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Spice Girls Announce 'Viva Forever' Musical

Spice Girls Announce 'Viva Forever' Musical

Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, and Victoria Beckham reunite on stage to launch a new Spice Girls musical on Tuesday (June 26) in London, England.

The girl group made the announcement at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel where the video for their 1996 No. 1 hit “Wannabe” was filmed.

Viva Forever will feature Spice Girls music while telling “the story of four friends whose bond is tested when their band enters a TV talent show,” the Associated Press reports.

“It’s better than we could ever have imagined,” Mel C said, while Mel B explained the cast “sing[s] it better than us.”

Previews for Viva Forever start November 27 with a December 11 opening at London’s Piccadilly Theatre.

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Credit: Dave Hogan, Eamonn McCormack, WENN; Photos: Getty, Wire IMage
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  • Chace

    Vicky B might as well be in another room!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    Looks like that Emma chick is either desperate to show off or thinks she is better then Victoria. Whatever, Victoria is wayyyyyy more successful and prettier than the snobby bi-tch.

  • Tara

    This will be a great musical, their songs are perfect for it, surprised it didnt happen sooner. But wow at top names working on it, like Judy from Mamma Mia.

    And the girls look amazing, especially Victoria , she sure didnt have to attend this,b ut how cool she was there.

  • Angelinamouldy

    They obviously need the money. Nobody is interested in them anymore. They are so last century. Not to mention unstable.

  • Victoria show?

    What is up with Victoria all off to the side? Oh is it the Victoria shot?

  • Jill

    I’m not a huge fan of them, but I think it’s nice that they’ve all reunited for this!

  • nina

    only mel c looks better then before!

  • thehell

    Victoria GET A LIFE and GROW UP. Stop the stupid posing. She looks beyond silly.

  • Gin

    @thehell: Agreed. There comes a point when you jump the shark and just look like a self-absorbed idiot.

    Victoria, get over yourself. We have.

  • Stunna

    If you wanna be my lovaaaa XD God, I can’t believe it’s been so many years!! Time goes by so damn fast. I feel old right now

  • Stunna

    Isn’t it SO weird that Victoria is kind of the most “famous” one? I mean, she doesn’t do anything exceptional but people talk more of her than of any of the other Spice’s. And to think Victoria was so blend and invisible and discreet and oh so unnoticeable during the Spice days….. It’s unbelievable!

  • Sal

    Love, Peace & Girl Power. Spice Girls get back 2gether!

  • Lenz

    dont have something to say finshed talk

  • blah

    spice grannies more than girls…. who cares except few old Brit fags….

  • Ava

    in defense of vicky b, it doesn’t help that emma’s body language isn’t open to hers. How can you do a group shot when she’s blocking her in both shots? In one pic, emma is holding onto geri’s waist with both hands and in the other shot, emma has her hand on her waist. Maybe they had a fight this morning or one of them is on her period lol

  • Barbara

    Was Victoria pasted into that shot?? Every picture she is in the same stupid pose…does she consider that her best side?

  • http://hello Aeson Alexandrukas

    @Lenz: 0,0 really

  • Land of Something


    I don’t find it that weird. At least she was marketing from the begining as the one with supposed class, while the rest were undeniably working class “chavs”. It’s no surprise that the “posh” one ended up in high end fashion, while the painfully inarticulate, talentless and crass other members struggled to maintain solo careers.

  • Cho

    Everyone seems happy and then there is that ice queen victoria smh…I have never seen a more serious woman my whole life…what is her problem she just looks unhappy.

  • Rocky


    Why are four all nice and together while Victoria looks like she can’t be bothered with them? It’s like she’s posing all by herself. Dumb ass.

  • Sheila

    The ONLY reason Victoria is more famous is due to David. It’s 100% being married to David that brought her to a higher fame level than the others. They are a brand together, but she needs him (plus he is more likeable). She was NEVER EVER the most likeable of the group. And apparently the other 4 feel the same LOL!!! Look at them all smiley and huggy and thrilled then there is Victoria who looks like every ounce of joy has been sapped out of her and that it’s such an effort to even sign autographs, seems it takes all her energy just to do that stupid pose. That pose she does just kills me it’s so ridiculous yet she seems to have no clue that people laugh about it.

  • Rocky


    I KNOW! What’s her dea? She wouldn’t be interesting at all if it weren’t for being married to Beckham, just like Katie Cruise. Their husbands are the famous ones. We wouldn’t be hearing about any of these two women if it weren’t for the men they married.

  • serena

    Oh please leave her alone. She is known for that look! She explained that facial expression often enough. She just got a baby and 3 boys and she does it herself! She works hard on her fashion line and is married! She is exhausted!! And it is ok! Because of the reasons I just wrote! And imagine you would stand next to people you don’t habe anything to do with or perhaps don’t like anymore. And she just don’t play the “everything is great and we love each other to death”-game like the other four. I respect that!!
    Perhaps the other ones are jealous because she is the only one who is really successfull. Who knows..

  • Jade

    Is it me or does Victoria look a little bit disheveled . The others have this glowy and fresh-faced look. And she looks like she just tossed her cookies in the toilet or something . The two Mels look really gorgeous though.

  • Whisful

    Victoria Beckham looks like inspector gadget in this coat!

  • anthony

    Emma is the prettiest and completely outshines Victoria….in fact they all do. That is nothing new. Back in 199, Vic was always the one behind and was never the most popular or the one the media loved. Emma is stunning and so sexy

  • anthony


  • Dairyqueen

    Snore, What is with this new wave of “jukebox muscials” lately? Are the writers running out of music, lyrics and story to create an all original show anymore? Mama Mia, Rock of Ages, now this? Yuck!

  • jbvi

    I love Spice Girls <3 I don't think Victoria is being weird at all! She has enough money of her own & her husband's so she didn't have to do this, but she did :)

  • jbvi

    Viva Forever! I love whenever they reunite! Brings me back good old memories :)

  • Jan

    All of you need to stop hating! Say what you will about Victoria but she has a very successful fashion line, multiple best selling books and fragrances, she has a global brand and is a well known fashion icon. She HAS a career. She did not need to do this. I can’t say the same for the other women.

  • S

    Well thats kinda cool

  • Jasmine

    Okay…WHAT is going on in this picture?? I wonder…is Victoria as unlikeable as we all think or is the issue the other women? They (all five) truly are a weird bunch.

  • ny

    No-one is hating on Victoria. Most of the comments are true. She was perhaps Simon Fuller’s least favourite and not Posh enough for first class as he sometimes relegated her to Economy while the others flew first class, as she once said in her book.

    Simon Fuller has now marketed her ONLY because of her marriage to David, to whom he introduced her. # 31 what you are in effect saying is that she has David Beckham. We all know that they are in business with Fuller. David launched the fragrance brand and opened up the market in America buddying with Tom Cruise at Real Madrid Bernabeu at the heights of his career. David and thee mass appeal of his clubs and the sport he plays is what elevated her status and wealth over and above the other Girls. Without him there would be no VB Coming to America docu etc etc