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Blake Lively: 'Savages' Trailer with Salma Hayek!

Blake Lively: 'Savages' Trailer with Salma Hayek!

Check out the trailer for the Oliver Stone-directed Savages, which is based on the Don Winslow novel.

Savages stars Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, Salma Hayek, Emile Hirsch, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Benecio Del Toro.

Savages, which opens July 6, tells the story of pot growers Ben (Johnson) and Chon (Kitsch), who face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnap their shared girlfriend (Lively).

‘Savages’ Trailer
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    omfg Blake Lively is so talented

  • Mariona

    Thank god, just a summer movie. Nothing out of this world.

  • Wes

    Now this looks awesome!

  • konrad

    The book is spectacular! One of the best I´ve ever read so I´m pretty excited to see the movie…

  • ha ha

    Another horrible year in movies, thankfully The Dark Night Rises coming out, everything else is cr/ap! Blake can only act like a gossip girl

  • ynop

    This actually looks REALLY good! Surprise, surprise!

  • yuck

    Blake Lively = cr*p as usual. Another movie ruined by this sour face talentless `actress`. NAY!

  • MaisyRL

    it looks good. like others said, nothing amazing. i don’t expect much from Oliver Stone after the horrific Alexander the Great. Lively only excels in these types of roles. i am looking forward to Kitsch, Hirsch, and Del Toro.

  • frisbee

    How is this movie new? I’ve seen it all before. Where’s the supposed edginess? I’ve read that studio execs want to build hype around Blake in this, but I’m honestly not seeing it. She just seems so… replacable. Is she going full nudity? Would watching Gossip Girl change my opinion of her acting?
    Aaron Johnson though? I’m starting to dig that.

  • hottiepatrol

    Blake has awesome tits

  • Dasha

    We have talented actors like Salma, John and Benicio with a great director like Oliver Stone and…..Blake Lively???? WTF!!!!

  • Cleo

    Eeep so excited to see everyone in this!!!

  • Zileuton

    MANNN!!! BLAKE REALLY???? TAYLOR AND AARON LOOK HOTTT THOUGH!!! AND the movie DOESN’T look crap, it’s obviously looking good minus blake!:)

  • Chace

    The book was great Cleo hope the movie comes through.
    Lol at the typical prof Blake haters like MaisyRL who cant stop coming to her posts to have their rants and bitches.

  • @9

    LOL frisbee. I guess you were not joking about stalking Blake posts. Be aware she has as many craaaazy haters under different names like Miranda so expect more of the same

  • fgg

    This is the ONLY type of role Blake Lively can play!???? Some actress she is.

  • frisbee

    @@9: One post is considered ‘stalking’? Clearly you’ve never been to a Kate Bosworth thread.

  • @frisbee

    Oh I did not mean it as a diss. Its just I remembered you from the earlier thread and YOU actually used the word stalking then.
    But my remark was actually meant to be humourous.

  • K

    I can’t wait for this! Yummy Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson sex scenes have me on board!! ;)

  • frisbee

    @@frisbee: I know, I remember, but I mean come on! I can do better than one post – if Blake is the Blake we all think she is, there’s going to be truckloads of posts by the time this movie is all dry.
    On the other hand, maybe she’s actually a homebody ready to settle down with her hard earned man? And will not be seen on gossip sites again or at least rarely? I’m honestly waiting to find out (and display some proper thread stalking skills).

  • tellmeh

    2 men fight and risk their lives over a SLUT….ummm ok.

  • tellmeh

    2 men fight and risk their lives over a slluttttttt….ummm ok.

  • Jessica

    Where the hell was Emile in the trailer?!

  • Jazz


    There are at least two graphic one-on-one sex scenes and one intense drug-fueled threesome so she probably does go full frontal

  • ha ha

    it’ll only be good if they never find Blake or she gets whacked (in the movie of course….)

  • Jazz


    His role is really small, unfortunately.

    And I don’t know why people are downgrading my comment about the 2 sex scenes and the threesome. It’s part of the book, and you can see snippets of all three of them in the trailer. I didn’t make the movie; don’t shoot the messenger!

  • LMAO

    @ha ha: The best comment! So true! If she gets lost in the first 2 minutes and never found… maybe some people will go and watch it!

  • mel

    I want to see this to support Taylor but I’m ready to risk Taylor if that means Blake will flop and so go away

  • Regina George

    Did you guys know that Jennifer Lawrence was originally suppossed to play B.Livelys character but dropped out because of HG?
    Anyways.. I love Aaron and Taylor. So If it gets good reviews I will watch because of them

  • Des

    Big deal if Blake goes full frontal. Everyone’s already seen her nude “leaked” photos. She’s got an awesome PR team … and J and Lainey is jizzing all over her. Hope Aaron and Taylor gets the same recognition. Sure they deserve it too.

  • Dave Franco

    Yes. The book is fantastic. But I just don’t see this doing well… Salma & BDT will have to be good in this.

  • No Way

    I hate to join on the Blake sucks bandwagon but, I was not impressed at all. She a beauty but I don’t think she was right for this part. However, I shall save my reservations until I see the movie. *sigh*

  • Wading

    @No Way:
    A change of thinking to save us from the relentless Leighton stans
    The book IS great and thats why I’ll be seeing it. I’m too old to fangirl or bitch/cuuss anyone.


    Thanks FOR JARED FOR POINTING OUT THE TRUE STAR OF THE MOVIE – BLAKE LIVELY , she is a blessed creature with talent that flows from her toes and up her long legs….she is force to be reckoned with in Hollywood

  • LOL

    Blake always has her mouth open as the porn star that she is… probably that it’s how she got the role.


    HATERS GONNA HATE! If you don’t like Blake Lively, DON’T talk about her!
    I’m so proud of her!(:

  • sweetness

    I want to see this. it looks hard core solid.

  • Gilmore

    Eh, I don’t like Blake Lively very much, but I can’t deny the trailer is pretty good for what it’s worth. Plus the release date got pushed up, so something about this film must be good if they have that much confidence in it.

  • Micky

    I am really looking forward to this film. Oliver Stone always directs interesting films and the cast is absolutely outstanding. I would pay to see it just for Benicio who really doesn’t do enough projects!

  • j

    taylor and aaron johnson are SMOKING mmm

  • Natasha Stasyi

    Salma resembles mummy or/and lady gaga.

  • Really

    @Natasha Stasyi:
    LOL. I think she kinda looks like Katy Perry

  • skeptic

    I worked on the film and Ive read the script. It’s a much better movie than this trailer would lead you to believe. More edgy, more black humor. Of course a lot can change in the editing but from what I’ve seen, this could put Oliver back on top. Just wish the trailer started a bit more humorous/edgy and it didn’t look so much like every other teen thriller. But since the same people cut all the trailers, they make all movies look the same. Give this one a chance. From what I saw in dailies, this could be another Platoon or Wall Street!

  • skeptic

    sorry, no (female( nudity in this film

  • colette

    taylor and blake in the same movie = flop

  • Irena

    It got moved from September to July because early viewers said it was really good and that Blake Lively did well.

  • kaca95


  • Yui

    I’m sorry but Blake Lively can’t act. She’s pretty, but that’s it. Her voice over was the cheesiest thing I’ve heard in a while, she’s missing the point.

  • frisbee

    @Irena: Actually, pulling a movie from September, the ‘serious’ movie month, to July, the ‘fun’ movie month could be interpreted in a different way. As in, it’s not good enough to be artsy but might manage as a summer alternative to the superhero mania.
    As for early viewers – I am yet to hear of a studio movie that hasn’t been well-received early on.

  • jenn

    I think Emile Hirsch, Aaron Johnson, and Benicio were great casts but Blake and Taylor together…, you can only go so far. I guess i’ll give it a chance but whenever I watch her I know she’s acting and it drives me crazy. I think Taylor is very attractive but he kind of suffers from Channing Tatum syndrome.