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Charlize Theron Parks It Sushi Style

Charlize Theron Parks It Sushi Style

Charlize Theron grabs lunch with friends at Sushi Park on Friday afternoon (April 20) in West Hollywood.

The 36-year-old Oscar winner was spotted at the Soho House with True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard earlier this month.

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Charlize absolutely love Sushi Park – she was just spotted there last month!

On Wednesday, Charlize and her mom Gerda were spotted at the Lakers Game held at the Staples Center. Unfortunately, the Lakers lost!

10+ pictures inside of Charlize Theron parking it sushi style…

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charlize theron sushi park 01
charlize theron sushi park 02
charlize theron sushi park 03
charlize theron sushi park 04
charlize theron sushi park 05
charlize theron sushi park 06
charlize theron sushi park 07
charlize theron sushi park 08
charlize theron sushi park 09
charlize theron sushi park 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Amy

    always out and about who is home with the baby?

  • r

    I love how these celebs just go around leaving the baby with a nanny or an unknown person without a care in the world.

  • summer

    here we go. lol

  • topic of discussion

    Yeah she def doesn’t read the gossip about, of course not that’s why now she is out and about in the daylight with her friend that was driving the car with Alex CT is playing the pap game people wake up. She wants to be topic of discussion she wants you to know that yes she was in the car and yes that is her friend. Her friends don’t look so please, those nannies will be a great mom to the baby.

  • FaKE

    She is huge fake, why did she even bother adopting really. Why?!

  • summer

    her and alex were spotted at soho house and no one caught a picture? how come they are seen together by witnesses but no one can ever get a picture of them not even on their phone?

  • Amy

    @r: I know right! I I find it odd that she is pap more out and about than before she adopted Jackson.

  • Too cold

    poor baby Jackson :( he is not her priority :(
    1- her beauty
    2 – her career
    3 – man
    4 – Jackson ??

  • Amy

    @summer: I wonder about Alex he seems rather Shallow to me! Shallow AL

  • ladybug

    @summer: SoHo is a members only, they frown upon pic taking unless it’s with permission. So that one, I understand.

  • summer

    @ladybug: ah, i didn’t know that.

  • NOT at all

    @Amy: That’s not true he is need to EVERYONE and he gives a lot.

  • Where is the BF

    So all this big press there officially dating CT PR people dropping hints tp the press
    And now from the fandom it’s all been confirmed? So Alex and Charlize you might as well stop hiding and just come out as a couple don’t bother with the games. We know you were on another date marmont video, because that is Beth kono driving Alexander Audi and CT. You was in the back seat ducking . BUSTED

  • ladybug

    @summer: I’m presuming that’s the defacto rule, since of the perks of being a celeb and going here is so you don’t get bothered, at least not inside.

  • NOT at all

    @NOT at all:
    I meant nice speedy fingers.

  • run charlize!!!

    Run Charlize ruuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn from Skarsgtrash

  • Soho members only


    Soho is a members only private exclusive club, pictures are only given by permission of celebs if there is an event/function happening there

  • haters

    Havent you guys heard of “working moms?”

  • Nope

    @Where is the BF:
    They are not together they are just having S*** come on if he would have gone out to lunch with her in the daytime like he did with Kate. US even said it was causal meaning bunking booties. Probably has other girls he hooking up with the man still operates single okay.

  • ladybug

    And JJ, yes Alex is a hunk, but also an actual actor. I know you like to do that, calling actors ‘hunks’ and actresses ‘cutie’ and ‘hottie’ but it’s demeaning. You’re supposed to be the ‘nice’ blogger, but that doesn’t mean that.

    @haters, no, they haven’t

  • Lilla

    I feel like she’s going to be hunted down by the paps because she adopted. Are there any rules in place in the States against that sort of thing? I know they can be photographed, but do they have to keep a certain distance away?

  • ladybug

    @Lilla: Only if she can get a restraining order, and since nothing bad has happened yet, unlikely to happen.

  • chelle

    @Lilla: No rules/laws that I’ve ever heard of. She could always go Sean Penn and punch one of them…. not that it would do any good!

  • run charlize!!!

    she is going to look miserable because skarsgtrash used to treat his girlfriend like sh!t

  • ladybug

    @chelle: Or just hire Sean, he’s probably still up for that sort of thing.

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: @chelle: That’s scary.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    you guys are pathetic. There was a pic of her TWO DAYS AGO with Jackson. There are PLENTY of pics of her smiling, and as for her dating AsKars? He can count himself lucky she gives a damn about this nobody.

  • embarrassing

    @Where is the BF: yes i saw the video and it’s really embarrassing for her :/

  • ladybug

    @Lilla: Yeah, it is, paps can basically do what they want, as long as nobody gets killed, and that’s a big if. Remember all the talk about restraining the paps post-Diana? Didn’t happen, did it?

  • embarrassing

    also she can’t live without man she jump from man to man since she was 19

  • Whycantipost


    Hasn’t she been single since Townsend except for something short with Ryan Reynolds (if that’s him, i’m not sure, could be another actor)?. Genuine question, I’ve always thought that, that’s why I’m asking..

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: I do remember that. Something should be done to protect the kids. It looks like they give some distance in CA though. Or maybe I’m optimistic.

  • Rachel ()

    @Amy: Her nanny is home with the baby. Hmm…maybe we should pass a law to put all mothers on house arrest. Or, attach some kind of tether to both Charlize and the child….maybe install some kind of invisible leash system in her front yard, so that whenever she tries to leave and “neglect” Jackson, she’ll be shocked!
    What do you guys think?

  • ladybug

    @Lilla: I doubt any law will happen. So paps can chase and get up real close to their subjects/victims.
    Now if I were a pap in Florida, with their Stand Your Ground law, I might be a bit more wary of getting to close to a celeb.

  • Rachel ()

    @ladybug: Is it 1945 already?

  • embarrassing

    @topic of discussion: 100% agreed! she is playing the pap game right now as kb did. Beth kono is in these pics and it’s not a coincidence :P

  • Celebrities are gross

    A REAL mom with a little baby stays most of the time with her baby.

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: I hope things change…without anyone one else getting hurt.

  • Rachel ()

    @Celebrities are gross: Apparently it’s not just celebrities who are gross.

  • Amy

    Another hidden gf “courtesy” of Shallow AL

  • ladybug

    @Celebrities are gross: Um, no, no they don’t. Not even if they’ve got generous maternity leave. They may love that baby to the ends of the earth, but they still have a life and do need contact with other adults.
    And in the states, the average maternity leave is around 6 weeks, does that mean that women who have to go back to work are bad moms as well?

  • torsddag

    @embarrassing: @Rachel (): I think most of these ladies were teenagers back then, that would explain a LOT!

  • Rachel ()

    @Rachel (): I notice that no one is sharing their opinion in comment form. Only in thumb form.
    Wonder why that is?
    Based on the comments on this thread, I thought you guys would be down w/ my ideas. I really am interested in yall’s input!

  • ellie’

    Now all the picking on people never cease to amaze me..
    I’m sure she is a great mom..and she is aloud a others have 3 6 how many they all need all tagging along with them..and are with them everyday..Charlize is such a beautiful person keeps to herself..and I’m so happy she adopted..

  • ladybug

    @Rachel (): House arrest for new moms? Don’t give certain US politicians any ideas.

  • oh charlize

    oh charlize….you should date Fassy!!! not a z-listed

  • Rachel ()

    @ladybug: I know, I know. You are smart.

    Hey you guys! If we all band together and write our congressmen, we can make sure Charlize never leaves her house again! Who’s with me!?


    Is it me or has she started dressing more casually since she started dating Askars (and everyone started saying she was probably to high maintenance for him)

    As for her being out without the baby again, I dont want to say anything negative about that. We dont see every minute of her life so we dont know how much time she spends with it.
    Also celebrities who use their kids as paparazzi props are vulgar.

  • Zola

    A pic was already posted of Alex at Coachella. I guess he can be without her for a weekend. I bet she’s doing the chasing.

  • Emme

    I thought the Funny or Die thing was odd. like all of a sudden she wanted to come across as funny.