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Brad Pitt's Birthday Gift for Maddox: Suzuki Motorbike!

Brad Pitt's Birthday Gift for Maddox: Suzuki Motorbike!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s son Maddox turned 11-years-old on Sunday (August 5) and he was surprised with a super fun gift by his dad!

The 48-year-old actor bought Maddox a Suzuki DRZ-125 motorbike, a rep for the automobile and dirt bike company told E! News.

“He wants the boys to be able to ride them on private land [in Ruislip, Germany],” a source told the site. “It’ll be a fun thing for them to do, and obviously he has a real passion for bikes which he’d like to pass on.”

The bike that Brad bought was designed specifically for the youth market and reaches top speeds of 50 miles per hour.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brad Pitt’s gift for Maddox’s birthday?

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Credit: Chris Graythen; Photos: Getty
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  • wow

    brad is the best dad

  • noplace

    Great gift from great father!

  • oh boy

    Brad is the best father ever. Please adopt me.

  • Dream

    The family always seems to have a lot of fun, going to water parks, and cool vacations.

    Super jealous!!

  • http://Justjarde Sean’s


    What happen to Jastjarde to bring not true story to the site ?

    It is made up story by British newspaper .

  • tish

    Brad is such a good papa xo

  • busted

    Maddox is the coolest celeb kid of all time..

    Just has to be said.. So is this the bike Brad got in Germany.. when he and Maddox were pictured in that bike store.

  • groundcontrol

    I’m a grown azz woman and I want to be adopted. LOL!
    Thoughtfully chosen gift. Besides fun it can teach him responsibility while he is still impressionable and will listen to his parents. I drove at a very early age and I think that’s why I was a safe driver.

  • http://Justjarde Bt*ch Angie

    Please Brad your son safety first

  • tish

    Betcha Brad and his son Maddox had a blast on Maddox’s 11th BD.

    Brad has such a special bond wwith his eldest son, so sweet.

  • cute

    Brad Pitt is so perfect. Sigh.

  • busted

    These kids are always in helmets when we see them on a bike. The trolls are seriously assdumb

  • Suzuki for Mad
  • Saffron

    What a super birthday gift for a young kid! He’ll be having fun with it for years to come.

  • Suzuki for Mad

    Brad Pitt, Ruislip, Germany. Suzuki dealer.

  • http://@darikakoev Darika

    Like this page for the last fashion tendencies

  • Rose

    Troll is what I would call a Debby downer. This is a happy story about a beautiful young kid’s super birthday gift. Maddox must have been so happy to get his bike. I’m sure he had his eyes on that Suzuki and daddy got it for him. Super cute story. Reading the troll you’ll believe Maddox is the only kid with a Suzuki bike. Troll, get a life, leave this family alone.

  • lurker

    awww great dad

  • BW

    Brad is the coolest daddy.

  • She is the lead

    juju @ 08/07/2012 at 5:21 pm
    You don’t know nothing about movies.
    And why you care about her schedule?
    She will work until she has to work (the last day of shooting, cause she is the lead, she will be in almost every scene).
    Maleficent is not an emsemble picture.

  • anustin


  • de Cosmos

    When he gets his driver’s license, will Brad will give him a Ferrari and a bottle of Grey Goose?

  • laly

    My dad bought me a scooter when i was 15

  • tish

    Lucky Maddox, Good for him he is such a good kid. My nieces were riders at Maddox’s age. I think their parents wanted boys but no matter the kids loved their Suzuki bikes. They live out in the country so have lots of land by the lake . A lovely set up for all of them to use.

    If my neices and her parents have a blast and boy do they ever i can just imagine the beautiful set up Brad the Dad has for him and Maddox to enjoy. Happy for them.
    Hoping it was a BD surprise. Angie and Brad have both admitted they like to make each child’s birthday very special..

    Congratulations Maddox !! A belated Happy Birthday to You.

  • reeven


  • Ruslip?

    Happy Birthday Maddox! Unless you hear the story DIRECTLY from Angie or Brad , these stories always have the oddest (fake?) details- it’s like they can’t stop making things up…why would Maddox be driving the bike in Germany? Is Maddox going to ask Brad to use his helicopter (another fake gift that the media claimed Angie gave Brad last year) to fly him & his new bike to Ruslip, Germany to ride around? Another site said Brad took Mad to the garage to show him the bike- wouldn’t Angie & his sibs be there, too?? Maybe Z or Shi can wear the poem necklace (fake) that Brad gave Angie as they slide down the waterfall (fake) to look at the bike- I love during on of the Ocean’s red carpets where Brad laughs at the fake report and says “he’s much smother than that” re: Angie’s 32nd b-day present:

  • African Girl

    Awww! Good for Mad!!
    Love that the JPs are sharing their passion with their kids.

  • U.A.W

    Buy American stupid Brad.

  • Suzuki for Mad


  • juju

    She is the lead @ 08/07/2012 at 6:22 pm
    if anyone doesn’t know anything about films it’s u lol
    the lead actor it doesn’t matter if it a ensemble movie or not
    does his part n he’s done w/ it
    he doesn’t stay until the end of the shooting
    if he is not required to
    the schedule of the actors is done in advance
    angelina doesn’t not act alone in maleficent
    there’s other actors n parts of the story
    where angelina is not on it
    like the part of young maleficent played by India Eisley
    u got angelina words she said in sarajevo
    that she was working on maleficent for 3 months
    she started in june 13
    she’ll be done by september
    the movie according to actors n crew
    is done by september beginning of the fall
    i’m done w/ this

  • tish

    I believe this much which means Maddox got a fantastic bike for his BD.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s son Maddox turned 11-years-old on Sunday (August 5) and he was surprised with a super fun gift by his dad!

    I believe that comment above b/c the company that sold it let that much out oif the bag.

    As for how the JP Family celebrated there will be all kinds of stories.

    Angie and Brad try to keep their childrens special BDays away from the press and they have done a great job of it too.

    Another Birthday done by perfection by the lovable JPs.
    All finished with Birthdays now ontill Pax’s BD in Nov.

    Good job mama and papa Jolie Pitt!

  • Suzuki for Mad


    Brad Pitt has been venturing out of Surrey to do some shopping.
    The Fight Club star, currently renting a property in the county, popped into HGB Motorcycles in Ruislip, Greater London.

    He posed with the shop’s owner and staff after browsing the bike gadgets and items from the new Honda Gold Wing range.

    Maybe Brad was keen to get out of the pad he and Angelina Jolie are renting – we revealed they’ve had trouble with blocked drains, with the the pong getting up neighbours’ noses.

    Brad was also eyeing up mini motorbikes for his kids but only left with gloves and a helmet.

    A source said: “Having been a rider himself for years, Brad knows his stuff. He’s interested in getting his and Angelina’s brood into motorbikes but is still unsure about actually buying small bikes for them.

  • Dream

    @U guys are dumb:

    The producer doesn’t always have to be on set. They are more behind the scenes getting things together before they start filming.

  • juju

    U guys are dumb @ 08/07/2012 at 6:53 pm
    not as dummie as u
    but no one is lol
    producers don’t stay till the end of the movie
    they are not even on set through the whole movie
    the visit the set sometimes
    now enjoy ur night
    writing ur usual crazy stupid crap
    n spamming the thread
    poor thing
    ur such a waste of space n oxygen

  • rick

    @U guys are dumb: you are the biggest dump.brad filmed the councelor in the same country with his family for few days.and what pr,if it was a bad story you would be happy with.the guy just bought a gift for his are just pthateic

  • Dream

    @U guys are dumb:

    This is not a passion project! Her passion project was ITLOBAH. She wrote, directed and produced it.

  • sydistuckinthepast

    @U guys are dumb:

    hey syd..loving ur new name, stay salty pls

  • sydistuckinthepast


    u make some good points,,not sure why all the thumbs down :0

    u never know which gifts are true, because 90 % of the time it’s tabloid BS

  • rick

    @Sharon: you are so keep changing your name,but you cant change your sick posts. i know the news about brad with his family having fun is driving you crazy.keep changing and

  • hehehe

    The resident troll is losing it again. hehehe

  • Eva

    So jealous of jolie pitt kids. You can’t find a better dad than Brad Pitt.

  • sydistuckinthepast

    removed already LMFAO

    why even bother sharon C u weird freak

  • Sharon

    That was fast, mods. Ur no fun, You deleted passing throughs favorite picture

  • Just Sayin

    cool dad.

  • Sharon

    “not as dummie as you”- juju
    Sydisstuckinthepast hi lmao, why you mad, sis?
    @rick: but have you seen or read a tweet about ANGELINA? Nope. You have no idea what she’s been up to. As delusional as the twilight fans. Bwhahhaa

    hey, did any of you finally admit that Brad Pitt looks identical to Jennifer Aniston I think they have the same face filler. Bwhahahah


  • lol

    The name changing troll is that idiot troll Starzilla from JJB. LOL.

  • to sharon

    lol…. what about a tweet that said he saw brad and angie having lunch together. i think it was yesterday?
    p.s. he is a few tables away from them..

  • Sweet

    Everything Jolie Pitts does is always so much cooler than any other celeb families. Jolie Pitt is the best.

  • a lurker

    to sharon @ 08/07/2012 at 7:27 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    lol…. what about a tweet that said he saw brad and angie having lunch together. i think it was yesterday?
    p.s. he is a few tables away from them..
    This tweet is Today.