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Christian Bale & Family: Berlin Bunch

Christian Bale & Family: Berlin Bunch

Christian Bale holds hands with wife Sibi Blazic and their daughter while leaving their hotel on Tuesday (February 14) in Berlin, Germany.

The family was in town while the 38-year-old actor promoted his latest film, The Flowers of War.

The night before, Christian and Sibi hit the movie’s red carpet premiere at Berlinale Palast during the Berlin International Film Festival.

“I don’t compare any two roles at all. I leave it to you [the gathered press] to decide that,” he replied when asked about his work in both Flowers of War and the Batman action flicks.

“[I've been] involved in a franchise for some time, which I very much enjoyed” he added, “but I love to try something different. I had a fantastic time in China with my fellow filmmakers. I think I would have been envious of anyone else who had taken the role if I hadn’t, so I am happy I did it.”

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# 1

This woman always looks the same, except older

# 2

I love this guy

# 3
Ryder Trail @ 02/16/2012 at 7:08 am

She is very boring and I really don’t understand this relationship. I don’t get that “Made For Each Other” feeling about them. It’s obvious to me that Sibi became Winona Ryder’s personal assistant just to meet him and then she got to marry him as well. I heard she has got a lot of family in Beverly Hills. Sibi must have heard things when she lived around there about who knows this person or that person. She knew what she was doing becoming Winona’s personal assistant. Sibi must have known that Winona was friends with Christian Bale and I believe that Winona briefly dated him. I know Christian worked on a movie with Winona just before Sibi started to work for her. Personally some women are quite calculated when it comes to landing a husband especially if they are conceited and fake.

# 4
jaspisgirl @ 02/16/2012 at 8:10 am

well i do not agree with above ,what i see is a happy family!!!!!! they are ,,normal” and down to earth, which is refreshing in this Hollywood-world of idiots,who are whoring themselves and their own children out!!! he is doing his job she is by his side and they have a cute little kid,who is out of press!!!!!! well done and good life oh and welcome to germany!!!!!

# 5

I agree, Jaspisgirl!

# 6

I really like them as a couple. She seems nice and down to earth! Not such an arrogant ***** like Mrs Wahlberg for example ;-)

# 7

@Ryder Trail: How did you exactly made up this story ? and for how long have you been thinking about it ? You are just Hilarious, calm down girl and chill out a bit, it’s not a big deal that some family in Hollywood is actually doing pretty well

# 8

Love your response to the conspiracy theory above!!! :)

# 9
Ryder Trail @ 02/16/2012 at 10:16 am

I found an article on the internet by his personal assistant and this person was also like a friend to Christian for many years. He doesn’t work for him anymore. I didn’t make up any of it. Does that make you feel a little better? You are the one who should calm down.

Looks like we have some jealous people on the board today. This couple seems to be very happy, and I’m pretty sure they don’t give a flying flip whether or not anyone here understands their relationship.

Okay, I’ll bite. Do you remember where you saw this article? I’m curious now and would be interested in reading it!

Ryder Trail @ 02/16/2012 at 10:48 am

I don’t care for some of the things that the assistant said about Christian.
It was mean and unfair. Christian Bale has a Heart of Gold and I admire
the charities and causes he is a part of. The only reason I brought it up was to make reference to the main location of where Sibi grew up residing with her many relatives and family in her young adult life before she met Christian Bale. That would be considered fact and has nothing to do with the rude personal comments made about Christian by the former assistant. I did not like most of the article.

they look totally normal and down-to-earth

They might be a great couple, but it seems like most celeb marriages only work when one is completely subservient/beneath the other. This does not appear to be marriage of equals – he has had an interesting and varied career, and she has done what exactly? She may be quite involved in raising the daughter, but surely that child most be in school most days.

TruthseekerKaran @ 02/16/2012 at 3:42 pm

I too read the article by his former assistant. The truth is that Sibi is quite unattractive and has no fashion sense, she is calculating and insanely jealous (fans are not allowed to hug him- she hates other women and is very controlling where other females are concerned). Their relationship is known to insiders as very controlled, she is his subservient dowdy housewife / manager and Bale is her everything (aka family Bread-Winner and obsession). She has no other life outside of the invention of OSCAR WINNING CHRISTIAN BALE . And he wants his woman at his beck and call AT ALL TIMES.
This is a not a fairy tale couple!!! this is not a romantic great love story for girls to look up to. It is a couple who rarely shower or buy new clothing and could care less how they or their hideous offspring look. They are also very religious as is her Serbian Orthodox family. I suppose religion has something to do with their The-Husband-Is-King relationship. She and her family are very religious and snobby and do rely on those Beverly Hills connections. This is all true even if silly fans don’t want to see it.

Very cute family!

@TruthseekerKaran @ 02/16/2012 at 5:36 pm

Just wondering if you know them or know someone who does. I’m not doubting what you said, I’m just curious because I never really hear anything about them. Geez, I hope the not showering stuff is just a rumor. That would blow my whole image of him….ewww!!!!!

Say all you want about Christian Bale and Sibi, she’s a control freak, or a submissive wife (WTH? Can’t be more polarizing, don’t you think?), whatever!

What I see: a family who appears very normal, a wife who always supports her husband, a husband who thanked his wife in public after he won the overdue award and saying in tears “I hope you are proud of me, as I always am of you.”

Thank you, Lenje. They look like a normal, happy family to me too. I think some people simply can’t be happy for others.

I second that! What is with people’s hatred for this woman? And the speculative, half imagined stories stated as fact? You may not understand their relationship, but its not yours to understand.

Ryder Trail @ 02/17/2012 at 7:07 am

I understand what you mean but how can this woman be so controlling of his fans but also be a subservient wife? From what I have witnessed at events on video I believe that she is her own person and quite capable of taking care of herself but she wants him to do EVERYTHING so Sibi can
just bask in all of the attention even though she acts like she doesn’t want it.

@TruthseekerKaran: Wow. To attack a child and call her “hideous” (which, BTW, she is NOT) simply because you don’t like her parents? That’s beyond low. And BTW, what do you look like, TruthseekerKaran? Something tells me you’re not exactly stunning yourself, and that makes you feel more than a little insecure. Confident people don’t behave in the manner that you behave.

checkpoint charlie! They are in friedriche strasse! they are such a cute family

CoffeeBrownSexy @ 02/18/2012 at 5:56 pm

TruthseekerKaran is tellng the truth. I worked around them twice and from Karan’s descrip. she has been on the scene with them too. The whole family is nuts, her Orthodox Serbians and his English eccentrics. It is true that she has “jealously issues” and that they operate as more of a corporation promoting Bale’s career than an intimate relationship. Theirs is a marriage based on one partner’s fame and career . They are only nice when they are being watched, they are not nice people and Sibi is quite a rude snob-though she certainly doesn’t dress like it!
But as for all of TruthseekerKaran’s info-IT IS ALL TRUE. Sorry fans. Dissappointed me too.

@CoffeeBrownSexy: Well, that is disappointing to hear. I hope at least the not showering part is not true. Bad enough for someone to be rude….who needs smelly on top of that?!

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