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Johnny Depp: Vampire Makeup for 'Dark Shadows'!

Johnny Depp: Vampire Makeup for 'Dark Shadows'!

Johnny Depp looks ghoulish on the set of his latest film Dark Shadows on Tuesday (September 13) in South Devon, England.

The 48-year-old actor is portraying the vampire character of Barnabas Collins in the new Tim Burton film.

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Johnny‘s film The Rum Diary will premiere at the Film Independent at LACMA Film Series on October 13, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Johnny will be in attendance at the premiere, along with his co-stars Aaron Eckhart and Amber Heard.

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  • Nina D.

    I thought this was going to be a serious movie. It’s really disappointing to look like it’s gonna be one of those awful comedy horror ones.

  • Anna

    oh sure, it’s a Tm Burton movie…
    I like Tim and Johnny’s work together, but… I’m not sure about this one!

  • MR505

    meh. maybe they should’ve picked a different director (nolan maybe), burton is getting way too predictable.

  • Emma

    @Nina D.

    Go ahead and think what you like, with the rest of the idiots. Johnny Depp, along with Angelina Jolie, are probably right now the 2 most worldwide famous actors. People were crucifying the Tourist as a flop, but lo and behold, and it made $280 million while films like the Green Lantern, Larry Crowne, Columbiana, Cowboys and Aliens, and Priest have all bombed horrendously. Guess Saldana, Hanks, Roberts, Reynolds and the rest of them should take pages outta Depp and Jolie’s books.

  • VideoVampire

    Hunter S TRhompson DID NOT write a Dark Shadows novel he wrote The Rum Diary. The new movie is based on the old soap opera.

  • Andie

    He doesn’t look like 48 years old. Il est très extraordinaire.

  • oh dear

    I see that Johnny is going to hide behind make-up again. I guess that he has grown too lazy to actually ACT, anymore.

  • Ashlee

    Oh no, hope it is not going to be a comedy. I watched Shadows as a kid and yeah, now it seems a bit camp, but back then it scared the cr*p out of me. Please be a serious film. Depp doesnt look menacing at all in this pic. More like a clown. disappointed

  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    OMG! Michael Jackson is still ALIVE!

  • Avery

    *sigh* if one of Tim Burton’s films is bad, that is the end.

  • Bee

    JUst because he has tons of make up on in films doesn’t mean he doesn’t act moron. He is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. He has a diverse portfolio he can do serious films or comedy his timing in comedy is great!!

  • ****

    I heart this Johnny Depp alot ^_^

  • Margie

    Johnny makes even that makeup and costume look good!

  • Butter_Fly

    Was Barnabas that white? I only saw a few episodes and don’t remember him lookin anything like that. Was expecting, I don’t know, better? Definitely dissapointed.

  • Tutor

    I’m intrigued.
    In regards to the comments about his makeup, you do realize it never looks the same once the movie is finished? The lens, ambiance will be very different than these camera shots.

  • WhatATool

    I like JD but this looks cartoonish, #9 nailed it when they said he looks like Michael Jackson
    Enough with the white face paint and fake teeth

  • :D

    what he’s willie wonka again lol… love depp butting he also reminded me of willie in Alice and wonderland. Somebody Give him the oscar already so he can stop dressing like willie fu kin wonka

  • :D

    I fu ckin hate auto text

  • @11

    No, I used to admire his talent, but now he’s gotten very lazy.
    Jack Sparrow = Willy Wonka = The Mad Hatter.
    All the same character, all over acted without finesse.
    He was wonderful in Neverland. I’ve been disgusted with him ever since.
    Now he’s just in it for the paycheck.
    Sell out!

  • @Bee

    Calling someone a moron because they disagree with you?
    You’re a class act, aren’t you.

  • jj


  • NO!

    Dark Shadows was a wonderful, dark, scary drama, and they are camping it up!?!
    Why even bother remaking it if you don’t have any respect for the original?
    He looks RIDICUOUS!

  • Yo-Landi

    This man has the best bone structure on Earth. I swear.

  • bobbi

    If this is based on the Dark Shadows series, I can’t see why Burton would make Barnibus look like he does in the stills.

    Diehard fans of the show will definitely not approve.

  • Neck


    Oscar for what? Tourist? AIW? Mugging for the camera in Rum Diary?

  • Clamity

    I think the make up will look fine add the camera effect with the acting and it will be menacing

  • @26

    The difference is that Heath acted THROUGH the makeup. He wasn’t hiding behind ridiculous characters that could be interchanged between films without anyone noticing. He was creating magic. Johnny has gotten greedy and lazy. It’s a shame. He used to be talented.
    What kind of cameras do you think that they are using? Early TV cameras where the actors wore yellow and black to appear ‘normal’ due to the distortion? Cameras show the true face, now. He will look just as ridiculous on screen as he does in these stills. They are obviously camping up the film, and I am very disappointed. I was looking forward to a new, scary, Barnabus Collins. Not Barnaby the Clown.

  • Clamity

    @@26: Sorry but you can’t judge a whole movie on this look alone if you’re going to judge i suggest you actually wait for the movie to come out and then pass judgement

  • lafamepoma

    Oh I love Johnny and Tim, and his movies are wonderful. I prefer Johnny in Tim’s movies rather than Jack Sparrow. And another thing in this movie will be Eva Green, i’m very happy she’s in a movie that can make her more famousin her career.

  • @29

    But you CAN judge the tone of the film by this first look.
    It’s obvious that Tim Burton is turning this into a live cartoon.
    Search for videos of the REAL Dark Shadows, and then come back and tell us how this clownish makeup fits in with THAT.

  • Clamity

    @@29: I have seen the original just saying don’t pull it down before seeing it, i am disappointment by the look however i will wait until it does come out before i pass a judgement on it that’s all i’m saying

  • tanya

    i wanna see johnny become sexy in this film but after see this picture i doubt about it
    hope when the movie is done his looks much better than this…

  • justme

    I like Johnny, great actor and one of my favs. But must admit, I am tired of seeing him in mega make-up roles and clownish type of acting. He’s done so many of them (Edward Scissorhands, Benny & Joon, Willy Wonka, Alice in Wonderland, Pirate movies, Dr. Panassus…SO MANY!!) It’s getting boring and a little predictable. He needs to give those type of roles a rest (and a long break from working with TIm Burton), I think he needs to get back to less cartonish roles.

  • Avi

    Well I’m anxious to see how all those “cartoonish haters” will go to see Johnny in The Rum Diary! …that movie will become an instant hit then :D…

    Is very obvious that the makeup is because the vampire is walking on the sun! and Anthony Breznican (writer for Entertainment Weekly) comfirm this in twitter
    @Breznican: “I’ve seen Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows, and those paparazzi shots don’t look much like what we’ll see onscreen.”

  • Joe brown

    Why doesn’t anyone state the Obvious,He Look like Micheal Jackson raised from the dead.

  • NYE

    Madonna is that you ? With Michael Jackson skin tone ! Whaooo Tim Burton is a real genuis

  • brenda

    @27..Johnny used to be talented?are you crazy? He is the best actor for me and many people too.And if you don’t like his make up and you are judging the whole movie for only one picture..don’t watch it,nobody ask you to do it,go home and watch your old movies and be happy .But don’t criticize his work.

  • @37

    If you have the right to praise his work, others have the right to criticize it.
    Johnny USED to be one of the best actors out there, but not anymore. Lately he has chosen roles where he can hide behind makeup, and not have to rely on acting skill to create the character. He has become lazy, and is wasting his talent. That p*sses me off, because I used to admire his abilities.
    This photo proves that once again, over the top makeup and ridicuous hair will define his character, not his skill. LAZY.

  • PirateFan

    I honestly can’t wait for this. My mom was a fan of the show when she was little. Haters need to chill! You can’t judge based on a freaking picture. Maybe you could….I don’t know….SEE THE FILM before making a decision. and don’t jump the gun. So take some chill pills and just go enjoy the film. That’s what I plan on doing. People weren’t sure about Heath Ledger as the Joker and look….the movie grossed over a billion dollars and go him an Oscar. I’m sure if he hadn’t of passed, he would have at least still been nominated. Johnny can nibble my neck and turn me into a vampire any day of the week. Hey, at least it isn’t Robert Patterson. Love ya, Johnny and all the haters can BITE ME! LOL. BTW…He isn’t a lazy actor, in my opinion, he pushes through the make-up and gives amazing performances! I love any role he plays. He’s just a great actor all around :)

  • @39

    You don’t have to see the film to know that it is going to be NOTHING like the original. Why bother calling it Dark Shadows if you aren’t at least honoring the spirit of the movie?
    I certainly won’t be wasting my money on this one.
    What’s next for Tim Burton and Johnny? Les Miserables as a comedy?

  • Iron

    I don’t like his make-up, he looks like Michael Jackson!!!
    It’s boring to see always Johnny with this cartoons make-up. I love him in Donnie Brasco, The nine gate, From Hell, Blow…
    he was a very good actor, he’s getting too old for this kind of movies, he needs serius good roles…
    the latest movies are not good movies and he as not a good actor (see The Tourist and the Mad Hatter)

  • brenda

    @38 and @40..(you don’t have name) you are saying that Johnny is lazy?I think you are so wrong,he works more than others actors in hollywood,he is always working if you talk about his characters,he created many and good characters to the people,Johnny is an unique actor,there is no one like him,he always did what he wants,and his performances are so awesome.His characters are in the heart of many childrens,women and men too.That’s way Johnny is one of the most beloved actor in the world..because he has passion.Now you can like him or not,but you can’t say he is not a good actor.

  • @42

    Johnny used to be a good actor. Now he is lazy when creating characters. You can work 7 days a week and still be lazy. He shows up for the paycheck, and doesn’t put in any work building a character. he just hides behind makeup and camps it up for the camera.
    He was box office poison before Pirates, and now he has become a one-trick-pony.

  • brenda

    @42..Ah..that’s your opinion,not my,and I think you are jealous because he can be lazy (as you say) and still earn LOT of money..Johnny is unique.

  • Jetsin

    I will be putnitg this dazzling insight to good use in no time.

  • bevares

    He looks very very hungry! nO FOOD FOR 200 years, you’d be a little pale looking too.

    A little of Collinsport’s finest, and he’ll have his handsome looks back!


    @Joe brown:

    Why don’t YOU state the obvious, he isn’t Michael Jackson!!!


    Oh please… Why don’t you let Tim and Johnny create their version of their movie? And what do you mean, no respect for the original? THIS IS JUST ONE picture, there isn’t even a trailer out yet! And what if amazing Johnny Depp looked exact like the first Barnabas Collins did, and the story was exact the same. THAT’S BORING, THAT’S LACK OF TALENT

  • Rhonda amirah brown

    I’m so excited that my favorite actor, JD,is reprising my favorite childhood show, DS! I also rushed out of school to get home in time to see DS!