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Nicole Kidman & Clive Owen Cover 'W' May 2012

Nicole Kidman & Clive Owen Cover 'W' May 2012

Nicole Kidman strikes a pose in Prada with Clive Owen on the cover of W‘s May issue, on newsstands April 24.

Here’s what the Hemingway & Gellhorn co-stars had to share with the mag:

Nicole, on what attracted her to the HBO project: “I knew nothing about Martha [Gellhorn], but I’ve always been drawn to unique women who are willing to take on the world. The exciting thing about this film is that you see her discovering her nature. At the beginning, she’s a lot of talk. She knows that she’s either got to get her hands dirty and become what she pretends to be or she’s a fraud. In the end, Gellhorn out-Hemingways Hemingway.”

Clive, on sex scenes vs. scenes where he dies: “It’s much harder to do a death scene. You’ve got to do it convincingly, and it’s a huge thing to die [laughs]. Sex scenes are only hard if there’s no narrative conveyed through the sex scene. In the Hemingway film, the sex scenes have a story going through them. It’s part of who these people are and what they are.”

Nicole, on husband Keith Urban‘s throat surgery: “All of those things make you closer. It was sort of profound: to go without his voice, and then to finally hear his voice. What if he sounded different? I was there for his first words, and then we cried. How many people experience their husband’s first words? If that doesn’t bring you closer, you’re not breathing.”

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Credit: Emma Summerton; Photos: W Magazine
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  • kary

    Aww beautiful , stunning as always :D

  • شات حلا

    Thank you for your wonderful entry was veryqwd

  • Moh123

    soooooooo classy

  • Stacie

    Oh, Clive !!! He’s just the Perfect man . He’s the kind of guy you marry and live a long happy life with . Love him .

  • andres

    omg…. nicole looks amazing….¡¡¡¡

  • Itty

    The miracles photoshopping can perform.

  • Minny

    Nicole look is AMAZING!!! she’s so beautiful *___*

  • http://@xdance_again ella

    nicole is a really classy woman and that is why i love her. The things she said about Keith Urban‘s throat surgery are so sweet!

  • panda

    it brings back the look of old hollywood; elegant and classy.

  • tsquared

    It never ceases to amaze me how stunningly beautiful Nicole is–inside and out.

  • Gossipgirl

    Behold! The power of photoshop!

  • John

    Everything is false. Like a puppet show. Creepy.

  • sam

    and the photoshop award goes to……its almost funny

  • John

    She’s simply stunning! No other like her in Hollywood

  • cindy

    Trying hard to copy cat old hollywood glamour aka Charlize Theron cover of ELLE, W and Vogue and Angelina Jolie on W.

  • rm

    That wig is ridiclous LMAO!!! Poor old botoxed wax granny so fake, the lips LOOOOL

  • GetAlife

    @cindy: Go and F.uck Angelina jolie

  • Little MY

    Oh my god she’ stunning, love the old hollywood glamour going on for her.

  • Roger

    Stunning photoshoot.
    The Kidman haters are so pathetic, it’s funny. You can feel the desperation in their comments. They sound like jealous teenage girls (OMG she’s photoshopped! OMG she’s ugly!).
    They have been trying so hard and for years to convince themselves that Nicole Kidman’s career is over and look at her : 44 years-old, still gorgeous, happily married, Oscar winner, nominated for the Oscar just last year for a movie she produced (‘Rabbit Hole’), a movie for HBO which could get her her first Emmy nomination and next two movies that will probably be selected at the Cannes Film Festival (‘The Paperboy’ and ‘Stoker’).
    That’s far too much for the haters…Now the only things they can resort to are attacks on her physical appearance and name calling…Low, low, low…

  • Minny


    ahahah, you have damn right! Angelina made 4/5 good movie in her career, and her future progect are disaster. Nicole ruuuuulez ;)

    Ps: Obvius, she is photoshopped, like every star in a magazine cover.

  • Ozzie


    Listen here “Roger”, this is about THIS THREAD, and comments about THIS THREAD, not comments about Nicole’s entire career!!!! GET IT???

    People have EVERY RIGHT to makes comments about the photographs on THIS THREAD; without having the likes of you ALWAYS attacking commenters as “HATERS” …. that is getting REALLY BORING NOW!!! Really old!

    Try and understand that everyone has a right to their opinion! I also happen to think that, even though NK has her moments, in film, and in stills, these pictures are a FAIL! Be it the styling, the excessive photoshopping, the non-believable wigs, the lack of chemistry here between Owen and Kidman, the trying too hard by the stylist and photographers, whatever, … they just don’t come off.
    End of story. I am not a “hater”, just someone with a set of eyes to see. And a right to submit a personal opinion upon this set of pictures. Even if YOU don’t approve.

  • Louise

    I specifically signed on for HBO just to see this mini-series. Nicole Kidman will be fantastic. Yes, she is truly beautiful — inside and out. The love she and Keith Urban have for one another just simply melts my heart. For all of the Nicole haters, there are many, many more Nicole lovers!! :)

  • Ozzie

    Having said that (comment #21), I do like the cover of the mag; the colour styling is sublime, the dress is to die for and Nicole’s eyes look amazing … tho’, if I didn’t see the name of the star, I would have thought it was Heather Locklear; I would not recognise Kidman here. Good acting chops, I guess. Or good PS’ing.

  • KellyInNash

    Wow! Nicole looks gorgeous! Her eyes are so beautiful in this shot. Clive has a real James Bond thing going on. Can’t wait to see this. I’m lucky I will be seeing Nicole at the Nashville Film Festival this year. She seems like a really sweet lady.
    There’s always gonna be haters but they’re not worth any time. When an opinion is always the same, no matter how beautiful a picture, it’s no longer valid. It’s just hate triggered by jealousy.

  • Dieter

    Best ass ever in mankin history !!!

  • TooSkinny

    where is nicole kidman? i can’t find her! she looks not like herself in these pics…really. nevermind, this shoot is really great and clive looks so handsome <3

  • Stella

    STUNNING photo! It’s no wonder Keith Urban is madly in love with this woman! Clive’s not too shabby either. Love love love her and this project sounds awesome.

  • Matilda

    I read more on yahoo. She said something really unclassy about making sure the amount of sex scenes were needed and not just to get him off. Meaning the producer or director? Either way, I was shocked at that trashy comment.

  • Matilda

    Vote my comment down? Really? Did you see her comment? Do you think it was classy? Be honest.

  • Shelby

    I went to yahoo to read it. I was surprised at that get off remark too. Ladies don’t talk like that.

  • Karen

    @KellyInNash: He was actually considered or the role of James bond before Daniel Craig got chosen. He should be next. I love him. Great handsome actor.

  • Shelby

    Interesting why justjared left that comment out. Sorry nic. You said it. It’s out there.

  • Shelby


  • Not buying it in Minnesota

    “get off” is offensive to the kinksters at E? LMFAO!

    The success of these two and the beautiful girls made from this union are just too hard to accept I guess.

  • Me3

    Due to some of the sexually-charged scenes in her films, Kidman’s family doesn’t get to see everything she does. Her mother Janelle, who she describes as “tough on me,” is a fan of “The Hours,” for which Kidman won an Academy Award, and the musical “Moulin Rouge,” but she was not a fan of “Fur,” the 2006 biopic about “photographer of freaks” Diane Arbus. In it, Kidman actually shaves Robert Downey Jr.’s character, a man who suffers from hypertrichosis and is covered head to toe in hair — and then has sex with him. “I am the only person who has ever gotten to shave Robert Downey Jr. naked. Nobody else can say that — not even his wife!”

    Now THAT is an obnoxious thing to say nic.

  • Me3

    Gellhorn and Hemingway spend as much time together intimately as they do fighting, hence the fireworks they created in bed, which Kidman and Davis recaptured for the movie. “I kept asking Phil Kaufman, the director, ‘Is all this sex important for the story?’” she says. “I wanted to make sure he wasn’t just getting off. But these were two people who could make love when a building was falling down around them. They had passion.”

    Did she really say that? Wow nic. Not nice.

  • Me3

    Oh, I don’t visit e and am not a hater, but I call them as I see them. I don’t wear rose colored glasses. She is beautiful, but far from classy.

  • lisab

    I love Nicole Kidman! She is such an inspiration to women. She always looks beautiful and classy. Keith and her make a cute couple. I wish I had HBO cause it looks like a great story. Great casting with Clive as Hemingway.

  • love

    she’s so beautiful

  • http://comcast Marj

    Love Nicole and Clive, both great actors. I especially love Nicoles husband Keith Urban, he is soooo talented and soooo down to earth..

  • Mike

    Classy woman. She gets more beautiful as she gets older. Keith’s a lucky guy!

  • Jade


    That’s because she gets more photoshopped, more bewigged, more tweaked, as she gets older. Hardly turning into a great character actress as all the other greats; I am sure you know who they all are! You know, the ones that are staying REAL!

  • Jordyn

    I didn’t notice any tweaking or bewigging or photoshopping in the recent ACM award photos here at JJ. She actually looks more beautiful in those than in the W magazine shoot. Anyway, Nicole’s played diverse roles that don’t hinge on her being beautiful. She’s recognized as a fine actress whether some like her or not. She’ll do fine as a character actress WHEN her beauty fades.

  • we know you

    Poor OLD Hickory is trying her hardest to make that hideously ugly sk@nk Amanda relevant. Bahaha! Does she know Buck50 posts rumors about herself doing other celebrities on local websites? I’m sure she does. Has she ever seen the picture of Buck50 passed out and p!ssing on herself? I’m sure she has. Old Hick crawled out of the woodwork when Keith said his album will be about his past. She’s gonna be so disappointed when there’s not one song about a big snoz, take-it-in-the-rear, drug dealer.

  • Emilie

    Very classy and stylish, unlike the jealous and envious women badmouthing her under their multiple nicknames here.

  • Not buying it in Minnesota

    Nicole will have two films screened at Cannes. Major awards buzz.

    Keith inducted into the Opry. New album coming out. The Voice is a major ratings winner. Proven music sales bumps.

    Their daughters are gorgeous and healthy.

    No wonder hitnrun/tara/maclen/MACLEN/Urban Myths is pissed off she was banned from Mates. She can’t even swallow a free meal for fans!

  • :D

    @Not buying it in Minnesota: But Sue swallows. bahaha.

  • http://Comcast Marj

    NICOLE and CLIVE are going to be
    great in this movie. I cannot wait for it to be shown on HBO.

  • http://comcast Marj

    Everyone does have a right to their opinion, but if they hate her so much, why are they (ONE OR TWO PEOPLE) on thiis blog. I only am interested and read about people I like. It sounds like you really have mental problems, you should deal with.