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Vanessa Hudgens Gets Gas for Her Audi

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Gas for Her Audi

Vanessa Hudgens stops by a gas station to fill up her Audi on Tuesday (July 26) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 22-year-old actress indulged in some retail therapy at Bloomingdale’s with her younger sis, Stella, and their mom Gina.

Vanessa recently told MTV News she wasn’t afraid to chop off her hair for her new film, Gimme Shelter.

“I loved the project so much that I was willing to just go for it for my character to the point where I actually grabbed the scissors and was cutting my hair myself,” she shared.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens getting gas…

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vanessa hudgens gas station 01
vanessa hudgens gas station 02
vanessa hudgens gas station 03
vanessa hudgens gas station 04
vanessa hudgens gas station 05
vanessa hudgens gas station 06
vanessa hudgens gas station 07
vanessa hudgens gas station 08
vanessa hudgens gas station 09
vanessa hudgens gas station 10
vanessa hudgens gas station 11
vanessa hudgens gas station 12
vanessa hudgens gas station 13
vanessa hudgens gas station 14
vanessa hudgens gas station 15
vanessa hudgens gas station 16
vanessa hudgens gas station 17

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  • Vivi

    i really love her outfit! super cute! and shes looking fabulous too! way to go Vanessa!

  • Selena

    Well atleast she looks better then she did lastnight. That was a hot mess.

  • maria

    Looking so pretty here!! Love the dress and her shoes, and that she pumps her own gas!

  • Weber from Brazil

    She kinda looks like a younger and lighter version of Janet Jackson here!

  • hello

    Why do you keep posting comments about her hair that was discussed two weeks ago in one interview “Jared”. Do you want people to hate on Vanessa or Something? Your the one who’s starting to be annoying. Can you start talking about Gimmie Shelter and what that’s about? Who cares about her cutting her hair. That is old news now. LOL.

  • bonnieux

    she should have said, i started cutting off my “fake hair” . she was always wearing hair extensions. she looked dumb w/hair down to her waist, and not too good w/this ‘do either

  • kami

    ♥ she looks good here. ♥

  • hello

    I think she should leave the weave alone unless she gets it just below her shoulders. I didn’t like it too long either. It looked fake and gobbled up her tiny frame. I hope she lets it stay natural for awhile and play with different styles. I think eventually people will get used to it.

  • ?

    Well here’s the basics on gimme shelter. Vanessa plays a girl who is getting abused by her mother. She gets pregnant and decides to run away from her mother and find her father who works on wall street. Her father takes her in but wants her to have an abortion but she refuses and her father kicks her out and she is forced to live on the street. Rosario dawson plays the mother, brendon frasier the father. That’s pretty much what we know

  • laverdadduele

    Getting gas for her car? WOW, I’m sooo excited for her! The girl is going places.

  • Rolling with it

    she looks like somebodys granny with the haircut and mature dressing

  • Rolling with it

    she looks like somebodys granny with the haircut and mature dressing

  • skskj

    @laverdadduele: sorry to burst your bubble sweetheart but if youre looking for more shocking news youre on the wrong site. Most posts on this site are about celebrities getting gas or goingto the beach or shopping….

  • sophie

    she looks gorgeous

  • onlyhuman

    beautful as always vanessa.

  • sophie

    she wasn’t wearing extensions this year… she s to put some extensions just for the Candies photoshoot

  • sophie

    i loved her dress last night

  • Dani

    I actually think she looks gorgeous with the short hair! The long was getting kinda old.

  • SarahC

    I love her outfit here. So gorgeous.


    when will people realize she is a waste of life and stop supporting her? She does drugs, she smokes cigarettes, nude picture scandal, she breaks up relationships by hooking up with obviously taken men….

    all this stuff mostly unknown for now but trust me it’ll come to light sooner or later. in the words of Britney Spears she’s “not that innocent” ;)

    queue in denial fans. lol

  • kami


    get off your moral horse and grow up. do you really believe your oh so innocent zac that you worship doesn’t smoke and do drugs? and who do you think she took those pix for? zac efron, who btw has been hitting rumer willis since she took him to turks and caicos back in january. plus a few other chicks. i suppose you think that kind of behavior is innocent and angelic. he wanted to “play the field” and that’s exactly what he’s doing. vanessa doesn’t need that kind of a creep in her life.

  • florence

    @LEEELEE: Nobody is inoccent in show buisness or in real life but that does’nt mean that she deserves all the hate she get’s off people.

    And excatly what relactionship did she break she was with the same person for 5yrs so yes her bf then was taken but he was HER bf and nobody else’s. And if your rferrring to Josh then it has never been said that he has or had a gf when she met him, so please tell us seeings as you seem to know so much just whose relactionship did she break up.

    And your supporting her by replying to this thread so if you don’t like her that much why are your bothering.

    And so what if she does smoke it’s not a crime plenty of people do.

  • Haters Suck!

    I would respond to the hater but I don’t wanna waste my life on a pathetic little insect.
    So instead I’ll just say Vanessa looks beautiful and leave it at that. Simple enough.

  • yom

    stuntin s5. yeaaaaa

  • yom

    my bad. old s4. homegirl need an upgrade.

  • kerri

    Very pretty and stylish. Can’t wait for Nessa’s new website to launch soon. i hope the website is about Nessa’s fashion :)

  • marko

    Somebody should tell her those sunglasses look terrible on her.

  • Kyboe USA

    Hey-We stopped by a gas station today too!

  • remember me

    her movie is a common story not unique.. it’s expectable what’s the ending of the story about.

  • miranda

    @marko: I like those sunflasses!
    on her! I guess we all have very different taste!

  • remember me

    she call her car LOLA that’s a filipino word meaning ”grand mother” i bet her mom name it for her. Will that car looks old even though she bought it brand new.

  • ch

    Hollywoods new boho-chic queen! love her

  • Christaline

    it’s a cute belt she is wearing!


    Vanessa is so so pretty!

  • peter

    Hm, not so bad.

  • remember me

    hey guys have you seen the trailer of new years eve you dont have to guess who’s there yap him and his with A BUNCH OF A-LISTER…. Im just saying. now who want’s to compare?

  • Jr

    @remeber me
    I didn’t like that movie when it was valentines day I don’t like it now. Based on some of the comments over there Im not the only one.

  • sara

    remember me
    so why are you saying this on vanessa’s post who care this is vanessa’s post if you want to say your opinion it have to be about vanessa OK

  • http://facebook forever

    remember you really have no life girl i bet you feel really good that you are trying to put down one girl you dont even know listen to me you are not going to change my mind i dont give a shit about zac efron and i love vanessa hudgens can you undrestand that and yes you cant compare zac with vanessa zac whould do everything for fame and movies vanessa wouldnt and i am glad that she wouldnt and i really hope in some years from now zac to be happy with his choice you really want so much vanessa to be unhappy i dont care even if zac win an oscar hahaha i will always believe vanessa is better in everything than him because its the only celebrity ever that i can see truth in her eyes and i am not going to change my mind .new year eve ? really its going to be even worse than valentine day its going to be famous movie because of hot guys she is trying she is person with feeling she broke up with her boyfriend of five years she seemed happy at least in her lips but not on her eyes you really believed she was happy ofcourse not she was with him since she was 15 years old damm it she is a person just remember that be a person too

  • remember me

    i’m not saying you will like it i dont like valentines either.. my point here is fans still comparing their project since they broke up but the fact is he was able to work with those big name in showbiz. I didn’t see her movie yet with A listers.. Even that movie is sucks working with those big name is a big thing for a young actors. That’s thier dream to reach those people and he is a lucky one.

  • sara

    remember me
    zac is hot OK WE GET IT he’s a big star WE GET IT he can act WE GET IT he’s the perfect guy on th world OK WE GET IT ok sweetie can you just leave vanessa alone i don’t talk about this guy on her post ? plz ?

  • Nicky

    Awkward pics of a smoking und underwear showing Vanessa:

    The Vanessa we all know, doesn’t exist anymore

  • http://facebook forever

    good for him i am not going to tell anything if he just want to play in a movie with a listers stars then ok but i thought he want to be taken as a serious actor and playing in that movie its not a good step zac is always going to take more chances of vanessa because he is a teen heartdrob that doesnt mean he is going to be respected from the others vanessa is always going to try more than him i know that and thats why i love her just see ashley she doesnt try anything she just being bitch in every movie she has playing she doesnt takes riscs but vanessa does i really believe that if vanessa is trying like she is trying now she is going to be a big star bigger than zac i really belive that believe me she is trying a lot i know her sister

  • http://facebook giota

    @Nicky: why because she was having fun and some stupid paparazzi was taking pictures something is going on with those pictures the paparazzi did something and now everyone believe that she attack him perfect i love her no matter what

  • remember me

    for ever.. your fuming girl i’m not dumping your vanessa to tell you honestly i started to accept mr.efron when i found out they were dating i hate zac efron then and i’m happy for her cuz i know he’s loyal to her and sweet you can see in thier eyes and action that his in love with her vise versa and he can be trusted. When they broke up i really hate mr. Efron even though v’s the one who broke up with him.the only thing i hate her cuz i believe she’s dating JH and hiding it. Why not come out it’s obvious already.

  • Haters Suck!

    Remeber me
    Again with this Josh stuff. Geez how many times in how many ways does Vanessa have to say she’s single??? Seriously I think she should rent a plane and write it in the sky that she’s single maybe then people will het it.

  • http://facebook crazy

    she is not dating josh but even if she was dating him she is not kim kardasian and go to media and tell that i am dating josh look at me and everyting would you like her then? and how do you know that they love eotcother they broke up so it didnt go well so they broke up and how the hell you know that she broke up with him

  • remember me

    she got caught smoking and trying to stop the paparazzi. Will whats the explanation here?

  • Haters Suck!

    It’s been rumored for a while now that Vanessa smokes it’s the first time we’ve ever actually seen it. It needs no explanation millions of people
    around the world smoke, you like talking about zac even he was caught smoking. I don’t like zac, I don’t like smoking but them smoking does not make them bad people and members of my family smoke an it doesn’t bother me. And it looks like Vanessa was calling the cops or something and the pap almost ran over her friend…twice.

  • LisaLipps

    Another post about her? Everyday! Sick of this chick. Give some other people a chance. Plain looking as always. Boring as always.