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Rachel Crow Kicked Off X-Factor

Rachel Crow Kicked Off X-Factor

Rachel Crow sheds a tear as she gets eliminated on The X Factor on Thursday (December 8) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 13-year-old fan favorite and the rest of the top five contestants performed “dance style” music and a song of their choice.

Watch the tearful elimination below – and judge Nicole Scherzinger‘s breakdown too!

“I feel really bad. Nicole was so sad,” Rachel told E!. “I saw her in her room and she was still crying tonight even. I went in there and I was just like, ‘It’s OK.’ She was like, ‘No one can calm me down, but you!’ I hugged her and it was OK. She’s fine. She’s amazing. It was not her fault.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rachel Crow’s elimination?

Rachel Crow Kicked Off X-Factor
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Credit: Ray Mickshaw; Photos: FOX
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  • Stephanie

    RACH BABY! your talent is UNDENIABLE! I’m devastated…she should have made it to the next round. =( Stay strong darling! you have a bright future ahead of you.

  • Stephanie

    RACH BABY! your talent is UNDENIABLE! I’m devastated…she should have made it to the next round. =( Stay strong darling! you have a bright future ahead of you.

  • Anna


  • morgaine

    Seriously people??? Something is really wrong in this world when a kid as young as she is reacts like that because she has been eliminated. “Mommy you promised me” ???? I mean i can be sympathetic with the kids disappointment, but she has her whole life in front of her to pursuit her dream. Lets put things in perspective please!

  • Rom

    You’re rigght (in a way) she’s just a kid so it’s normal she reacts like that!

  • Connie

    To Morgaine, her actual words were “You promise it’ll be okay?”. Watch it back. Not “you promised.”

  • My eyes!!!

    Marcus has been in the bottom three weeks in a row. Despite his talent, he is obviously not resonating with audiences and it was his time to go. Nicole copped out by not sending him home. It wasn’t because she was torn and couldn’t make a decision. After all the grief she received last week — including death threats — for sending Drew home, she didn’t want to be held responsible this time around, so she took the cowardly way out. She obviously thought the vote was going to be for Marcus and now a more talented and deserving contestant has been eliminated.

  • tatff

    @morgaine: no I gotta agree with you. What is WRONG with kids today?!! they are spoiled rotten and run their parents. another thing: Kids have AL:WAYS been bullied but they dealt with it. Now; they go kill themselves and make emo videos online. something is wrong with our youth.

  • cc

    Let’s remind ourselves Rachel is just a kid: (13), and her reaction, as touching as we saw on TV was quite natural. She’ll get over it and I guess it’s actually good for her. She’ll learn to handle disappointments better in the future I hope. Drew also wept and even the arrogant Astro wept when Simon told him off. We love Rachel and she’ll be OK…. Many doors will be opened for her if not already!!!!

  • Lola

    I couldn’t stop laughing at this whole scene last night. It’s a music competition for goodness sakes! I don’t what they do to these kids that makes them react like this, they really need to be taught to have some perspective.

    Astro, Drew and now Rachel, they’re all way too spoiled and have let it all go to their heads. It’s not healthy! Sure you’re disappointed but I would’ve never reacted like a spoiled brat and throw a tantrum (unless I was 5 years old). I don’t know know what’s going on with kids nowadays, the parents really need to step it up.

  • Richard

    Why was this unexpected? Rachel was obviously the low vote-getter. Her vocal control was not as good as the other contestents’ either. No surprise here that she was sent home. She should have seen it coming.

  • cc

    hello world, Rachel is just a kid: (13), and her reaction, as touching as we saw on TV was quite natural. She’ll get over it and I guess it’s actually a good experience for her. She’ll learn to handle disappointments better in the future I hope. Drew also went home in a similar fashion. We love Rachel and she’ll be OK….

  • mamab


  • sillyme

    I thought her reaction was disturbing, to say the least. And, for those of you who say she’s just a kid, well, then she shouldn’t be in show business then if this is how she’s going to act because she loses a contest. This is why kids her age shouldn’t be on these shows to begin with. What a spoiled child she is.

  • TV Viewer

    The real issue to Rachel being eliminated is Nicole’s lack of voicing her opinion as a judge. If Nicole can’t or won’t do what is required of her on the show, then another judge needs to take her place. It is my understanding that when the 2 contestants in the bottom sing, the judges must vote based on THAT final performance, and Nicole failed to follow through on that, along with so much more in the past several weeks…in my opinion. The point isn’t how Rachel handled herself or that Marcus has been in the bottom previously as those factors are irrelevant. Nicole, if you aren’t strong enough to take a stand, let someone else take your seat.

  • http://twitter/salpot giuseppe sallo

    This is why young kids should NOT be eligible for this type of program… they can’t handle the scrutiny/ Music is a petty/pathetic business. I doubt she’d be successful. Good luck to her!

  • Tina

    Rachel is america’s darling. It doesnt matter that you wont win the money because you are going to be making more than that. Just you wait, girl. Rachel has america and simon cowel to back her up and we will be seeing more of this amazing little girl. I see a great artist in the making. Keep looking up Rachel. We love you.

  • amensister

    poor thing, she’s such a kid always believing in the happy ending. Nicole was such a BIG WIMP for not choosing the THIRD TIME in the bottom marcus.

  • Ruffydogg

    @TV Viewer: 100% on the money. The kid acted like a kid. The judge acted like a kid.

  • Michael

    I didnt understandd ! Rachel is the best of this season and because of Nicole S. she’s out … that really sucks

  • Brad

    @morgaine: she did not say “Mommy you promised me” Her mom said “It will be ok” and she replied “Mommy you promise me?”

  • Lance

    @Lola: Right because you know? At 13 I’m sure you lost out on 5 million dollars and were basically told by 10 million people that you weren’t good enough. How ridiculous are you?

  • William

    Mommy, you promised me? This is so pathetic.

  • http://a Mann

    Something about this is just so phony…. Like a big act. I can’t put my finger on it but this looks like a big show for ratings.

  • Lily from France

    I just compared the two sing, and Rachel is way better than Marcus !! SHE deserved to stay !! But I’m sure we are not done to hear from her !! Her carreer has just begun !!

  • Jude

    Oh noo :(

  • hm

    Well she is a spoiled brat, that is what i think, but hey if she really wanted this so so bad and that was her reaction, maybe the producers of x factor shouldn’t take contestants that are so young. they are too unstable to handle all that pressure. they are way too young for all these emotions

  • Carla

    WHAT THE HELL… What the hell was that. That was really disturbing to watch.

  • Carla

    That was so disturbing.

  • mgm


  • Mary

    She’s only 13, she has plenty of time to have a career in the entertainment business. It’s a lot of pressure. Shouldn’t she be in school anyway or have people forgotten about the importance of getting an education?
    She has a good voice, can’t lie about that, but when she’s older it’ll be even better.

    At this rate, the real world is going to eat her alive.

  • Dan


    Dude, she will get over it, BUT, at that specific moment, when this is what she wanted all her life, when she expected to go through(I mean Marcus Canty has been in the bottom twice) she had a moment of breakdown, we all breakdown sometime, hers was just on national tv

  • Matt

    I can’t believe how wrong you people are getting it. She clearly didn’t say “mommy you promised” but “you promise?” because her mother said “it’ll be ok” and the kid’s big concern was about her family. Like she said, she at least wanted to give them a bathroom. Now she’ll give them more than that, anyway.

  • Your Name…

    But …when they were deadlocked and went to the number of votes… Rachel Crow got the lowest votes between her and Marcus.. she should have went home.

  • Nancy T

    Talented but relieved she got eliminated. lol. Seriously, is this what the world needs right now? Giving a 13 year old 5 million dollars and a record contract? I can’t even… comment….

  • lynn

    why blame nicole when in the first place, you didn’t vote for rachel????

  • CARA

    OMG she is only 13, Geez by asking her mom ‘mommy u promise?’ is juz finding comfort. And crying is normal for a 13 year old! Haven’t u seen other contestants crying b4? and some of them are even twice her age!

  • CARA

    OMG she is just 13. By asking ‘u promise mommy?’ is not called spoilt! it’s called finding for comfort. and crying is NORMAL for a 13 year old. it’s not giving into pressure or anything. the news was just shocking for her and i think she took the news quite nicely. many contestants even double of her age broke down even worse then her!

  • LM707

    I think she over reacted, no need to have a tantrum on the floor! She is a great singer and all but I thought she acted like a 5 year old losing a game of Candyland. She should have left gracefully!

  • Me

    What’s more disturbing are some of these comments. A kid finally acting like a KID is refreshing in nowadays. She was disappointed, hurt and sad and her feelings overwhelmed her. There is nothing wrong with her response, as sad as it was. These days too many kids act as if they’re grown, drinking, having sex having babies. Best of luck to Rachel in her career.

  • Amanda


    no Rachel acted like a normal smart 13 year old who realized that her chance of winning a recording contract and 5 million dollars was over. Thats quite more upsetting than loosing a game of candyland.

  • Ginger

    Well, Rachel looked too confident as if she was going to stay. I bet Drew was the lowest last week too.. Marcus was probably the 2nd lowest… So Marcus had the right to stay since AMERICAN VOTED!!

    They keep saying, “America your vote counts!”… then they have to stand true to that! Rachel went home because of that.

    People need to get over it and move on.

    Rachel is young and she has her whole life ahead of her to make it big. So does Marcus.. Josh isn’t getting any younger so he probably needs this more than all of them and it does help that he can sing too!

  • balebellunderwood

    lol. It’s unbelievable. she’ll be fine.

  • Nikk

    so? how cares for this fat girl??? even pedo beer DOS NOT APPRUVE

  • WTF???

    This show looks like a circus.

  • perez

    Wake up America ..Nicole needs to go!
    She is so fake with her emotions.
    The inverted commas, “ok im voting you off but i dont mean it” how llame.
    I cant believe i am saying this but Cheryl Cole should of stayed she is down earth and says it how it is.
    Nicole + Paula = too many fruit loops.
    The whole show is a circus.. a dated format and a lot of hype.

    And the talent this year .. average.
    Good luck to them if they make a few dollars but this show is just as much about the judges .. the whole twitter poll of the judges zzz

    Marcus is cheesy.. lol
    And Rachel will be a better person for going, in the long run for sure.

  • .

    I think 13 is too young to be on a show with this kind of pressure.

  • Travis Kernaghan

    The way she reacts to her elimination is exactly the reason why kids shouldn’t be allowed to audition for these types of television shows. Sure, she’s talented and has an amazing voice – but it’s show business and a certain level of maturity is required in order to sustain a successful career. Breaking down into fits of sobs and wails shows how much growing up she needs to do before being put into an environment like The X Factor. Also, the way she speaks to her mother is similar to that of a spoiled brat who didn’t receive the newest Barbie on Christmas morning.

  • Hayley

    Bring Chezza back. :(