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Angelina Jolie: 'Lady' Premiere at Berlin Film Festival!

Angelina Jolie: 'Lady' Premiere at Berlin Film Festival!

Angelina Jolie hits the red carpet at the premiere of The Lady, held at the Astor Cinema on Sunday (February 12) during the Berlin Film Festival in Berlin, Germany.

The 36-year-old actress premiered her own movie, In the Land of Blood and Honey, on Saturday with her partner, Brad Pitt.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

The Lady tells the story of Aung San Suu Kyi as she became the core of Burma’s democracy movement as well as her relationship with her husband, writer Michael Aris.

FYI: Angie is wearing a Miguelina dress, Pucci shoes, and Robert Procop jewels.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the premiere of The Lady

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angelina jolie lady premiere berlin film festival 01
angelina jolie lady premiere berlin film festival 02
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angelina jolie lady premiere berlin film festival 05
angelina jolie lady premiere berlin film festival 06
angelina jolie lady premiere berlin film festival 07
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angelina jolie lady premiere berlin film festival 09
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Credit: Sean Gallup; Photos: Getty
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    Brad Pitt in @gucci #bafta

  • andu

    is the first time I use it all by jp fans so I hope to share tweets with you

  • Carly

    George Clooney is solo too at BAFTAs.

  • chunky pipe

    …quict sharing so much…gracias

  • gracie

    Angie looks great. love the details in the front of her dress, looks very delicate. Brad is at the BAFTAs, watching the BAFTAs and GC also flew in solo, didn’t see his gf.

  • A

    I think she has the look ( oh please … i am so tired !! ) I think these is too much for her she need rest and 5 kilos

  • new thread

    ——————- new thread —————-

  • gracie

    Pics of Brad, MS and others at the BAFTAs.

  • dawne

    Wow…………fans are brutal today. I said I didn’t like Angie’s dress and I got the thumbs like I said something great about Ticky. Can a fan not like a dress she wears.. once………geezus people, pull a relax. Unfettered admiration on that level competes with the trolls’ obsessive behaviour.

  • A

    I think she has the look( oh .. Please I am so tired ) she need a rest and get 5 kilos

  • Richard P

    Beautiful,sexy and elegant

  • CAM

    Angie is just a Great beauty. I always look at her face before the clothes. .Halley Berry use to have that same effect but her recent red carpet appearances.. a little trashy. I guess she feels insecure about getting older in HW and has to prove she still has a great body.

    I too hate that pageantry pose on the red carpet. It’s cute for the young teen girls like Halle Steinfeld, Cloe Moretz, but the older actresses look plain stupid.

  • A

    I think she has the look ( oh i am so tired ) she need a rest and 5 kilos

  • gracie
  • hopeso

    Love the lady miss Angie, love the dress, love the shoes.
    >>>>> LOVE YOU LOTS!!!

  • Pls Ignore ‘Not Pitt”

    waste of sspace, not a Brad Pitt Fan but insists on staying here wasteing its time to write insults that ppl are NOT reading.

    For The New PPL here pls do yourself a favor and just give the idiot a Red X and forget you saw its name.
    Why would some idiot spend day and night here to posts insults for the h ell of it only to be ignored?
    No it doesn’t make sense but we could give it a pass and say it ran out of it’s meds today or refused to take them. Thats its problem tho

    Enjoy your Sunday and all the lovely Brad and Angie pics and info.

    Congrats to our fav couple for giving us another great yr with nominated films and Lots of great parties shared with us . It’s been a Blast!!:)

  • anustin

    lmao @ HELLO Magz. 3 pages for porgie’s girl preparing for her oscar gown. bahahahaa.

  • anustin

    btw. my girl anjie,lookin adiorable!

  • anustin

    thanks laraD for all the tweets on A&B+6.

  • annie

    Angelina is looking so elegant in black…!!!

  • Lmao

    @dawne: You just don’t like her dress because you saw her flirting with the blonde, totally holding her hands and looking adoringly at her lmao

  • gracie

    The BAFTA Awards from popsugar. Scroll down and see Brad.


  • soi

    Love the shoes. She looks like a doll.

  • gracie

    Sorry guys, I think this is the right link, scroll down to see Brad and other stars.

  • Twitter

    @ArsenaloFKa Brad Pitt is ugly.

  • gracie
  • tish

    @ Dawne 109

    Don’t take that thumbs down to heart, you must know the majority or more are from the idiots who come in here and love to stir up a fuss
    The Ticky less Squiggy lovers.

    We all as JP Fans know you are a true blue JP Fan and absolutely YES
    You don’t have to love every dress Angie wears . Ppl can’t be that childish that if you don’t love the dress then suddenly you are not a Fan.

    Frankly i am not crazy about Angie’s dress today either but just like you it doesn’t take away the fact that i have always been a Fan of Angies and we do pride ourselves in honesty here so if certain ppl can’t handle our likes and dislikes in what Angie wears and our thoughts about it..oh well. DUH and a scr.ew you to the trolls.

    On a more pleasant note i have to say i loved that dress Angie wore yesterday ( a real fav) but did you see the freaks in here carrying on asking what she was wearing as in UGH.. or if it was drapery material lol. That told me right there they liked it too but were sick and tired of our complimentory commenst re: her gorgeous gown.

    The trolls have to feel beaten down when you think about it. They still want ole ticky girl back with Brad and Brad is swooning telling the world how much he adores his Angie. Never had to wonder what Angie thought of Brad b/c she was always clear and on the money for the past 7 yrs to make comments in her every article about how much she loved her Brad. Those two are the real deal and it’s killling the tickfans.

    Ole ticky grabbed herself a man who has a Heidi at home for the past 14 yrs . But still, Squiggy didn’t leave Heidi right away . Instead he went to bed with both of them leaving Ticky and him to LIE about having an affair.
    Ticky had no choice but to anti up $$$$$$$$$ for squiggy to finally boot Heidi to the curb. .LOL All of that and the Ticky lovers still won’t accept her little Squiggs.. Poor trolls are lossing it.. They are STILL squalking for Brad …going on 8 yrs later now.
    Veddy fcuked up Ticky lovahs.
    So they take your post’ i dislike Angies dress today and hope like helll it get to you. LOl They got nothing else going for them.

    Dawne ta h ell with confused Ticky lovahs / squiggy haters who will try anything in hopes they can get your dander up..Flcuk em..

  • Disgusting Scarecrow


  • anustin

    lolz and batman theroux got a wide run way airport on his head,while fuggyniston got a sharpy chin and a jumbo ears.

  • gracie

    GC is such a phony and he is no Brad Pitt’s friend. Look at him in my last link #126 —- how he is all over that actor and smiling at him like he is his lover, no hugging Brad this time cos he is no competition but come Oscar week he will be acting like Brad is his best buddy in the whole world.

  • “BlogBrat”

    She just gets skinnier & uglier everyday…She is and always will be a nasty woman…Nothing about her is real…Nothing about her directorial has earned her any respect…She craves respect, and she’s not getting it, because she doesn’t deserve it…Be prepared for the temper tantrums, more weight loss, and all the fake PR she will start pulling out of the woodwork to take the attention off her for not winning anything…Her & her boyfriend are so transparent…Brad didn’t get squat for his Moneyball movie…I heard it sucked…Surprised????

  • anustin

    thick face fuggy Maniston ruined a 14 yr old relation.for the sake of her itchy vaj.

  • anustin

    the mega jealous trollniston is in lovin it!sigh****

  • “BlogBrat”

    Jolie is at the lowest point in her life…She nor Brad will ever recover…They are the definintion of DONE….

  • groundcontrol

    Love this dress on Angie. Different and feminine.
    It does look like Angie and Luc have developed a friendship. Hope so. Would love to see her work with him.
    When I saw the first picture of Brad at the BAFTAs I almost swooned. And I am NOT a swooner. He was just drop dead gorgeous.

  • gracie

    Trolls are miserable and pissed cos grandma Anuston and her bought and paid for bf didn’t get presenting invitation to the award shows. She thought stealling Heidi’s man of 14yrs is an automatic invitation to these events but no one wants them there. Haha. Don’t be mad trolls, better luck to grandma next year if mr stumpy can stick around till then. One year is a long time, you never know who is waiting with bigger and better offer, so many young and beautiful gals waiting to knock off aging c-listers. Lol.

  • karen carpenter

    eat a french fry or two ang!

  • WanderSLUT

    @“BlogBrat”: Hahaha! The one who is actually done in her career is no other than Old Granny Ticky. Until now, Old Granny Ticky still begging roles from her C list friends or a not well known directors. The proof is, when Ticky was at the DGA, none of the BIG NAME DIRECTORS talked to her unlike Brad and Angie at any awards they’ve attended, big name directors, producers, organizers and legendary actors always introduced themselves to the KING and QUEEN of Hollywood. Brad and Angie always got a special treatment, always got a seat in front because they are special and for Ticky, got seated way at the back. Look whose career is done now. Poor Ticky.

  • gracie

    # 131 “BlogBrat”

    Take it easy loser, all these JP good news can’t be good for your fragile heart, you’ll end up with a heart attack if you’re not careful — life is too short. take your med before the pain becomes unbearable. Lol.

  • Not for me

    Love Angie, but don’t like this outfit or hair or makeup. But most the time she looks like a million dollars so I guess we can overlook this one.

  • Julian

    Angelina Jolie next to Veronica Ferres! She is the Girfriend of Carsten Maschmeyer! This guy ruined thousand of people and makes the German politic corrupt!

  • Eli

    Am I the only one who notice it ? Girls ….. Look at her , she is very shinny ,she is anorexic

  • tazzy

    So are you saying just because she is slim she must be anorexic? Don’t be stupid.

  • Eli

    This figure is not slim .. Its extemly slim ! She has problem with her weight and that is not stupid , that is obvious !!

  • anustin

    the fatzo moron…go rag on demi moore!ejit!!!!!never learn!

  • anustin

    lmao @ ur azz trollniston…look at ur re.tarded fuggyniston smoking on her birthday!!!! her azz lied to u, said she quit smokin!blah!

  • brangelina4evah

    WOW ANGELina is so Gorgeous as ever….the most gorgeous face in hollywood, her name speaks for itself, she’s an ANGEL :D

    love them both BRANGELINA4ever!!!

  • http://JustJared Addie

    Eli I CAN SEE IT… She looks like if she doesn’t start eating SOON ANGIE will be the next Karen Carpenter:(:(:(:(

  • tish

    Love the Angie and her man Brad. It’s been an exciting year watching them at so many different premiers.

    Brad picked up multiple noms not just for one film but for two that is an honor in itself.

    Angie blew us all away writing and directing her own firlm this year .
    A rw edgy war and love pic. PPl like Clint Eastwood actor and director the veteren of the best movies to date gave Angie kudos for making a very difficult type of movie . Angie’s movie put her on the map with a brand new title as Director to go along with her Best actress, higest paid female actress and her forever known long term Philantropist for the UN. Fans all over the world love Angie and Brad . This will be another year never to be forgotten for all of the hard work and great films the jolie Pitts put out for all to see and enjoy .
    The King and Queen of Hollywood will live on with or without a trophy
    as the most beautiful couple as well as talented always surprising us
    just when you think their work couldn’t do any better.

  • tazzy


    That is your opinion, not mine. You people are weird obsessing about Angelina’s weight all the time. Worry about your own body.