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Megan Fox: Bra & Undies for 'This is 40' Trailer!

Megan Fox: Bra & Undies for 'This is 40' Trailer!

Megan Fox strips down to her bra and undies in the latest trailer for Judd Apatow‘s This Is 40!

The sequel to the hit movie Knocked Up also stars Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Jason Segel, and Chris O’Dowd.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Megan Fox

The flick fast forwards a few years into the lives of Pete (Rudd) and Debbie (Mann), and shows how they deal with their states as they grow older.

Look out for This Is 40 when it hits theaters on December 21!

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  • elle

    Day-um! She is SO gorgeous! wow :)

  • catdog

    It’s disgusting how Megan only does movies where she is sexually objectified. She doesn’t even try to do something else. ugh!

  • constant

    @catdog: How do you know she doesn’t try? I guess she takes what she can get.

  • elle

    whatever I don’t agree- she is a stunningly beautiful lady- I think she should show that side of herself off- what is wrong with a sexually attractive woman anyway? besides she has never done anything too risque. I think she is gorgeous and classy!

  • somali girl

    Fake tits, fake face to top it off she looks old due to the unnecessary plastic surgeries.

  • catdog

    I know it because there are a lot of actresses that are famous for their beauty (and not their talent) and yet they tried to do something different at least once. See Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johanson…

  • helo

    Judd stop putting your wife and kids in every movie you do!

  • Lily

    As usual, Megan Fox shows her boobs. Nothing new, NEXT!

  • anon

    Megan is a side note here, but I am very interested to see this film. Good idea for a sequel.

  • constant

    @catdog: I think “Jennifer’s Body” was quite something else for Megan Fox. Still sexy, but now the predator in a completely weird film. Yes, there are a few lucky gorgeous actresses that get to do more than just look gorgeous in films. I don’t think that Megan Fox has a great chance for such roles at this point – whenever she was cast as something more than just plain sexy in the past, the film didn’t do well.


    They’re so fake! She has photos of her in the bikini with an almost flat chest, those photos are from few years ago. Internet is FULL OF HER Before ‘THIS MEGAN’ photos, and they don’t lie..And, this internationally known fact about her has made her desperate to get chances like these to show that she’s not a fake beauty. She’s beautiful and would’ve stayed beautiful without all the work she’s done, but now she’s become desperate to show that. She uploads her teen pics on facebook where she’s pouting or has darker eyebrows and of her worn-off botox to show that she’s had work done. Scar jo was once heavily rumored to have had a nose job done, she never uploaded her pics or did small parts in movies to prove that wrong. The fact that she only does things like that shows her guilty conscience of how she’s so desperate to make people believe that, and in the process, she’s losing time and only objectified for it when she should be concentrating on getting decent roles to get into the more A-class of actresses, who smartly chose different roles to get the ‘sex symbol’ image off their shoulders!

  • elle

    seriously why do people have to b so mean- can’t you just enjoy and appreciate a pretty lady sharing her beauty and leave it at that? I bet none of you (or me) have 1/100th of her beauty so you lash out at her. You don’ know her at all so stop judging! besides she is so under the radar it is not like she is ourting hollywood- if anything she has only done a couple of movies.

  • JillyRo

    Well it’s not like she can actually act. So she has to settle for “body-acting” roles, likely the only type of roles she gets offered. She’s no Jennifer Lawrence, Keira Knightly or Carey Mulligan, ect. she is not getting offered A+ roles. Career-wise, she’s just a sexy body now, not known for much else.

  • kathryn

    and she wonders why people don’t take her seriously…
    she was so beautiful why did she have to f*ck with her face now she looks so puffy all the time

  • Double Standard

    Yeah only male actors are allowed to sell sexuality in movies. If female actresses try and do it forget about it.

  • Jane


  • craig

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  • Fer

    Oscar buzz… LOL

  • Lola

    The bra and panties image isn’t chosen by Megan, so stop blaming her.

  • tara

    Well…real breasts don’t look like that no matter how young.

    (sorry to burst you’re bubble if you think they do)

    Kind of annoying to do this kind of scene with a fake breasted actress. Goes against the point of the scene in my opinion.

  • yez

    So much hotter than Jolie the skeleton.

  • :)

    I find her very beautiful…but she looked more unique without all those operations! AND I have to agree..she’s so under the radar,she’s not calling paparazzi all the time unlike some(or most)people of hollywood :)

  • eww

    She lashed out at Michael bay for objectifying her sexually, and everyone bashed her for that. Show leboif and others backed her up. She doesn’t want to be that raw sexual role that Michael bay was seeking, Rosie Huntington loves that role, and Megan didn’t, that why she made comments to Michael bay. So that tell you there she’s nt happy with those roles. Some are going too far, and some are just a little. Halle berry did sex scene as id it were porn we were watching, others have been naked, breasts and all. Megan hasn’t dont any of that. So don’t misjudge her. Anytime you see her out, she’s in sweat pants, so cool it with the ignorant comments.

  • Jessa

    @helo: Tim burton puts his wife in everything he does. And Johnny depp. No complaints here whatsoeverrr. But yah when Judd does it, it is annoying for some reason…..

  • A

    LOL of course. She really doesn’t care of improving her career does she? She complains about being perceived a certain way yet does stuff like this. Pathetic

  • seathing jealousy

    wow… madness

  • no

    @seathing jealousy: No, get real you stupid twat. Recognizing how talentless she is doesn’t mean we’re jealous. Most of her haters AGREE she’s hot. but that doesn’t mean she deserves success. Her career is already a joke

  • camadarie

    @no: keyword in your statement: HATERS. of course haters would agree. Trust me, with the recent string of reality stars, models, singers, dancers who have recently got the acting bug, I’d take Megan Fox any day.

  • ja

    What do you mean she does not love being a sexual object in movies. Have you seen Jennifer’s Body? She loves playing the vixen, bombshell hot girl role. She’s actually less annoying when she’s not in the limelight, which I like. But man, when she’s promoting movies, it’s all verbal diarrhea. I remember when she was trying to promote Jennifer’s Body and all she was trying to sell was to the audience about her hot steamy kiss with Amanda Seyfried.

  • J

    @no: Megan Fox–I love your understated beauty and the fact that you come across as down-to-earth and straightforward in your interviews. Definitely appreciate your personality and I definitely prefer you than the other starlets who surrounds themselves full with parties and booze and ego.

  • Colossal

    @catdog: If Megan was born sexy, it’s not her fault and you cannot mistake her sexuality with vulgarity. If her sexiness is sultry and not regal (like the ones you mention xcept Olivia), again not her fault. In Transformers, she hardly had a kissing scene. Megan doesn’t choose to be objectified. She just happens to have a beautiful face and bod. So gorgeous!!

  • aBeaver

    @catdog: you would be ranting her more if she was in a dramatic movie with big names. Either way, she doesn’t seem to win. If she goes too serious, it would look like a bigger joke, not because she can’t act but… between blockbusters, comedies and drama, she’d look better and has done ok with the previous two. At least she doesn’t push herself to do things to boost her status. She doesn’t attempt to sing or dance because she knows her limitations. So yes, definitely prefer her attitude and have enjoyed her films.

  • charcoal

    @catdog: don’t confuse sensuality/sexuality with vulgarity. Megan Fox does sexy pretty decently, actually.


    @Double Standard:
    There are like a gazillion actresses in hollywood who’re doing it. Here, we’re just pointing out on how Megan is doing ‘JUST THAT’!. I don’t care what anybody thinks, but frankly i’m a little sick of watching her in what for 5 min in a movie where she’s doing only this stuff! I was actually excited for megan in this movie, i thought she has a full role in it…but seeing the trailer, got to know of the truth!

  • Maddie

    Judd Apatow’s Wife and kids are in the movie because it’s a sequal to Knocked up… where they were all in it. It wouldn’t ;make sense to have a movie like this without them in it. It looks hilarious :) Can’t wait to see it.

  • anonymousdude

    Meh…. Still not interested.