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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Double Date Night!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Double Date Night!

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler hug their pals Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber goodbye after dining at Spago on Thursday (June 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 51-year-old actor (in Levi’s jeans) and Stacy, 32, said their extended goodbyes to the duo before hopping in their car and driving off.

Later that evening, Stacy went out to Chateau Marmont with a gal pal.

It was recently announced that George has chosen his next directing project: The Yankee Comandante. The story is based on David Grann‘s New Yorker story about William Alexander Morgan, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

FYI: Stacy is wearing an alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet jacket.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler leaving their double date night…

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  • mole

    Cindy is the most famous supermodel of all time, she deserves her own posts….

  • Kk

    Why does Stacy always hug so emotionally!! With Cindy’s hubby

  • Same old, same old!!

    Why would you go out with your girlfriends straight after a nice dinner date with your ‘boyfriend’? Surely you would spend the rest of the evening with your man? I would be horrifically appauled and offended if my other half took me to dinner and then dropped me off home and said Ok that’s it I’m off for a night out with the guys!

  • Giselle

    Who cares about George Clooney? He’s just an old coot. Shouldn’t he be pondering the state of the economy right now…….? Pfff such a wannabe… What has Cindy Crawford and her husband, Randy contributed to the world? Yea, nothing….

  • Cha-Cha

    @ Same old

    Stacy went clubbing alone because grand-daddy Clooney can’t tolerate that awful loud noise those youngsters call music. He prefers listening to Dean Martin and Aunt Rosemary records, sipping his glass of warm milk with triple brandy, and retiring to bed early. :-]

  • Guest

    I find it strange that Cindy and Rande are always the ones being photographed out to dinner with Stacy and George in LA., don’t they have any other celebrity couple friends in LA they can have dinner with. I guess the old people had to go home and go to sleep,so the young girl went out partying with her girlfriend.

  • CrabbyPatty


    I’ve heard that Cindy and Rande are pretty wild. Orgies and couple-swapping, etc. Oh yeah. Maybe that’s what they go home to do…

  • Cha-Cha

    Cindy & Rande are enablers.

    They provide him with the stability he lacks in his unstable ‘revolving door’ love life. In exchange they get to bask in his limelight, and indulge in his luxurious lifestyle….. alongside him and his ever changing bimbo girlfriends.

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  • asselle

    I dont know why you hate so much on George. I don’t think he’s bad.

  • baugh

    @ mole
    are you kidding me, I want to hear about George Clooney not Cindy whatever…

  • Helen

    Every time I read thier names I expect the word “split” next to thier names 

  • shawn

    I’m tired of the repeated b.s. from Clooney’s contract escorts, so the below is going to be my standard reply until the “break-up,” that is the end of the contract, is announced.
    Once again, I will state what everyone knows. This is a business contract, not a personal relationship. Clooney has zero personal interest in Keibler. He’s not actually dating her, she does not live with him, and they will “break-up” when the contract says they will. He kissed her on her ugly cheek at the Golden Globes, as an afterthought, and she’s trying to get people to believe she’s really in a relationship with him? Canalis did the exact same things. I’m sick of these idiotic publicity contracts. He should at least find a woman with a little class and not these trashy ho’s who have made their livings by being hookers and objects. Can’t his publicist find someone who doesn’t have lap dancing videos on youtube. Also there is no way Keibler is the age she claims she is, and I don’t believe she is healthy, either. She does laxative cleanes, botox, and God knows what else, and she still looks busted even after Photoshop. I also believe she did the recent cameltoe pics on purpose, knowing that they would get blog coverage. She’s trash.

  • Cha-Cha


    Who’s hating on George?

    It’s universally known, that Clooney ‘s women of choice are young, wannabe, airhead, bimbos. Nothing new.

    And no, he’s not all that bad, he sheds a light on Darfur.

  • guest 1

    How come you never see Stacy hug George in public the way she hugged Rande in the pictures and the same for George. He gives Cindy a big hug and kiss good-by, but you never see George in any photographs being caught giving Stacy some big PDA.

  • Kikicohen

    Anyone notice how George is always lambasting the paps for standing too close? Twice in the past week, there have been videos of him sternly reprimanding a photog (who said noting), saying”watch that line!!”. First of all George, you’re not that important- NOR is your daughter, um, I mean, girlfriend., so chill the heck out. Secondly, your girlfriend can take care of herself. And yes, it is bizarre that NONE of these photos show him and Stacy ever being affectionate.

  • Kikicohen

    @shawn: Shawn- I don’t doubt your statements- you seem to know what you’re talking about, but my ? Is-WHY???

  • Kikicohen

    @Cha-Cha: Bahahaha

  • Kikicohen

    @Giselle: T
    All four of them are worthless posers. Clooney’s “work” towards peace in Darfur is a start, but c’mon folks- look at the facts- if you were single, mega rich, over 50, had NO dependents, your livelihood hinged upon your reputation, and you had a completely open and free schedule, you could volunteer at anything internationally you wanted to and sit in prison as well. How many people do you know that fit his demographic? Most of us have to work reg hour jobs, have dependents, have modest incomes, etc. While his efforts are somewhat admirable, they have to be kept in perspective.

  • livie

    @guest 1:

    I have noticed that too. That Stacey and George have absolutely no chemistry. NONE. Their physical contact seems more like strangers. He is not looking at her in the care. Very distant. I just don’t get it. I don’t see George physically responsive to any of the women he has been involved with. Cindy and Randy must be great friends. They embrace every woman George brings around. Then drops them when George does.

  • Nexttime

    Pamela Harriman was a much more elegant version of Stacy. These photo opportunities are a laundered payment for her arousing beauty and will beef up her public, in-house career or banking account. Very cute woman with exceptional public relation skills and a surprising sunny sophistication.

  • hmh1108

    I wonder if George Clooney had to service Joel Schumacher’s an”us to get his part as Batman with tits and inflated codpiece suit???
    I mean, his big transition to the big screen and all.
    Nah…. only John Travolta developed such appetite for gay sexxx. Oh, he was smart….LOL… learnt to like the taste of cum, the ugly old freak proclaims. And his bonafide beard BFF Kirstie Alley vehemently denies it…. Even the wife beard promotes Kirstie Alley’s placebo pills for weight loss for a pregnancy she never had.
    Profit profit profit.
    Kirstie Alley makes a tidy sum over these bulllshit relationships of George’s the village idiot….. And then she taunts him about his giant Kyborg or horse-faced Canalis…
    I wonder what she has over him? Evidence??
    Or is she double crossing Travolta???


    I wonder… is there extortion behind the bogus relationships Clooney subjects the unsuspecting public to believe?
    I mean, he’s corrupt to the core, no doubt, but I hear Kirstie Alley, John Travolta & Kelly Preston have something over him.. Reallllllly???
    Photos?? Video blackmail??? Male sex orgy?
    Has some agreement been reached with freak show Travolta yet??
    Travolta’s ana*l sphincter has been busted so badly, that his face morphed into a Frankenstein monstrosity.

  • Pay Dirt

    and after her girls night out, Stacy Keibler went to her secret lover Geoff Stults or Slutts or whatever…. and spent the night.
    Clooney was at his kitsch Tudor Studio City home.
    Geoff is super tolerant of this PR arrangement. Pimping his giant hoooker off has paid well too. Might consider marrying her in a few years. Only for the money coz she’s buttt ugly and getting more and more ugly by the day…

  •!/lelacorb lelacorb

    is not true. I am good friend Elisabetta Canalis. I’m Emanuela.
    I do PR for my friend. YOu see my Tweets to Eli.
    Eli tell me George fu*ck Waldo Sanchez culo when together with him.
    Now assshole Clooney dating contract with Stacy Fat B*itch with cellulitis and 4 boobs Giant Putana!!! Why?? Eli if has make-up look like woman. Ok, so photoshops give him Eli better body, but better than big putana Stacy. Eli has good adrenalino.
    I am 50 year old and have better body than this American strega!!!

  • George Clooney is SCUM

    George Clooney is a corrupt deranged demented assswipe. Agrees to fake date women and allows Bohemian Grove members to service their needs with them. IN OTHER WORDS, HE’S DECEIVING THE VERY AUDIENCE THAT PAY TO SEE HIS FILMS.