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Sam Worthington Gives Update on 'Avatar' Sequels

Sam Worthington Gives Update on 'Avatar' Sequels

Sam Worthington arrives at LAX airport with a mystery girl on Friday (October 28) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old Aussie actor recently gave an update on the highly anticipated sequels to the blockbuster film Avatar.

“In regards to Avatar, I can’t really say much, because [James Cameron]‘s people will come and tackle me (laughs). But I know that it’s scheduled in for him to write it. The last I talked to him he was just writing the bible, which is a, you know, a big kind of book about the whole world and the history of Pandora and the universe. That kind of fuels him up to get into writing 2 and 3, so that’s about all I know on that so far, apart from the story and stuff,” Sam said.

“Me and Jim have talked about 2 and 3 together. Because it’s not necessarily sequels and trilogies; he looks at it as just, extensions of this universe and a kind of a full-on story arc. That’s how he looks at it,” he added.

15+ pictures inside of Sam Worthington at the airport…

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