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Kate Bosworth: Chanel Intimate Dinner Cutie!

Kate Bosworth: Chanel Intimate Dinner Cutie!

Kate Bosworth gives a grin at the Chanel Intimate Dinner held at the Chanel Boutique on Thursday (October 27) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 28-year-old actress attended the Burberry Body event with her beau Michael Polish.

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At the event, the twosome “never left each other’s sides, strolling through the party holding hands, stealing kisses and chatting with friends,” according to a source (via E! News).

Love Kate‘s lace-up wedges with gold chain trim!

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at the Chanel intimate dinner…

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • alex

    she would look so much better is she gained 5 to 10 pounds.
    she looks dead.
    with the extra weight she’d look a lot refreshed, her hair wouldn’t be so thin from starving herself and maybe she’d finally look clean.
    cool eyes though

  • samule

    Kate lay off the botox

  • bah

    hate the shoes. i think the hair shouldn’t have been in such a severe bun. it needed a soft up do i think.

  • Zeeshan

    How she is carrying the Shoes.???

  • chelle

    Oh look!!! She has to pee again!! What the hell is she wearing now? Those shoes are hideous.

  • Actually…

    I really wish that she could grasp that her overly bronzed legs are not her best feature. And that we can all see that they are SEVERAL shades darker than her top half.

    (Which is disturbingly obvious in such a short skirt: )

  • youngagain

    She is an escort. No more no less. She is not an actress

  • Cj

    What’s with the faux wedding ring? Gee this chick will do anything for attention! I mean really younhave 10 fingers but she had to put a plain gold band in her wedding finger. Oh Kate we see through you girl!!

  • close your legs

    kate will you PLEASE close those legs! in that short skirt while your trying to pose!
    also that is 2 JJ posts in less then 24 hrs, I guess kate is making up for lost time

  • Where is the hobbit?

    She didn’t drag the hobbit, life partner along, was it his day off? How, why shouldn’t they be live inseparable because being life partners and all how does she even go to the ladies room without him. How?

  • /HAHA

    She looks alot older then 28 and also her head is HUGE!!!

  • ladybug

    @chelle: You’d think, as a former equestrienne, she’d have better posture, even when posing.
    I like the outfit, but it’s about a foot too short, it needs to cover her knees, which are not her best feature.

  • sal

    Why does she smile like that? It makes her look like an idiot.
    She has beautiful teeth, so why doesn’t she show them?

  • Jeannie

    For a wanna be model she should learn how to pose, and stop messing around with her face. Also, for such a ‘ private’ person, she makes sure that ring gets photographed. She’s so obvious.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    She is like a bad flu that won’t go away…

  • mforman

    @ladybug—has anyone seen one photograph of her in a horse competition. The first time I saw her on a horse was in the weird Vanessa Bruno ad, that still makes no sense to me.

    The strangest thing is she has always posed that way, tilted head, the look that she has to go to the bathroom and the worst of it all, that smug, I am better than everybody smile, smirk, I do not know what you call it.

    @Jeannie—Those rings are ridiculous and the best part is that the famewhore who claims to want to be private, had to call X17, because how else would they know to concentrate on his and her fingers, I mean seriously, she will do anything for attention and I think this is only the beginning.

  • Ryan K esquire

    The Walking Dead could always use another zombie!!!!

  • Irritating

    Does this girl ALWAYS have to have a boyfriend??? Would it kill her to be single for like 2 months? She is definitely one of those women who think they are worthless without a man by their side. She has no self confidence and that’s probably why she’s anorexic too.

  • Her Amazing Eyes

    Her eyes are incredible. The shoes are weird but she looks great in that dress.

    JJ – will you delete this post too?

  • chelle

    @Where is the hobbit?: he was there …just saw pictures on her other paid for site ….I guess they really are attached at the hips ….ewww I would rather be attached to a nuclear warhead!

  • brenda dubois

    It’s kinda sad that she’s incapable of being without a boyfriend for too long.

  • Why all the hate?

    Why do all of you hater her? Please tell me. Is she really that bad?

  • Jamie

    She only goes to these things for the free sh*t they hand out. On Popsugar you can see her with a bag of Chanel stuff. She wants the handouts, plain and simple. Notice how her shoes are clearly Chanel? Sucking up to get free stuff.

  • chelle

    @Why all the hate?: She is a horrid actress who is only known for the men she dates. A blah “fashionista” whose stylist gives her advice on what to wear to the toilet. She blew off a foster children’s charity event to show her non existent boobs in Mexico the day her bf long awaited movie trailer was released to try to upstage him. Rumors of screwing her friends husband ….need I go on?

  • Her Amazing Eyes

    @Why all the hate?: Thanks for asking the question. Maybe the people who are answering you can really see how ridiculous their comments are.” Horrid actress! Likes to get free stuff!” lol Everything is based on gossip sites and of course their own hate for KB. Even if KB is not perfect (who is?) the haters comments are way over the top. They talk like they are part of her life and are so angry at her. Huh? I guess it makes them feel important. Whatever, it seems to make them happy. Oh and now they make nasty comments about Michael Polish just because she is with him- no other reason. Nice, right?

  • Cora

    @Why all the hate?:
    Most of (all?) the people who hate Kate are girls/women who are fans of Alexander Skarsgard. They hate her because she dated him. In other words; jealousy. It’s that simple.

  • ladybug

    @Cora: This makes the fans who don’t like her because she used to date Orlando Bloom/James Rousseau/other unnamed boyfriends very sad, since you left them out of your ‘explanation’.

  • Actually..

    @Cora: I loved her in Blue Crush (who didn’t if they were middle or High School aged when it came out?), but after that she did more and more interviews and in them she was immature and occasionally very rude, AND has never been good in anything else I’ve ever seen her in. In short: I disliked YEARS before I had any idea who Alexander Skarsgard was, and don’t say I’m some Bloom fan because I’ve never liked him.
    I don’t dislike her because of anyone she’s dated. I dislike her because of HER, or at the very least the version of her that she shows the public. She can’t act, she acts very entitled and spoiled, and she never appears to do anything for anyone else. On Chelsea Handler, Chelsea had to stop her from going on and ON about how “smart” they were to make sure that a film was shot in Italy so she could get a free vacation. She didn’t talk about the actual movie or help promote her friend that was directing it until Chelsea got her to stop her self involved ramblings. And yeah, I find that annoying. (No men or jealousy in there, just her.) If she wants to talk about how beautiful Italy is fine, she WAS lucky that she got to go, but make sure you tell people about what the movie is about first (which I don’t think she ever got around to) so you can help both your and your friend’s careers. I just wish that for once she would think about something besides her personal instant gratification. (/rant)

    Sorry it was so long, but I am sick and tired of people saying that the only reason people don’t like Kate Bosworth is because of the men she’s dated. (Why would we limit ourselves to that when she offers us so many options?) – Okay, now I’m actually done.

  • @why all the hate

    They hate her because the hot guys they fantasize about fell in love with Kate. Plus she’s bright, beautiful, talented – they aren’t – and she has a life – and they don’t. This is the overall attitude of many of the snarky girls who post at JJ. It isn’t just Kate they go after. Yesterday they were like rabid animals going after Blake Lively and Ashley Greene and probably many others! Pathetic!

  • Where is the hobbit?

    @chelle thanks I will take your word for it. Why does she always ruin her BF careers. Isn’t he like a diretor shouldn’t he be like directing not following this idiot around. She is going no where fast and she takes down her life victims, sorry partner down real fast. Oh well better this idiot than Alex. I hope he has a fashionable prison sorry love jumpsuit for this relationship.

  • ladybug

    @@why all the hate: What an excellent over-generalization I look forward to more of your vast insight into the mind of the ‘average’ JJ commenter!

  • chelle

    Really?? Are we going to play this game yet again?? Yes I happen to like ASkars. I also like Orly. I don’t care that she was with either of them. I don’t know a thing about Polish but he does look like a creepy little hobbit. I explained why I don’t like this twat. She has no redeeming qualities. She can’t act, her “effortless fashionista ” is because she is styled within an inch of her life ….just take a look at Cher Coulter’s twitter.

    Oh and I do have a life. I am finishing a surgical residency in 2 years, I am happily married AND …….wait for it …..I AM NOT FAT!!!

    SERIOUSLY!!! you KB stans really need to get over it or at the very least get some new insults. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities about this person. She does not deserve any respect. Anyone that hops bed partners as fast as she does in nothing more than pure gutter trash. I only hope Hobbit wears a hazmat suit and attaches a harness to her waist to keep from falling in the bottomless overused hole!

  • mforman

    @–chelle–I am so mad at myself. Yesterday it seems that the information about her cheating on AS with MP, has finally come out.. We all knew it would happen sooner or later, because that so called relationship was over way before Coachella, I think she was trying to keep this a secret as long as she could, to once again make herself look like the little, fragile innocent, victim, my goodness she is really a joke. I will get you the link, hopefully tonight.

    I truly do not know why her two stans, always change their sign on names, especially when we know what they are doing. honestly why even bother, when we all know they just keep changing them over and over. How silly, if they really were her fans, they wouldn’t have too, but then again she has no fans.

    It is so obvious that they are stans because they do not believe anything we say, and there are quite a few of us, some with the same stories and others that have others to offer, but no matter how many of us there are and usually with pretty much the same stories, they would rather put on blinders. How sad.

    There truly isn’t one pleasant or even one nice post we can say about her.

    Why does she continually to lie and make up stories about herself and other things, when she knows we know all about her. It is truly amaizing.

    Maybe one day they will listen to us.

  • ladybug

    @chelle: “Oh and I do have a life. I am finishing a surgical residency in 2 years, I am happily married AND …….wait for it …..I AM NOT FAT!!!”
    Didn’t Lurie try and insult you by claiming that since you didn’t like KB you must be gay?

  • bah

    you said ” Yesterday it seems that the information about her cheating on AS with MP, has finally come out.. ”

    where did you read this??

  • Tulip

    Kate’s lovely. People who have met her are always commenting on how gracious and sweet and interested she is in them. When she filmed Another Happy Day in Michigan EVERYONE fell in love with her. I’m excited to see that movie. She’s a cool girl.
    @bah: Mforman is crazy. Ignore her.

  • bah

    lol on the Jewelmint blog she is already using her new bf to pimp out her jewellery.

    just like she mentioned when alex when he came on to set when they were doing a photoshoot for her collection.

  • mforman

    @bah—I am still seeing which gossip site I saw it on, I am so angry with myself, because I usually make sure I can at least give you guys a heads up.

    To be honest, I didn’t this disgusting creature could go any lower and then well oh well, and surprise, surprise, she is just evil and just wants to make sure that she has her digusting bed hoping, “AS made me do it,” excuse all ready

    She is truy onre of the most vile creatures in all of HW.

    I hope I can get you guys that link by tomorrow.

    Take care

  • La nouvelle icône fashion

    You go girl! but I liked more the last event look.
    I think the more natural, the more beautiful she looks.

  • chelle

    O@ladybug: yes he did. He’s a stupid twat too …LOL. I still find it amusing that all the critics for Straw Dogs gave him worse reviews than KB.

  • Lollipop

    THIS! This is the way she ALWAYS poses and it reeeally bugs. It looks so stupid, I’ve never seen anyone pose like that all the time. Also, her head is beginning to look freakishly huge compared to her little skinny body. Is she aiming to look like an alien???

  • Lollipop

    *bugs me

  • wtf?

    what are you talking about? this is such a natural body position xaxaxa

  • oy

    @Tulip: EVERYONE fell in love with her? That’s a narcisstic Mary Sue fantasy – so it actually fits in with KB. And her stans, I suppose.

  • Tulip

    There were so many comments from the people of the community where AHD was filmed saying Kate was extremely nice and gracious. I know it conflicts with what you want to believe!

  • oy

    I have no problem believing that many people find her a nice person (although my lack of disbelief may be a problem for you, I suppose). It would be just as abnormal if everyone hated her as it would be if everyone loved her.
    On that topic, I bet she always tries really hard to ingratiate herself with others. Her problem isn’t that she’s a snob on purpose – she just comes off that way, regardless of good intentions.

  • Lily

    @Lollipop: Those could be the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen KB wear. I don’t care that they’re Chanel, they’re super ugly.

  • Lily

    I don’t understand why so many people seem to think that her eyes are beautiful. I think it looks like someone took a poop in her eye, LOL:
    She’s got beautiful lips though.

  • typical

    It’s always amusing to read anyone who posts on KBo or any other actress that draws critics to say it’s because everyone is a jealous hater who wanted her boyfriend. Since you would no doubt want us all to rise above that as women and be supportive of each other. Yawn. Others have said it, but the reasons this one draws such criticism are obvious and no stan here has refuted it – she doesn’t have much talent, Hollywood has been the metric on that one (she’d be getting B-list roles if that were the case, not filming out of her own suitcase with her friend’s handi-cam), she seeks attention (because as much as the paps are evident in LA, they aren’t sitting outside her friends houses without her calling them), for someone who has public attention she does nothing at all to turn that towards good use (charities? causes? Anything? no – wait, she did go on a freebie to the Maldives so she had to post on that, but other than that it’s straight up fashion dinners). I think it’s fair game to be critical of individuals who seek public acclaim who are basically just floating from one VIP free pass to another. I can understand it – I’ve had the benefit of top restaurants and nice hotels too, but it doesn’t make her interesting. Her interviews also play that up – there is nothing that she has to talk about, it’s all repetitive and about things that are filler, like her talk about Lost Girls. and don’t get me started on her lame attempts around JMint. I think she and Polish seem suited to each other – he appears to want to get some limelight, she’ll be happy to try to make him something bigger in the industry than he is, etc. They like the paps, etc. may just work. But for the love of all that is sane, stan posters, don’t keep banging on about how beautiful and talented she is if you can’t acknowledge at the least her serious eating issues because that weight is unnatural and her skin is starting to show it…

  • Eresyn

    She shouldn’t be allowed to wear black, it makes her look even worse than she already appears. Her legs are like toothpicks and don’t get me started on her knees (or her lollipop head). That hair bun makes her look too severe, she should let the hair down, even that we know it’s too thin and unhealthy looking…She used to be very cute, and instead she chooses to starve herself and look way older than she is (that, i would never understand).
    One thing i really like though (don’t kill me for this) are the shoes!!!! LOLOL ;)