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LeAnn Rimes: 17th Annual Symphony Concert Performer!

LeAnn Rimes: 17th Annual Symphony Concert Performer!

LeAnn Rimes hits the stage at the 17th Annual Symphony Concert held at Salk Institute on Saturday (August 25) in San Diego, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer performed with returning guest conductor Thomas Wilkins at the fundraiser that supports the leading-edge biological research at the Institute and its award-wining community education programs.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

Earlier in the month, LeAnn and her husband Eddie Cibrian showed off their bangin’ beach bodies while spending the day with friends at Newport Beach.

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Credit: Jerod Harris; Photos: Getty
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  • IGottaSay

    Good. There are no comments here yet. Let’s not comment, and prove how irrelavent she is now. :)

  • Wednesday

    Can this chick get any more unattractive? And she thinks she is so hot – it is totally hilarious how clueless she is. How any guy would enjoy sticking it to her is beyond me, much less being seen with her in public.

  • Rocky

    Love that she’s performing in a concert that helps educational programs. Love her bracelet too.

  • Mimi

    @IGottaSay: I’d say she’s more relevant than YOU.

  • Molly

    Great! keep sticking to what you know best-your wonderful music.

  • I was there

    Wonderful thing to do for all involved! Music was great also.

  • grow up

    leann is awesome..for reasons beyond her personal life..or whatever else you can’t seem to move beyond in order to leave your computer chairs for one day. she’s a great hobby for you all. probably feels great to high five over being jerks..woohoo! but your attempts to make her into nothing don’t work. she still positively affects more people than you could hope to even spit on.

  • WTF

    @IGottaSay: umm you just commented! :P lol

  • La piñata.


  • paul

    Wow all grown up. I can remember when she came out with that song “Blue” she just kinda blew me away with that voice. Glad to see this article, I had almost forgotten about her.

  • gwen

    Wow someone is doing some major ASTROTURFING(artifical blog buzz. ie-Leann sends her twitter pals here to make nice posts about her using 5 different names to make it look like she has supporters.)

    @paul: You are glad that Leann uses charity to promote herself?

    @Iwasthere: If it was so wonderful, why are you using all these different names to write these positive comments?

    @mimi: Are you using someone else’s name to make posts? If Leann was relevant, why are you still hijacking names just to make nice comments in favor of Leann?

    @Molly: What wonderful music? If her music was wonderful, why are you using all these different names?

    @Rocky: How did Leann help educational programs? Everyone knows that Leann uses charity work to make herself look good. It’s not about helping people, it’s about Leann making it all about Leann.

    @grow up: If Leann was awesome, why do you have to use all these different names? You can’t expect people to move beyond Leann’s personal life when she won’t even do the same. Leann doesn’t leave her computer chair for one day, so what is your point? Tweeting about her fake marriage and Brandi’s kids ia a great hobby for Leann? Leann made herself into nothing, look at how many different names you have to use to write nice things about her because no one likes her. The only thing Leann will ever effect is JJ and People mag bank accounts!

  • gwen

    Oh JJ left out that Leann is single white femaling Brandi. The dress Leann is wearing is the same ones that Brandi was spotted wearing on RHOBH.

    How come Just Jared opted to post this fluffpiece about Leann exploiting charity instead of posting about this?

    1) From Reality Tea-Aug 27, 2012

    “LeAnn Rimes Called Out For Stalking & Harassing Brandi Glanville Fans On Twitter! LeAnn Insists She’s A Victim Of “Treachery”!

    2) From Huff Post-8/24/2012

    “Leann Rimes Disappointed By Former Fan’s ‘Treachery,’ Says Attorney”

  • Claire

    Damn this girl is ugly, I’ll never understand why she loves herself so much – at least she ain’t in a bikini!!!

  • Roxanne

    Enquirer article come out yet?
    Please Mike Walker takkkkkke our story! Please please pleeeeeeeeease

  • Mistybowwow

    BBs lock unlock lock unlock

  • annamae

    Kristi dear get some rest. You are coming uNGLUED

  • scotgal14

    Can’t believe Leann herself has a link to this on her twitter feed! Who does that?!!

  • gwen


    Wow, So you are starting up the “haaaa” posts AGAIN in names that you stole from someone else? 3 different names? And for what? Because I called you out on ASTROTURFING? You have your work cut out for you in this thread. ONLY 17 posts? Oh wait that’s because you are too busy obsessing over me in the previous thread!

    Remember when you posted the very same comment in the previous thread as EbnYaOver and you bragged about how the guy from Huff Post had ignored EY and KS? What happened? Days later the article came out. Since you were up at 4am making a post in my name and you are on People mag making a post in my name, we know for a fact that a negative article is about to come out.


    Leann said to Eddie and Lizzy, “lock unlock lock unlock


    Eddie said to Leann and AMEJEAN, “Le and AMY dear get some rest. You are coming uNGLUED haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Who did you steal these names from”?

  • gwen

    To the “haaaa” poster who is still hijacking names:

    IV) Be yourself, only yourself, and just one of yourself.

    Every person’s opinion is valuable and unique. Pretending to be someone else removes thatunique value from you or from others. Don’t misrepresent yourself or others, spread mis-information, create multiple accounts or “astroturf”. If you do, you will make the community a less enjoyable and valuable place to be and will be removed when we see it.
    -Source Huff Po

  • gwen

    No wonder AMEJEAN resumed the “haaaa” posts in names that he stole from others, look what was posted today:

    “LeAnn Rimes blamed for influencing ‘RHOBH’ star Brandi Glanville’s followers” (August 28, 2012)
    -Source: The Examiner

  • Daisy

    I know that this isn’t a popular sentiment but I sincerely feel sorry for Leann. The public, except for a few diehard fans, have forgotten that talent she has(had) and now just consider her an attention seeker and home wrecker. She seems to really be in love with her husband and he seems more in love with the lifestyle she provides him and looks bored and inebriated most of the time. The saddest thing for me to see is her attempts to spotlight her relationship. They make it look like she’s trying to get public approval and she needs to stop. If they really are so happy and in love, they need to keep it to themselves and live more privately. The staging of pictures and spreading them all over and the constant gushing are just feeding speculation that she’s over compensating. She should stick to her music and stop with the constant attempts at PR because they aren’t working in her favor. Her personal life is overshadowing her professional one and that is never a good thing.

  • Jen

    There is something really wrong with her face. She doesn’t look like the same person at all.

  • Carrie

    @Jen: Never was a truer statement written. “There is something wrong with her face”. Besides the obvious in regards to her being unfortunate looking, she is definitely messing with her face and lips. She’s just making a bad thing worse.

  • gwen

    Dear Leann(Since you posted this link to your twitter page and AMEJEAN is in the previous thread working hard for you trashing Brandi, we know that you are reading this site and everything that people say about you):

    Why do you expect anyone to believe that Eddie loves you, adores you, buys you bracelets/necklaces/rings, or is thoughtful when he doesn’t even extend that same compassion to his own kids as he allows you to tweet and post photos of those boys on a public forum or set up staged photo-ops when the boys are in your custody. What you confirm is that Eddie is a liar and that he has been cheating on you.

  • gwen

    What do we learn from the exclusive interview that Courtney S 2.0 gave to Celebuzz:

    1) Leann lied. Eddie didn’t buy Leann anything for her birthday, she bought it herself. Why didn’t she just say right off what he got her? Why did she deflect and then answer the question?

    2) Eddie isn’t a ray of light in Leann’s life, he is more like a black hole that consumes Leann’s money.

    3) Just like Leann tweets from Eddie’s twitter account, she has written herself letters TWICE to make it look like Eddie writes notes to her. Eddie didn’t buy his kids cake and doesn’t even help Leann get his kids ready for school. So we know he didn’t write anything. Shame on Leann for lying.

    4) Eddie didn’t surprise her with anything considering that SHE bought the bracelet and on top of that she paid for it. Eddie doesn’t have a job. How did he pay for the bracelet? And aren’t the paps always following Leann and Eddie? So how come none of them got any photos of Eddie buying this bracelet?

    5) When doesn’t Leann burst into tears? She is HPD, so it’s obvious why she is crying all the time. HPDs have exaggerated emotions.

    6) Just like she didn’t expect Eddie to “buy” her engagement ring after he lowered his child support too?

    7) Because in her mind Leann seriously thinks that the ability to not take off the bracelet will convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating. How pathetic that she is now reduced to using a bracelet to convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating.

    8) Did Eddie also “buy” Lizzy the same bracelet and gift? You know he did considering how Lizzy was also spotted wearing the same dress that Leann wore in January.

    9) If Eddie’s heart is truly always with Leann, then why does Leann spend so much time single white femaling Brandi, Lizzy, SMJ, Josie D, Kim K, or any woman Eddie lusts after? Eddie’s heart is not with Leann, hence why she is using Celebuzz to cover up the fact that Eddie is sleeping with Lizzy!

    10) Eddie has to be drunk just to touch Leann. So at this point even her own dogs are better at loving her than Eddie is because she doesn’t have to buy them gifts or get them drunk just so that they show some affection towards her.

    11) Eddie shows Leann love every day? Well that explains why Leann spends so much time tweeting and arguing with strangers on important days like her birthday, honeymoon, and vacations. Eddie doesn’t show Leann any love, hence why she paid Celebuzz to write this nonsense article.

    12) Leann is depressed, when her husband is a serial cheater who makes her hang out with his mistress is anyone surprised?

    13) Once again, it’s LEANN, not the magazines who is talking about her getting pregnant.

    14) So the only way that Eddie would go out with Leann for her birthday is if she bought him a gift and allowed Lizzy to tag along, hence why Leann is now trying to save face by saying that Leann threw this party for her. The same Lizzy who was spotted wearing the same outfit that Leann wore in January?

  • not a fan anymore

    She is really ugly…squinty eyes, flared nostrils. Not a natural beauty and trys too hard to look like a model, flaunting herself in bikinis all the time…I guess so she won’t lose her husband.