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Gerard Butler Recovering After Surfing Incident

Gerard Butler Recovering After Surfing Incident

Gerard Butler is on the mend after a scary incident involving his latest movie, Of Men and Mavericks.

The 42-year-old Scottish stud was filming scenes for the movie version of surfer Jay Moriarty‘s life story when some strong waves began to come through the Northern California break.

According to ESPN, a large outside set of waves came through and caught the cast and crew off-guard.

“[Gerry] was held down for a solid two waves and took four or five more on the head before being washed through the rocks on the inside, where he was finally able to be plucked out,” eyewitnesses told ESPN.

Gerry was taken to the hospital just in case but is expected to make a full recovery. Glad everyone is okay, but what a scary experience!

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480 Responses to “Gerard Butler Recovering After Surfing Incident”

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  1. 51
    Autumn Says:

    @angelsrock: Thanks Angel! I missed my hubby and I’m exhausted – too much work to do. Traveling again after New Year’s.

    Actors have to be so careful doing their own stunts. He is really lucky that he didn’t get seriously hurt. It’s rocky around Mavericks and he got pounded hard. I know that scary feeling of too much water and trying to pull yourself out – I got caught in a whirlpool in a class 4 rapid and got slammed pretty hard against the boulders. Considered myself lucky for having upper body strength to swim out to safety.

    Hope our friend, JDV, is doing well. She is having some trials and I am hopeful that things turn out well for her family.

    Angel, have a great holiday and enjoy your family! Stay sane, funny and wonderful!


  2. 52
    Cnoc Mhor Says:

    @Hollywood Gossiper: Indeed…I think it is impossible to please everyone and you are right, some people will complain if actors do the dangerous stunts themselves and then others will complain if they don’t and some of their opinions will flip flop depending on what happens. There is likely to be a lot of pressure too like you said since some actors like Cruise keep pushing the envelope and as a result the audience can want or expect more each time. I agree too that perhaps there is also a bit of competition between the movie stars themselves(especially the guys) to keep doing crazier and crazier stunts and keep outdoing each other. But doing the stunt(s) at what cost??…Is it worth it to risk one’s life for a close up shot or a medium close up that now can be made using “face replacement” technology(“Black Swan” type stuff…for example just inserting Butler’s face onto the stunt double’s body)?…Or if it is a wider shot they are after, surely they can spend some extra dollars to make the scene and effects top notch without having Butler be in a treacherous, unpredictable dangerous zone??…***shrugs***…I mean I am all for doing as much of your own work on a film as one can. Actors can work extremely hard on their roles and give 150% and still not feel like they did enough unless they did all or almost all of their own stunt work which I think is unfortunate since that is the work professional stunt people are paid to do. What if things had turned out differently the other day at Mavericks? What if Butler had smashed into the rocks? What if he had gotten a serious head injury or other injury etc.? Would it have been worth it to have had him do it? His well being/life to get a film shot?…hmmm…If Butler himself insisted on doing that against advice well I think he ought to have taken a step back and really evaluated the risk but he is a grown man and that decision was his to make………. in general, I just think that these film projects and productions have professional stunt doubles, coordinators, etc. whose job it is to do all that stuff, be in those unpredictable places with unpredictable variables, take those risks and I for one think that the films’ producers/directors and stars should just let them do it……………just my thoughts:)

  3. 53
    angelsrock Says:


    I will keep Joie in my thoughts and prayers. Sorry to hear she’s going through a rough time.

    Enjoy the holidays with your love before you have to ship out again!

    I hope the “boys” resort to safer behavior on the film sets before someone gets seriously hurt. I will never forget that horrendous helicopter accident that killed Vic Morrow and a child actor.

  4. 54
    PsychoB Says:

    I see that GFW made it obvious that she is not a mother and that she believes if your an actor you should automatically be a mothers favorite child. I give his mom a little more credit then that.

    Nice to see Gs good to go.

  5. 55
    from WO Says:

    Butler, 42, was held underwater for two waves and washed through some rocks while tethered to his 10-foot surfboard, Wormhoudt said.
    “He was down at least 20, maybe 40 seconds. It’s traumatic because you’re rolling around a bunch with lots of rocks on the inside of the break — called the bone yard,” he said. “We all went through that.”
    “He was pretty awesome,” Wormhoudt said of Butler. “I was stoked that he didn’t panic. He basically acted like he’d been surfing a long time. He remained calm and kept his composure.”
    “Some people are cocky about Mavericks, and then if they’re humbled by the waves, they go away with their tail between their legs. (Butler) was the opposite. He was respectful and humble going in, and after it happened, he was the same way,” Wormhoudt said.

  6. 56
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Autumn: Welcome home Autumn! Good to see you! Bet you’re glad to be back! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and get some rest too!

    @angelsrock: Hi Angel, always good to see you here as well! Happy Holidays to you too!

    Joie! I miss seeing you here! I know you’re going through a lot right now, but hope you’ll pop up soon! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

    No other new GB news! Most of the news articles are pretty much all the same it seems. Bet he’ll be on his way home to Scotland soon enough and we’ll get some UK sightings along with some pics!

    Have a great night JJer’s!!

  7. 57
    WOW Says:

    @from WO:
    Thank you for the wonderful articles that you have chosen to post here. Each of them has shed light on what occurred to Gerry this past Sunday.
    Seriously, the man is very lucky to be alive. God shined upon him on Sunday.
    Also, his decent personality always comes through his attitude. He’s a spiritual man and he believes in God according to what he told Pierce Morgan, so of course he would be humbled by the waves, how could he not? Only a light-weight pompous fool wouldn’t be, and he’s no fool. He is very deep despite all his antics.

  8. 58
    Believer Says:

    What did he say to Pierce Morgan about God?

  9. 59
    @Believer Says:

    He told Pierce that even though he was raised Catholic he is not practicing, but he is spiritual and he believes in God and he tries to do as much as he can within the context of his lifestyle.

  10. 60
    oy Says:

    Gerbu, Gerbu, Gerbu. I have long begged you to exfoliate and bathe. Good grief man! I never told you to use the ocean as a tub and rocks as a loofah.

  11. 61
    angelsrock Says:


    And also with you, CGE!!! You’re always informative and respectful. Love to see you around here too!!

    I”m up early today even though it’s the first day of my vacation; going to hit the stores early and hopefully be home by noon to get my wrapping done!

    Peace and joy to you and all the Gerry JJ’ers!!!

  12. 62
    angelsrock Says:


    LOL! He’s squeaky clean now if you can look past all the scrapes and bruises!!

  13. 63
    niknoks Says:


    I don’t envy you going Christmas shopping, whatever time of the day, it’s generally chaos. I got the last of what I need delivered this morning. I don’t have to leave my house until midnight mass if I don’t want to. May go for a run but that’s’ it.

  14. 64
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Good Morning JJer’s! A small news clip here with some comments from a few that were out there when GB got tossed!

    Have a great day friends!

  15. 65
    GerrysVeryFascinatingWoman Says:

    That’s right. It’s a lifestyle he realized rubs his birth religion the wrong way, but God, the Holy Spirit, knows his heart. He also wants people healthy, body, mind and soul.
    Gerry has a lot to give thanks for this season, more than most. He was given the gift of life. A second chance. To his world, his family, his friends, and his colleagues… and knows it. He was very, very lucky. But was it luck? Or was an omnipotent force hovering, ever watchful of His little gem? The choice, like all we do, say and feel… is up to us.

  16. 66
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @angelsrock: Good luck with the shopping and wrapping Angel! I made my last trip to the stores yesterday so now it’s time to clean, wrap and bake. Not thrilled about the wrapping part.
    Enjoy your day!

  17. 67
    GerrysVeryFascinatingWoman Says:

    They need to find an indoor wave machine to finish this film.
    who knows he was her favorite and that his brother and sister both know, and while an issue while kids, perhaps, it is not now because all involved know family is the most important thing… plus she was trying to keep her husband and family intact and was rewarded with a unique gem: Gerry… AND his will be her best Christmas ever… why? I know stuff! ;o)

  18. 68
    angelsrock Says:


    Just got back home; 3 1/2 hours straight and I am very pleased. Not many people out yet in the stores and got a lot done!! And found some great bargains. Now I have to lay everything out and see what I have. I’ll probably have to make one more trip tomorrow morning. Oh well, tis the season!

  19. 69
    angelsrock Says:


    You are a virtual treasure chest of Gerry news and photos. Thanks once again. That must have been a very scary few minutes for Gerry and the rest of the crew!!

    I was trapped in a riptide years ago and it still scares me to think about it. I was on the verge of panicking because I had my young nieces and nephews out there with me and they were holding on to me. Even though it was a few minutes I was totally exhausted and had to lay on the beach for awhile to recover. We still talk about that and always remind each other what to do when caught in a riptide (swim parallel to the beach until you come out of it) You are fine one minute laughing and splashing and then all of a sudden you can not touch bottom and can’t swim into shore. It’s frightening! Mother Nature is fearsome at times.

  20. 70
    keepnitreel Says:

    He seemed pretty jovial right after it happened. But I’ll bet as the days push on, it’ll start to sink in on him. No pun intended.

  21. 71
    niknoks Says:


    I think the test will come if and when he has to get back in the water….

  22. 72
    Martin Luther Says:

    @GerrysVeryFascinatingWoman: Indeed there are priests who probably get more action than Gerry.

  23. 73
    dargabriel Says:

    GWF, YOU DON’T know anything and certainly don’t know the real, you must have a lot of timeon your hands to be spending so much time on this GODFORSAKEN PLACE and as for the rest of you very lonely lost married women who live in make believe land of Gerard Butler, need to pay more attentionto your husbands and famiy, because honestly, Butler does not care, the only thing he cares about is recognition because he’s vain,egotistical, and very much about money,fake, and attention, you attract what you are and judging what I’ve seen, except for a few exceptional souls, truely benevolent, Mr: Butler has attracted jealousy,hatred,vicious, and most of all negative individuals. This is madness. Makes me wonder what you ppl are aging like? Probably the same way Butler is, very rapidly, GOD gives grace to those who’ve been chosen and Izmve been given the right of judgement, how many of you have health issues? Or karma issues? I’ve none and I am faithful to my beloved christ. Butler is getting tossed around by Gabriel for reason, he knows why, regaurdless of what you monkeys think, programmable monkeys is what you all are, I’ve to admit, it’s damn powerful when you know what’s happening behind the scenes, the human mind being baited like a fishing line, hook,line,and sinker. Cholita knows all as well, this person is of the higher self and truely loves. Gabriel comes forth to myself and walks beside me everyday even before I was born into this madness, for the second time in this perticular lifetime and I know how very blessed I am to have him/her. My heart goes out to the ignorant who are being rapture by false beliefs, the fate clock is ticking and living well is the key, money does not matter, being gifted and blessed, having this divine power within is what I’m talking about and using it for the very best of humanity is what god gives to only those who’ve earned their wings, this is the real. Butler has unfortanately earned his karma in anegative way, but has paid a lot of money to gurus,rabbi,and other forms of much needed awareness to the spiritual to learn what and who he truely is and with this knowledge and power of his universe, he’s taken it to madness, cast upon his otherhalf, well all the males that have
    any hopes or thoughts of being with her, in this case, it’s best to let completely go,accept, and unconditionally love for most this is very difficult. Butler is very strict with his beloved and is very bossy and possesive, he keeps a very close watch, every move and action he sees through phychic sense and visions. None of you really know what’s going down, except for Cholita that is, its nice to be a Nephalim. Butler is changing his outllook as I write, I’m seeing this, slowly but surely, he is coming home to God/Goddess, a message to Mr.Butler, You ask your Beloved to wait for you in this lifetime, but there are many soulmates, whom are very kind and hot,lol, who also desire an oppertunity, however there is only one in unison twinflame. Ok last but not least ppl, monkeys, I’m asking Butler to announce via twitter or messages where he is for all you who don’t really know, I do however. He will be sending forth a message his whereabouts, he’s searching, he’s geographically close to his destiny and knows it. Well gotta go and have lots of fun,starbucks,road trips,adventure,spending,loving great family, wow, lifeis grand. Peace out and many positive returns. Dargabriel

  24. 74
    GerrysVeryFascinatingWoman Says:

    I have a right to an opinion same like you do proclaiming Gerry is “for sure” buying property in San Fransisco, no?
    As for my time and how I spend it? It’s none of your business. Plus there are other people here more than I am! Have a nice day.
    They need to find an indoor wave machine to finish this film.

  25. 75
    ~ Says:


    Parents (good parents) DO NOT have favorites. Each child has their own personality and as a parent you acclimate to each of those personalities. You are obviously not a mother.

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