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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Hola, Puerto Rico!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Hola, Puerto Rico!

Jennifer Garner, Violet, Seraphina, and baby Samuel all greet Ben Affleck as they arrive via private jet at Luis Munoz Marin Airport on Saturday (July 14) in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

The 40-year-old actress and her three kids looked happy to see Ben as they landed.

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Ben is currently working on a crime drama called Runner, Runner about a businessman who gets caught up in offshore gambling. He co-stars with Justin Timberlake in the flick, which hits theaters next year.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and her kids landing in Puerto Rico…

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jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 01
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 02
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 03
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 04
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 05
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 06
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 07
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 08
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 09
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 10
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 11
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 12
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 13
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 14
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 15
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 16
jennifer garner and family in puerto rico 17

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  • Tiana

    I just love this family they are just so normal there adorable as well and Samuel looks like Ben to me. What a great family.

  • jaspisgirl

    very relaxed and happy family.cute kids and proud and down to earth parents.beg they have a fantastic life !!!!!!

  • mira Chancieta

    OMG!! I hope they don’t wander to far away from the tourist area that is the only safe place on Puerto Rico. The island is extremely poor and filled with beggasr and ruffians and there is a very good chance that this wonderful family could be victimized. Please be careful Affleck family.

  • -anna-

    Sooo Cute!!!! <3

  • dobbi

    Love this family!

  • Lizzie

    They (or their agents) must inform the paps where they are going or else how would they know that they are going to this obscure place.

  • FM

    Finally his PR Team knocked some sense into him
    First time we see him with his family somewhere, his “family man” image was slipping.

  • Denial

    In seven years we’ve only seen him photographed with the family about a handful of times considering the papz are always on their azzes.

  • Vikious

    They’re so cute! Ben’s a great father

  • Uh OH

    Last time she showed up at a film location he was “filming” with Blake L.
    Who’s the tramp errrr I mean Actress this time?

  • April

    Such a beautiful family. Love them! Thanks Jared for the pics.

  • tba

    So many great casinos on the Island…LOL

  • Alanawfl

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  • anonymous

    What a lovely family! They all love each other so much. The girls and Ben look so happy to see each other.

  • Sean

    Poor JLO looks at these pictures and weeps bitter tears. Now this is what a real family looks like both father and mother loving their children.

  • anonymous


    You obviously know nothing about celebrity photos. The paps follow the celebrities everywhere. A celebrity can’t go anywhere without being followed and photographed. Plus ordinary citizens can also get paid for snapping photos.

  • Love The Shoes

    @mira Chancieta: You racist bigoted hefer and I don’t mean hefa. Dumb stereotyping @sshole!

  • poor doormat

    Timberlake another known cheater is filming there too.
    She does have reason to worry.

  • Love The Shoes

    @mira Chancieta: I keep trying to start the tread over and then I get to your stupid words. How dare you?! You take a part of America; btw, did your ass even know that? Take it and paint it with the most negative and broadest of brushes based on what? What you’ve heard from one person? One experience you had? Are you from there? Well many of my family is and I don’t appreciate you lumping my family and friends into your swipe! You have pissed me off.

  • Love The Shoes

    @poor doormat: Unless you’re the so-called other women and can provide that proof, then you’re just another gossip troll who can’t stand the fact that these are celeb men faithful to their respective wives and fiances. You got concrete proof, prove it (but I know ya can’t.)

  • an

    .@Lizzie: Great question. Are they filming there? Is there a movie festival. If no to these questions than the only reason that paps were there is the same reason paps were at the coffee shop – The Afflecks tell them.

  • Jean

    Can anybody tell me when little Sam was born?

  • Jean

    @an: #21

    Read the article. It clearly states Ben is making a movie.

  • Arizona

    Making POOR Rico a commonwealth of the united States was a big mistake. We do far more for them than they do for us they live on Us government handouts and Food Stamps because they do not work. That island is dangeous and cruise ships will tell you not to mingle with the locals or go into those areas because everyone there carries a machete. Vieques is a dump America doesn’t need it anymore the Cold War is over.

  • fug you

    @Arizona: Actually, Vieques is not a dump, and the Puerto Ricans kicked out the U.S. Navy…because they were using one of the most beautiul islands to practice bombing etc. etc. the U.S. haven’t cleaned it up as they promised. As for handouts, the United States used the island and benefited wayt more than the islanders their corporations used it for tax shelters and once they no longer could do that they shipped the jobs to China, India and Mexico for cheaper labor. The Island is not dangerous, it is not any more dangerous than NYC, or any other State in the United State. By you rhetoric you can tell that you are bias and a racist!!!!

  • just saying

    @Sean: What’s your obsession with Jlo??/jealous much…cuz the woman is georgeous..and yeah she can live her life exactly as she wants…with a young stud if she wants…she has it all. She doesn’t go around pretending that she is the greatest mom in the world, she is always with her kids but she doesn’t expose them to the paparazzi on a daily basis. She gets over 250 million hits on yahoo way more than these two bozos and you still don’t see Jlo’s children on tha pages of magazines the way you see the a##fleck children.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Arizona: Arizona says it all doesn’t it. I bet you worship Arpaio don’t you? You smug ass who think you own America because you’re white. You got everything because you stole everything and your ass better be glad your invading ancestors weren’t demanded to hand over a green card when they landed!

  • Wilmaupl

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  • Love The Shoes

    @fug you: You and I know it will just become worse if it isn’t Obama we vote for. If people like Arizona have their way with their racist bigoted better than everyone and anyone who doesn’t look like them or think like them ugly neartedness then God help us because it will only become worse if they think they won the right to lord over us MORE as if we’re less then them.

  • Yo’

    @Denial: lol, no. we’ve seen him several times just he and the girls just in THIS year. Another thing is that, not all the celeb pages realise those pictures. Just go to and search Ben Affleck or some of the girls’ names and watch. Get your facts right, first.

  • Colton

    Like them as a family but think the worst of them as actors. They should stick to raising their children. Both of them not just Mrs. Afflac.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Love The Shoes: Let me apologize and correct my words. To lump all into the same nasty witch vat as he Arizona’s of the world would be no better than what I’m accusing (withh proof) them of. I’m only about those who think and have historically thought like that. they had and have a right to the ownership of America physically, spiritually and socially just because someone decided they were of the superior race, relgion and anything else they feel trumps the rest. I do not hate people only narrow racist bigoted minds and the actions that accompany that.

  • http://none Marie

    @Jean – Samuel Garner Affleck was born February 27, 2012.
    Wow! I just saw a precious photo of Ben holding Sam at the “Daily Mail” website!! Ben is there to film “Runner Runner” with Justin Timberlake and Justin is engaged to Jessica Biel who co-starred with Jen Garner in “Valentine’s Day” back in 2010 and they became friends!! Sounds like a fun trip for all!! Love Ben and Jen!

  • beyonce

    I thought they were so down to earth!not..they still have the same trappings of all the celebrities in Hollywood. Jennifer Garner flew in a privated plane with her kids to Puerto Rico…that is not down to earth to me. Of course she doesn’t want to travel with other people she is too uppity…the down to earth facade is just that a facade. These two have been banking on the “sweet family” down to earth family”…it sure doesn’t seem that way to me. Their agents really know how to market these two and they use their children to do it, because the woman cannot act and his acting is questionable.

  • Dianne Rivera

    @ Arizona ….. I agree with fug you , you can tell how ignorant you are !!!!!

  • LILO

    @ Arizona: ignorant and racial slurs don’t help. You are full of hate and obviously you don’t know about history..

  • hrmph

    It’s sooo cute how he carries both girls together even though they are getting too big for his arms lol! Gotta love a daddy and his little princesses :D

  • Europ

    Well I can tell you I did fly with my three children when they where small and if I had the oppertunity to have my own privat plan I would also fly on that

  • alyssa roober

    Ben pays too much attention to Violet. Poor little Seraphina looked sad:(