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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Parisian Dinner Date!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Parisian Dinner Date!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson leave separately from their hotel on Saturday evening (March 3) in Paris, France.

The Twilight costars and lovebirds went out for a dinner date in the City of Lights!

Kristen‘s been spotted out and about all week, checking out Paris Fashion Week shows and enjoying the city.

She recently rocked a pair of leather pants at the Balenciaga presentation, where she met up with Salma Hayek. Kristen is the newest spokeswoman for the fashion house!

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson leaving their hotel for a dinner date…

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kstew rpatt paris dinner 01
kstew rpatt paris dinner 02
kstew rpatt paris dinner 03
kstew rpatt paris dinner 04
kstew rpatt paris dinner 05
kstew rpatt paris dinner 06
kstew rpatt paris dinner 07
kstew rpatt paris dinner 08
kstew rpatt paris dinner 09
kstew rpatt paris dinner 10
kstew rpatt paris dinner 11

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • LURN

    I really love how she so different from other actress, she doesn’t dress up for anyone!

  • emma

    Rob’s hair is growing!! ♡

  • Zyonna

    they are so unusually adorable <3

  • blue

    They’re so weird and awkward. I guess that’s endearing

  • poorrobby

    Kristen Stewart totally wears the pants in the relationship. So obvious lol.

  • Candy

    Are they still insisting on not being seen together? I mean come on. What is with the walking out seperately and all that crap? It can’t get more obvious and pathetic than that. Pattinson is in Paris for no reason, unless he is attending Fashion Week which I highly doubt. Walk out together. Be PROUD!

  • yuck

    Why is Kristen wearing the same jeans for the past 5 days. That is just plain nasty. I bet she doesn’t even change her underwear either. Ewww.

  • guest

    there are more pics of them inside the place they ate at. kristen has her arm around rob, and is rubbing his head.

  • http://AvidWacky Walker

    You look lovely, Kristen. Hope You stay Well. You,too Sir.

  • KissThis

    almost hollywood’s most annoying couple.

  • Sill

    @guest: can i have a link for the pics please

  • mel

    @yuck: there is a machine called a washing machine it washes your clothes for you . she probablyh used that

  • YOU


    How can you called that annoying?
    try compare to another celebrity couple

  • no

    She’s beautiful, but Rob is so ugly and dirty looking. ewww

  • kjo

    Why do these two always look like dirty hobos? Kristen greasy hair, dirty jeans, and sockless wearing sneakers makes me cringe. I can’t imagine how bad those two smell.

  • Angela

    Well hopefully Kristen starts wearing socks because that’s how you get foot fungi. My friend used to never wear socks when wearing sneakers and she got foot fungis and not only that, but it spread throughout her shoes. Her shoes smelled so bad. I will never understand why people think it’s ok not to wear socks when wearing sneakers. That’s just bad hygiene.

  • Lindsay

    Um, did you see the pictures of them inside the restaurant? They were all over each other.

  • Lara

    @Sill: here arethe pics of them inside :)

  • Sill

    @Lara: thank you :)

  • Lara

    @Sill: no problem :D

  • Michela

    Aaahhh I want to see Twilight again!!

  • kilish

    They didn’t leave separately, Rob only go out first and then Kristen because they only had one bodyguard … You need to see the videos … And they look happy so don’t be haters.

  • Pics

    @Sill: Go to Robstenation or rplife they have all the pics inside the restaurant so cute


    Why my boyfriend has a crush on her.. I will never understand lol

  • sweetness

    those two look like two druggies dirty and bug eyed Rob and Kristen looks high.

  • tisha

    wassup with her hair always lookin greasy and hella dirty? it seems like its only half way clean when she’s doin photoshoots. don’t even get me started on her uhhhh “so-called style” and he’s pretty much hit or miss with the way he carries himself too. *they’re perfect for eachother* <3

  • Nicole


    No there is a video there is only Kristen bodyguard and he was getting them to their car because of all the fans and paps. When they get to the restaurant they get out together and walk in together.

  • eww

    Rob is soooo ugly now!
    He lost his hottness big time in the last few years.

  • Colio

    Rob is the best. Rob haters are pathetic HP fans and Orlando fans. ::WinK::

  • Kay

    @Candy: you clearly haven’t seen the video. Kristen’s bodyguard escorted Rob and Kristen seperately from the hotel to the waiting car. Kirsten clearly gets into the car and sits next to Rob. This is clearly protocol.

  • @29

    What? No, I used to be a Rob fan, but he just isn’t attractive to me anymore. He was hot at first, but he has become uglier with each passing year. His face seems to be melting. And it seems like he let his fame go to his head, and he thinks that he doesn’t have to even try to look decent. Or clean, for that matter.
    I keep coming on to his threads hoping that he will look as good as he used to, but I’m always disappointed. His hot days are long gone.

  • Lena

    he was so beautiful before….sigh, he’s just a wreck now, weird couple…drugs?

  • R

    @@29: so true, unfortunately…:(( and me too i used to be a Rob’s fan.

  • kingkasyski

    @29 R &Lena,

    I bet you started hating on him when he started dating Kristen,understandable!Not!

  • R

    @kingkasyski: i dont hate him ,i just dont find him very atractive now ,but it is true that, like that, they are now better matched. lol

  • @34

    No, I started “hating on him” when he got ugly, sloppy and dirty looking. Right around the time that we started to see him stumbling to his car, drunk off his *ss.

  • Pia

    hating celebrities makes me so cool*

  • aquarius64

    I’m sorry you don’t go into five-star restaurants looking like a hot mess. Even if you dress casually you look presentable. If these two weren’t famous these establishments wouldn’t let them pass the door.

  • aquarius64

    I had to add this: this girl is representing a fashion house?! The white blouse is a bad choice because it highlights her split ends! Did she even iron the shirt? How does Balenciaga expect her to move their products when she looks like she doesn’t bother to take care of her appearance? I know she’s off the clock, but…damn.

  • kingkasyski

    That is what so endearing about these two,they don’t have the needs to show off to show the world they are the most sought after celebrities out there by the papz,they just go about their business by their usual self,no pretends,coz lets face it they have all the means in the world to be extravagant ,but thats what they are before all the hoopla happens and thats what they are still now after they’re super famous,i don’t see anything wrong in staying to what you really are,not unless your fake which they’re really not.

  • pia

    They’re both so laid back. A culture shift is in order for movie actors. There is no need to be “on” 24/7. Promotions of your movies on the red carpet, and DONE. No need to bring your personal lives into the picture. Candid shots are for reality stars!! Kris and Rob gets it.

    BTW, Rob haters are so yesterday. They continue to comment on his post saying the exact same thing. If only people would stop giving them attention by replying to them, the world would be a better place.

  • Laura

    lame. lame. and more lame. nobody’s

  • Love

    They had dinner with Walter Salles. The director of On the Roads. They must be discussing how well the movie is turning out. Can’t wait for cannes in May!!

  • aquarius64

    @kingkasyski: So you’re saying it’s ok to forego basic hygiene because you make a ton of money and get papped a lot? I’d like to see you roll into that restaurant as John or Jane Q. Public dressed like that, with your hair a mess and see if you get served. “Robsten” would have still been kicked out of that place if they weren’t celebs.

  • pan

    @Laura: but you know them right? And so does everyone else in the world…so they’re nobody? ….That’s funny.

  • Dany

    @aquarius64: how do you know if they haven’t showered? lol. do you live with them? it’s so funny that people say they smell bad…i guess they can smell them all the way from paris or from their computer screens. LOL. just because they look laid back. dont hate that they can pull off that look and you can’t.

    BTW – there’ a reason why Balenciaga got Kristen …and unless you are a represenative from Balenciaga…you have no right to say whether or not she is good for the brand.

  • Lilly

    Robsten = LOVE. love this couple. they’re so laid back and they don’t dress up for ANYONE. who gives a shit if they’re not “dressed up” all the time. WHO CARES. dont comment on this post then.

  • http://cathyd Cathy Duling

    How can you be sneaking out of or leaving a hotel separately when you have the same bodyguards and get in and out of same vehicle…plus there were pictures of them together inside the resturant with their entourage

  • kingkasyski

    @aquarius64:You must have lived in those backwoods area that doesn’t know that as long as you’re not naked your business is actually welcome to eat in any decent restaurant establishments as long as you’re able to pay.Gone were the days that you have to be dressed to kill to be able to dine to the decent restaurant or you have to be in your gown to play in 5 star casinos,those were long gone my friend,try to keep up!!

  • aquarius64

    @kingkasyski: no you still have to look clean and they don’t. Since you decided to take a shot at me: for you to defend their sloppy appearance it calls your own grooming habits into question. @Dany – yes I have a right to call Balanciaga’s decision into question, and I along with others who may think the same way (face it A LOT of people don’t like KS and what she stands for) can vote with their wallets. The company’s quarterly report will determine if hiring her was a good business decision. @Lilly – this is an open forum for different opinions, not a Robsten shipper site. You like these two that’s your right, but you don’t have the right to try to silence people who have an opinion that is different than yours.