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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Family Time with Brandi Glanville!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Family Time with Brandi Glanville!

LeAnn Rimes shares an embrace with her husband Eddie Cibrian as they attend his son Mason‘s soccer game on Saturday (December 10) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer and her hubby were joined by Eddie‘s ex-wife Brandi Glanville, who now stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Brandi sat with her back to LeAnn the entire game and the ladies did not speak, according to sources.

Mason & his team won their last soccer game! Trophies tmrw!!! Good job guys!!!” LeAnn tweeted after the game.

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  • ms evil

    aww poor, poor beady eyes, u’ll never be as pretty as his ex-wife. just keep starving urself, it’s so worth it for that piece of turd u think u won. some prize.

  • tweet

    Wow… awkward?

  • Maria

    Don’t you worry, Brandi. You are TWICE the woman LeAnn Rimes is.

  • Ginger

    I hated that Eddie stupidly cheated on Brandi with LeAnn, but I think these two women should be civil and speak to each other for the sake of the kids.

    And it disgust me how Eddie and LeAnn are being all lovey dovey here in front of Brandi.. are they trying to make her jealous? Leave the hugging and smooching when you guys are not around Brandi. Give her some respect since you guys already messed up her life.

  • Not ur momma

    Leann looks so uncomfortable. Sitting by herself, pathetic hugs from his cheating husband; seriously, look at her face! She looks pathetic next to Brandi. Brandi is gorgeous!! Her “bonus” boys didn’t sit next to her, bonus mom my butt, they certainly don’t love her. Leann looks so INTIMIDATED!

  • Cassie

    Brandi looks so pretty and confident.

  • Hollywood

    Brandi is absolutely gergous…

  • miapocca

    Hmm..Bradi is looking good in all these

    1-These kids will grow up and learn to google and then the real fight begins between children and father

    -LeAnn probably cant have a baby yet, or she would already be dropping her own kid aka Giselle Bundshen

    -Eddie Cibrian is the culprit in all this…forcing brandi to have to look at him and his accomplice in cheating and pushing his cheating relationship down the throats of his children and ex wife

    -Eddie take a look at woddy allen, even though he had visiting rights, the CHILDREN revoked it as soon as they could..they cant stand thier father and your time will come, no matter how you try to make a vile situation into a Disney movies for the boys, they will grow up…and good luck with fatal attraction leAnn…

  • kel

    Leann and Eddie look miserable. Brandi looks gorgeous and happy. Karma at work here.

  • PR Guru

    I am going to sit back and watch this movie….we ALL know how this story will end…..don’t we know Eddie!

  • http://comcast Dee

    LeAnne bought herself a husband, that could be the only reason after seeing Eddies ex-wife. Brandi is suppose to be a very kind and loving person.

  • char

    watched the GIVING awards last night. that song the grinch sang is so generic. NOT a song that you can remember the lyrics or the melody. so very bland. eddie should be so ashamed of himself for behaving like he actually likes the horse face in front of Brandi. Leann probably upped the credit limit on his charge card for that. Leanns face tells the whole story, she is beyond jealous of Brandi.

  • Laly

    I know it’s wrong to cheat but at least LeAnn’s trying to be a mother to those kids. I know a few men who’ve cheated on their wives and the step-mothers couldn’t be bothered to be with the kids.

  • mia

    LR is really rocking the bow legged look!!! I guess that’s what happens when you keep falling over with your legs open for a married man. Note to LR – stand further away from Brandi in the future, you might stand a chance to look less like a man, maybe……

  • Dylan

    Seriously the dude has no class and no backbone – what do you chics see in this douchebag??????? Brandy should be thanking the ugly one for doing her a favor!

  • Mrs. Gaston

    leann is such an annoying, toothpick SLORE! i am so not a fan.


    they’re all stupid

  • jayne

    I see from imdb that EC still doesn’t have a job. How can a man who’s 10 years older than his he-wife have any self-respect? Wonder who pays for all these vacations and nice things that he so clearly likes? AAaaahhhh the penny’s dropped – that’s why he’s still with her!!! Got it now!!!

  • http://google Cynthia

    He needs to get a job

  • Speak Now

    Brandi isn’t all that attractive …

  • annab

    Those two make a person want to puke……nasty.

  • Joanne

    Just when I think that Leann and Eddie the unemployed wonder can’t sink any lower, they put on this display. Besides the fact that it is beyond disrespectful, it shows what vindictive, classless human beings they both are. I have never commented on Leann’s looks before but will now break by own personal rule and do so as I now can see that she really is an hideously ugly person. Inside and out, From her beady eyes to her bowed, stick thin legs. It is all ugly. She says the most inappropriate things in interviews, passive aggressively implying negative things about her husband’s ex wife Does she have no idea of how badly this makes her come off? How this behavior just oozes insecurity and desperation? Does she have no one in her life who requires her to behave like a mature adult or are all of her family and “friends” on the payroll like her husband, which means they are just sycophantically agreeing with her regardless of the fact that she is doing terrible things? Leann has one thing right. When the boys are older, they will find out what “really happened” and how she and their father got together. The internet is funny that way. All of her bully behavior and all of her selfishly playing happy families for staged photo ops, while he threatened the ex about putting her kids on tv for her job. The proof is there and it isn’t pretty. No matter how much she tries to malign the ex, she and her husband for pay, are the ones who everyone knows are completely in the wrong and completely without any valid defense tor their behavior. Children are fiercely protective and loyal to their Mothers. Not being one, Leann can’t seem to understand that concept. If she keeps up this garbage, they will end up hating her and even her money won’t be able to buy back their respect.

  • Daisy

    @Speak Now: Compared to Leann the Grotesque, she is a freakin’ goddess. Come to think of it, compared to Leann a bag of sh1t looks good.

  • Whoa

    Oh…my…poor Brandy. I cringed at these photos…..Leann looks awful and terribly insecure.

  • Huh?

    @Speak Now:

    Wtf? Really? Seriously? Yeah she’s too skinny but she is pretty. I used to think Leann was adorable until I saw her ugly side personality wise.

  • Huh?


    Oh and I was referring to Brandy regarding the pretty but skinny.

  • Leannhorseface

    @Speak Now: STFU..Leann is a cunty horsefaced beast with a moral code

  • tanna

    @Joanne – So well put, you couldn’t have hit the nail on the head more accurately.

  • Londongirl

    They say that the camera never lies and that is the case here.

    Leann is NOT happy. The hugs and the displays of ‘affection’ were intended to upset Brandi but it didn’t work.

    Brandi is the only one actually smiling, looking happy and enjoying herself.

    The look on Leann’s face when she is sitting on the chair alone says it all.

    Eddie doesn’t look happy either. Brandi does not need him and is actually doing very well for herself after she kicked his ass out for Leann to pick up.

    BTW why isn’t Eddie wearing his wedding ring?

  • Leannhorseface

    @Leannhorseface: correction ..with “NO” moral code

  • Jane

    I am wondering about the worst picture of all…Eddie holding LeAnn’s wrist so hard it looks like he’ll snap the h*** out of it. I wonder if LeAnn was going to do something stupid to Brandi and he is trying to stop it. Their body language does not speak of love or lust here….quite the opposite. The honeymoon is over for these two.
    Then of course I am wondering about her legs. She needs an orthopedic surgeon to look at them. I bet she has lost so much weight her, bones are deteriorating and she cannot stand normally anymore.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Their story is so old, I try not to comment anymore and ahven’t in a whike.
    PR, that was graphically written to be ungraphic, but ok, I get pt. Funny, true.

    Ginger, Dylan, London Girl, I agree.

    Eddie Cibrian WAS, IS good looking and that is all. My neighbors’ Golden Retriver , Hanky, is a beautiful male, dog. Faithful though. He has to sense you out before coming to you to let you pat him and he looks tow his owners as to ask, is it ok first. He is something, this dog.
    My pt, Eddie is a 0 zero. He did Brandi a favor after cheating on her so many times, to finnaly leave. Brandi should be happy. Thanks for the kids, and good bye. And umm, send the check please.

    This is how it is with LeAnn and Eddi and it is good LeAnn takes in interests in the boys and cares for them and cooks for them, sorry girls, but SHE IS their sepmother. WTF is she supposed to do? leave the home when they visiit their dad. Never attend to them, etc.
    HOWEVER, it would be better if LeAnn stop tweeting about these kids, minors, and their every move, activity. Bad enough because of her fame, Le and Eddie’s very public affair, when they go out with them, the kids are photogrpahed.
    Being a celeb, she has obsessed fans, anti fans obessed now, etc. Celebs ae extremely cautious in their private lives.

    I agree most with Ginger, the kids are kids so you act the adults, fake it on those few rare occasions when both sides have to be present, and act cordial. Very cordial.

  • tonto

    I am so happy to see all the comments re:Leann and her behavior to Brandi. Being up close and personal with the situation, you have NO idea how much she deserves this and 10 tons more. She is one nasty and vile person who only keeps the deranged and nasty at her side to do her dirty work for her so she can keep her hands clean. I can only hope that in time her full behavior will come out. But as predicted, she’s taking care of her karma herself by refusing to respect her new family network and constantly use the boys for her image. SMH

  • Emilee

    Only an insecure person would have to put on such a public display with their partner. First, his ex is right there and Leann’s obviously trying to rub it into Brandi ‘s face that the unemployed cheater now “belongs” to her. Secondly as parents at a child’s soccer game, hanging all over each other that way is completely inappropriate. behavior. He’s all bought and paid for now. Clinging to him like velcro makes her look pathetic and like she is desperately trying go look “in love”. Her emotional maturity seems to be completely stunted. Her behavior is going to come back to kick her in the butt and he is a gutless, vindictive idiot who is too scared to put her in her place in case it costs him his meal ticket. They deserve each other and I don’t mean that a good way.

  • risa

    That’s not an embrace. She’s holding on to his hands so he won’t run to Brandi & beg her too take him back. LR should never be pictured in the same state as Brandi because she is butt ugly & Brandi is a gorgeous woman. Funny the happiest person in these pictures is Brandi not the two love lizards. LR’s ugly has already rubbed off in EC & yes, the song LR sang was boring & her voice is just ok.

  • Emilee

    @tonto The public aren’t stupid. They know that Leann and Eddie are remorseless, classless bullies. Both of them are in career crash and burn and deserve every bit of bad press and negative commentary they get. They also know that he was kicked to the curb and is only with squinty because she is his “bonus wallet” as someone so aptly put it.

  • claire m

    Team Brandi! Leann is super gross. There’s nothing worse than an ugly girl who didn’t get the memo that she IS ugly. She acts like the hot girl…not.

  • calla

    In pic #5, she looks like she’s doing that annoying hair flip thing that she also does in all her interviews obsessively. Must be a tic. Not a good look to be caught in when paps are there.

    Seems like Brandi handled herself with class, and just paid attention to the game. JJ and others pointing out she had her back to them…well, what is she supposed to do? stare at her ex-friend kissing up to LR? engage in convo with LR, and act fake, with the woman who taunts her on twitter, who ignores her wishes as their mother, and the woman whose paid friends and obsessed fans harass and taunt Brandi on twitter? Seems like focusing on game was the classier thing to do, that was her agenda. While Leann’s was to rub the ex-husband and ex-friend in her face. Screams of insecurity and desperation. Well, maybe she can redeem herself, since she already let the paps know the next 2 places she will be with the kids.

  • radd

    I dont like nor think Leann is pretty but Brandi looks like an old washed up botoxed housewife, not much to look at either! lol I think Eddie has BAD taste he is the good looking one. He dates down definitely. He could get much hotter women, but probably likes to feel like the hottest one….pretty people problems.

  • tina

    Didn’t know anything about Brandi until I started watch The real housewive of beverly hills. Brandi is GORGEOUS!!!! All the fake/plastic women on the show are so JEALOUS of her. Kyle & Kim are sickening, Kim the druggie and Kyle the biggest brown nose ever. She’s only tough when her pathetic groupies are standing behind her. Taylor, loves attention and is a drunk. Lisa used to be my favorite until she started acting like Kyle. Adrienne, is a follower. Camille, I thought was beautiful, nah she’s sneaky. Brandi stuck up for her and now all Camille does is follow Kyle. Brandi is GORGEOUS!!!! She can and will do way better then this Eddie guy.

  • Dobbi

    Sux to be Leann and have her daily photo op ruined by the appearance of beautiful Brandi.

  • Laranjen

    Leanne sued her parents when she was a teen so its not exactly all about family.

  • Tariq

    Brandy is like a wild horse you’re never gonna tame, nor want to. Hot, wild and has her own mind. Leann on the other hand just looks like a horse – one that should have either been put out to pasture or better still put down.

  • Samantha

    LeAnn has zero class. You can’t use the “I’m sharing my happiness and living my life” card for every single bad thing you do. Fine, you and Eddie both cheated and ended up with each other. Fine, you are happy. Fine you get Brandi & Eddie’s kids half the time and you love those kids. BUT HAVE SOME CLASS BITCH. You completely changed Brandi’s life to where she sees her own babies half the time she normally would get to see them – you are such a terrible person for doing this to her. The LEAST you could do is stay quiet about them. Stop tweeting about them. That’s not “sharing your happiness” that is intruding on something that should only belong to Brandi! You know what you are doing. You cant match her in looks, likeability or class so you go after the only thing that will bother her, overstepping with her kids. You are going to hell and one day her kids will definitely hate you.

  • Racy

    @Not ur momma: FACT: There are NO gorgeous women in these photos. This Brandi is certainly not a beautiful woman and the way she talks and acts doesn’t contribute to it. Get over it!

  • Esther

    @ Samantha

    I agree with you 200%, especially the “hell” part.

  • Emily

    How old is Brandi? Because she and Eddie were married awhile and they have children, I assumed she was older than LeAnn. But in these pics she looks much younger.

  • Kara

    Why would they pay JJ to post pics of them carrying on like that at a kid’s soccer game? The public already loathe them as a couple so they think staging a photo op with her hanging all over him with the ex 5 feet away is a great idea? Seriously, are they super stupid or just receiving PR advice from people who secretly hate them. Leann needs to quit the high heels. The jig is up. She is short and the ex is statuesque. High heels don’t make her look taller. They just reinforce to everyone how insecure she is and make her look like she is auditioning for the stalker role in the remake of SWF.

  • Alicia

    @Speak Now – Time to schedule that eye doctor appointment!

  • Becky

    wow Brandi is amazingly hot even though she is older than Leanne, Brandi has had two kids and her body is impeccable and her face is gorgeous on top of that she is the coolest housewife and I love her free spirit. How the heck could Eddie Cibrian choose Leanne who looks anorexic and im sorry to say is not as attractive as the awesome wife he has…what the heck is wrong with men sometimes?