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Blue Ivy Carter: First Pictures!

Blue Ivy Carter: First Pictures!

Beyonce and Jay-Z show off their newborn baby girl Blue Ivy on their brand new Tumblr page dedicated to their daughter.

“We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives – The Carter Family,” the 30-year-old singer and the 42-year-old rapper wrote on the page.

Blue was born naturally on Saturday (January 7) in New York.

Beyonce showed off her post-baby body earlier this week with two appearances in New York City.

FYI: Blue is using her aden + anais muslin swaddle!

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227 Responses to “Blue Ivy Carter: First Pictures!”

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  1. 151
    Cristine Says:

    She looks like her mommy and hopefully she’ll have the talent from both :)

    BTW “on their brand new Tumblr”, not “there”…

  2. 152
    Libra92 Says:

    How could you possibly say that ain’t their baby? lol She’s beautiful & resembles Miss Tina. Some of you couldn’t wait to to be ignorant, your not forced to come here. What I REALLY want to know is why do ya’ll come here if you don’t care for Beyonce or Jay-Z?? It takes evil in your heart to talk about an innocent baby..

    Congrats to Jay & B, Blue is beautiful!! And that’s why the haters are going so hard lol!!

  3. 153
    Libra92 Says:

    you sound really sad lol! Beyonce performed while she was pregnant and was fit just b/c she wasn’t sitting around eating and getting fat doesn’t mean she wasn’t pregnant.

    The baby is here and almost looks like a Beyonce clone and ppl are still talking ****?? I know some of ya’ll didn’t want the baby to be pretty with light skin & beautiful hair but guess what she is…get over it!!

  4. 154
    loly Says:

    why are u saying she gave birth via C-section when it was natural? Anyway, Blue is cute, she kinda looks like jay to me.

  5. 155
    neenerneener Says:

    the baby looks old?

  6. 156
    confusedcommenter Says:

    why does the baby look like it’s already 3 years old? very confusing.

  7. 157
    Kayla Says:

    Omg this is a doll …..she had a doll made …this is not her babe lol

  8. 158
    Leonara Says:


    Surrogacy sometimes means they used the egg & sperm of the Carter couple and inseminated them in the birth mother’s womb.

    So the baby has the genes of Beyonce and Jay-Z and that’s why
    the baby can have their looks.

  9. 159
    Tiana Says:

    Wow.. Straight hair?

  10. 160
    arienne Says:

    strong creole genes: fair skin, straight hair!

  11. 161

    Hmm, Beyonce announced her pregnancy at the Mtv awards show and the weekend of the 2012 Grammys she releases pictures of this baby. I heard people magazine was offering them 350,000 for the first picks and they were not going to get paid like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony but they were never going to do People anyways because you have to give a interview and the lies would eventually come out. Beyonce may be a good singer but she is dumber than a box of rocks. She told on herself when she did the Piers Morgan Interview when discussing her due date. She said February was the due date but the baby came in January. If you are really pregnant, you know when your baby is due. Beyonce is one of the most attention seeking people and would have loved to be on the cover of People Magazine. They would have to answer questions about when she first learned she was pregnant, why her stomach folded and looked phoney when she gave that interview a few months back, what happened in the hospital regarding the security and why the other patients and the spouses visiting could not see their newborns because of Beyonce and Jay Z. Beyonce did not have that baby and the truth will come out. You can’t keep something like that a secret. Someone will eventually talk and for all of you people who really believe Beyonce had this baby, you will have egg on your face. You guys are like robots. You believe anything. I don’t care about her having a baby but it’s the principle of things. Why lie, just say you had female problems and you used a surrogate and keep it moving but instead, Beyonce has her hardcore fans defending this lie.

  12. 162
    vivian Says:

    WOW so bautiful….

  13. 163
    vivian Says:

    *BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  14. 164
    sunny Says:

    i dont believe none of the moms the real baby mommas arent tellin the truth she(beyonce)did not give birth to any baby! Now she is beautiful(praise god)but arent all if not most babies.Congrats Carters,all im sayin is jus tell the truth B,u love the spotlight, not even a belly was shown jus gestures.N ladies a C section i dont c it, not when u throw on a form fittin dress.Whos the trainer cindarellas fairy godmother!!

  15. 165
    LOL!! Says:

    No, you are wrong about Bey’s mother and NBey.
    Bey is NOT Creole. Hon, it dies out after a while unless you kep it going.
    I am Creole 100 % through and through on both sides. At birth, my hair was straight on top, curled up on bottom.

    By 1yrs. that hair is s it is now, bad hair. A brick head.
    That means that the hair textuxture is like that of a brick. That is a saying here, a brick head.

    Ok, White babies, if they are blond can be blond and turn darker later.
    Eyes turn later during the first year.

    I BUY and accept that.
    I like Beyonce and I so want to give her benefit of the doubt.
    The wrong pregnancy thing was so shroded in mystery.
    JEssica Simpson is prgenant. Jennifer Garner is pregnant.
    Beyonce, looked, not so pregnant and to be a well built girl, you would figure se would carry heavy. That is how it works. Jennifer Lopez, her face at the end, and Mairah Carey,s was even pregnant, LOL.

    I do not see Jazy in Beyonce’s babay. I don’t see Bey either.
    YES< some infants, newborns change looks in complexion, eye, hair color as their first year moves on. Me, I look the same from day 1.

    Bey and JazyZ's baby should look more like them as time goes by.

    Some of you are so stupid. You still believe Micheal Jackson's kids are his biological children. Get real.

  16. 166
    XYZ Says:

    BEYONCE, JAY-Z&the rest of the team would like to thank the surrogate mom. Hooray!

  17. 167
    sashafake Says:


  18. 168
    deea Says:

    she looks a lot like B ! she has her eyes and her eyebrows and her nose !So beautiful ! and it’s THEIR child! stop hating.

  19. 169
    camillus Says:

    Little ape princess looks white, beyotch cun_ did not have the baby stealling spotlght at VMA’s now Grammy weekend, Cu_t can’t keep being out of news spotlight HATE THIS HO

  20. 170
    arienne Says:

    @c: OMG you moron

  21. 171
    arienne Says:

    The baby is african-american, french and irish morons so if she’s not “black enough” maybe that’s your answer!

  22. 172
    ann Says:

    Love simplicity of those photos.
    She looks like a little Tina to me. Crazy how Solo doesn’t resemble her mother but Juelz and Blue do.

  23. 173
    tins Says:

    looks like a mini-ashanti. :) haha.. congrats Carter clan! :)


  24. 174
    Brianna Says:

    OMG she is Sooooooo Pretty and Gourgeous! she luk lik Beyonce maybe her features will grow to look like jay-z.nd CONGRATS to the cute couple

  25. 175
    lafamepoma Says:

    oohhh what a cute little babie! She’s so small and pretty, i think she’s 50/50 of Bey and Jay.

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