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Miley Cyrus Covers 'Prestige' September 2011

Miley Cyrus Covers 'Prestige' September 2011

Miley Cyrus looks gorgeous in Gucci on the cover of Prestige magazine’s latest issue.

Here’s what the 18-year-old actress and singer had to share:

On whether she’s a Southern or California girl: “I’m not a big fan of LA, I’ve got to be honest. I like being able to work here, but any chance to go back home [to Tennessee], I love it. People really take life for granted in California. It makes me sad sometimes. So I have to give myself that reality check every once in a while and go back home.”

On if she misses Hannah Montana: “No [laughs]. I miss the family vibe, but I don’t miss the routine at all. I was so bored doing the same thing every day. It’s a lot easier not being on a show, to live my life a little bit and do some of the others thing that I want to do, I don’t have to be back at a certain time. You’re not worrying about a cast schedule or what the producers are going to think. I’m so grateful that I was able to be on that show, but even my little sister, who’s 11, wants to go into acting. I just say, “Just wait, dude.” Because the way you’re going to be when you’re my age and the way you are right now are so different. Don’t put yourself in a situation where people re going to think of you as only one thing.”

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Photos: Darren Tieste
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  • JK

    STUNNING. Haters stay pressed.

  • Alaia

    This the only magazine cover she could get? Dressing like a slut?

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks good! Love that top she’s wearing on the cover!

  • Aenneken

    Sorry, but no !! i don’t these pics like at all…
    Plus , this girl doesn’t have a pretty face and no talent. What’s the hype ?? !!!

  • Whitney Watts

    No wonder she rejected the younger Justin Beaver, she would eat him alive.

  • Sara

    Love this look on her.

  • wish

    Why all actresses/models covering magazines nowadays have to wear this Gucci dress?! Don’t they have other dress choices? I”m tired of seeing the same dress over and over again

  • Natalie

    She looks 25.

  • Amy Grindhouse

    This is cute, but the photos are really old, right? Doesn’t she have tattoos on both sides now?

  • Milly14

    After watching these photos now Im looking up to her. She looks wonderful!!! I love her style I’m going to copy her

  • MEOW


    BUTT BUTT!!!!!

  • remi

    I’m not hating but she looks like she’s wearing a wig!

  • Noodles

    im loving her new short do…it suits her :) she looks amazing in these photo’s! all the haters should STFU

  • ka simply amazing

    she average

  • laverdadduele

    Miley Cyrus is the perfect example of the power of a good marketing team and stupid kids all over the nation. A no-talent average looking girl who dresses like a wh*re on top of the world and earning millions of dollars.

  • DMR

    I read the whole interview. What a marvelous young woman. She makes the analyst and naysayers and those predicting another Lindsay Lohan look rather foolish. She’s well-spoken and insightful beyond her years and I ended up feeling impressed with what she had to say. I wish her the best and think she’ll have a long, very successful career.

  • clamity

    wow i have to say she look very pretty in these shots go miley

  • http://ata slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    ok let she try hahahaha

  • Ryleabits

    I thought someone cleaned up Aubrey O’day. Not a compliment. Isn’t she still a teen? She looks nearly thirty.

  • http://dededdde JUSTINA WOOW LOOK PEOPLE!! O_O

  • justme

    No matter how she dresses or how the hair looks, she can change the poses and can change her look, but one thing that always remains the same is her capability of looking like a chipmunk in every single photo taken of her ever.

  • dancer

    hmm…well she looks different! sad she didn’t miss hannah montana, man i loved that show!

  • kikay

    she’s getting prettier and prettier as she matured

  • Claudia

    Idk if she’s matured or not… One thing I CAN say is she sucks at being photographed in magazines. Notice how she has a total Kristen Stuart face in all the pics…she can’t even pose…or act or sing for that matter.

  • rory

    @Alaia: rory
    Boy you are so ignorant… admit it she’s gorgeous and you will never look like her…. stop hating.

  • NuttinButDaTroof

    I can tell ya’ll kids on here.

    She is a terrible model, she have the same ugly lost expression in her eyes in every picture she takes, which is why she couldn’t be Britney Spears or the next hot chick, she just ain’t got it, no matter how much she tried to mock strippers and black chicks from the rappers videos, she ain’t “IT”

    Now that HM is cancelled she’s just another Disney star. This interview doesn’t make her well-spoken, this is what writer’s do when they are helping to market this person… they try to make them look good. Her Lindsay/Britney behavior couldn’t save her destined to be bombed career so now she’s gotta look like the “REAL” Miley again.
    What BS, but her 2-18 year old fans are eating this up. BS!

  • rory

    she looks beautiful and fresh … and no matter what you do you can never look like her … big bully, what ashame you’re just jealous .go look in the mirror before youc all someone chipmunk

  • Jules

    Miley looks beautiful! Her hairstyle is amazing!

  • the boy

    On Miley Cyrus

    there’s a reason that she told The Magazine that her idol Joan Jett Lengardary Rocker I mean shes 52 years old I repsect for her freedom Joan Jett she’s amazing singer I’ve listened to her songs over and over again then you see teenager coming along she always think that people know that she not 11 years old anymore that’s ture ought she 18 years old she should have known better where she sang that song form the movie sherk back in 2001 I know she wants to Aolopzgie to someone I don’t know whos she saying that to? if was addressed to me some people say that if your not making friends your not making any money its that simple I thought I knew her form the begining and you look at her and you’ll think there’s seems to be nothing right about beacuse of her anger towards me its seems like you have a bullseye painted on your chest, mabye that why she (Joan) is trying to reason with her at the right place at the right time she making is mistake of her life she’s notthing to her fans you see them supporter her as singer/actress soon going to be aunt for 1st time how she going to look at her neicee or nephew whatever that is. besides am uncle, friend, brother, and am the retired football manager her and I were once the best of friends this rivalry begin.

  • karl anglin

    excellent photos of Miley!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    She looks beautiful, especially in the poolside photo. Hopefully she stops having tattoos done every 2 months though.

  • Christina

    She looks gorgeous and she seems smart.

  • NT

    She is beauitful !!! Lovely , Wonder what her dad thinks now Billy Ray . I am sure she would just be another girl Next door if it wasnt for Daddy Ray .

  • Keli

    Great styling! Pics are nice, even if they are photoshopped.

    Heard she was going to be at the big Top Shop pre-opening tomorrow in Chicago! Yeah, hope to catch a glimpse of her there. They are having a lot of celebrities attend. Enticing them with loads of free merchandise instead of payment to attend. Makes sense I guess.

  • kar

    @Amy Grindhouse:
    No cause she has that new finger tattoo with the two lines
    They prob just photoshopped her tat on the side out cause its not very classy

  • anybody?anybody?

    Nothing about Miley is classy or elegant. Everything about her screams “TRYING TOO HARD!” She’s trying too much to break out of the Disney mold that she’s making a damn fool of herself. She is not well-spoken AT ALL. She still has the brain of a middle-schooler and the style of a hooker. She’ AWFUL. I’m glad she’s been keeping under the radar lately.

  • oy

    Dear Miley:

    No one cares.



  • Madi

    These photos have been photoshopped. There is no way her waist is that skinny compared to photos of her in a bikini earlier this month.

  • cece

    really ppl are so vain…you you don’t like her then why are you reading this…plus i think she is a beautiful girl and deserves everything she has gotten because SHE WORKED FOR IT!!!! i hate when a bunch of hacklers get up here just to talk crap about a person…its ppl like you who cause ppl to jump off bridges…smh

  • JoD

    They dress those celebrity-kids like prostitutes, and then they wonder why real-life kids run around dressed like that too, thinking that they are adult, when they are really just children, dressed up! Never should an 18-years-old run around like that. She looks so dumb, trying to do “vamp” where she knows nothing about life yet. She was presented like an adult when she was only 15! Shame on everyone who makes that happen. Enough child-molesters out there, and many more created by pictures like that!

  • Warren

    Miley is so sexy and beautiful! I love hot Miley!

  • Warren

    @Aenneken: Miley’s face is so sexy and beautiful. She has loads of talent too.

  • Warren

    I love Miley, but I still miss Hannah Montana. Hannah was hot and sexy too!

  • Claire

    Liking the cover, but the picture of her in shorts – was there seriously any need to airbrush out her knees? Wtf?

  • robin dumas

    i this photo of her she look good for a 18 year old if i was her i would look like that all i have to say bye