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George Clooney: Palm Springs Film Festival with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney: Palm Springs Film Festival with Stacy Keibler!

George Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler walk the red carpet at the 23rd Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala held at the Palm Springs Convention Center on Saturday (January 7) in Palm Springs, Calif.

The 50-year-old actor received the Chairman’s Award for his work in both The Descendants and The Ides of March. He was presented the award by his Descendants co-star Shailene Woodley and Ides of March producer Grant Heslov.

Earlier in the day, George exited the back door of the Annenburg Auditorium after giving a lecture during the “Talking Pictures” event of the film festival, where he wore a Junk Food Bengals tee.

FYI: Stacy is wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and one of a kind Dana Rebecca Designs earrings.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

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Credit: Michael Buckner, John Shearer; Photos: Getty, INFdaily
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  • Anna

    Someone on the JJ blog posted with the name “Silk Route” and posted the word “Widower” on the same day Anna found a black widow spider in her house. After that, she realized that the first black dress worn by Keibler in Toronto resembled black spider legs in the back, and the second hairdo worn in Toronto resembled a spider’s nest. Yet George continues to promote this evil piece of sh*t.

  • theresa

    to Anna

    i know the poster you mean. this person claims he or she found a black widow spider in a laundry basket. and here’s the best part; the poster says that Keibler wearing the black dress in question proves that she is guilty of putting the spider in the poster’s basket. anyway, as for Keibler herself, i wouldn’t worry; she will be with George at the Oscars. after that, like Canalis she will be gone. George will then find another girl.

  • ellie’

    George looking real good..congrats…

  • mary

    George, what is so special about Stacy? I’m asking because I just don’t see it. There must be other younger girls who are attractive and have a lot more class.

  • LILI

    george looks handsome but need more rest he would look better! pretty clooney .

  • nj

    He looks like her dad!!!!

  • Aww

    How sweet. It’s George Clooney and his Flavor of the Month!

  • Guest

    I like her dress and he has a nice suit, but he still looks like her father and the whole couple thing looks fake.

  • a more honest press release

    George Cllooney admitted today that his association with Stacy Keibler was merely another disastrous publicity contract. He apologized to his friends and what few fans he has left, saying that it was wrong to deceive and manipulate them. He made a separate apology to all of the women of the world, acknowledging that in addition to harming women in the entertainment industry, his association with trashy publicity escorts was causing cultural harm to women everywhere. He went on to reveal that Keibler’s real boyfriend is his publicist, Stan Rosenfield, for whom Keibler has been both drug dealer and hooker.

  • mary

    @a more honest press release

    nothing would make me happier if what you’ve posted is true. but where is the link?

  • a more honest press release

    @mary: He doesn’t have the balls or integrity to officially release it, so I did it for him.

  • Marieme

    Stacey Keibler has near-zero style sense, which wouldn’t be such a big deal except she walks the RED CARPET! That dress is bad enough, but that bump-it hair is terrible! Ugh! WTH is she thinking?

  • Real men age

    Honestly, I never liked him but I do respect how he is aging naturally unlike Tom cruise , rob lowe and brad Pitt. Tom , rob and brad look like they are trying to be 25 all over again and are aging like the desperate housewives with all that fake hair, dye , and Botox. Good for George for keeping it real .

  • Saph

    George looks like Benjamin Button next to Amazon Barbie. Looks like the store was out of her usual hooker dresses going for the Miss Prissy look now. Stacy needs to learn to keep her trap shut on the red carpet talking and making jokes loud enough to be picked up by the mikes is rude and obnoxious shows her manners have been left back in the ring. How about a girl with some class George? Who doesn’t want all the attention herself and make you look like a tired old man. Everyone knows this is a showmance dump her now before you lose all your dignity. Pretending to be interested in her his best acting role ever.

  • Rose

    you probably really say the truth, look how stacy speak to stan, how sweet!

  • kRISS

    “posted by JustGossip [+]
    January 07 at 8:34pm Report Comment

    I am soooooo sick of the permanent Oscar campaign. Now the Palm Springs film festival has been added as a stop on the Oscar PR tour. Clooney, Pitt and Jolie have basically been on this Oscar campaign for more than six months now using their fame, influence, connections and money to schmooze, woo, and buy critics and voters.

    Meanwhile all of these great performances by lesser known actors in smaller films can’t even begin to compete with that. Go see The Artist, Shame, Melancholia, Tinker Toy Soldier Spy. The actors and studios involved in those films don’t have nearly the clout of Clooney Pitt and Jolie, who are basically the Goldman Sachs of Hollywood, but these lessor known actors have given amazing performances and must rely soley on their performances and a crappy little DVD screener to compete with the 1% of Hollywood.

    I’m so sad about what a fake production this has all become. I mean George Clooney even went out and bought himself a girlfriend for this campaign. Does it get much lower than that?”

  • Tiziana

    So funny how he’s giving the interview and the wrestler is blabbing behind his back and makes him look like a complete fool.


    @Anna: I think George need a hat style :stork’s nest … for a fashion look

  • bob

    @kRISS: charlie sheen is back (lolooloo)

  • D Ceit

    @ a more honest press release-BRAVO!! Great post!!!

    You deserve an OSCAR for having the BALLS to tell the world theTRUTH about Clooney’s PATHETIC PR charade!!!

  • Kiki

    Famewhore keibler is “flirting” with grandpa in order to manipulate grandpa into influencing george so that george prolongs her ” PR escort contract.” Grandpa seems sincerely “smitten” by famewhore’s “manipulative flirting”. George looks, as always, as if he could care less about the famewhore contracted escort.

  • dis Grace

    Spitting in Gods face comes with a terrible price. You’re on your own George. You spit in Gods face and did this to yourself. All your phony PR-agenda “works” to make you look like some sort of “concerned” citizen trying to save S. Sudan’s “integrity” are a “front” . 1. to boost your PR ratings. 2. to reveal your hypocrasy 3. to magnify your own personal lack of integrity. Ciao forever.

  • Samson

    Samson lost sight of his calling from God and gave up his greatest gift. In the end it cost him his physical sight, his freedom, his dignity, and eventually his life. Each of the famewhores were hired and contracted and they poisoned George. Stan and the studio puppeteers that Stan bargained with are as responsible for Georges demise as George is. George’s reputation this coming year will take a massive turn for the worse. His unpopularity will NOW spiral out of control rapidly now. So much for taking God for granted George.

  • Ideal Woman vs BIG WOMAN

    In 2005-2006, George Clooney has revealed the qualities he thinks would make a perfect woman. He says, “The ideal woman is a mixture. She should have Nicole Kidman’s laughter, then the personality of Julia Roberts and the aspect of Michelle Pfeiffer, the quintessence of beauty. And finally, the ambition of Jennifer Lopez. I’ll buy into the idea of finding the woman of my dreams. Who knows? Maybe one day.”
    this is not criticism but when I look at Stacy: she is over 2 meters tall and has got a fanstastic forehead. She’s looking big next to Clooney – like Fiona from Shrek movie since putting on weight.
    Clooney got a BIG WOMAN, not Ideal Woman. So what, where is his ideal woman?

  • Phony Beanstalk

    He looks like a small ridiculous man next to this phony appalling beanstalk.

  • Cleanse PR Deceit

    Clooney signed a contract to be escorted by a porn escort who enjoys violence against women. Women will become very aware of these FACTS.

  • Another Paris Hilton

    When I saw Stacy Keibler for the first time I mistook her for Paris Hilton because both are identical, the same face, smile, teeth, body, especialy line around their mouth and jaw is very similar. so whenever I see George with her so I think – Oh, he walks the red carpet with Paris Hilton!

  • ok

    @Cleanse PR Deceit:
    Of course, I believe you.

  • ok

    @Cleanse PR Deceit:
    Of course, I believe you.

  • fools gold

    No woman blessed by God would want “any” man who “spits in Gods face” as someone said. All the $$$$ and fame in the world will NEVER buy an ideal woman because the ideal woman doesn’t want a blind stupid desparate hypocrtical infamous fool, especially a fool who’s only assets are materialistic wealth.

    There’s no value in materialistic wealth and being famous is a joke thanks to reality tv. There are millions of TALENTLESS famous “celebrities” invading earth now, none of whom have real talent let alone any remote sense of wisdom. That said, George is nothing more than a celebrity puppet who has little value anymore because he has proven time and again that he has little to NO wisdom. So tell me, what ideal woman wants a dime a dozen celebrity puppet who has materialistic wealth, famewhoredom but NO PERSONAL INTEGRITY and therefore NO WISDOM?

    Solomon in all of his riches sought WISDOM above all.
    George pursues fame, contract whores, and popularity AT ANY COST. Cheap men with cheap values are a dime a dozen. George is a cheap famewhore himself who would sell his soul for materialistic wealth, popularity and famewhoredom over wisdom. Nothing “ideal” about that. Ideal women seek ideal men.

    George agrees to contract vulture famewhore escorts because they reflect his own personal values. Vulture famewhore escorts are George’s ideal because that is who George truly is. If he wasn’t a vulture famewhore himself, he would have pursued an ideal woman, one who would NEVER be willing to sell her soul for famewhoredom and fools gold, one with wisdom which is worth far more than Clooney’s wealth will ever be worth.

  • to fools gold

    If he wasn’t a vulture famewhore himself, he would have pursued an ideal woman, one who would NEVER be willing to sell her soul for famewhoredom and fools gold, one with wisdom which is worth far more than Clooney’s wealth will ever be worth.
    he preferred to look just for chicks who do “sexy jobs” and he never looked for the woman of his dream. He can just dream because the ideal and decent woman exists but she won’t want him after she sees his long list of women…. his life style…. his age… his behavior… no, she won’t want him at all and she will rather look for someone else and better.

  • to fools gold

    @fools gold:
    Sarah Larson got sum of money from him and thanks to him she could buy new breasts…

    Stacy Keibler received jewellery, Versace clothes, shoes and Porsché from him…

    Ideal woman did not get anything from him but she owns something special – her own wisdom and great nature…

  • where

    someone must tell George where to fking get off.

  • lou

    @a more honest press release @ 01/08/2012 at 12:30 am

    of course, everything you’ve posted is 100% true. now, where is your proof? assuming that you have any.

  • katiedot dicktater

    @lou You want proof katiedot, re-examine your own paycheck dummie and quit trying to “CONTROL” everyone on your stupid CONTROL FREAK forum. You’ve made it MORE THAN OBVIOUS YOU ARE PAID to defend whichever BIMBOwhore he’s contracted as his “escort.”

    @tigerina: katiedot dicktater is PAID TO DEFEND THESE WHORES. Anytime you say ANYTHING about the whores, NOTE how QUICKLY they are DEFENDED by the dotless DICKTATER.

    Then ask yourself, what does katiedotless stand to gain by DEFENDING THESE WHORES???? Answer that and you’ll NEVER post on the Public Relations backed forum again.

  • lou

    @katiedot dicktater

    first off, i am not Katiedot. and your childish attempt to discount what i’ve said is not going to chase me away. nor will it stop me from challenging what you post when i want to. others may be afraid of you but i am not as you do not control this board; much as you would have others believe. but i will say that your hatred of George borders on the strange.

    now you, i can only assume that you are also “a more honest press release”, made a statement concerning George’s relationship with Stacy. your exact words were ” He doesn’t have the balls or integrity to officially release it, so I did it for him.” you have to know that if you make that kind of blanket statement there are those, like myself, who will consistently ask you to prove what you’ve posted. since you’ve refused to or are not able to do so i can only conclude that what you posted about George and Stacy is not true.

  • boohoo lou

    lou your hatred of posters borders on the bizarre. two can play your foolish mind game so boo hoo lou. now if you’re going to make blanket statements about me or anyone “hating” (your word) NOT MINE, then there are those,like myself, that will enjoy throwing your reverse psychology right back attcha.

    We’re not afraid of your stupid mind games either lou.

  • boo who?

    believe in deceit much lou? thought so. especially since “your agenda” “requires” you believe in phony PR deceit. hence the prompt defensive boo hoo from you. while you’re at it, you can also believe that just because you can’t see an equator, there must not really be one. lol

  • lou

    to boohoo lou aka a more honest press release

    as i thought! you are really upset aren’t you? you really don’t like it when someone challenges what you say. I suggest you don’t find your way on to a witness stand in a court of law because lawyers will question what you say, sometimes for hours.

    I asked where your proof is on the statement you made about George and Stacey and you can’t provide it. is it because everything you said has been made up? Now, you’re trying to turn it on me by saying that I don’t like posters because i DARED to call you out. well, for the record i don’t hate other posters but it doesn’t mean i’m going to let them get away with saying something and not backing it up with proof. so, why don’t you just come out and admit that you can’t provide the proof?

  • a more honest press release

    @lou: For someone preaching about truth, you have much to learn. I have only posted on this thread as a more honest press release. You have a problem with the fact that other people see truth in what I posted. And yes, I too believe you are Katiedot, as her m.o. is to accuse everyone who does not support the fameho escorts of being the same person and to slander and malign them. Your time is over.

  • lou

    you want to continue to believe that i’m Katiedot; then go ahead. i’m not offended. actually, i like this Katiedot a lot more now. a more honest press release? really, then where are the facts to back up what you say. doesn’t matter anyway, i know that you cannot prove anything you’ve said. but i do have to ask how exactly is asking for you to prove what you’ve said an accusation. everywhere else, you are required to back up your statements with proof. why should it be different for you?

  • shawn

    last two years
    Dolce Vita with Canalis now we have a couple Amish

  • Jose

    Actually what ” we” have is our own fate now hanging in the wind. Our arrogance has given us away. We not only mocked God, we just gave ourself away for illegally spying by ILLEGALLY HACKING someone’s CELL phone. To do so was illegal on our part. Funny how I think we’re above being caught for our illegal spying and hacking of cell phones.


    They just needed a few more “samples” as PROOF of our ILLEGAL activity and we just provided the link as proof. How stupid arrogance can be. We’re also exactly who has been suspected. Extraordinary stupidity on our part.

  • Jose

    ohhh yeah i am with you you have 100%rason

  • Dear George

    I have liked some of your movies, and your face doesn’t horrify me on the big screen, but I DON’T like you because you lack a decent character. Your lifestyle completely turns me off.


    This is crazy! I guess this is George and Stan’s idea of pr blitz. Create confusion. Glad to be away from this these past couple days. Well he sorta did cop to being a pathological liar. Would be more credible if he list details, and the truth of why he really lies. If this was him and Stan’s idea of a good offense, then they failed miserably. George, your warlock ways will catch up with you unfortunately. Knocking people’s plants over energetically has as much bad karma. Remember that….Whoever posting as Anna will burn in h*e*l*l* too as you deserve.

  • signage

    @TIMEKEEPER: Okay you got me, I am not Anna. I was so pissed off when I saw that George had taken the fameho out with him again, against all logic and sound judgement, that I had a drink and posted. I don’t even remember why I chose to use Anna’s name, but maybe it was because I sympathize with her.