that directed Jumper also directed Mr and Mrs. Smith?
    So when these two got together I imagine their people had been hoping to recreate the ,magic and interest that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie expierenced in their careers and lives after they got together. Im going to guess that was the plan with these two. Like it was Mr and Mrs Smith 2 lol.
    One problem I see with this though….Brad and Angelina were both A list actors before they became a couple and that is what caused that ” magic” for them. They were both big before and became even bigger together.
    If Rachel and Haydens people are holding out for that to happen…They should probably wip out War and Peace and start reading it is going to be awhile.
    Or then again maybe they are just hopeing for Jumper 2….But considering all talks of that being developed seems to have died…Looks like its going to be a long wait on that as well.,lol

  • TPL

    Ew, a sleezy Thai spa? KNOWING Hayden, and I think I do, he’s probably getting a *happy ending*. Rachel needs to place some secret cameras in that place to keep an eye on him. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

  • she’s back

    @ TPL, alias DQ/syfy

    You need to get back on your meds, DQ/TPL, you are fantasizing about Hayden again. You do not know Hayden, although you think you do, very sad. So Rachel needs to put secret cameras in the spa to watch Hayden, like the ones Hayden put in your house and car to spy on you? You have been doing so well lately, get back on your treatment regimen, and stop making up stories about Hayden and Rachel. You do not know either one of them.

  • TPL

    Whatever you say, Hayden.

  • lol
    Someone on a previous Rachel or Hayden post someone compared them to Chad Micheal Murray and Kenzie Dalton and asked if anyone remembered them Well laugh out loud look who gets posted on JJ not soon after
    . I think they were right they are alot like Chad and Kenzie together/ engaged for four years and looking like theyd rather be somewhere else. Although the funny part was I didnt remember who they were untill JJ posted new pictures of Chad and Kenzie. Chad was once on One Tree Hill and Rachel was once on the OC… its kind of funny since back in the day in the early 2000′s those shows were eachothers biggest rivals on tv and now to actors from it both end up the same way? What are the odds? Guess life is funny sometimes.
    Wouldnt it be funny if Rachel and Chad ended up together lol It would almost be as good as a plot twist for the height of those two shows popularity lol

  • Karina

    My, my, my you guys MUST be totally jealous of Hayden! I wonder why you have such severe comments or ANY comment since you pretend not to like him or Rachel – so what IS your agenda? HAYDEN is as cute and relevent as he ever was and has signed on to 4-5 movies of late, two of which should be filmed in 2011 so where you get the idea he’s not working is mind boggling. You watch, he will age so gracefully that he will be acting well into his sixties. He’s that talented and that dedicated. He was born to be on that big screen and directors and studios realize his talent and looks. I guess it’s because he’s so handsome and girls really like him that you are jealous but that’s totally unnecessary.

  • jolene

    he’s cute!!!

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