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Michelle Williams & Jason Segel: LAX Airport with Matilda!

Michelle Williams & Jason Segel: LAX Airport with Matilda!

Michelle Williams holds onto her daughter Matilda as they arrive at LAX Airport on Saturday (July 28) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actress was also joined by her boyfriend Jason Segel as they made their way from a stormy New York City to the sunny west coast.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Michelle Williams

While there have been rumors swirling around that the couple is engaged, E! reports that the news is not true, though Michelle and Jason are in a very happy place at the moment.

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  • bahha black sheep

    Jason looks like sh!t

  • KissThis

    they’re really an odd couple imo

  • Laurel

    I get the feeling that Jason is trying his best to be a better, more “together” guy for Michelle but I don’t know how long he’s gonna stick with it, tbh. He looks a little lost.

  • a

    oh hey look at these pics jessica alba – a mother not pimping out her child!! i like the two of them because they don’t make me nauseous or make ridiculous declarations of fake-love on twitter.

  • M

    Oh oh its the suri syndrome

  • kaya

    I feel bad looking at celeb pics where there are scared kids, that’s unecessary..

  • mrscruise-theex

    why jason why….i wanted you and now you are with this troll and ledger jr. he goes from beeing single for 8 years to step dad within 5 months i hope she doesnt use him…but i hope jason is happy and michelle hit the jackpot with him

  • lil

    @M: suri syndrome? — she’s a scared kid. dont be a di*ck

  • mlllllllllllle

    Jared loves to show terrorized children ! So cooool…

  • zach

    Matilda acting like Suri

  • misa

    Fan’s of Matilda’s father arent real fans!If you invade his privacy.
    He was private you shouldnt look at stalkerazzi pictures of his

  • Jo

    Matilda was fine last week when she had her picture taken a few times over a couple of days. These kids aren’t babies and this isn’t the first time they have been papped. Matilda is way too old and too big to be carried that way. Same with Bronx who Ashley Simpson has pimped out since birth. At least be consistant! You can get through LAX without being spotted certain celebs do it all the time. I think Jason and Michelle are an odd couple but then Michelle goes for odd guys.

  • lou

    omg, so sad. poor Matilda.

  • Josephine


    Every situation is different. You don’t know how close paparazzi were this time and what nasty things they probably shouted at her. Usually it seems like they are keeping their distance, but judging from videos, they are most agressive at the airports. There is not enough room to take long shot pictures, so they circle around celeb, scuffle with each other and shout nasty things to get better shot. It’s more than anough to scare 6-year old or even older so stop being so judgemental.

  • kim

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  • Villain

    Last week this girl was able to walk and even looked like she didn’t mind the paps presence.
    And now she acts as if they were at least shooting at her. And it looks ridiculous.

  • omg

    @Villain: mayby the last time the paps where more far away than on an airport they can be be closer than on the street

  • jj

    wow i didnt thought that michelle and matilda would come to la with jason because he starts shooting himym in august…thats a huge thing if she stays with matilda for there entire time because she never liked be in la

  • sky

    i wish them nothing but the best….i hope the paparazzi leave them alone

  • sydney

    cute but you can see they dont like the attention they are not the kardashians they want privacy

  • johnny 4ever

    i love him in how i met your mother he is a cutie

  • lucy lectric

    a kid with heath ledger, bootiecalls with ryan gosling and soon husband jason segel without a doubt she is a damn lucky lady

  • well well well

    ok if i can not have him she can she deserves to be happy but its still painful

  • Jinx

    It always makes me a little bit sad when I see Mathilde because she looks so much like Heath.

  • mimi

    I glanced at the drama of the photos… then was repulsed by them, as Matilda obviously doesn’t want to be photographed and her mother is trying to protect her. I think the worse photos I’ve seen of celeb kids are taken at airports, where they have no choice but to run the gauntlet of papz. I really think this is incredibly intrusive and inappropriate. The kids should not be targets.

  • lauren

    Matilda looks like she’s sleeping in her mothers arms after a long flight to me.

  • sacra

    That child is not scared, she has been photographed since she was a baby. Even when Heath was living you would see her being photographed, she is well familiar with the camera. You see her smiling an walking all the time in NY.

    Michelle should not be carrying that big girl. She is as big as she is almost. She will be 7 in a few months. Michelle looks ridiculous carrying a child that big.

  • Jennifer

    Oh look, another spoiled celebrity brat…

  • Adele

    Lots of hate on JJ today, I see. But seriously, Matilda is obviously scared of the paps and she’s getting way too big for Michelle to carry her. She’s gonna have to learn to deal with it sometime.

  • suri

    no matter how old my child is i would carry it if a bunch of men with cameras following me and shouting at me and m y kid thatd whats called motherly protectiv instinct its not like katie holmes who is calling the paps to take there pics

  • Stacy

    Aw, poor kid. I wish the paps would stop taking her picture–she’s only six. She seems like a cutie.

  • JoD

    Oh please, “poor celebrity kids”! Come on! Its up to the parents what they tell their children about the paparazzi. There are gazillions of kids hat are just fine. None of Ben Affleck’s kids behaves so stupid monkey style. Way to big the girl to jump and be carried like a baby. Suri Cruise does that, and everyone knows that its her mom’s fault. Come on! Look at how many kids behave “scared” of the celebrity offspring. Its the parents who make them! If I am a celebrity it is MY choice, and my obligation to educate my kids about what that means and not let them be scared and schlepp them around. Yuck.

  • Piperwest12

    Interesting that no one here complains about her carrying her six year old around. Everyone defends it as the child is scared of paparazzi, but when Suri Cruise, who is younger than Matilda, gets carried, it’s because Katie is a bad mom and Suri is a spoiled brat! The double standard is stupid and ridiculous.

  • Nicole

    Do we really need pictures of celebrities going through the airport? I mean…stop the press, Jason and Michelle just got off an airplane! It’s ridiculous.

  • Elizabeth

    Why is Michelle carrying Matilda like a baby? Can’t she walk?

  • lou

    leave them alone, bastards

  • Jessica

    Lol, everyone is arguing over whether or not Michelle should carry Matilda. Who cares? It’s not your kid. (Bring on the thumbs down…)

    As a side note, I’ve traveled through LAX when there have been some well-known celebrities there, and the paparazzi will stop at nothing to get a good shot.

  • mimi

    @sydney: You can also see that they are not like the afflecks who love the attention and trained their children to smile at the paparazzi.

  • Anne

    Michelle Williams has tried her best to protect this kid from the gossip media. This child’s life (and her mother’s) has already had too much drama. Gossip media should leave them alone.

  • Adele

    I see I’m getting thumbs down for stating that there’s a lot of hate on JJ today. Ironic…but it further proves my point, so thank you.

  • uh

    @Jessica: its called having an opinion. this is a blog to write comments.. why else would people be talking about it? 0_o

  • ab!

    @Adele: new people seem to have found this site because i know they can be cruel on here but not psychotic! — gone thru a few threads and its almost like reading through the angelina jolie ones.. jesus ppl are intense.. good luck if u have an opposing opinion

  • Heathslittlegirl

    @lauren: I agree that’s what it looks like to me, thank you! And I think her mom is protecting her from the paps taking pics of her little girl.

  • -_-

    @Adele: why should a child get use to it? thats not fair to put that on a kid.

  • pickles

    These pictures are just sad. My heart breaks for Matilda. Maybe jared, you will stop posting photos of kids who are stalked.

    It should be against the law to take pictures of underaged kids without their parents permission.

  • Adele

    @-_-: I don’t mean it in a cruel way, I just mean that because of who Matilda’s parents are, she’s probably going to be a target for the paparazzi for a long time. I’m not saying she should get used to it now, I mean sometime in the future when Michelle can’t carry her anymore. And she’ll always be a target whenever she’s out with Michelle or Jason…

  • -_-

    @Adele: got it! but i doubt celeb kids get use to it – unless of course they want publicity when they’re older!

  • Adele

    @-_-: Yes! I don’t think Matilda will want the celebrity life when she’s older because she’ll be able to see it firsthand from her mother. I feel bad for her, and all the other celeb kids, because it will be difficult for them to lead normal lives.

  • Janni

    Michelle must be very strong, to carry a child of that size! (sorry, my english is not the best)

  • Jigz

    Matilda is WAY too old to be carried around like that. She is what, turning 8 or 9 this year? She’s a big kid, still growing, and looks almost Michelle’s size already when they are snapped in NY.

    I get it if she slept through their flight and wasn’t awake yet, but otherwise, she should be walking.