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Gerard Butler: Surfing Lessons in Malibu!

Gerard Butler: Surfing Lessons in Malibu!

Gerard Butler hits the waves for some surfing lessons on Friday (August 26) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor took a dip in the ocean with two instructors before heading to the showers to rinse off.

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The day before, Gerard was spotted taking his pug Lolita for a walk around the neighborhood.

Gerard reportedly “might be in talks” for the big screen adaptation of the novel “Firing Point” retitled Hunter Killer.

The film would center around a team of NAVY Seals in a submarine sent on a mission to Russia to stop an admiral from starting war with America, according to

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler taking surfing lessons in Malibu…

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194 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Surfing Lessons in Malibu!”

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  1. 76
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @Latesummer’s Eve: Actually, I did not post very often as sockpuppet (surprised no one figured it out!), and seldom made any philosophical comments. Mainly posted things from WO or vids I have elsewhere, like the yellow towel.

    No, women should not talk to one another in the manner in which two of the posters were doing on here, and Sockpuppet never was that unkind, just rather rude with her down home Arkansas language; there is a huge difference in being rude and being unkind or cruel.

    It was a lot of damned work to type like that, I will tell you! Bye all!!!

  2. 77
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    Oh my laaawd: // God bless whoever came up the movie Machine Gun Preacher and the woman who birthed Gerard Butler.!/thekinseyfrench

  3. 78
    MarieDevereux Says:

    For him, I would literally tread water, despite the men in the Grey Suits swimming around (possibly). The man is drop dead gorgeous, and I will never stop being a fan. As to those who keep degrading him for his looks and his age, I can not stress this enough: Shut up! If all you want to do is put him down for the way he looks, then go look for an actor who is still trying to grow hair on his b alls.
    Gerard is all grown up and I would not mind having a few hours with him, just picking apart his brain. I would say other things, but I’m a lady, so I would rather keep them to myself and let myself ponder said things. Gerard, you’re lovely. Please continue to make your fans love you each and every day!

  4. 79
    She's baaaaack... Says:

    From WO:

    LC is talking about her “relationship” with him last year :

    Laurie Cholewa confirmed his romance with Gerard Butler in Closer: “We had a nice history together, which lasted six months. (…) I was aware that our adventure would not work over the long term. My life and my career are in France, his being held in Hollywood. “. She continues: “It’s a good person. Gerard is very far from the image that the media give him.

    It is much deeper and more wide. I met him at a time in my life when I was not going very well. I had just lost my father and was a bit scratched vive.Et Ican say that he is a man genuinely interested in others.. ” Today they are kept in touch “we give ourselves new from time to time.”

  5. 80
    . Says:

    So…who posted #49 then?? which one of you regs is talking to themselves?

  6. 81
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @.: that one is not me! I just have two monikers here.

  7. 82
    Wake Up Says:

    This A list movie actor. Wait, let me stop right there. I think I should make it cusp of A list. He has been the lead in lots of movies but they don’t always do well and he is sometimes overshadowed by another. That sounds mysterious huh? Anyway, after this Real Housewife got dr*nk and started hitting on our actor, he took her home with him for the night. What he does not know though is this was like guy number three in a three night spree for the Real Housewife.

  8. 83
    she Says:

    @Wake Up:
    Gerard Butler and Kelly Bensimon!!!!

  9. 84
    Paisley Says:

    @curious cat: Hello Ccat – nice to see you. You summed everything up quite nicely, I think. Well said. BTW…I’ve seen OBND on WO’s Cbox lately. Have a wonderful day!

  10. 85
    Paisley Says:

    @a question: You are most definitely not crazy. either that, or I am too! ;-D

  11. 86
    angelsrock Says:

    @Maggie P.U.:

    You can count me in then!! Just to let you know I don’t mind getting dirty!

  12. 87
    CHOLITA Says:

    Buenos dias a todos,espero que todas esas personas que estan por el camino de ese terrible huracan esten a salvo,envien una pequeña plegaria por aquellos que estan en peligro para que nos les pase nada.Ahora les dejo esta cancion de ALESSANDRO SAFINA llamado LUNA………Cuantos son los cantos que escuchastes ya,cuantas palabras dichas para ti,que han surcado el cielo solo por gozar una noche en el puerto de tu soledad.Los amantes se refugian en tu luz,suman los suspiros desde tu balcon y enredas los hilos de nuestra pasion.Luna que miras escuchame(ONLY YOU CAN HEAR MY SOUL)….LUNA TU sabes el secreto de la eternidad y el misterio que hay detras de la verdad,guiame que a ti, mi corazon te oye,me siento perdido y no se…..Se que hay amores que destruyen corazones como un fuego que todo lo puede abrazar.LUNA TU alumbrando el cielo en tu imensidad,en tu cara oculta que misterio habra,todos escondemos siempre un perfil.Somos corazones bajo el temporal,angeles de barro que deshace el mar,sueños que el otoño desvanecera.Hijos de esta tierra envuelta por tu luz,hijos que en la noche vuelven a dudar.Que hay amores que destruyen corazones como el fuego que todo lo puede abrazar.Pero hay amores dueños de nuestras pasiones,que es la fuerza que al mundo siempre lo hace girar.(ONLY YOU CAN HEAR MY SOUL)…..kawaii……amorcito buenos dias,cuidate mucho….adios.

  13. 88
    just stoppin' by Says:

    I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . . I love him . . .

  14. 89
    scots lover Says:

    All I can say is . . . thank you, Margaret . . . thank you!

  15. 90
    PsychoB Says:

    All I’m saying is its revealed he has a vice by Ted and now 2 women he’s been linked to are talking to the press. I’m not saying the vice is true or not, but this is PR on the move here, no question.

  16. 91
    How do I put this...? Says:

    @She’s baaaaack…: @PsychoB:

    CLEARLY these women (LC, Piggy) *still* haven’t furthered their careers on their own “talents” after being linked to him years ago, so they have to keep whipping out their long dead fleeting summer flings with him to become/remain relevant or peddle their wares.

    And you KNOW Martina the Serbian Bombshell is waiting just around the corner for Coriolanus to open to revisit her “adventure” with him…


    (**ships GB free can of Pests-B-Gone vermin spray**)

  17. 92
    PsychoB Says:

    @How do I put this…?: sorry but G is using them just as much as they use him. He has an important movie coming out. And there isn’t any good vices from Ted so when Ted says he has one its not flattering. So call up the girls and make sure they say how sweet Gerry is. PR is good for both of them, and I guarantee this is more about making Gerry look good than them getting attention.

  18. 93
    How do I put this...? Says:

    Oh, I agree that he is culpable to a certain extent. Check the record, I have ALWAYS said no less than he has brought a lot of this on himself.

    But Cholewa has a documentary airing at the end of this month and Piggy is about to drop an album.

    NO ONE is sweet in this instance.

  19. 94
    cubedweller Says:

    @She’s baaaaack…: This needs a heaping helping of “Oh Yeah Right”, with a side of eyeroll. I’m with PsychoB on this – ever so convenient that Butler gets rave reviews from an “ex” on the heels of his Ted C vice, which, btw, Ted elaborated on yesterday. This smacks loudly of damage control. One pap-trawling “date” and a make-out session for the cameras does not a relationship make, Missy :) :) :)

  20. 95
    More from Ted... Says:

    in response to a fan asking about the blind, and reaffirming her undying love…
    Dear Gag-Worthy Gushing:
    You really do dig the dawg, babe. But even you might think twice about totally hearting the dude if you knew what his large closet of skeletons hid. That said, it’s really not that shocking of a Vice. And, for the record, it’s an older one (he’s savvier now). So hope that helps!

  21. 96
    lolita Says:

    Ted C. is full of prunes!!! He is a nasty individual who just wants to dig up dirt on someone. I wonder what skeletons are in his closet!!

  22. 97
    lolita Says:

    I also don’t think that Gerry does everything with strings attached. He has proven time again that he has a good heart but when provoked he can also be a force to recon with.

  23. 98
    Truth Says:

    Who is this Ted guy? How would he know what is in someone’s skeleton closet? I hope this is not another Butler is gay thing!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 99
    PsychoB Says:

    Absolutely Cubie and HDIPT, its mutual PR for both.

    Ted has always said G was straight.

    The vice has to be after late 2009 when Ted said he didn’t have a vice. But not much after because he is already calling it older.

  25. 100
    How do I put this...? Says:

    Once again, Ted is backing down when it comes to The Glaswegian Grabber (“it’s not that shocking,” “it’s an older one,” “he’s savvier now,”). That’s twice in one season now. Hmmm…

    I don’t think that Butler’s *people* are so ALL-POWERFUL ((snort)) that a strongly worded letter or nasty phone calls would be so threatening, if that is what everyone is going with. Ted C has clearly said much worse about more powerful/lucrative, talented, and beloved actors than The Scottish Plunderer, and I’m SURE Comcast (E!’s parent company) always has a dedicated legal team on standby for all of the “likes the same and/or under-aged and/or freaky-deaky sex” stories he “leaks” in a week.

    Maybe The Weinsteins’ having a hand in MGP is the game-changer (and there was overlap into PTF press)? What DOES whoever have on Ted C that he’s so cooperative with Butler’s camp, I wonder. If we’re running with the conspiracy theories, that is…;^)
    And I said LC is peddling her wares as well. But so no one mistakes me for all of the “insiders” (HA!) with no info/proof that post here or an over-protective phannie, here is a blip of LC’s Butler-less PR also released yesterday (poorly translated by Google Chrome):

    “Host of entertainment short life again a song and Live from the world of … on France 2, Laurie Chowela is the producer of the evening ABBA broadcast Monday night on France 3.

    When asked in the weekly Closer, Laurie says it is in talks with several terrestrial channels as host. And return to the antenna before the cameras will be done maybe 2 … not France.”
    G’day (or G’nite) all!

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