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Trainer Explains Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Transformation

Trainer Explains Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Transformation

Jennifer Lawrence arrives at the Ed Sullivan Theater to tape an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday (March 20) in NYC.

The 21-year-old Hunger Games star arrived in Raoul‘s diamond dress with Jimmy Choo heels and later left wearing a Prabal Gurung dress.

“[Jennifer] had a genuine excitement about [Katniss] and the role, and her opportunity to do this. I don’t think she ever saw this as stressful or hard work, she did everything she was asked to do, and never complained,” strength and conditioning coach, Joe Horrigan, told MTV News.

Their training sessions included a combination of agility drills, sprint work, running, time on the stationary bike, and lots of archery practice.

“Everything just came together and we all felt that over a period of time she became Katniss,” he added.

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Credit: Joseph Marzullo; Photos: WENN
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  • John

    What transformation? Dying you hair? She didnt even lose any wieght

  • GossipGirl

    They only reason she get picked over the other actresses was because she has an oscar nomination and a lot of hype. Im not saying she isnt talented. She just doesnt fit the role, not personality wise or looks wise

  • Alia san

    nice nice very nice
    and no she looks good
    there is no need to lose any wieght

  • Sabrina

    She’s amazing actress, that’s why at the end, the fact that she doesn’t really look like Katniss doesn’t annoy me a lot.
    And I am sure that movie will be FANTASTIC.
    But yeah, we have to admit that she doesn’t fit Katniss. Particularly, and maybe just, because she wasn’t skinny enough. Not that I think she’s fat or something, no Jennifer is beautiful as she is – and certainly not fat. But Katniss is skinny. Katniss doesn’t have a lot to eat. And that is a problem.

  • John

    That is exactly what I meant. Katniss is always described as a starving girl. Rooney mara lost 25 lbs to play Lisbeth and Christian Bale lost like 80lbs. She needs to get over herself. I mean she looks great in real life but not in the Hunger Games.

  • Sprout

    She cleans up really well!

  • Sabrina

    @John: I completely agree with you. She should have lost some weight to perfectly fit the role.

  • Yee

    Guys, didn’t you read the books? Katniss is NOT SUPPOSED to look like she’s starving!! Because of her hunting skills she’s skinny, but not that skinny! She had enough to eat unlike the kids from the Seam. Same goes for Gale. Don’t be ridiculous.
    When she’s leaving the arena in the end she’s looking death skinny, I agree on that. But by the way, even if they wanted to go there in the film, there’s still technic that can do this for you. No need for an actress to live unhealthy. Kristen Stewart looked very unhealthy in the last Twilight film and I doubt she lost the weight in reality.
    I cannot believe that some people expect a young girl to risk her health like that.

  • Lola

    Oh shut up. YOU havent read the books. She is very thin to almost starving looking they are right. And yes, if she wants to be a serious actress she is going to have to gain and lose weight willingly. it isnt a health risk to drop 20 lbs. Which she should have to fit the role. Just like Josh gained 20 lbs in 3 weeks, that wasn’t healthy but he had to do it to fit the role.

  • Manoush

    Really nice body!! And good sartorial choices..

  • Sabrina


    Of course Kristen didn’t lose weight, she’s already super skinny -_- !!!
    But I’m sorry, if you did read the book, you should know that she IS skinny, or at least, is not like Jennifer is.
    It is for the role. Many actors lose or gain weight when they need to for a role. That’s part of their job. They have to fit. When I see Jennifer in the movie trailers, I see a beautiful and healthier girl, that’s certain. But I don’t see Katniss’ body ! Hunting wasn’t enough, go read the books again.

  • mel

    @Sabrina: I agree with you. I love Jennifer andI think she’s the coolest personality wise actress in young hollywood but the idea that the goverment creates the games and starves the citizens as opression doesn’t translate on the triler or in the movie. They just foed in all the action d not so much on the political background.

  • woot

    She’s ridiculously gorgeous! Love her!

  • Halle

    All of you who complained about how she didn’t loose weight need to get your fact straight. She DID loose weight for her role, she stated that in her interviews. Plus based on all the pictures and clips from the movie so far, she looks thin enough. Katniss didnt have enough to eat until she was 12, that was when she learned how to to hunt and her family never starved then. Also in the book Katniss says she put on a few pounds for the games by eating a lot in the Capitol. Jennifer looks perfectly in shape for me. She is passion about the book, the movie and her character. I’m glad she was chosen to be the one.

  • jodie

    Critics are calling her the “movie star of pop culture phenomenon” She is as Hollywood Reporter put it, “the most respected actress of her generation” and so very talented! Glad to see young actresses today are still classy and amazing.

  • JL’s body

    “Lawrence has a small waist (because strength comes from your core) and a full ass (because our girl can run like a champion). She has strong athletic arms that can let go of arrows…and accurately. (Have you ever tried archery? Kate f-cking Bosworth isn’t doing archery any time soon, put it that way.) She has legs that can climb. She has a face full of youth, the kind of natural roundness in her cheeks that Ashley Judd tried to recreate with a sinus infection. Katniss’s is not the kind of body you see at the movies anymore, and certainly not in your garden variety lead actress. This Katniss is not a wisp of a girl. She can actually win the games by endurance AND intelligence. Let that be the Katniss that your children worship.”

  • ridiculous

    Jennifer Lawrence has an athletic body. Her thighs, butt, arms, and even her calves are all muscle. In Hunger Games, Katniss hunts, throws arrows, RUNS, of course she’s going to develop muscles. How can you expect a toothpick looking actress to play Katniss perfectly if she doesn’t have the strength or energy to play her properly? Ridiculous. Kristen Stewart never lost weight in Breaking Dawn. They had CGI make her look like she lost weight.

  • Yee

    Thank you very much, Lola & Sabrina, I read the books 3 times. At one point it is clearly mentioned, that she’s not that skinny like the kids from the Seam. And like I said, after the arena she’s supposed to look unhealthy skinny, because she starved there. So did you two saw the film already or why is it that you know how they made her look after the arena?
    And Sabrina, don’t know if you saw the latest Twilight film, but Kristen looks there like she’s dying in the next second and I assume it was made by computer and not by loosing weight, which is in my opinion totally fine.

  • jo

    Would you rather have untalented overrated actresses like Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart play Katniss or Jennfier Lawrence who is getting seriously amazing awe worthy reviews? Even from fans on twitter who’ve seen the film. Think about it.

  • SH

    Why do people make such a big deal over her body? If THAT is fat then I wish I was that fat. I would die to have her body anyday.

  • blue

    I really love her. She’s such a simple and sweet girl. Look at the way she’s with her fans and with anyone for that matter. She’s classy and we totally need more actresses like her. She’s beautiful and love the way she’s dressed! I think she does Katniss justice so whatever.

  • kami

    she’s a beautiful young woman and seems very grounded. i hope she keep her head on straight with all the media frenzy that’s going to hit once the movie comes out.

  • jenfan

    first off…she looks gorg..cant wait to see the movie..she is an incredible actress..and has a killer body and her :)

  • Carla

    I’m seeing the film tonight and I’m so freaking excited. From the clips and trailers that have been released I think Jen is perfect. Cannot contain my excitement!!!!!

  • Sabrina

    @Yee: Yes I saw the movie ( Twilight). Maybe by computer, a lot of make up too, for Kristen.

    Anyway, we’re not going to fight for so little, I am glad it is a great actress like Jennifer who played Katniss – even if I still personally think she wasn’t thin enough ^^
    I prefer her than a skinny actress with a bad acting game. Plus, I really LOVE Jennifer – wonderful in winter’sbones.

    Let’s enjoy the movie right now !

  • Yee

    Yeah, agree on that! So excited for the film! ;-)

  • Sage


    Your personality doesn’t have to be the same as your character’s, that is such a dumb thing to say.

  • hello


    but she also hunts, runs, and trains. that requires a lot of muscle. she looked absolutely fine in the movie. she didn’t need to lose any weight.