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Alexander Skarsgard: 'Battleship' Premiere with Liam Neeson!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'Battleship' Premiere with Liam Neeson!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for the premiere of his film Battleship held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Thursday (May 10) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor wore a Tom Ford suit, white shirt, grey knit tie and brown leather lace up shoes.

Alex was joined at the premiere by his co-star Liam Neeson.

Battleship, about a fleet of ships forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals, hits theaters on May 18.

20+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard and Liam Neeson at the Battleship premiere…

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alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 01
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 02
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 03
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 04
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 05
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 06
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 07
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 08
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 09
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 10
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 11
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 12
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 13
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 14
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 15
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 16
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 17
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 18
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 19
alexander skarsgard battleship premiere with liam neeson 20

Credit: Kevin Winter, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Texas Swede

    Thanks JJ. Nice coverage and Quick too.

  • concerned

    Always looking nice in a Tom Ford…

  • Brandon Hilton

    HE’S SO HOT!!!!

    AMAZING MOVIE! I had the privilege of screening it early!

    I’m on tour this summer, please “LIKE” me here –

  • Brandon Hilton

    AMAZING MOVIE! I had the privilege of screening it early!

    I’m on tour this summer, please “LIKE” me here –

  • Lilla


  • Texas Swede

    This has got to be one of the best shots of him ever. That is the simple smile I like to see on him.

  • Texas Swede

    @Lilla: you help me up I will help you. Deal?

  • hmmmmmmm

    Well there you go :) Looks like a hip banker.

  • Lilla

    @Texas Swede: Of course, everything ok?

  • Strange

    He wears Tom Ford well . He looks absolutely gorgeous .

  • Gina

    My only complaint is there wasn’t a close up with him smiling. Such a handsome man.

  • chelle

    Oh my freaking crap! He looks so yummy! KBVS was there too! That’s so sweet!

  • chelle

    @Texas Swede: Santress has some really good head shots and one of AS with KBVS. JJ was there too.

  • maria


  • Texas Swede

    @Texas Swede: Oh yeah everthing. I was talking about the thud when you hit the floor. LOL

    @chelle: She look so cute. He looked great. I love the kind of, ‘the gang’s all here thing’ going on. Such loyalty he commands and gives. And people wonder why we love him so.

  • POGO

    He looks so HOT. I like a man who can wear a suit so well.

    Texas Swede, that is the smile I like on him. When I saw it I fell to the floor.

  • frisbee

    The blander this movie looks like, the more handsome Askars gets. Or is it just the surroundings that make him stand out?
    Seems like JJ really got paid though – three posts for this?

  • Texas Swede

    @POGO: Its not forced or over done. Just a natural little smile. Fits his demeanor. It’s not a performing smile. It says, ‘I am what I am, take me this way or leave me’. The choice is yours.

    I think he is a keeper. :))

  • LaLaHollywood

    Just wanted to pop in and say I am quite proud of myself. She has deleted the twitter photos. :)

  • janewhite123

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  • LaLaHollywood

    Thumbs down for that? LOL All righty then! If you want to look at private photos of Alex, that just shows what type of person you are. Boundaries, people.

  • Texas Swede

    @LaLaHollywood: I just posted that on the other thread. Whatever you did I and I am sure others thank you. Wish I knew how to get in touch with you. Would send you flowers. And I am getting thumbed down also when I talk about her so take it as a mark of honor for doing the right thing. I salute you.

  • LaLaHollywood

    @Texas Swede: Thanks. It’s the thought that counts. The thumbs downers are probably the people without boundaries. Sad, isn’t it?

  • BLAH

    thanks LaLa. im all for pics of Alex in his gym gear but when he is in his own private time working out its just too far, even for me. i love fan pics and pap pics of him walking down the street ect but not the blurred stalk-y pics and a play by play of him putting on body lotion and getting dressed. its just goes over the line.

    thanks again!!!

  • LaLaHollywood

    What’s even worse is that this gal who is tweeting has industry contacts, including Kevin Williamson. The fact that she is friends with celebrities and then still does stuff like this is sickening.

  • LaLaHollywood

    @BLAH: Welcome. Like I have said before, Alex is a nice guy and he doesn’t need to be exploited like that.

  • maria

    i have to confess that a little part of me wants to see the gym photos (sorry)

  • BLAH


    at first when i heard gym pics were up i was like “YES PLEASE!!!”

    when i saw them they were so blurry and she had a play by play after he came out of the shower inc him moisturising, putting on is boxers even telling us what brand they were etc…she got the locker room info from a friend who was in there with alex…obviously.

    she also gave a play by play of his gym routine. ie biceps curls etc… and then taking a stalky pic of him.

    gym pics of him walking out side is fine but the man cant even have a work out with out someone tweeting it.

    personally i felt uncomfortable reading the tweets i just stopped…this also isnt the first time, her male friend also told her another time of Alex coming out of the shower.

    im glad the gym finally took action. let the man work out in peace….as long as we get to see him naked on TV ill be good ;)

  • POGO


    I have to agree it is a natural smile. Yes he is a keeper.

  • ladybug

    @LaLaHollywood: Photos from the other site are gone as well, of course plenty screen shots were taken, based on comments from other forums, so she can’t deny she ever had them up.
    @maria, photos taken secretly in the gym are not cool.
    @LaLaHollywood, he’s already had one stalker, doesn’t need another one.

  • The Comedian

    Must feel strange to promote a movie while you already know it’s already a total disaster..!!
    Ok, not as much as John Carter but stil
    Anyway, Alexander is gorgeous as always…

  • karl

    Wait what, they toke down the peen shots?

  • Texas Swede

    @ladybug: @LaLaHollywood:

    It was not her there last night. I saw the one I thought was her in background of a photo. Not her.

    I forwarded the idea about finding the company she works for to those that have the ability to do so. And I forwarded screenshots to those who needed them as proof as well. I guess I am just an overprotective person but I think she needs to be stopped. It is just to much of a personal boundary issue and invasion of his privacy. IMHO

  • just reading

    Oh, look at him… so perfect. I have to say I envy his skin, it just looks so clean. The only thing that bothers me is the tie knot, it looks slightly too big for his face. It just makes wanna fix it ;) But it’s knit, so that’s probably because of the material…

    It’s also cool that the hole cast is dressed in grey and/or white combination. Nice.

  • Tanter

    I feel like licking the screen..

    He looks a bit tired though (IMO). They’re still shooting TB aren’t they?

  • Lilla

    @Texas Swede: It’s a huge invasion of privacy. The paps are one thing, but this is on a whole other level.

  • Tanter

    @Lilla & @Texas Swede: I think it’s proper genuine stalking. They ought to be reported to the police IMO.

  • Whycantipost

    @LaLaHollywood: & Texas Swede
    Thank you so much for your hard work on this! It was making me so mad, such an invasion of privacy, and then having the balls to go pose for a picture with him and be all nice. I can honestly say I hope there are consequences for her in any kind of way, since it’s her job to be around celebrities and this behaviour is creepy and goes against everything you would expect from someone working in the business; no empathy or common sense (she actually has access to famous people through her job!). I also find it very dumb; she/her company can get fired if this stuff comes out. No one in the entertainmentindustry wants to work with people who do things like this. If she wants to gossip and play dirty tricks on people she should have become a paparazzi-person.

    *ok now calm down woman and look at the pretty Skars-pics xD*

  • Disney Villainess

    Well good God Almighty……..I don’t even need to think about Folger’s…this is most definitely THEE best part of waking up. This man can never fail in a suit, work it honey:-D

    Oh and Liam Neeson looks good as well;-)

  • Texas Swede

    Okay woman. Breathe deep. Do your Alex mantre while focusing on the closest close up from last night. After looking into those magnetic, charismatic eyes for 5 minutes I dare you not to feel better. ;)

  • ladybug
  • Alex is taller then Liam N


    Anyone notice that Alex looks taller in the pic then Liam neeson whether it is the angle and how it has been taken. but Alex is more like 6ft6 then 6ft 4

  • ladybug

    @Alex is taller then Liam N: Yep I noticed. Liam is supposed to be 6’4″ and Alex 6’4 1/2″, but even taking account angles and such, Alex looks waaay taller than Liam.

  • Texas Swede

    @Alex is taller then Liam N: @ladybug:
    Where they are standing creates an optical illusion. I think they are standing in front of the screen and the floors directly in front tends to rise in the middle. Riri looks almost as tall as Liam here and we know she is not. The floor is a special design for events just like this one. \\

    Liam was 6’4″ but remember we start to shrink after about 45. I was 6′ tall at 44. Now I am 5′ 11″. So he may have lost half an inch or so.

  • mforman

    I truly think that Tom Ford dresses him the best. He always looks amazing no matter what, of course, but something about him in a Tom Ford suit, I just cannot think straight.
    I love how relaxed he looks.
    It amazes me how truly professional he is, just looking at him, you would never realize how busy the man is.
    I must give JJ some credit here, those are some of the best photos we have had of him.
    He really is too gorgeous for words.
    E News, tonight is going to be showing the premiere tonight. It seems they covered the event, because they have been advertising it since yesterday. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

  • Camille

    Watching the premiere feed last night Billy Bush didn’t make Liam step down a step because of the height difference, but he sure asked Alexander too. I wonder if Billy just wanted to look more directly into Alex’s handsome face. :)

  • ladybug

    @Texas Swede: Which is why I wanted a photo of them together, so I could get a better idea of height comparison. Just because I’m weird that way.
    To me, Riri, even with heels and being 5’8″ didn’t look that close in height to Liam.

    Here’s another one:

  • LaLaHollywood

    Update: received a confirmation email this morning from Equinox’s GM that they are indeed working on this. I am aware of only 2 pictures of him being posted, but I have heard people say there have been more. Does anyone have screenshots of these I can show to the GM? I figure the more proof the better. At one point in her tweets she was going back and forth with her inside info guy, he was clearly tweeting her the information. This was several months ago and I haven’t been able to find it in her history when I looked.

    On topic, he looks quite dapper in his suit!

  • No flirting

    I haven’t seen any reports >>>>>>>> of Alexander flirting with women or leaving with any women? He normally flirts it up at parties and we get to hear about it, or leaving with women?
    it just proves that Alex is with CTheron and>>>>>>>> he hasent been single in a while regardless of what they both said there “single” or not in a relationship,
    They carmt hide forever they will get spotted as a couple once CTheron gets back to Los Angeles

  • just reading

    This second picture you posted, ladybug, shows that Alex really is a bit taller – if you just look at their hips: Alex’s hips are higher than Liam’s.

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