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Willow Smith: Saturday Starbucks Stop!

Willow Smith: Saturday Starbucks Stop!

Willow Smith sips on a cool drink as she leaves her local Starbucks on Saturday (June 2) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 11-year-old entertainer was accompanied by a small entourage for her quick frappuccino stop.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Willow Smith

Last month, Willow saw her dad Will Smith in his latest film Men in Black 3. “I loved MIB3!!! So awesome :)” she tweeted.

Have you seen MIB3 yet? This past weekend, the flick brought in a whopping $78.6 million overseas, bringing its worldwide total to $386.9 million!

10+ pictures inside of Willow Smith sippin’ on her Starbucks…

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willow smith starbucks stop 01
willow smith starbucks stop 02
willow smith starbucks stop 03
willow smith starbucks stop 04
willow smith starbucks stop 05
willow smith starbucks stop 06
willow smith starbucks stop 07
willow smith starbucks stop 08
willow smith starbucks stop 09
willow smith starbucks stop 10
willow smith starbucks stop 11
willow smith starbucks stop 12
willow smith starbucks stop 13
willow smith starbucks stop 14

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  • dek

    So she’s gay just like the parents. Was nature or nurture?

  • yuuuup

    Part Alien?….would have fit right in the movie MIB.

  • Tami

    Really I get some people might not like her. But please don’t forget that she’s a child. No need to be so harsh and call her names. She’s 11. What “adult” belittles children.

  • Tami

    I think her parents should put her in modeling in the future. She has legs for days! Maybe in like 6 years.

  • wandalismus

    I think willow smith belongs to just jared jr. – I’m not interested in the “coffee runs” of a 11-year-old.

  • hah

    She has the same condescending look on her face like her brother.
    But she’s pretty cool though for a kid. Wonder if puberty is gonna change her look

  • Alyssa

    The kid is weird!

  • rochelle

    Willow just come out already!!!!!

  • Brit

    She’s a kid. Kids go through different phases. Cutting all the hair. I did the same thing, when I was growing up. Into a pixie style though. It doesn’t mean someone is lesbian. Her mother and grandma both have had/have the same hairstyle. As far as the clothes. She’s fully covered, it’s cool. Dresses like a little hipster I see. My point is, stop speculating on a kid’s sexuality . It’s creepy, she’s 11.

  • Brit

    As long as she is a well mannered kid (seems more than that snotty brat Jaden) and a good student! Let her be with the hair and clothes. She’s experimenting and if her parents are cool with it, so be it. A kid experimenting through hair/clothes is way better than drugs!

  • jaspisgirl

    she has nothing to do on this side,i am a grown up woman and i am not interested in little girl activities. please put her at the right side!!!!!!!!

  • georgie

    can she please go onto just jared jr! i don’t want to know about everytime an eleven year old steps out of her house.

  • lena

    @Brit: since when is she a good student i never see her even near a school.

  • UGH

    Its so sad to see adults make mean comments on a child…we can’t help who our parents are…an for some of you to comment on this child as being a lesbian then shame on you.

  • Amber

    Should an 11 year-old drink Starbucks everyday?

  • Hekku

    She is very thin
    She sure can rock the buzz cut
    $ciento victim

  • Julie
  • Craigypants

    She may be only 11, but she is playing in an adult world so she is fair game for criticism.
    “11 year old entertainer?” she couldn’t entertain a gunny sack.
    Get rid of her.

  • Teri

    11 yr old + frappuccino
    am I the only one who sees something wrong w/that?
    I mean coffee helps stop your height growth, its not good
    but I agree w/above she seems so much better,well behaved compared to her brother. That smirk he always has just ugh.


    What a bunch of Crazies an 11yoa kid has got some of you foaming at the mouth. Leave her Alone you don’t like the parents FINE, leave the kid’s out of it.
    I can’t stand Ben Affleck but I never attack his children

  • Tate

    She has the large ego like her brother and her mother.

  • Mads

    So 11 year olds drink frappuccino’s now??

  • Looky

    Her legs are INSANE… I want them now!

  • hoho

    Oh,she drinks frappuccino and she has red hair and she has 25 feet high heels ?
    Tell me what kind of underwear she wears,I’m so interested.And what’s going to be her meal for lunch of course,I can’t live without knowing it.

    I love Will Smith but please stop forcing this girl,who has no beauty obviously and is nothing special in order to get a post.

  • sportersify

    Some of these comments are sad….

  • sportersify

    @Tate: jaden aint to bad… jada is pretty arrogant though… or atleast comes off as arrogant.

  • sportersify

    @Craigypants: sad reason to justify your hate for a kid man… just sad.

  • sportersify

    @hoho First… they aint forcing her down our throat… papperizi is…and Second…no beauty… do you have kids? I bet there ugly as dirt… feel better?

  • Couper

    @StarbucksComplainers: Those are coffee fraps. She clearly drinking a Green Tea Latte or a Green Tea Frap. No coffee at all, just sugar. It’s the same as a kid drinking a can of coke.

  • Eve

    Jeez, embarrassing parents – can’t stand that Jada Pinket-Smith, or whatever her name is. She practically shoved her kids into the limelight, so she could have a little of it,too. Imo these kids are spoiled – and not in a ‘the parents care so much’ kind of way, more like ‘the parents give them anything they want, so they don’t have to bother with them’ So sad. Curious what will happen to these kids when they grow older

  • Teri

    I highly doubt the criticism on her are cuz of her parents.
    Personally I adore Will Smith, and I think him and Jada are so cute.
    I can’t say the same of their kids. I dislike their kids because well they seem arrogant, come off a bit annoying. Willow seems to try to hard. Her music is blah.
    and yes Kids go through a rebellious phase, but its mostly in their late teen years like 14-16-ish. Not 11 yr. thats when kids are still in elementary. and its the parents job to control them and say no. Again teenagers should be allowed to take decision’s again in late teen years. I wanted to have a colorful hair as a kid too, but my mother flat out said no. She thought I would look like a clown,

  • lacey

    This little girl is not like the average person. She is a celebrity with parents who have lucrative lifestyles. Her world is much different than mines or yours. Leave this child alone, she is a beautiful young lady. I can see her as a future model.