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Leonardo DiCaprio: Dinner in the Big Apple!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Dinner in the Big Apple!

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps a low profile under a hat while having dinner with a pal on Wednesday (August 1) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor and his Titanic character Jack Dawson are the inspiration for the title track off of Bob Dylan‘s upcoming studio album Tempest, due in stores on September 11.

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“Yeah, Leo,” Bob said (via The Huffington Post). “I don’t think the song would be the same without him. Or the movie.”

Bigger picture inside…

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leonardo dicaprio dinner in the big apple

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  • Yani

    First B*tchies!!

  • http://veryverysexyandhandsome sharyllee

    not handsome

  • alex

    leo should have settled down by now. just saying. no more model gf find a nice girl

  • edge

    ONE picture? Really?

  • I Spy

    Luke’s shoulder!

  • tinkerbell

    I am sort of starting to like the stupid hat.

  • tinkerbell

    Almost, that is, almost.

  • katie

    Should Clooney settle down? What about Jack Nicholson, hes like 100.

  • Fassdong

    One picture is all I need!
    Love me some daily Leo!
    He looks so cute.
    And obviously Titanic wouldn’t be the same without him, he is the KING OF THE WORLD!

  • Lili

    I think Leo is in NYC to filming ” the wolf of Wall Street” because the set begins in august .

  • Lol


  • Leo Fan

    Thanks JARED! He looks bored or tired…. or both.

  • —–

    Jared, “the pal” is Lukas. Both have become inseparable since they flew back together to NY from Europe last week.

  • Leo Fan

    Yes they are working on the preprodution and it is not over. But Leo still takes the time to go out at night. He’s always loved the night life of the Big Apple:)

  • solange

    Where is his pot of glue? She has to be outside the country working somewhere….

  • Fash

    Oh Leo, when is he going to get rid of that awful reddish beard? The guy is so handsome without facial hair.

  • @solage#15

    No, she is in NY. But please, don’t bring her on this topic. She has nothing to do with this thread.

  • @solange

    Why are you idiot barf fans obsessed with her?
    She has nothing to do with this thread. Just like last summer.
    Go to your playboy model w*** posts and rant there

  • Frozoid

    He is not aging well and needs to take up swimming or cycling to tighten up that blubbery stomach.

  • gosh

    He will be old before he realizes it. You’ll have no stardom to seduce chicks anymore Leonardo. You’ll end up alone if you continue like this.

  • Mandy

    He looks like a handicapped person…

  • Theresa

    He looks like he has never been in the bathroom

  • @18

    What`s your problem? This thread is about Leo, has nothing to do with Erin or Bar or her fans. Why are you so upset? Also calling everyone a `barf fan` is getting a little tiring.
    There were two tweet photos of Leo with fans and it seems he trimmed the beard. It looks somewhat better but I can`t wait for him to shave it.

  • Nessa

    He looks… A little rough. Why has he aged so much in the last year? Is it just me???

  • Johnnier

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  • @23

    my problem? it was #15 that brought erin up in snarky fashion when she’s not even here. solange/whatevahernewname is a barfbot and regularly spams leo posts with pics or disses at erin even when she’s not there to start crap. as was the case with solo leo posts last summer and the same insults. if it tires you don’t read

  • @26

    At least Erin is dating Leo for now so I don`t think it such a big deal that she was brought up. `Insulting` Erin is nothing new ( at least not on a JJ thread ). It was ( still is ) exactly the same with Bar. I don`t see the difference. Everything is the same when it comes to a Leo thread and his girlfriends. Or is it just me?
    Calling Bar barf is just as much of a `diss` as calling Erin a `pot of glue`. Sorry but the way I see it you do exactly what solage does. Same insults over and over again. I`m not a fan of either models and I`m always happy not to read about them on the Leo threads.

  • @#24- Nessa

    No it is not just you. Leo looks neglected, tired and depressed…. he’s never looked like that before.

  • Lukas?

    Why do people always try to put Leo and Lukas together as lovers? Doesn’t seem to make sense.

  • @#24Nessa @#28

    @@#24- Nessa:

    He started to look more puffy and bedraggled than usual during his last go round with Bar, but Gatsby filming did something to him.

  • CanadaGirl

    Poor, LD. He can’t even eat without people bugging him.
    I have to ask what’s going on at the front of the shirt? Is that his jacket all bunched up or did he stick a napkin in his collar? ha @tinkerbell: is it cool in NY atm? Jacket weather? It’s gorgeous here…..

  • CanadaGirl

    Leo looks a lot like Jack in that picture during his “Goin’ South” and Missouri Breaks days. (Awesome movies btw. See them and “The Border” for Nicholson fans)

  • @#28

    He started to look neglected and depressed when he came back from Sydney. Perhaps the fact that he has dated so many different girls within such a short period didn’t do him good. He became blasé.

  • @33


    Maybe if he tried to behave like an adult and not like a shallow and horny teen seeking for young models… he could find a nice girl with whom he can have a serious relationship.

  • @Lukas?

    No one has to try to put Leo and Lukas together. They are always together without intervention. Hard not to notice.

  • KissThis

    sigh… what happened to the gorgeous Leo??? :(

  • @@Lukas

    Lukas and Leo are definitely close friends. Period.
    Leo looks like a mess on the picture. He’s probably working very hard or he partied too much last week in San Tropez.
    Furthermore, i know it’s off topic, but Erin hasn’t been sighted with him for quite a while. What’s in the air?


    @37. They’re both in NY but he’s always seen out just with his boys. Plus in the pics she’s been posting she hasn’t been wearing her “E” necklace he gave her…..I smell breakup

  • Geez

    How many times are we going to keep having the ‘I smell break up’ line. It’s been in EVERY friggin Leo post.
    No wonder most think JJ posters are desperate frustrated fan girls or crazy psychics.

  • Twit Pic

    10 mins ago Erin just posted a pic of her and her boyfirend. She’s says he’s pure bliss. Have a look. I always thought they were cute.

  • @40

    Well we all know who she’s NOT hugging right now…

  • @40

    @Twit Pic:

    She really must have broke up with Leo. Suddenly seems to have its own life… dining with HER friends, paying attention to her dog. LOL

  • @gossipGal

    Are you so sure he gave her that E necklace? That’s a necklace Jennifer Meyer designed for the mothers who wear the it with the child’s initial. Why would he giver her such a necklace?

  • @42

    Yep cause she was NEVER pictured with her dog before or never went out to parties/dinner as seen here on JJ before *sarcasm off*

  • @#42

    …and most of all, she seems to feel free to tweet.
    She looked awful and like she had been crying on the pic she tweeted of her having dinner with her friend Candice. No necklace, tweeting freely…hmm?

  • Geez

    Stalk their twitters and b***h on them
    They’re not seen together – break up, seen together – staged photo ops
    It’s the same lines with ALL his girls; rinse and repeat

  • @44


    Not during the past 7 months. If you look before that time there are many pix of her in twitter. After that, most of them are stuff from work or retweets.

  • Obsessed Much

    The necklace is NOT only meant for mothers. Single women can/do wear jewellrey with their initials on it. As another poster wrote Leo has taken Erin to Disney, skiing, Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas, like with other girlfriends, so why is it so difficult to believe he could give her a necklace as per usual? It’s his MO

  • @Geez

    And then one day it is eventually is TRUE always TRUE will be TRUE the INEVITABLE BREAK UP you forgot to include that part of the story. You know its coming…

  • LaChica

    Leo is sooo damn hot…he looks hot in that beard or in any way.. and all those judgemental people saying nasty things about him getting older and that he looks tired…obviously every one ages and to me he looks better now than before..he looks more manly…and he’s been working his ass of making movies back to back so yes the poor man is tired….so all of you negative people go look at yourselves in the mirror and I can bet your the ugly one …if you don’t like him don’t read news about him!!!