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Rupert Sanders: Back to School Shopping with the Kids!

Rupert Sanders: Back to School Shopping with the Kids!

Rupert Sanders and his kids Skyla and Tennyson do some back to school shopping at The Grove on Sunday (August 26) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Snow White and the Huntsman director was wearing his wedding ring as he picked his kids up some new shoes and backpacks.

Rupert and the kids grabbed fresh smoothies from Jamba Juice later in the afternoon for a snack.

Last week, Rupert‘s estranged wife Liberty Ross made her first red carpet appearance since his cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart.

FYI: Rupert is wearing Levi’s jeans.

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91 Responses to “Rupert Sanders: Back to School Shopping with the Kids!”

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  1. 26
    Doo Says:

    Is that dogshit on his shoes?? Ewwwwwwww

  2. 27
    A Says:

    This guy is as cheap and disgusting as they come.I’m sure Kristen misses him a lot LOL.Ok jokes apart,I wouldn’t be surprised if he came out said that Kristen is a tramp who took ‘advantage’ of his on-going marital problems.He will def try to portray himself as victim and throw Kristen under the bus to save his himself.

  3. 28
    Pam Says:

    I feel really bad for those kids. Imagine what her first day of school will be like… “Why was your dad kissing and gropping, Bella?” Ugh… the whole situation and both of the cheaters involved disgust me. Such trash!

  4. 29
    A Says:

    @Duh: Please don’t drag Liberty’s name here.She is the victim and has the right to handle this mess in her own way.If she wants to step out on the red carpet to prove that she is not a weak woman then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

  5. 30
    JaneY Says:

    If Kristen were in Liberty’s shoes & carried on with her daily life, I have a feeling some of you would be cheering her on for ‘being strong’ etc. And not labelling her s famewhore for appearing in public. I certainly hope that the disdain for Liberty Ross is not a reflection of what our young women would do when faced with an unfaithful spouse – ie must look terrible, be miserable, cry foul a lot. THAT’S called playing victim. I applaud Liberty for carrying on, it’s not easy deciding to leave a marriage, especially when children & geography are involved. And for the record, I think she’s wealthy enough to hire a private investigator and not involve paparazzi if she wanted to find out about infidelity. If it were you, would you initially voluntarily splash your private business out there for all to see, to expose your children to paparazzi 24/7? Doubt it. She’s in fact already previously had a career far exceeding the success of her other half.

  6. 31
    Rosey Says:

    wow! what a pig!! And he has two beautiful children he doesn’t deserve!

  7. 32
    lynn Says:

    what an a**hole and a moron. he and kristen deserves each other. both are liars, fakes, morons and selfish pigs! i will not be surprised if both Ruperv and Kskunk cheat again in the future.

  8. 33
    Rupert's PR strategy Says:

    Step 1: Issue an absurd apology.

    Step 2 : Wear your wedding ring and call paps.Look relaxed in front of paps so that people may think you are not that devastated because you are trying to work on your marriage with your lovely wife.

    Step 3: Repeat step no 2 to enhance the effectiveness of your plan and no matter what happens just refuse to comment on a super easy chick known as Kstew .

    Step 4:Take your kids out and call paps.Make sure that paps get the clear shots of your kids so that people may think “Oooh at least he is a good father.” On a side note easy Kristen “Daddy Issues” Stewart maybe impressed by this move and call you for another momentary indiscretion.Accept her offer but this time select a better place and a car with tinted windows.

    Step 5:Be a “source” and call tabloids to then them that hunky Rupert and Liberty Ross are working on their marriage.

  9. 34
    Piper Says:

    @snap crackle pop: Totally agree! He needs to be remembered every time he steps outside of his house as a disgusting pig who had no regards for his wife and children.

  10. 35
    mandy Says:

    cute socks

  11. 36
    Lola27 Says:

    This guy is a cretin – why is he getting ANY exposure anywhere???!!! >:(

  12. 37
    Frances Says:

    This guy is so ugly.

  13. 38
    Then Says:

    Then he put K in that embarrassing situation!

    Yes, because he looks a manipulator, and now he is all smiles with the children!

    And the girl is hated by other girls!

    C’est la vie! Unfortunately!!!

  14. 39
    LS Says:

    I am mad that he is sitting outside in broad daylight for the paps to see his kids. He could have eaten with them inside. I don’t like people using their kids. That’s wrong. That makes him more sick in my eyes than anything else.

  15. 40
    niagirl Says:

    I thought they were moving back to England. So he’ s in the house and they are school shopping. They have about five more minutes before their fifteen minutes are up.

  16. 41
    Seriously... Says:

    What A Douche Lord! Seriously This Guy Gets On My Nerves. i Thought The Film They Did Was Pretty Good But He’s Not Known As A Talented Director He’s Known For Cheating On His Wife….

  17. 42
    Simple Says:

    A pig is a pig and that’s what this tool Rupert is. I cannot believe Kristen would meet and know these children and wife and still be so trifling and sneaky. That tells me something about her. Those kids are beautiful. I’m sure the director was a loser before this…. and Kscrew always acted like she was above the world before this. What did Kscrew see in him. Shame on both of those cheats. I do not feel sorry for either.

  18. 43
    WTMF Says:

    Oh please, stop trying to sell the ‘family man’ image. It’s not working. It’s disgusting using your kids like that. Haven’t they been through enough? Was it worth it?

  19. 44
    kia Says:

    The only thing beautiful in those pictures are those children. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a soft, soft spot for children. There is no way I would know this kids personally and betray them by having an affair with their loser dad. That’s just me. I do not care what sort of enticements he was throwing my way. I guess it’s true that you have to keep track of your “friends” closer than you do your known enemies. Kristen and Rupert deserve each other because they are selfish, narcissistic cheats!

  20. 45
    Carla Says:

    Cheaters only “care” when they get caught. I bet if these two moron (Rupert and Kristen) were not caught, they would still be doing the dirty, disregarding the children and deceiving their respective relationships.

  21. 46
    Lena Says:

    I feel really bad for his children. They’re too young to understand what really happened, but he basically ruined their entire lives.

  22. 47
    Jaynell Says:

    All of these is for PR! Douche bag!!!!!!

  23. 48
    patty Says:

    The only way to beat this dirty pig at his own game is to blackball him and his every film from here on out.

    Do Not Pay to watch his movies . that’s the only way to wipe that slippery smile off of his face.

    BOYCOTT this dirty pr.i.c.k. Do not add another penny to his bank account.

    That’s about the only thing that could hurt this smiling slippery cheater . Slap him where it hurts , right inside his moneyholder.

    I’m done, that’s the end of helping this slimebucket make his millions!!!!! If everybody or everyone who were in the habit of paying to watch this guys films stood up and ostracised him he would NOT be smiling anymore.

    Don’t worry Rob will be just fine . He will be at the top of the list as the A List actor being handed scripts before anyone else.

    As for PervieRupie the more money you have the more you want .
    If he were to be boycotted that’s going to sting like a mofo.

    Well STING PIG STING!!!!!

  24. 49
    Jennifer Says:

    Rupert is such a pig.

  25. 50
    aquarius64 Says:

    What a jerk. Playing the family man, huh? He’s bragging to the world I fondled Hollywood’s current It Girl in public, cuckolded her equally famous boyfriend and still kept my marriage. Both are equally to blame, but Stewart is getting, death threats, vile t-shirts, and YouTube slam raps ( Stewart is now a cautionary tale to every starlet in Hollywood that they can be one stupid move from ending their careers.

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