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Rachel Crow: Elimination Wasn't Nicole Scherzinger's Fault!

Rachel Crow: Elimination Wasn't Nicole Scherzinger's Fault!

Nicole Scherzinger chats with Extra on Friday (December 9) at The Grove in Los Angeles.

The interview comes after the 33-year-old entertainer and X Factor judge’s deciding vote placed contestants Rachel and Marcus into a deadlock.

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A tearful Rachel was eliminated, but she told People that she doesn’t blame Nicole for her elimination.

Nicole is the nicest person and the most beautiful person inside and out,” Rachel told the mag. “She is amazing, and I don’t understand why people are taking it out on her. It’s no one’s fault. It’s not even America’s fault. It’s no one person’s fault. It’s just what God had in store for me. And I will be okay.”

FYI: Nicole is wearing Luichiny booties and POParazzi earrings.

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  • Aviah

    it kinda was because she is a judge and she let her feelings take over her. look at both Marcus and Rachel’s safe song and you’ll see why Rachel needed to stay and not Marcus. And I’m not a Rachel fan but she did it a million times better.

  • G

    Sorry, I don’t get it. Why are people making this all Nicole’s fault? Didn’t the American viewers decide in the end? This is just a weird spin on things, considering we’re talking about the screaming “mommy you promised” brat here, right?

  • Me

    I’m with Aviah on this. I’m also not the biggest Rachel fan, and prefer Marcus over her, however, based on the save me song, Rachel should’ve been the one to stay.

    Nicole just didn’t want to be the one to send Marcus home, even though she knew Rachel deserved to stay, so she decided that she would let it go to a vote thinking that America would’ve given less votes to Marcus. A horrible choice for her to make.

    And even if Marcus had been the one to go, I’d think it’d be a lot easier hearing from the judges that they’re sending you home, instead of hearing that America is sending you home. It was pretty selfish and unprofessional on her part.

    Sometimes you have to make hard choices as a judge, and if she’s unable to, they should replace her next season.

    However, even if Marcus had gone home, and Rachel had stayed, I’d still have preferred seeing Melanie, Josh, and Chris in the final three.

  • Garza

    The people vote for who stays and Rachel just didn’t get the votes. Nicole is kinda useless but if the voters had wanted Rachel to stay, she woulda stayed. Blame the voters. If you really want someone higher up to blame you should blame Simon and the producers–it was dumb to have that number of judges anyway, that’s why they’re usually an uneven number, to avoid deadlocks. But I gotta say, Rachel’s diva meltdown was both very sad and disturbingly entertaining to watch. Like watching the birth of a new Mariah-Madonna-Tyra hybrid. Yeah I know, I’m going to hell for that.

  • f

    big deal over nothing, its just a tv show. JUST. Besides, kids shouldnt be allowed to be contestants in the first place, just got the answer why. Her dreams have crashed and she might keep saying shes ok, but she wont be, because shes just 13.

  • Alex

    Our family was hugely touched by Rachel’s and Nicole’s reactions to events. What amazing people they both are.

  • Alex

    Our family was hugely touched by Rachel’s and Nicole’s reactions to events. What amazing people they both are.

  • axrevolution

    I think only people really ignorant when it comes to music would in anyway think that Rachel’s interpretation of her song was the better performance.

    Yes, she screamed more, and she belted more, and it sounded more dramatic.

    But you have to factor in many aspects to judging a performance

    1. This is Rachel Crow’s bread and butter. Mid tempo retro ballad with long slurs and power vocals. Take the extensions out and the performance is rather dry. Listen to her vocals throughout verses, shaky and if anything weak. Inflections? Almost none other than when she belts. Range? Not particularly, she can hit high notes in full belt but I have not heard any depth OR head/nasal soprano touches. It’s a gimmick voice, plain and simple.

    2. Marcus has done this three times, all three times he’s come through and impressed the judges enough to make it out alive. No, he is not Pavarotti, but neither is Rachel. When the —- hits the fan he can step it up and “wow”, but that’s not all he is as a performer. Whether Rachel, well let’s just say we’re not going to see her doing anything remotely resembling the Mary J Blige performance featured on the show earlier. On the other hand, Marcus with some tweaking could deliver that calibre of performance.

    3. Marcus doesn’t have the benefit of being the circus act. He’s a level headed run of the mill entertainer, seasoned by years of showtunes, gospel choir, and the occasional serenading of a lady friend. Yet he still managed to outvote Rachel, and somehow you think he doesn’t deserve to be there? It wasn’t just the judges, it was America, and thank God that America is still willing to give an honest young man a chance to get ahead in a world where it is increasingly challenging for a young black man to make something of himself.

    4. Logic. Okay, let’s say Marcus gets cut. Both males would be single in their categories, the focus would shift to Melanie VS Rachel…

    First of all, $5 million don’t need to be invested in either of the acts

    but do you seriously think someone who hasn’t even finished middle school and as an artist is nowhere is worth a $5 million dollar investment? No, not at all. See, here’s the thing, like it or not Rachel isn’t an artist. If you like her that much, this is probably the best thing to happen to her. Use the Xfactor clout to get into solid major city stage productions. Open up major sporting events with the national anthem. Do a few children’s charity songs and tributes. Record some voice overs and maybe some songs for cartoons or animated films.

    By that point, she’s older, she’s done with school, she knows who she is, and she’s found her real voice [not just her same old belt every phrase Aretha imitation]

    But hey, if you want her to end up like Tameka from School of Rock then by all means pimp her out now. If you don’t know Tameka, she was the “Aretha” girl in the film School of Rock. Another chubby, precocious African American preteen with a spot on Aretha imitation..and even with a major motion picture that has been viewed by more people than entire season of X-Factor, she is a nobody;

    Drink the koolaid, or hit up my twitter page for more cutthroat commentary. I say what the judges aren’t willing to say and am sick of the circle jerk that this farce of a talent competition has become.

  • deborah

    I don’t understand all of this. Rachel Crow’s life will never be the same. If anybody could get booted off and say “I’m cool”, It is her. This girl will be alright. All she needs is a good manager to say to her, “I got this. Don’t worry. I hope the break down didn’t bring on negative vibes. You have to be ready for what is out there. I believe Marcus is ready to do the work. Nicole did alright. I believe she took all things into consideration. L.A. said from the very beginning that he thought Astro was too young and that concerned him. Let’s us look forward to Rachel’s bright future. Her parents seem to have done a good job . She is a wonderful very talented girl and I am looking forward to seeing this girl again!!! Remember Jennifer Hudson? There it is. You came in at number 5. It is all good for someone who was unknown. Marcus is a sweet guy and the best entertainment of the show. Melanie and Josh got the voice clearly.Rachel is on her way to better things. Trust me.

  • Dupree

    It was Nicoles JOB to make a decision. She chose to send Rachel home. THAT is what she intended to do, and that is what happened. These are supposed to be non-biased judges. Clearly Rachel proved to be better with her save me song as opposed to the horrendous show Marcus put on. Both Nicole and L.A. Reid are completely Biased towards Marcus. Its completely unfair and wrong the way they are running this joke of a contest. These clowns (judges and America) already sent home two of the most talented artist already… Astro and Drew. Marcus and Chris are just awful, just give the win to Josh and get it over with.

  • Brewer

    @axrevolution: It is a produced TV show and the only outcome will be one the producers want and that will the outcome that produces the highest ratings. Good and bad publicity are the same, they sell advertising. This is not a show about the best talent unfortunately. If we were being honest Marcus sounds like he has a perpetual nasal infection, he is not long term nor will he ever be. This is so watered down now the contestants are all weak…except maybe Chris. I have never liked Chris, but that last original song by him was very very good. Still I am a bit scared of another talented entertainer with the baggage of a drug problem.

  • Brewer

    Oh yeah forgot something, because it is a produced TV show nothing you see is left to chance. You don’t even know the “America Votes” are real. Sure I believe a little envelope that walks across the stage with a secret message that I never see…not. If you invest too much in all of this you are drinking the PEPSI, Don’t drink the PEPSI !

  • Brewer

    Oh yeah forgot something, because it is a produced TV show nothing you see is left to chance. You don’t even know the “America Votes” are real. Sure I believe a little envelope that walks across the stage with a secret message that I never see…not. If you invest too much in all of this you are drinking the PEPSI, Don’t drink the PEPSI !

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    I am not a Nicole fan in any way shape or form but the kid got voted off BY THE PUBLIC why is everybody ignoring this? People who are protesting should have voted the kid…

  • Matt

    I can’t believe some stupid people still think Rachel said “mommy, you promised”. You guys have issues, not the kid. She said “you promise?” because she was doing that for her family and she was worried she wasn’t going to be able to help them anymore. Her mother said “it’s gonna be ok” and Rachel asked if she could promise her. That’s all.

  • Lisa

    What gives TALENTLESS CHAV Nicole Scherzinger to judge talent when Nicole FAIL to have a successful SOLO career here in the U.S. just look at the Billboard TOP 100 chart, Nicole is always at the very bottom of the Billboard TOP 100 chart and alway will be, HEY Simon X Factor SUCKS ! give me American Idol and The Voice now they are REAL talent show.



  • axrevolution


    She’s American..she’s not a chav. She was born in HAWAII.

    And the only reason Nicole didn’t chart was song selection and a saturated market. Nicole pre Katy, pre Rihanna, pre Gaga, pre Taylor, stomps. Nicole in a Katy Rihanna Gaga Taylor World? Dead on arrival.

  • axrevolution


    These kinds of programs can get in huge legal trouble if votes are rigged, performances are recorded, etc.

    Also, the Pepsi execs don’t take kindly to it. In fact, if X-Factor is being rushed, it’s because of Pepsi. Has nothing to do with Idol coming up, it’s all Pepsi realizing they invested in a dead weight.

    And Chris’ song is just Bubbly by Colbie Caillat. Listen to them back to back, move some notes around, —-ing bubbly.

  • Lisa

    @axrevolution: The meaning of CHAV is a young lower class person who wear designers clothes and typically behaves in a loutish way. so yes axrevolution Nicole is a CHAV, and make all the excluses you want, but with all the HYPE from XFactor and Simon PR people and Nicole record company PR people Nicole still FAIL to have a SOLO career here in the U.S. HEY Nicole SUCKS !

  • Lisa

    SORRY typing fast.. HEY Nicole your music SUCKS !

  • Superman101


    Marcus deserve to stay his performance on the show was better than Rachels. both of their save me songs performance was good which is why Nicole chose deadlock = American votes.

  • Superman101


    Whats unprofessional about going to deadlock? Simon went to deadlock the first time Marcus was in the bottom 2 against Leroy bell. So Simon is unprofessional and selfish? Deadlock=American votes and Marcus votes was higher. And he deserved to stay hes an excellent singer and performer.

  • Superman101


    You must be retarded Marcus is one of the best guy singers in the competition. Chris is not a good singer so saying he deserve to stay and Marcus out is retarded. When you speak of talent there no way you can say Marcus is not talented. You are hating on the guy why don’t your talentless ass go on the show and see how far you would go. You wouldn’t even make it on the show.

    If the votes aren’t real as you say then none of those contestant should be there since the votes”arent really real”. Smh dumbass

  • Carla

    She didn’t sound very “okay” when she was elimated.

  • Clinton

    Nicole blew it, Marcus should be gone, all the judges except Paula are voteing for the one they think will make them more money, not the one that sings better.

  • sojinx


    When Simon went to deadlock, it was both contestants first time in the bottom two and he said their performances were matched in his opinion. Nicole never bothered to make a decision on the performance (after lying the previous week saying that she based her decision on the save me song) and admitted that she copped out based on her own emotional instability. The whole point of having judges is to give a contestant a second chance after a bad week (not a third or a fourth). Marcus is on his 3d chance, Rachel was never given one. The judges receive a lot of money for doing a minimally difficult job….ham actnig not being one of them, Nicole “Schickzenger” just needs to quietly exit left. Marcus is another Reuben Studdard who will cut one album and then end up back in the church choir. His performances are hackneyed and can be seen at any HS talent show in America. Rachel will go on to hone her performance skills and hopefully move on to a bright career as a triple threat at Disney. She will have more success by 16 then Nicole can muster by 40. God help her and her parents that she does not end up like Britney or her sister.

  • sojinx

    For those who are criticizing Rachel for her outburst—you would drop to the floor too if you had just lost a 1:4 chance for 5 million dollars. She is a pre-teen dealing with the fact that her family are making huge financial sacrifices for her on top of the fact that her Dad has lost major earning potential due to a MS diagnosis? Give me a break, I’ve seen grown men cry over a football game!

  • Reiki


    Simple. When the american public voted, the two hadn’t sung their save-me songs so the public had less evidence to go on than the judges. Whether Rachel blames Nicole or not, I do. Nicole punked, plain and simple. She lost my respect completely when she failed to do her job because it was too hard.

  • Pauline

    @Lisa: That’s your opinion. I do like her music though.

  • Starkyworld

    They why have the signoff if the judges don’t have the gutd to vote for the best. Simon wouldn’t have any problem. If you can’t vote with your heart or your ear you shouldn’t be a judge. Rachel was much more nervous being her first time in elimination and she nailed her performance and even Marcus knew he had been topped but she still got eliminated. What a croc.

  • Joy

    @Me: Simon forced a deadlock between Leroy and Marcus too eventhough Leroy’s Save Me song was much better than Marcus. So why blame Nicole in this case? Ultimately, it was America wo decided to send her home.

  • carol buecker

    Nicole was hired WHY? paid millions WHY?
    The guy that was kept, is a wedding singer.
    Fire Nicole, shes useless

  • carol buecker

    Nicole was hired WHY? paid millions WHY?
    The guy that was kept, is a wedding singer.
    Fire Nicole, shes useless

  • carol buecker


    if nicole would have voted as she was hired to do, the wedding singer would be gone. fire her

  • shikani

    in a competition age is not the factor. so what 13 or 60 everyone has a dream some have the guts to go for it some just sit and criticised

  • alcala


    hello!!! america doesn’t vote on the “save me” song. if the judges are incapable of making a decision then it renders this segment of the show useless and they should get rid of it.

  • alcala



    ok, if you say so.

  • alcala



    america doesn’t decide the “save me” songs….the judges do (or supposed to anyway).

  • alcala



    my same response to G applies to you.

  • alcala



    totally right.

  • shikani

    i dont know why in the first place do they have the save me song because certainly judges will be bias its human. Nicole and her crocodile emotions and tears …….is she fit to be the judge? Yes Marcus is good but Rachel? she’s better in the save me song. Well if you people think she’s too young then there should be age limit. Im not sure but I guess Nicole is not professional maybe she is taking out on Simon….? Next season hope I dont see her face again in the show….plssssssssssssssss dont spoil the show. Anyways I wish all the four the very best may the best win and not left to Nicole to decide

  • shikani

    I agree with you Rachel shoud have stayed if peole says she got the lowest vote then why do you have the save me song. i dont understand

  • Jolene Richards

    Nichole has no balls… She was hired to judge and not pass. That could have been a night where a lot of people didn’t vote for Rachel because they “knew” she would move on. She out sang Marcus and out performed him at every level. Marcus once again escaped… I wonder if there is more to this than… anyway I am beginning to smell a rat.

    Bottom line is my wife and I are gone. Come on American Idol and JLo. At least she has balls.

  • ימי הולדת

    Wow it was soo sad when she was elimated’ i even cried!

  • http://efesque97 efesque97

    I read a comment saying she was bratty cause she said “you promised” to her mom.. I highly recommend that person to clean out their ear wax and watch it again .. Her mother said it’d be fine to which Rachel said “you promise?” .. she is NOT a brat..

  • shikani

    @carol buecker:
    agreed. she should’nt be in the judges seat cant make a decision? then why in the world did she agreed to be the judge. she shud go play somewhere else not spoil the show

  • Glen

    I would say the reaosn why people are “making it” Nicole’s fault because of two main reasons in my opinion. One is that it is clear that Nicole has had it out for Simon throughout the entire show thus far and that will most likely continue right to the end. Simon has always given advice to the contestants where Nicole wants to point out how she feels Simon has gone wrong – Simon’s girls leaving just allows her to exhibit such a voice. More importantly though, the second reason is this is a multimillion dollar recording contest. Yes it may “ultimately” be up to America but every one of these shows have had America “get it wrong” at certain times because of a lack of voting with a preconceived notion that the favorite will “be safe.” I feel this is why Simon wanted to have the judges vote off on of the bottom two each week of the show. Simon is smart, and does not want “just anybody” to get this contract…its huge. This is where the judges come in…They must know and be willing to vote for who they feel can not necessarily “win” the popular vote but make sure the best talent is there so they can make sure the right person gets the recording contract. Markus was voted by America three times in the bottom 3, and who knows where he was before they went to the double elimination format. Rachel had one bump into the bottom 3 and she gets eliminated in what I feel was a notion of America feeling as though she would have been safe. Nicole must know this…Rachel was far better vocally and performance wise then Markus was but Nicole wanted to not send anyone home because of her personal relationship with contestant, not the idea of who is better, plain and simple. That is why it is Nicole’s fault.

  • http://xoxnima95xox Nima

    awwe poor Nicole! i felt soo bad when she starteds crying and when everyone was booing her. Its not her fault! Whoever had the lowest votes got sent home. It wasntt Nicoles fault she had the lowest votes! Jeez

  • Joe


    But at the same time, America still was a deciding factor in the show. Just because Nicole couldn’t make the final decision herself, doesn’t mean that America doesn’t have any input either. In the end, the public wanted her to go home.