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Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler is working both in front of and behind the camera for his next project.

The 42-year-old Scottish actor is set to star in the action film Olympus Has Fallen, a project he’ll also co-produce.

The movie centers “on an ex Secret Service agent who must foil a terrorist attack on the president’s residence,” according to THR.

Gerard most recently starred in Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher.

He’s also replacing Eric Bana in the diamond-heist thriller Brilliant.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Gerard Butler’s new role in Olympus Has Fallen?

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375 Responses to “Gerard Butler Developing 'Olympus Has Fallen'”

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  1. 126
    Hehham Says:

    Gerard has questionable taste in picking scripts. He could take a page from Leo Dicaprio’s book in choosing potential hit projects. I bet Leo has professional help in deciding which project to take on and seldom waste time and energy in something that doesn’t pan out.

  2. 127
    Reviews Says:

    I don’t know Clooney doesn’t do it for me – not looks wise nor personality wise.
    Nice collection of GB photos. Even when chubby, he was cute.

  3. 128
    Reviews Says:

    lol from Radar Online:

    “Attention ladies of Austin, Texas: The alpha male is headed your way! Scruffy looking Gerard Butler makes his way into LAX on March 15, 2012.”
    Radar is sure singing a new tune….what happened, no more reports on married women?

  4. 129
    Reviews Says:

    In a sea of gritty/realistic/gimmicky action movies, an over-the-top story fronted by a hardened lead is actually kind of refreshing.
    “Spec action script Olympus Has Fallen is generating plenty of heat at the moment. A few days ago, Millennium Films grabbed up the rights to Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt’s work, launching the hunt for a potential star. Call off the hounds! Gerard Butler is now signed on to take the lead.

    Olympus sounds like it could be right up Butler’s alley (at least his action side, which often yields more rewarding results than his dabbles in romantic comedy) and also a fun throwback to the days of Die Hard and Air Force One.”

  5. 130
    Jennifer Says:

    Sorry, I have no respect for those who engage in adultery. Just because he wasn’t the married one doesn’t mean he was an innocent bystander. I would never participate in an affair. He may be attractive on the outside, but his interior is just plain ugly.

  6. 131
    Reviews Says:

    “Gill, who closed down his own company The Film Department last month, was named Millennium’s president on Tuesday.

    The company said it plans to produce and finance five to eight star-driven, wide-release movies per year with budgets between $20 and $80 million.
    …………………the 2009 thriller Law Abiding Citizen, starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx, which earned $133 million at the worldwide box office…………… ”

  7. 132
    apples and oranges Says:

    Rosemary Clooney’s hey day as a singer was in the 1950′s. She had been off the charts for decades before nephew, George started working as an actor and producer. She had nothing to do with George’s success in acting. If Rosemary could create an A-list career through her magic wand then explain why her own children (who are actors) never made the A-list? They didn’t have anything close to George’s career. George was on his own. Rosemary couldn’t make George a star in the 90′s anymore than Whitney Houston could wave a magic wand make a family member of hers an award-winning film actor and director. I’m not even going to get into the absurdity of attributing George’s success to the fact his Dad was a newsman in Ohio. George has been working in HW for three decades making very smart choices along the way. That’s why he’s the top of the doggy pile. Hard work, talent, and smart choices. Gerard Butler has two out of the three. He’s talented and a hard worker. But Gerard has made some very bad choices. He has chosen an inexperienced and ineffective team, and his script choices are god-awful.

  8. 133
    Reviews Says:

    “He’s going for the possible bigger box office and more mainstream projects it seems……… He might just be going for what he’s good at and that’s the action oriented films. And like you said money may be catalyst to it as well.”
    I totally agree with your assessment. He has to face the music, as every business person has. No matter how creative he might want to be, at the end of the day it’s all about making projects the public want to see. Good business is not about projects that make the critics happy. Just making the critics happy doesn’t pay the bills, or ensure you’ll continue to get work.
    It’s like Detroit building cars that no one wants to buy; the public is not interested in driving them. Could Detroit stay in business long? No. Therefore, Detroit must build cars people want to drive. Same with making movies. Actors can’t survive on what critics call quality, but they can survive on commercial success that critics might not necessarily like. Of course, the most desirable situation is to find a project that’s both critically acclaimed and a financial jackpot. Such projects don’t come everyday, so what is he to do, wait until something with such potential falls into his lap every 5-6 years? Please, the people that criticize him need to be more realistic.
    It’s easy to sit there in the safety of your own life while you judge someone else by peering into his life as displayed through the media. We don’t know all the consideration behind his decisions, because we are not living his life with his pressures.
    I for one am very happy he has all these projects coming out. I couldn’t care less if these projects look like they would be critically acclaimed. If they do, that’s the icing on the cake. What I care about is that the public will be interested in seeing them. Lucky for Gerard, he is a big draw for audiences. I think MGP and Coriolanus lack of success was an anomaly for him, and was really more the result of poor distribution rather than lack of star power. These 4 projects, if he ends up doing all of them, seem pretty good for what they are – fun movies that can draw in the public.

  9. 134
    sxsw Says:

    He’s at a party tonight.
    Savanna VanAusdale ‏
    9:49 PM – 17 Mar 12

  10. 135
    Aha.... Says:

    @sxsw: These two girls are from NOLA…

  11. 136
    sxsw Says:

    They’re from NOLA but if you read their tweets, it looks like they went to SXSW.

  12. 137
    ....... Says:

    Weren’t there tweets a couple of weeks ago that a woman’s sister was being set up in advance as a date for him in NOLA (@ashSlay). He does make sure of his ‘comforts’ and seems to send out scouts for willing volunteers. The rehab was a scam and he is partying away. Superficially an engaging and attractive personality – I’m sorry I ever looked closer. It has been dispiriting.

  13. 138
    sxsw Says:

    Megan Parra
    Gerard butler and Owen Wilson definitely came to the wrong party because im a creepy f.uck
    10:54 PM – 17 Mar 12

  14. 139
    Scout Says:

    He ends up with terrible movies because that’s what he’s offered. He was really lucky to get Coriolanus and everybody was surprised to see him in such a film. He should have taken full advantage of that change in direction in his career. He needs to get back out there and start auditioning for roles again. The chances of that are probably slim but he needs to get himself considered for more decent roles. I’ve said it before if he can’t see what he needs to do to turn his career around he needs a manager who can. DUMP him Gerry like you do all your women! Isn’t it ironic how loyal and committed Gerry is to that relationship.

  15. 140
    bystander Says:

    @Scout: perhaps because Alan is the only one who can handle his extra curriculars and PR gaffes?

    I agree he needs to change direction professionally, perhaps after s couple of cash cow action flicks. Audition, or stage work, to consolidate and show some of that potential again, then maybe better roles will cross his desk. I’d imagine last years acting chops flops stung him so maybe he will just settle for making a living as a b rate action star, like statham or stallone. Or make more cgi rubbish, although I expect that bubble will burst soon enough. The artist showed that acting is more admired than stunts or effects.

  16. 141
    Occam's Razor Says:

    I think the three back to back action movies are just to recoup the losses of Machine Gun Preacher. Action movies are practically guaranteed money in the box office – and providing that they can keep the operation costs down and retain some of the profits for future works, Gerard and Alan should be able to choose another “vanity” piece following them. Plus having a potential three back to back successes in the theatres will make it easier for them to find financial backers in the future. It’s a calculated move – not silly at all, really. That is, unless he follows it with three romantic-comedies…

  17. 142
    Kim Says:

    No I disagree. He needs movies that make money. He had a good track record until MGP, just because he got twp that didn’t do well in the box office doesn’t mean he needs to audition again. LOL! Some of you are totally over reacting.
    I am with Reviews. it’s not about the serious roles that the critics might consider great; it’s about bringing the good in the box office. It’s about making movies people would pay to see. People like action movies, period. All 4 of these stories are action dramas. I think he is great in action films.

  18. 143
    beeny girl Says:

    looking at boxofficemojo for the years release schedule, it seems that OMAM is booked for mid october (sport drama), and PTF (RomCom) is apparently scheduled for Christmas Day 2012! Even more optimistically, Hunter Killer (Submarine drama) is scheduled for early December release! (LOL)

  19. 144
    beeny girl Says:

    further to the release news; The leprachaun thing seems to have disappeared altogether (it was called movie 43) but, unless it has been renamed, I cannot find it on anyone’s release schedule.

  20. 145
    Kim Says:

    these are the women but i don’t think it’s one of the girls above


  21. 146
    Kim Says:

    and this is the other one!/megciccarone

  22. 147
    well ... Says:

    @Occam’s Razor:
    “Action movies are practically guaranteed money in the box office”
    Unless, of course, that film is “Gamer”.
    I don’t think anything is guaranteed to make money.
    LAC was a modest success, and Bounty Hunter made him a laughing stock. Didn’t he get his first Razzie nom for that? I think Gerry’s career is on shaky ground and there are no guarantees for him anymore.
    He would be better off being associated with more substantive projects and try to re-build his career from there.

  23. 148
    Occam's Razor Says:

    @well …:
    Agreed about Bounty Hunter, but that was hardly an action movie. It was a lot of fluff with a little running around and a lot of hair flicking (sorry, acting) from Jennifer Aniston. That’s all. Definitely not action.

    Even though Gamer wasn’t that great, it still covered its budget plus some $5 million in the theatres, not including DVD sales and rentals. If a movie makes money, you can call it a success – even if the movie wasn’t generally considered a good movie. Action movies, historically, have always drawn good numbers in the theatres. If the budget of the film can be made back via ticket sales only, and then some, then there’s likely to be some money left to, 1: cover the losses of MGP, and 2: potentially fund a new “vanity” or free-choice film. I think that there are enough men (sorry, and women) in the world who enjoy his action movies to make this possible. I agree that this isn’t going to challenge him and make him grow as an actor, but it does make financial sense. That’s all I was trying to point out.

  24. 149
    no rewrites please Says:

    The writers are being highly praised for this script (read the comment section). Let’s fervently hope Butler keeps his ego in check and keeps his paws off the script.

  25. 150
    Rebecca Says:

    Some of you need to quit comparing George Clooney’s career to Gerry’s! Clooney’s career exploded because he was a heartthrob on that medical TV show and he was a pretty good actor. He’s royalty because he’s very handsome, etc. – HW loves him, just like Brad Pitt. So, Clooney and Pitt get all the great scripts – anything they want. I truly believe Gerry has to fight for scripts and attention. I still think he is absolutely gorgeous and a terrific actor. Could you see Pitt or Clooney being in POTO?? No – and Gerry was great in it. Many of you go on and on about his choice of scripts, but you have no idea what goes on behind the closed doors of HW wheeling and dealing. Face it, there just aren’t that many good scripts out there and Pitt and Clooney get the cream of the crop. I also think Gerry has had bad luck with certain movies. Dear Frankie – should have gotten better distribution, etc. His last two got horrible distribution and he got great reviews for his acting. POTO (movie) should have been recognized critically because it was fabulous but the critics have never loved or appreciated the stage play of it.

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