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Vanessa Hudgens: Live! with Kelly Appearance

Vanessa Hudgens: Live! with Kelly Appearance

Vanessa Hudgens is all smiles after taping an appearance on Live! with Kelly on Wednesday (February 8) in New York City.

The 23-year-old Journey 2 actress rocked a “Rozzi” lace sleeveless dress by alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet.

The Paris premiere of Journey 2 is coming up, and Vanessa dished that she has a high-tech way of learning communicating while in France.

“I was there were with my mother last year and I have this application on my telephone, you write and it translates and says it for you. I did not need to speak French, it speaks for me,” Vanessa said. Très bien!

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Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily
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  • annii

    adorable <3

  • Skounoupi

    Nice Shoes!!!!

  • kel

    Sweet & cute!

  • who

    The outfit is a DON’T. You can’t put a winter coat on a summer dress and brown doesn’t go very well with black.

  • ben

    she just never does it from me

  • ?????????

    That dress is hidious I think she forgot to add some extra material underneath.

    I think her dress sense has definately worsened since being with Austin. Then again he dresses like a tramp so her clothes match his perfectly lol

  • JeffH

    That is one of the most pathetic quotes I have ever read. As an American who has studied French for seven years je veux dire à Vanessa: “Sucez ma bite.”

  • Sabrina

    @JeffH: Hahaha, you made me laugh so hard haha !

    Anyway, what a silly way to use this application ! Languages are beautiful, and it is way better to say yourself in French !!! I’d just feel silly if I was like “Oh, wait a minute, I’m going to write what I want to say to you and then my phone will tell you what it is !” -___-
    I think that the application doesn’t “say it for you” ! It says it to show you how to pronounce it !
    I love Vanessa, but seriously, that really was a silly thing to say…

  • BAAA

    @JeffH: HAHAHA et moi je suis morte de rire XD

  • Lmao JeffH! Best comment ever

    Yeah, she does sound like a dumb b!tch with that comment about French. I knew she wasn’t that bright but damn. And her outfit is huge no-no here. It’s quite awful actually….. My great grandma wouldn’t wear it even threatened to.

  • Whatever

    Why so much hate?

  • thetis


    As usual you have something negative to say which means that all of your remarks carry not weight.

    But this is what we have all learned – you are completely, entirely, and totally obsessed with her to the point you can’t do anything else.

    How pathetic your life must be I fell sorry for you.

  • Haters Suck!

    I don’t understand the problem with what she said? She doesn’t speak French I don’t speak French. If I ever were To go to France I’d be in trouble.she used it to help her communicate . I speak only English and some Spanish. That seems to be a useful app I’m not understanding the problem.

  • peggy

    @Lmao JeffH! Best comment ever:

    Go Grow Up!!!! Most Americans don’t speak foreign languages at least she was honest about trying to communicate in someone else’s language.

    If some of you actually left your neighborhoods you would know that most Americans ask if the person speaks English and doesn’t try to speak in another languarge App or not. At least she tries.

    Most people on this board need to get out in the world and stop being so prententious because I can bet most of you can barely speak English

  • Lauriane

    Wow I agree with you JeffH and Sabrina.It’s just so stupid,learning a language is really interesting.It’s way better than using an application to say something.I mean, I prefer someone who tries to speak French and does some mistakes than someone who uses technology to express herself.

  • peggy


    White is no longer considered just a summer color and Bulletin your coat does not have to match your shoes since the coat comes off – your shoes are to match your outfit underneath – further if you looked at Kelley she also had on a short sleave clearly not “winter” dress no wool, no knit etc because those demarcations are passe..

    A little bit more time in Elle and a little less time in your comic books and then make a comment

  • Sara

    having the application is still useful for her…but even from previous comments (and the way she speaks!) she still sounds dumb I MEAN simple ;). Its weird cuz apparently she was an A grade student. Ha! that didnt last long!

  • Zyonna

    the problem with the dress is that extra fabric and length thus creating the illusion that she =old lady LOL

  • e

    Some of you really need to get your head out from where the sun does not shine, she didn’t say anything about frensh as a language so don’t try and make it as if she did. Do you have any idea how hard it is to learn a new language? It takes years to learn one and with the amont of languages there is in the world there isn’t a person who can learn them all, and unlike many of you Vanessa is very busy person, when does she have the time to learn a new language, and I’m more then sure that if she could chose between speaking herself and using the app she would chose to speak it herself, besides I’ve always been impressed with her language skills, she have been heard speaking spanish several times and have been heard trying out other language as well and good or not she at least have had the guts to try it. I can also point out that Vanessa have been traveling alot in the last several years and have probably experiences more then many of you, I can also say that she probably doesn’t use the app for every little thing, she most likely can say the basic things but say that she is asking someone for direction somewhere and have no ides what some words are, I mean in the past tourist etc. have been walking around with dictanarys and so on when they try to communicate with someone in a different language, these days people have apps for it, I certainly wouldn’t mind it if someone came up to me when asking for directions and using an app to try and communicate in my own language, I would appriciate the effort. But as usual some of you just have to find something wrong with everything Vanessa does, it’s getting pathetic, but I have the feeling that you already know that but your obsession with Vanessa just keeps you from being able to leave her alone.

  • Lauriane

    Actually ”e” I have nothing against her. I don’t really know her but here with the app,it sounds dilly to me.I mean why not using a dictionary?I don’t really like all the technologies that can translate because it’s definitly not good.When you say that she doesn’t have time for herself,excuse me but JJ posts a lot on her and her everyday life and she is doing shopping,going to the gym etc.I understand that she might have some professional commitments but you can always find time if you want to study a language or at least the basic things of a language.I think that celebrities can definitely find time to do things for themselves,they don’t work all the year like us,”normal”people.You also say that she travels a lot and so she has more experience than us.Well if I had her bank account I would travel a lot also but I can’t because I’m only a student so not really possible.Plus you can have experience in your life without travelling.Some people of her age might have experienced a lot of things (not always good) without travelling.
    So now I’ll stop here :P

  • kami

    vanessa knows how to mix it up with her outfits. amazing how her beauty an ingenuity create so much jealousy on this board. you go vanessa. give these jealous bit**es something to complain about.

  • Maria

    So what is your first language? We can tell by the way you write that you are definitely challenged with English grammar, composition and sentence building.

    I do think that through it all, you did do a relatively decent job at trying to make your point.

  • who

    @peggy: I know you feel identified with Vanessa and I’m sorry but, do you really think that’s a winter dress? Just have a look at the fabrics and the bare legs. Don’t you think she should be wearing a winter dress and a pair of tights? Of course the coat should match everything to be nicely dressed.
    By the way, I don’t know who is Kelley.


    I saw Kelly,s show she, even loved vanessa dress, it was lace and it was a beautiful dress, and she looked stunning, she has the greatist looking legs, by the way , you can wear white, anytime of the year, and her coat was just find black and white look good together, i love her shoes, too bad you didn’t see the whole dress, it was a beautiful dress, and i love lace, the details of the dress, was great looking.

  • Sabrina

    @e: I didn’t say she should learn french instead of using that app. I am french and I can easily see and understand why people found that language so hard to learn. I just said that using this application this way seems silly. This app, like a dictionary, is meant to help people to translate and then say what they want to. Not to replace you ! That’s almost creepy. Yes this app is a good idea, but not the way she uses it.

    When I am abroad, I try to speak as much as I can the language spoken in the country. I think it is normal, fair, and polite. I use a touristic guide, or a dictionary, like normal tourists. I didn’t know that application exists. And It seems a grat app so I’ll probably get it. But I certainly wo’t use it as Vanessa. I’ll translate, listen, and then try to speak.

    You say “unlike many of you Vanessa is very busy person” but I think it is the total opposite in fact. We normal people are really busy people. We work, or we study, and it takes a lot of our time, the entire year. Vanessa works when she does a movie, or the promo, interview and shoots. And the rest of the time, she does shopping, sport, dance like recently, etc… anyway, she has way more time and money than us.

  • peggy


    You must be blind cause you should look like such an old lady but I’m pretty sure you don’t

  • thetis

    @Sabrina: @Sabrina:

    She didn’t say she uses it all the time that way and further I used one recently in Austria and rather than misprounce the words and say something insulting or offensive to the person I was talking to – if I had trouble pronouncing the phrase I let the app do it.

    Can we all start acting like grown ups here – do any of you ever go or do anything? And BTW you can’t learn a language for every country you go to all over the world – let’s be realistic.

  • maria

    Such stupid comments on ths language topic! Honestly, I think it’s great that she cares enough to have the app, learn the correct way to say what she wants, and I’ll bet it’s easier to learn correct pronunciation that way. Plus, her phone is always with her, wherever she is. That makes it far more accessible than a dictionary, and easier than looking up every word. The app would already provide correct grammar, and no need to sift through a dictionary. I think it’s a FABULOUS idea, and I think negative comments show snobbiness here. Vanessa has only been to France a few times, and each time was very brief. She can’t learn the entire language of each country she goes to. She’s been to Spain, Sweden, Japan, etc, and she can’t learn each language. At least she cares enough to want to know the correct way to pronounce and communicate.

    As far as her outfit today, I say A+! obviously, some fashion backward people have never heard of or seen “winter white” clothes. I think the dress is gorgeous, feminine, and beautiful with her skin and dark features. And I see absolutely nothing wrong with the coat. It’s quite nice, actually. It’s not all that cold right now so no need to look like a bear.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!

    @???????????: All I can say to you is sniff sniff!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!

    @JeffH: You are an idiot! Just because you studied french, you also expect everyone to know french! Classic Braggadocio.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Sabrina: French is not for everyone. You just have to deal it the best way you could. Maybe Vanessa can’t speak french like you do but I’m sure she does other things better than you do. So suck it up. French is not a priority, not mine, not Vanessa.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Best wuote Ever: That’s why you and your grandma are so insignificant. While Vanessa is pretty and famous in her own right!!!!

  • boji

    What’s with the bitchy comments over the usage of French language ? Vanessa represents a majority who do not know a second language. Give her a break. She looks sophisticated here and I love what she’s wearing. By the way her shoes are beige, a darker shade and not brown. Haven’t seen this interview yet but I bet she’ll be adorable as always.

  • annii

    go and hate on lily collins… efron fan…

  • annii

    lol pretty sure you dont even know how to use the app… it actually “say it” for you

  • ?????????


    Why would I hate on Lilly, she has nothing to do with Zac?? And even if she did I wouldn’t hate on her I don’t know anything about her so what’s to hate ?????

  • annii

    @Lmao JeffH! Best comment ever:
    she never said she “didnt want to learn french (actually her sister and fam are taking class.. Vanessa is taking, filipino, spanish and french) and because of that she was using an app) she just said she didnt talk french and use an app just to understand a little more…

  • vjell

    @e: i agree! People are attacking her for using the app but she never said she wanted to learn the language. she was there for buisness and if she tried to learn every language that she has her premieres in then she would be busy for years. all these pretentious douches want to make themselves feel better attacking her for using the app but mastering a language takes years

  • Emma

    If you hate her, just stop coming here

    Please leave her alone

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    My God!she is being criticized with that french language thing!!Gosh!

    @JeffH in ur own words, u studied french for 7 loooong years so why pick on someone who does not speak the language well?

    @Sara An A grade student is not gauged on how u interpret a technology app.There are way more other subjects.Duh!

    Lace or no lace,Van is still a stand out!she can be gorgeous even in a sack or a trash bag!

  • Rebecca

    @peggy !!!!!!!!!!!! thetis: good job

  • yets

    i love her!!!

  • Sabrina

    LOL ! Really, LOL ! No one said she should learn french ! People said she should try to speak it with the help of the app !!! Like when you use a dictionary or a touristic guide when you’re abroad.

    Dear you, I said I actually didn’t know the existence of that app, if you read well. My wrong, I thought that app says it to show you how to say it to help for the pronunciation. But anyway, it’s worst. Languages are beautiful, and if for sure we can’t learn every languages, I think we should at least try. For an english speaker, french isn’t that difficult to pronounce. Not like chinese for example.

    You know what people ? That is not us who made it a big story. That’s you. I LOVE Vanessa Hudgens. I love her, I will go to see her when she’ll came to Paris soon. But being a fan of her does not mean I have to agree anything she does. Get out of your mind this stuff : a star isn’t perfect. She’s not a goddess who does everything perfectly guys. Like no one does in the entire world, cause we are human beings, not Gods. Anytime someone criticized a star, then it is like the end of the world. Come on, people, just because we said we think it’s a silly way to use the app ? So today, we can’t say our opinions without being attacked ?! Please, you make me laugh.

  • Sabrina

    we should at least try to SPEAK IT when we’re abroad, NOT LEARN it. ***

  • boji

    Yeah, right. It is so easy to judge others. Try speaking French yourself esp. When you haven’t learnt the language and see how you turn out. Easier said than done.

  • roes

    You said that he always opens a car door for her

    But with other paparazzi’s photos, I found out that he doesn’t opens a car door for her any more.

    It would be better for her to meet someone fit for her

    Trust me! He just uses her as a tool to make himself popular. He is very selfish and trashy just scroll through the news to the Austin butler article. If the link works..

  • maria

    @roes: Please with the fake concern. You don’t give a damn about her. There are no pictures that support your argument. The ex never opened a door for her and that was ok for 5 years? So that makes the ex selfish and trashy by your standards. Give us a break. That article clearly says how uncomfortable Austin is with all this attention from the paps. He has not had to deal with it for years like Vanessa has. But notice, he will continue to live normally, and wants to be able to hold his GF’s hand, like normal couples do. I like what he had to say. He has the same outlook on that, as V does. Obviously, the ex did not. He wants to run and hide, and let others dictate his life. That is NOT what V is all about.

  • roes

    @maria: Wait. Austin is talking about Vanessa? I thought he said he is a private person though

    Austin Butler Dishes On Dating Vanessa Hudgens.” WTF. He just said he is a private person, but ‘dishes’ on dating V. o.O

    I wonder if Austin realizes that he only got an interview as “Vanessa’s boyfriend” considering the whole interview was about her

    Oh Austin, so excited to say you were in a private hotel. Since Vanessa paid for your bathing suit did she also pay for the whole vacation??

    hahaha the interview was all about Vanessa haha ​​can not stop laughing Austin you’re a fame whore!! get over yourself

  • maria

    @roes: You have serious problems. Is there a law that says you can’t date someone if they make more money? You assume a lot about him. Maybe, just maybe, this works better for Vanessa, who was with an ex who cared far too much about his image, and spent his life being told what to do. She needed a guy who will live, enjoy, and do what he wants. Maybe that’s why she is dating him. She bought him one lunch and one pair of swim trunks that we know of, and went along on a paid appearance with her for New Year’s. I don’t see what you’re complaining about. And whatever you think, she doesn’t care, and is old enough to make her own decisions.

  • Joochi

    Wow gee, Vanessa is being bashed for being honest and not like being fake and sounding like she knows everything. I see nothing wrong with what she said, she is using tools that help her in a foreign
    place and she’s using it wisely and not hurting anyone. I happen too like Vanessa because she says it like it is and you can take it or leave it, which some of you are having a hard time of leaving it. She meant no harm and is not covering up anything trying to make herself look good. Read and move on, no need to comment if you don’t understand.