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Alexis Bledel: Starbucks Stop in Beverly Hills

Alexis Bledel: Starbucks Stop in Beverly Hills

Alexis Bledel picks up some items from Starbucks on Tuesday (November 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress’s latest movie, Violet & Daisy, was recently picked up by Wild Bunch, which scored the international rights.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexis Bledel

“We fell in love with Violet & Daisy when it screened as a work-in-progress at Toronto. The film is so unusual and unique and we’re excited to be a part of it,” Wild Bunch’s Vincent Maraval said.

The flick, which co-stars Saoirse Ronan, centers around two teenage assassins who take on what they think will be a quick-and-easy job, only to encounter an unexpected target that throws them off their plan.

FYI: Alexis is wearing a Madewell dress.

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  • vool

    I hope I still look like a teenager when I am 30. Goodness gracious me.

  • mia

    i really dont want her turning into the kinda actor that makes coffee runs for the pix. ugh! shes beautiful tho

  • Jennica Panettiere

    @Chuck Bass: She just did a movie with Robert Redford so I dont see how that classifies as being on par with Kim Kardashian.
    Besides if you really want to know who calls the paps.

    Just look at post history.

    Kate Bosworth – 329
    Hilary Duff – 504
    Rachel Bilson – 581
    Alexis Bledel – 70

  • Ann

    She calls the paps? As if, if she did don’t you think we’d see her everyday? If she was a famewhore don’t you think she would attach herself to a hollywood guy? Please. She may not be the best actress but she’s no fame chaser. The only reason she goes to those events (which btw are mostly fashion related, you’ll never catch her at a magazine party) is because she has to put her face out there. She has to make people remember her and since she’s been doing that she’s starred in movies with Robin Wright and Saoirse Ronan. Before all of that she starred in low budget movies so that she could become a better actress. If I remember correctly Gilmore Girls was her first starring role. The girl was a model for crying out loud, cut her some slack. At least she’s not going around acting like she’s the best actress out there but she’s definitely one of the classiest.

  • reeds

    At least she was way more & naturally prettier & classier than her SOTP mate Flake Lively

  • ramgen

    Yeah if she was a better actress, she would be the ultimate package!!!
    But gosh, you can’t deny how truly hot & beautiful she is !!!

  • venus

    Her style is divine. Love her more in her ultra casual outfits
    And PLZZZ!
    She did around 5 movies & 1 broadway show since she GG had ended. Why tagging her “not a working actress”?!

  • flukie

    The classy & shy Alexis Bledel has haterS?!

  • jandie

    I missed seeing her regularly on TV.
    Anyways, love the dress. The fabric is fascinating and it looks really well-made for her.

  • j

    love you alexis! what a nice surprise! she obviously does not call the paps because she doesnt feature frequently on this website. only the annoying ones – LEANN RIMES are overexposed and papped everywhere. i just skip her posts cuz theres absolutely no value in looking at it

  • bleauman

    She gets to co-star w/ an Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan & an Oscar winner Geoffrey Fletcher of Precious in Violet & Daisy – imho, Alexis got some talent so give her some slack.

  • georgette

    Best of luck to your latest movie (Violet & Daisy) Alexis. I’m kinda waiting for it. And I’m a fan of Saoirse Ronan as well…

  • annais

    I love her outfit… appropriate and stylish. She dresses comfortable but still looks chic.

  • senore’

    She is gorgeous. Simplemente hermosa, la adoro en este look urbano-chic.

  • trellis

    Both Alexis & her TV mom Lauren Graham are ageing very well. Lauren would also looks 5-10 years younger – they are really like a real mother & daughter LOL

  • shuellen

    Blake Lively is also on the current thread of JJ. Darn to say that Alexis looks much younger & more beautiful than Blake Lively – and thats a fact.

  • moresy

    Alexis Bledel may not be the best actress around but she is one of those celebrity women you can’t help but stare at :o

  • gurlash

    Alexis Bledel currently resides in NYC where she got papped just once or twice in a blue moon. She’s in LA at the moment where she casually gets papped that becoz paps are everywhere in LA – go figure!

  • papyroo

    Basing from the picture itself… Alexis got the palest / whitiest legs Ive ever seen!!!

  • skylark

    Alexis Rory Gilmore Bledel is already 30 yrs old?!?!
    When did this happen?!?!

  • skylark

    Alexis Rory Gilmore Bledel is already 30 yrs. old?!?!
    When did this happen?!?!

  • guyllard

    Alexis is soo pretty and very pale as well. Does she ever go to the beach and get some sun sometimes; as I dont ever seen her vacationing on a beach & wearing a bikini – w/c Ive been waiting for all this long time daaaaaamn!.

  • whiteheat

    Good point.
    Give me Alexis Bledel OVER that fake-faced Megan Fox & Blake Lively, bitchie/druggie looking Kristen Stewart, or the tabloid freak Rachel Bilson or Kate Bosworth at any day & any time…

  • http://candoit slig o ^____________^ cute

    Hay alexis

  • deevine

    A Gilmore Girls movie is soo “ripe” now to be made onto a move right before it’ll rot!!!

  • sloanite

    She STILL looks exactly how she looked in the early episodes of GG! It is like she aged backwards… so Alexis please (3x) share your beauty &anti-ageing secrets!

  • brendanzer

    @ Violet & Daisy, was recently picked up by Wild Bunch, which scored the international rights.

    Looks interesting to me… looking forward to seeing it…

  • boneville

    Alexis is currently resides in NYC so I presumed that she’s in LA for visiting friends or even prospective acting job/s – hoping for possibilities.

  • evian

    Wow she’s already freakin’ 30 yr old?! Whenever I see her these days, I still have a young Rory Gilmore in my head – really great & amazing “genes” hahaha!!!

  • seriously…

    She’s a fashionably-minimalistic… something had to be emphasize more about her…

  • vochelle

    ***Snowhite*** do really come alive in these pics isnt it?!?!?!

  • vochelle

    ***Snowhite*** do really come alive in these pics isn’t it?!?!?!


    I was just wondering that other day when I saw Tuck Everlasting if Alexis still acted anymore. Her career is pretty quiet I guess.


    Now that I think about it. Why doesn’t she go back to the CW.She should have played Zoe Hart in Hart of Dixie. Alexis would have been so much better for the role of a doctor. Rachel Bilson just isn’t someone I can believe as a doctor. Alexis I could have believed and Alexis had such good history with the CW from when she was on Gilmore Girls. They brought back Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy why not Alexis.

  • yorkie

    So she’s a “”ginger head”" huh – I knew just now in these present pics.

  • raggedy

    Alexis could be even more beautiful & younger looking in her candids; I just noticed that wearing make-up makes her looks more mature.

  • moejacks

    Alexis should wear short dresses a lot, lot, lot more – love it!

  • shaye99

    I for one LOVE the pale skin, I’m so very sick of the fake tans. Embrace your natural skin tone people – Alexis do!

  • finickee

    I have ZERO hate for Alexis. She never whored herself for the red carpets, paparazzi, interviews, etc. She’s extremely classy & private – really a “keeper”.

  • marcier

    She looks like an English or an Irish girl walking in the streets of LA – hardly looking like a Latina as she really is…

  • schuvonn

    She should be seen more w/ candid shots as I get some pointers to some simply, classy & age appropriate stylin’ looks LOL

  • dudesy

    @ Blake Lively name-dropping…
    Actually Blake Lively would easily looked like a “foot” if not for her nose & boob job plus she is often photograph braless if not pantless – Alexis doesnt or wont specialized on that kind of PR tactics.

  • americk

    I really dont think that she looks like either Zoey Deschanel, Katy Perry & or Emily Blunt as I often read that those were her look-alikes….

  • nhial

    She’s really beautiful, I just wish she would smile more in these pics.. She looks icy & pissed off – damn paparazzi!

  • ashross

    This woman does not age, does she?!
    Btw, I’ll always have a soft spot for Alexis coz she very awesome & harmless.

  • vishnu

    I agree on what you’ve stated about being Alexis able to play a doctor “crediblly”. Actually she already played a doctor on TV as one of her 1st TV appearance after GG had ended. And accd\. to reports, she had NAILED the role.

  • vishnu

    I agree on what you’ve stated about being Alexis able to play a doctor “crediblly”. Actually she already played a doctor on TV as one of her 1st TV appearance after GG had ended. And accd\. to reports, she had NAILED the role…

  • beabi

    This (young looking) woman can wear anything and make it look good.

  • junixx

    I lover her and her fashion statement here… and yah I agree, she’s very chic & savvy here…

  • heartman

    Outfit schmoutfit… she could wear a trash bag and her beauty or just those eyes would still captivating – trust.