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Bar Refaeli: 'No One Hits on Me!'

Bar Refaeli: 'No One Hits on Me!'

Bar Refaeli smiles while making an appearance on Conan on Tuesday (May 22).

“Let’s put it this way, no one hits on me. No one flirts with me. It’s like, it’s very sad, actually,” the 26-year-old model replied when asked how frequently she gets asked out.

As for what she looks for in a guy, “The first thing I notice is his teeth. I have a fetish. [I like] a great smile and really white, bright teeth.”

Bar, who also chatted about topping Maxim‘s Hot 100 list, promoted her clothing line and promised to gift host Conan O’Brien with pieces from the collection.

“I actually wanted to get you some [underwear] and then I know you asked for large or extra large and production said extra small, so I wasn’t sure,” she joked.

Click inside for the rest of Bar‘s Conan interview

Bar Refaeli on ‘Conan’ – Part 1

Bar Refaeli on ‘Conan’ – Part 2
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  • Geez

    I hope JJ gets a cut from her underwaer line as well as Maxim mag. As y’all are doing everything possible to promote this D lister

  • strol

    wow stuck up much?. I take that as “im so hot men are intimidated by me ”
    I like this panty model less and less. Shes already bashed fat people,gay people on her twitter who else? and she can’t spell for sh*t.

  • Elle

    girl get some legit modeling work for once! going on talk shows,attending red carpets and Maxim is NOT modeling!

  • mel

    @strol: Well English isn’t her first language..

  • may


  • may
  • Tim

    she’s starting to get that cabagge patch face.

  • emm

    I think she’s beautiful! The hair, the dimples, the great body.. Sure she hasn’t had any high fashion contracts and probably never will, but she’s worked with a lot of respected and recognizable name brands and has started her own business… I’d say that’s pretty successful considering probably close to 9 out of 10 women that try to be models fail.

  • noelle

    i’m actually blown away by her english! she sounds good!

  • ^..^

    her looks are so…ordinary

  • ugh

    shallow as a puddle, a guys teeth??? but then again no one is giving you a second glance for your mind hun!!!

  • Just

    She was much prettier when she first dated Leo. the dark blonde hair,slim and svelte,she is looking like a dime a dozen california housewife more than ever lately. Nothing unique or striking about her look at all.

  • ???

    All these people who don`t like her but they are always on her thread. If she is so ordinary and shallow why do you bother posting about her so much?

  • bimbo

    the first thing you notice is teeth? must be akward having a conversation with someone who’s looking at your teeth instead of your eyes..she doesn’t sound very intelligent. The reason no ones hits on her is because she is plain the looks department and blends in with everyone else.

  • katie

    very pretty here

  • @???

    Who are you the thread police? I can’t understand why paranoid fans like you fail to understand that people can/do log on to read stories, any stories, not just targeting your favourites

  • annab

    Very shallow and vain. No wonder nobody approaches her…being like that you won’t attract anyone. Standards are too high. I could care less about someone’s teeth…it’s the whole person that attracts me.

  • Helen

    She is beautiful as for asking her out no one wants to be coma pre to Leo

  • Beautiful

    is bar keeping a secret from the public? Is she still involved with Leo romantically under the public radar? Run Leo Run!!! She is a pathetic media whore and goldigga. Her team bashed and bashed Leo’s family and friends. Truth. words like: narcotics, gay sex, prostitution, etc.

  • Funny….

    Gisele coped very fine with that. A handsome mega successful sports star

  • itfr

    bar is rumored to be having affair with Shakira’s sports star boyfriend who has very nice teeth.

  • look

    She seemed quite arrogant and vain to point that the “geek” who photoshopped her nude picture is a “lucky” geek.
    I prefer people who are humble and down to earth, but maybe she was very nervous, and that just came out…

  • ummm

    um Im not a fan of hers at all but what is wrong with admitting you notice a nice smile/teeth? lol I too am attracted to a nice smile, a sucker for them even, it doesnt mean you are shallow!!! Besides nice teeth = good hygiene/breath.

  • ech

    imo, she and her family are nuts. I can’t believe Leo stayed with her so long. I heard she cheated on him too with another actor?? Why would he stay?

  • Good Luck Bar

    Stunning! The world’s most AMAZING gorgeous beautiful woman.

  • singer

    @Good Luck Bar: cheap MAXIM models are amazing? girl higher your standards and get better role models ,asap.

  • Cavll

    I would respect her more if I would see her on a Vogue cover in hot fashions or something prestigious for once. Why does all she want to do is pose nekkid for mens mags? She is not going to be wanted by those type of mags forever, and by that time the classier publications such as Vogue will not want her.

  • Bar and Leo???

    Did you catch the interview on Access Hollywood? It’s entitled, /bar-refaeli-on-what-type-of-guy-shes-looking-to-date-the-meaning-behind-her-unique-name/
    - she almost gives away that she and Leo are together. Then she tries to stumble her way out of the question. “We are….umm, I wasn’t expecting that qiuestion…”
    Check it out!

  • @idiot

    @Bar and Leo???: dream on barf freak…leo is barely with Erin much less this b*tch! keep dreaming…cause that’s all it will ever be…

  • Dieter

    I wanna lick her gorgeous ass the rest of my life !!! I remember when I first saw that amazing woman back in winter 07/08 having a cigarette in carbo !!! I jerked out let’s say 30 mililitres or so totally creaming my jeans !!!!!!

  • change

    @Dieter: yes we know ones like you make up the bulk of her fanbase. she must be so proud to hear her fan stories.

  • Sean

    I hope she’s sending half her check to Leo. Nobody would know who she was if it werent for him

  • wqr

    @Bar and Leo???: shut up Kerry. youre so obsessed. Leo is long gone from this panty models life.

  • Sonia

    How is she arrogant just by saying what she likes in a guy?
    I don’t understand that, everyone is attractive to something, everyone has a type. Hers seems to be general nice smile
    its not like “oh he needs to be this and that”
    You people are so rude on here. Trying to pick on every little thing. Its sad
    she seems really nice, she was blushing throughout the interview. She seemed really nervous as well.
    If she was so arrogant and stuck she wouldn’t have sad “no one picks me up, no one hits on me” thats seems pretty humble

  • Dieter

    I wanna lick her pooper !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • le sigh

    JJ is notorious for trolls on their commentary sadly
    Here majority being Leo/ Titanic fans who disapprove of all his gfs unless its Kate Winslet or Gisele. If you go to any of his current or former gfs posts you will see a bunch of hate comments Madelina, and now Erin on how ugly they are,famehoe, dumb blonde,etc
    like here people are saying shes stuck up of liking a guys teeth and smile, surprisingly no one ever picks on Kathy Perry dating British guys, Kim K w/black guys or Leo always dating tall blonde models :/
    smart thing would be to ignore the comments and pay attention to the post, since mostly liking you will be thumbs down from all the fangirls, like this one I can predict will be thumbs down a lot

    fan-girls =

  • commeew

    @le sigh: no Leo stans hate any and all his ex gf’s hun. there are no exceptions, lol. If the internet generation were around during Titanic, they would have hated Kate Winslet immensely.

  • Mirabelle

    She has no dignity. on the magazine, she was fully naked, and everyone can see her p-ussy!! she’s nothing but a famous w-hore, promoting herself!!

  • ???

    @16: No, I`m not the thread police. I just pointed out the obvious and most importantly I`m not her fan. I just laugh at people who hate her so much yet they spend so much time on her threads commenting on her = giving her attention and publicity.
    I asked why are you spending so much time fixating on someone you don`t like. You can log on and read stories on anyone and I never said differently. I simply asked a question so relax!

  • ali

    she is the most hated woman in her country .
    she has a stage fat mother from hell who is also hated there .
    they do not respect her in Israel
    she is always naked , over rated slut .
    she used Leo to get fame , b4 him no one knew who the hell she is .

  • eva

    @commeew: lol … hahaha i agree. i dont hate leo ex’s or his current gf but i still prefer him to be with kate … oh well …

  • Peapo

    I wouldn’t want to hit on her either. I just wonder why she thinks people would hit on her. She is nothing special. She is beyond annoying. and not nearly as beautiful as she thinks she is.
    I agree with other posters. if. She hadn’t been with Leo, she would not be on the Conan show or number 1 in Maxim. She would barely be successful.

  • yep

    Stunning! Honest answers, wish her the best!

  • @Mirabelle


    Is there a link with that picture? Can you tell me where it is? I’m not a barfreak or on anyone’s payroll. Just one who doesn’t appreciate Bar and calls her out to defend herself. Which she never does.What does that mean?

    @dieter: lol and yuck: pretty sure Dieter is a female relative of bark’s – like sniffing ass?? As long as she keeps you in 3xl LV.

  • sarah

    She looks beautiful.

  • Gorgeous

    Natural. Amazing pretty funny girl.

  • Ace

    I think she was being cynical about the photoshop, she has a cynical and sarcastic sense of humour. Kind of nice actually.

  • ???

    @???: Uhmm, would you mind getting your own name, thanks! Post 16 is not me???

  • ???

    @le sigh: Yep totally agree, but it wasn’t me who posted #16!

  • LOL

    You cearly don’t know the meaning of the word. Cynical is Bill Maher, Janeanne Garofalo. This is an excercise in vapidity.