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'The Circle' Features 2 Celebrity Contestants This Season: Spice Girls' Emma Bunton & Mel B!

Surprise! Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) and Scary Spice (Melanie “Mel B” Brown) are checking in to The Circle on Netflix!

This season, the two Spice Girls will team up to compete as “Jared” on the Netflix reality show.

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All 5 Spice Girls Reunite to Celebrate Pride!

The Spice Girls are reuniting for a special cause!

Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Emma Bunton, Melanie C and Victoria Beckham – otherwise known as Ginger, Scary, Baby, Sporty and Posh – came together for Pride with an announcement on Tuesday (June 9).

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Victoria Beckham Reveals What Beyonce Once Said to Her When They First Met

Victoria Beckham just revealed something that Beyonce once said to her and it is quite the honor!

When they met a few years ago, Beyonce apparently commented on the Spice GirlsVictoria‘s girl group also featuring Mel B, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, and Melanie Chisholm.

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Victoria Beckham Reveals the Moment She Realized It Was Time to Leave the Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham is opening up about the “life-changing” moment when she realized it was time for her to leave the Spice Girls.

The 46-year-old entertainer and fashion designer wrote a feature for British Vogue in which she wrote a letter to her future self.

Victoria talked about running her fashion empire and how the pandemic has caused some challenges. She also wrote about her time in the Spice Girls.

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Victoria Beckham Reveals How She Really Felt Being Called 'Posh Spice'

For decades, Victoria Beckham has been known as “posh” based on her nickname “Posh Spice” in the Spice Girls.

“I was given the name Posh in 1996 over lunch with Peter Loraine of Top of The Pops magazine and the rest of the Spice Girls,” Victoria posted on her Instagram Story. “I can’t say it would have been my first choice, but ultimately grew into it on my own terms.”

She continued, “I was young and shy, and being Posh helped me find my style and confidence, and my voice.”

The message was in promotion of her new line, Posh Lipstick.

“[Posh Lipstick] is deeply personal – lipstick has always given me confidence when I needed it and extra spice when I already had it,” she said. “Each shade is inspired by a specific memory, and whilst the moments may have been my own, the energy and emotion is shared by us all.”

Recently, we found out some news about Victoria and her husband David.

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Mel C Reveals How The Spice Girls Got Their Nicknames

Mel C, aka Sporty Spice, is opening up about just how the Spice Girls got their iconic nicknames in a new interview.

Speaking on The Babble podcast, the 46-year-old singer revealed that the groups’ nicknames came from a really surprising place.

“Well it’s really weird because you know Top Of The Pops, right? Such a famous show and they have a magazine. And they just used to do some silly thing at the front of the magazine every week, they’d give like…it was Britney Spears was big at the time and they called her ‘Broccoli Spears’ and Natalie Imbruglia was ‘Natalie Umbrella Stand’ and they just had these names,” Mel shared with host Matty J.

She continued, “One week, they put a spice rack and they gave us these names and they just stuck, and that was it!”

“We kind of embraced them and in the States that’s how people know us, they don’t even know our real names,” Mel added. “It was really it was a fun thing, we loved it because I think we really became caricatures of our actual selves and out and those nicknames help that.”

Mel was known as Sporty Spice, with Victoria Beckham as Posh Spice, Geri Halliwell as Ginger Spice, Emma Bunton as Baby Spice and Mel B as Scary Spice.

Just recently, Mel C opened up about how the group were almost never harassed by men. Here’s why they weren’t…

Melanie C Says the Spice Girls Weren't Harassed Because Men 'Were Petrified of Us'

The Spice Girls weren’t harassed during their reign, according to Melanie C – AKA Sporty Spice.

The superstar sat down for an interview with Jessie Ware on the Table Manners podcast.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Melanie C

“I get asked quite a lot about the #MeToo movement within the music industry and if I ever experienced anything,” she said on the podcast.

“And I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ No one would come near the Spice Girls because they were petrified of us. You knew if you messed with one of them you’d have to deal with the other four, so we always had backup.”

That said, she said there was plenty of sexism.

“We started talking about Girl Power because we experienced sexism in the industry. We were just five girls, we wanted to be famous, we wanted to be pop stars. Quite quickly we were being told: ‘Girl bands don’t sell records, you can’t be on the front cover of magazines because girls buy records by boys’…we were like: ‘Seriously, don’t say that to the Spice Girls’ — that’s a red rag to a bull,” went on to explain.

Melanie C just returned with this hot new song – listen now!