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Ryan Gosling: Late Night LAX Arrival!

Ryan Gosling: Late Night LAX Arrival!

Ryan Gosling rocks a hoodie as he arrives at LAX International Airport on Sunday (April 15) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actor made his way through the terminal after arriving from a late flight.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ryan Gosling

The week before, Ryan was spotted grabbing lunch with a female pal in New York City.

Ryan‘s latest film, The Gangster Squad, has been moved from its original planned October 12th release date.

The Ruben Fleischer-directed film also stars Emma Stone, Sean Penn, and Josh Brolin.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling arriving at LAX Airport…

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ryan gosling late night lax arrival 01
ryan gosling late night lax arrival 02
ryan gosling late night lax arrival 03
ryan gosling late night lax arrival 04
ryan gosling late night lax arrival 05
ryan gosling late night lax arrival 06
ryan gosling late night lax arrival 07
ryan gosling late night lax arrival 08
ryan gosling late night lax arrival 09
ryan gosling late night lax arrival 10

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  • Comical

    Hot damn!!! He’s soooo sexy!!!

  • Maria

    Isn’t weird how we never clearly see his left hand these days?

  • Claire

    Superrrr hottt!!!

  • LindsayLohanFan

    He’s sexy and i know it!

  • Laurel

    @Maria: MARIA! Stop trying to scare everyone. lol

  • Tracy

    I know I’m beating a dead horse by saying this, but GOD DAYUM he’s beautiful. And it’s always good to see him. He’s not around as much as he used to be.

  • pauly

    This long horse face guy is not sexy.

  • Katz

    Can anyone ID his watch? It’s awesome.

  • ace11

    No more Eva???

    are they done??

  • MrJeffery

    marry me ryan, i’d be so good to you.

  • kiki

    I doubt it. He’s probably in LA to see her.
    Am I the only one who thinks they will be together for a long time to come?

  • Barbie Kate


    Now all love him, when they see pics of he and Eva are going to hate again
    His mother Eva is going with him to present his new box office failure

  • amy

    I guess him and Eva aren’t done. Crap! Ryan, I thought you’d come to your senses. I guess not.

  • lola

    Didn’t he just move to NYC? And now he’s moving back to LA to live with Eva?

  • marley

    @Maria: OH GOD! I hope he didn’t marry her. If he did, I am not a fan anymore. That’s terrible :(

  • marley

    I know I shouldn’t care about his personal life and all that. But I really dislike Eva. Yes, I don’t know her. But I have a bad feeling about her.

  • شات حلا

    Thank you for your wonderful entry was very

  • lucy

    @kiki: ughhh I hope you’re wrong, I just can’t get , understand how he is able to – love – her … ughh

  • Meh

    *yawn* why does he always dress like a hipster douche? he’s 31. acting like a hipster stops being cute after 25. he’s such a manchild, which is why he’s “dating” that old manface.

  • Stacy


    Have you ever read an interview with the guy? He’s immature like hell. “OOOH I love Disneyland and candy and magic teeheee!” He wants a talentless, C-List, aging bimbo to service his every need just like his mommy did. Eva is useless and has no career whatsoever anymore and is the prefect, desperate one to fill his mommy’s void. Exactly like his MMC pal Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

  • jill

    He has a mommy complex. He likes older women, he wants to be mothered.

  • Exactly


    Stacy absolutely nailed it. It cracks me up that you girls cream yourselves over these immature mama’s boys. Add Leo Dicaprio to that list as well. All 3 of them grew up completely attached to their mothers and never emotionally developed past age 12.

  • pat

    @Stacy: Exactly! He won’t date anyone on his talent level anymore because he wants to be the superior one in the relationship. He wants a bimbo housewife. There was an article saying Eva basically did everything for him when they were in thailand.

  • Hey!

    He seriously looks like my husband, only my man is not quite as ripped. Makes me uncomfortable how many women love Gosling, I’m glad I snagged him first!

  • lucy

    @Stacy: well, we don’t know them at all ok, only through interviews and the image they want to sell us … I think in that case she’s much more immature than him , with 38 years old, she goes for a date with him to disneyland… And she seams to be sooooooo (like she loves to say ) stupid in interviews !

  • Mary

    I agree with Stacy and “meh” lol. You girls can have Gosling, while he seems nice he’s obviously just a little boy IMO. I prefer REAL men.

  • jemma

    @lucy: Yes, she admitted to being dumb once. She likes to date men smarter than her, so they can teach her things. What a stupid thing to say.

  • JL


    And Gosling fancies himself ever the pseudo-intellectual, though I don’t think he’s that smart himself.

  • arlo

    Ryan wants a woman to look after him. She probably does all his cooking, laundry, and cleaning. It’s funny how people think he’s so feminist, when actually he might be the very opposite.

  • Jo


    Well as long as it keeps Eva’s career down the drain and keeps her from stinking up movies with her crappy “acting”, I support it!

  • m-m

    @arlo: he can be a feminist and dream about a woman who will cook for him. it not a crime.

  • may

    He wants a girlfriend/mommy. Not sure I’d want to date him if all he wants is to be mothered. He’s a strange guy.

  • lucy

    @arlo: I’ve read in interviews that she doesnt cook, she doesn’t want children because she likes too much sleeping, I really doubt she has ever cleaned anything . She seams to like smoking , painting her nails and taking care of her body ! She seams to be lazy and very narcissist.

  • kate

    @lucy: I agree. She seems like the maid-hiring type.

  • nina

    I bet we’ll see pictures of them together soon.

  • kara

    A few days ago he looked so relaxed. Now he’s looking angry again.

  • Sam


    Yes, there will be another staged photo-op in the next couple of days. The movie they did is struggling to get into Cannes and needs as much attention as possible now.

  • erin

    They both seem pretty impressed with themselves. Maybe they are more alike than you think?

  • nina


    You’re right. According to, “Eva spent the weekend on the West Coast herself, and was seen Saturday stocking up on groceries ahead of Ryan’s return”.

  • lucy

    @erin: I’m afraid you may be right

  • youyou


  • Jane

    He looks like he’s on steroids. Don’t like the bulky look. He has a really weird, disproportionate body. The top is too developed and the bottom (chickenlegs, no ass) isn’t developed enough. Oddly, Half Nelson is the only time I’ve ever found him attractive.

  • jane

    yeah,he’s angry, because is on the way to see her haha!!!! he’s putting that ugly and angry Mendes face on again:DDD good for you Ryan!!!

  • dottie

    I know many people find Eva very attractive. But I think she looks like a man in drag. And she never smiles. She’s not beautiful to me, but I guess she is to Ryan.

  • james

    Why does everyone seem to forget this guy hurled steak knives at the kids at his school? If anyone else did that, they’d be called a psychotic. But not Ryan, it’s cute when he does it. *rolls eyes*

  • sabrina

    I can’t help but have a soft spot for Ryan. He’s a wonderful actor and seems like a sweet person too. I just wish he wasn’t with Eva Mendes.

  • Sunny

    Isn’t it the strangest thing that the person he has stayed with the longest in recent times is one who, for years had the the reputation for being one of the rudest and craziness celebs in Hollywood.

  • patrice

    What? No pro Eva ranting? That’s a change.