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Leonardo DiCaprio Partners with Fisker Automotive

Leonardo DiCaprio Partners with Fisker Automotive

Leonardo DiCaprio is on a mission to make the world a greener place!

Fisker Automotive, a luxury hybrid and electric car company, announced on Tuesday (July 3) that the 37-year-old Hollywood heart throb has become an equity investor in the company and seeks to promote global sustainability.

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Leo was spotted stepping out of the company’s newest vehicle, the 2012 Karma.

That afternoon, he posted to his mobli account, saying, “Thrilled to announce a partnership with Fisker Automotive.”

Bigger pic inside

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leo dicaprio fisker auto partner 01

Credit: Max Shelton; Photos: Getty
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  • sayuri


  • Amanda

    And when no one buys it?

  • Yup

    He looks hot in that picture.

  • FUO

    Obama gambled our money away on that green dud.

  • FUO

    To the toon of Billions plus no Americans were employed.
    What Country is he president of again?

  • Fassdong

    My little environmentalist <3
    Proud that he is trying to save our planet!
    We should all do something to help our environment!

  • Gossipgirl

    @FUO: Exactly! DiCaprio is at least putting his money where his mouth is with private investment, not more tax payer money for this struggling firm.

  • tinkerbell

    is he back in LA at least? > I’d buy the car if I ever bought a new car….live in NYC no one needs one..

  • hap

    Fiskers are so ugly.

  • Jenn Jenn

    Hope that you have a crapload of money, cause the car costs about $250,000 and my understanding is that the bugs haven’t been taken out of the thing yet.

    Just another toy for spoiled rich people who want to tell us what to do with our money that we don’t have.

  • Jenn Jenn

    Hey Leo,

    A really good investment would be charging stations for these cars so people who don’t have millions like you could buy a decently priced electric car and have a place to plug it in.

    That’s too much commonsense though.

  • Helen

    Maybe he should stop smoking to make the environment better .

  • Anna

    I like Leo in movies and he seems like a nice guy, but on the other hand i find him a huge hypocrite. If he wants to save the enviroment then he should stop taking private jets everywhere. He needs to practice what he preaches of he will have no real credibility. How many times have we seen photos of him and his buddies heading to vegas on a private jet, that cant be very good for the enviroment.

  • Wes

    Leo and celebs buy Prius crap, pretend to be environmental then FLY PRIVATE studio jets everywhere LOL!

  • lori

    he looks better without the beard ~ or the facial hair! LOL ;-p

  • tinkerbell

    I want to go to Kauai with him, not phony big money hotels…more remote, endangered species type places…..I want to see the Happy Face spider and the rare birds and the hawaiian ginger…. oh well. He and miss tacky can enjoy the tacky drinks at the tacky resort and pretend they are happy.

    bye now !

  • tinkerbell

    he looks really bloated in the face here, and I dont usually think that. Not cute at all, like aging biker or something.

    nice car, but i have a carbon footprint not even the richest richie can beat, I’ve walked to work or taken the subway my entire adult life. No car ever. Never wanted one, still dont, rather walk or take my bike. Dont want to pay for it even if I can. Even not in the city I still dont want a car.

  • tinkerbell

    get rid of the dingaling underwear bimbo and get a life leo. then well buy the car ! ;)

    I stopped buying vs because of the current one…I swear

  • Sally

    JJ, thanks for the news. BTW that picture was taken in August 2011 when he was dating Blake. I wonder if she enjoyed riding in it.

  • ex nihilo

    looove the fisker

  • tinkerbell

    @tinkerbell: again, I dont think Blake is as bad as Barfie, but she was opportunistic and she did try to steal ben affleck when he is married with three kids.

    But I just dont think she’s anything more than cute at best. Not in the face, not really in the bod. She looks like Teri Garr.. Leighton Meester is average too, I think people get blinders when you are dressed expensively.

    Maybe he looks like crap here because of her.

    I still want to know who Blakey’s secret A-lister she’s into is, the one she has besides Ryan.

  • tinkerbell

    picture on the right, you see what I mean?

  • Melanie

    He’s beautiful and Pro environment. He’s someone to look up to and uses his status for the good you bunch of whiny plastic bubbles.

  • tinkerbell

    and heatherton does look like Twiggy, but Twiggy was more beautiful and iconic…

    second photo down

    twiggy had a very similar look but better eyes and skin….sorry she just did.

  • Trash can
  • tinkerbell

    that’s ok, leo is just a replay of this guy-

    and this guy

    leo just a little bit more selfish and a bit more able to survive…the loss of these two was horrific, not that he’s less talented or that I want to lose him either.

  • tinkerbell

    @Melanie: if we are going to speak of plastic bubbles, he’s responsible for a hell of a lot more plastic than I am. Read my comment about the negative carbon footprint. One of his damn jets and yes he probably just took one to get to Hawaii, burns more gas that I have in my whole adult life. I havent even pumped gas since high school.

    He can still be beautiful but sometimes hes a hellamess like everyone, looks always the worst on the beach or yachting, so Erin enjoy that, ok?

    Those yachts, even if he doesnt hire them, burn more gas on one trip than the average person commuting to work.

  • tinkerbell

    @Trash can: If you said I looked like Michelle Obama, frankly I’d take it as a COMPLIMENT, because this is the only first lady we’ve ever had whose hair actually moves in the wind, looks like she works out, and wears close that arent square pastel suits. So I’m ok with that. I worked for the Obama campaign to, so I’m more like him than some.

  • Angry bird

    eh is a pig like leo so they of course enjoy each other

  • tinkerbell

    @Angry bird: you think so? I dont know. Leo is piggy about women….she I dont know I think is just young and dumb. But your right Twiggy actually had cheekbones I forgot, I dont look at EH unless I have to for some reason.

    Where was the original crotch shot from, I want to chase the unblocked original, not because I want to see her vajayjay I just need a good laugh at her undies.

  • sarah

    Isn’t this OLD news? i swear i read something like this over a year ago.. does anyone remember that news? it was during bar time i think..

  • be happy

    The old news is that he is an equity investor. The new news is that he is entering into a promotional agreement with them now with LDF. Still, I prefer this photo of him to look at now that we have a new thread. He looks good here!

  • @Tinkerbell

    Your intense hate for ALL Leo’s girls and your predisposition to write essays/slurs on them once someone so much as mentions any of them in passing prove you are truly f***king crazy. Leo will NEVER be yours.

  • haha

    @@Tinkerbell: haha and she does want to look at her vajayjay!

  • Hypocrite

    Leo is on Hawaii with friends. There’s a good chance Mr Environmentalist flew private since he proved in the past he likes that. Also his friend tweeted a photo of a helicopter they took for an extreme adventure trip. But I bet that’s Ok because he is Leo and he is on vacation!

  • xXx

    @Hypocrite: everybody knows that he’s an hypocrite, he doesn’t believe in what he said, he wants his fans to think he’s an environmentalist because it’s good for his image. everything is fake in hollyweird

  • Sally

    Too funny. Amazing how Leo likes to repeat the same stuff he does with his bunch of friends and his flavours of the moment.
    Same helicopter he used last year with Bar with Naomi Campbell and Cameron Diaz. You can see pictures from BR’s website:
    I wonder how much a helicopter is good for the environment?

  • @sally

    ….are you so sure Leo is in Hawaii? Because some tweets seemed to be contradicting from one island to the other.

  • yeah

    Who really cares? He makes us happy :)

  • Hypocrite

    Flying private, yacht trips, helicopters…. A true environmentalist indeed! This guy says a lot of things to sell himself and his image when he needs to promote something but for convenience and because he is spoiled he ignores what he is preaching about.
    @Sally: No wonder he is attracted to someone as boring as EH. He is boring himself. Doing the same things with different girlfriends. I bet they feel `special`. LOL!

  • So…..

    If he’s so terrible, wretched, hypocritical e.t.c why follow him?
    Leave him alone and obsess on Rob Pattison. Leo’s living the life and his 10 frustrated JJ fans and bitter Barfbots ain’t gonna change that.

  • @41

    Why not? Who cares about Robert P.? Also nobody is going to change his life but he lives that awesome life of his in the public eye so people will express their opinion. One Bar obsessed poster is not going to change that!

  • So…..

    ‘People’ or just one psychotic friendless no-family obsessed poster expressing her opinion?

  • @43

    Yes, people. I bet in your head it’s only one person but it’s not. It’s awesome how well you can analyze someone behind your computer based on comments. lol

  • be happy

    I doubt Leo is promoting Fisker because it is good for his image. He was the first person to take delivery of the Fisker Karma last summer. And he arrived at the Golden Globes in one. Coincidence? Fisker needs a public face to help promote their product and help their somewhat tarnished public image. His motivation is more likely to be that he and probably some of his associates have a financial stake in the company and an interest in seeing it succeed. That being said, it suits his desire to promote protection of the environment so that is why he is willing to take the risk and be in public partnership with them. Fisker is incredibly fortunate to have a megastar like Leo on board.

  • be a hypocrite

    His official cause in Hollywood is being green. So how is promoting an hybrid electric car is not good for his image? It helped his image that he showed up in one at the GG. It`s all about image and of course his investment. I bet Fisker is happy to have a megastar like him on board. Too bad he is a hypocrite when it comes to being green.

  • be happy

    Then why isn’t he promoting the Prius or the Tesla? Fisker needs Leo, Leo does not need Fisker to enhance his image. Plus, he is ignoring his largely female fanbase by promoting a luxury hybrid sports car. I believe the motivation here is not to enhance his image. As for being a hypocrite, there are hybrid boats and planes being produced and likely Hollywood stars and other wealthy people will migrate towards those as well. Being green is about taking steps to reduce your environmental footprint, so his doing something is better than doing nothing. But of course, he will always have critics who will jump at every opportunity to point out his every “flaw.”

  • tan


    Exactly! He takes private jets which are the WORST thing for the environment. And I wonder what type of cars pick him up at the airports upon arrival. The huge gas guzzling SUV’s?! Yes, I think anything we can do for the environment is great. But until he stops taking private jets he is a HUGE hypocrite.

  • be a hypocrite

    Because he is a hypocrite and he loves luxury things like private jets, yachts so I don’t think it’s such a surprise to see him promoting a luxury hybrid car. His image is everything. He decided to promote this green idea and a hybrid car is a perfect opportunity to enforce his ‘green lifestyle’. Of course there are hybrid jets and yachts but Leo went green a long time ago ( before these new hybrid luxury items were made ) yet he continued to fly private and take luxury vacations on yachts. People notice this and point it out because it’s obvious. For you it’s finding every flow and you protect him no matter what he does. He is not perfect at all.

  • @be happy

    @be happy:
    Pls stick around. kinda nice to hear opinions/diff viewpoints rather than same old same old relentless bitchiness.