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Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Final Trailer - Watch Now!

Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Final Trailer - Watch Now!

Joaquin Phoenix and his director from The Master Paul Thomas Anderson enjoy lunch with friends at the famous restaurant Osteria Santo Spirito on Friday (August 31) in the old town of Florence, Italy.

The 37-year-old actor was spotted chatting with the restaurant’s owner, who introduced Joaquin to his daughter.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Joaquin Phoenix

In case you missed it, check out the new poster for Joaquin‘s upcoming film The Master.

Earlier this week, the final trailer for The Master was released. Check it out below!

Joaquin Phoenix – The Master Final Trailer

10+ pictures of Joaquin Phoenix enjoying lunch in Italy…

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28 Responses to “Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Final Trailer - Watch Now!”

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  1. 1
    LaCroix Says:

    This is one of my top movies to watch .can’t wait to see Joaquin back in action where he belongs. great actor.

  2. 2
    ashhey Says:

    this guy is definitely NOT Joachin Phoenix

  3. 3
    Tate Says:

    God he looks 50

  4. 4
    TheEricaStar Says:

    Love me some Joaquin!! ♥

  5. 5
    somali girl Says:

    Love him…

  6. 6
    Black-Dahlia Says:

    great great actor

  7. 7
    Xiolablu Says:

    Excellent Actor, one of the best! His brother would be proud.

  8. 8
    krix Says:

    I read an imdb review of the film that said “The Master” seems to be a “natural continuation” of of what PTA started in “There Will Be Blood”.

    I haven’t seen TWBB but most likely will before seeing TM just from reading the review.

  9. 9
    top Says:

    He’s dating Heather Christie, you can see her in the photos! I

  10. 10
    Olga Says:

    Be careful! She’s a woman and before this a mother so let me tell you: this time I’m worried, he knows where he’s going, it sounds serious to me. I find her not beautiful if you ask me but whi am I to judge?

  11. 11
    MarieAngela Says:

    Have to admit I’m jealous. You look really good, Joaq.

  12. 12
    Kim Says:


    Joaquin is not dating Heather. He has known her for YEARS, because he is good friends with Anthony Kledis and all the guys from the Chili Peppers. His entire family is BFF with them. He would never “date” a woman who had kids and was with for a long time, a good friend of the Phoenix family.

    And FYI: In my humble opinion, the man would also never date a women with kids (I know his housewife fans will argue with this and pretend like it’s not true).. The man only dates young 20 something year old girls who have never had kids before. Not once has he dated someone even close to his age, OR someone who has had children before. He himself is turning 38 next month and hasn’t had a serious relationship with a woman since his 20′s. This leads me to believe he does not want children, nor does he want to be with someone who has children. He’s a regular Clooney.

  13. 13
    Kim Says:

    ^^ And to clarify, Heather was with Anthony Kledis of the Chili Peppers for years. They have children together. Joaquin and his entire family are very close friends with Anthony and the rest of the Chili Peppers. The Chili Peppers have been BFF with the Phoenix’s since the 80′s/early 90′s and they were very close to River as well.

    Please don’t assume someone is “dating” him just because he is seen around them. If you did a background check you’d see he has known her for a very long time. I am sure he is dating someone by now, but definitely not her.

  14. 14
    Anony Mouse Says:

    I have no clue if he’s dating anyone, or if he is dating that girl. But just because he is photographed with a person of the opposite sex, doesn’t mean they’re an item. Way to jump the gun people. He has been friends with Heather and the father of her child/ex for years on end.

    Nonethless if he were actually dating her, then what scum. Out of all the women in the world you chose the woman your “friend” had a baby with and was in love with? What a piece of garbage backstabber.

    Though I stress, I personally do not believe they are an item. I see nothing that indicates otherwise, other than the fact that she has a ******.

  15. 15
    ...... Says:

    of for the love of god who the hell says she is his girlfriend?? joaquin arrived to his hotel with a GROUP of people. he is seen lunching with 3 women, and PTA (who ISN’T with his WIFE amaya btw). so you’re just assuming by this he is ‘with’ her romantically? he went to lunch with his friends. he arrived to venice with his friends. until i see this man holding someones hand, there is no way i am jumping to conclusions. he isn’t holding her hand, he isn’t seen doing anything romantic towards her and he was just photographed on some damn boat by himself.

  16. 16
    ...... Says:

    and this is a good time to note that paul thomas anderson not only didn’t bring his wife to venice, but is no longer wearing his wedding ring.

  17. 17
    top Says:

    Euh… Just a friend that he would bring with him at this Festival? Are you blind??? Look at the pic when he puts his arm around her and why would she always be there each time he goes somewhere ??? I’m sorry but friends?? No way!!

  18. 18
    top Says:

    And for your information, he already dated an ex of Keidis, so…. Sorry again, take a better look at all the pics you can see on JPCentral and maybe you will recover the view

  19. 19
    selena Says:

    Too funny! Joaquin with a girl whith whom is not dating! She would follow him like a dog just because PTA doesn’t want to say that she’s her girfriend?? You should be a scenarist, really!

  20. 20
    Derp Says:


    Oh yes they MUST be dating because afterall she is a female and he is a male! They MUST be a couple! She couldn’t possibly be a close friend, she couldn’t possibly be dating one of the many people in his posse in these pics, no no he HAS to be dating her. Why? Because they’re near each other!! And no guy can be around a FEMALE and not be dating them!

    FYI Get your facts together. He has been photographed ALL OVER Venice without her.

    Make my words: they are not dating. You will not see pictures of them holding hands together anywhere. Don’t believe it? Wait and see.

  21. 21
    Happy Says:


    I don’t know/care much about who he is dating right now, or if he is dating this broad. All I know is if he is, it will be like every other 2 second fling he has with a 20-something year old model. He is physically incapable of a long term relationship, which is why he is always with young girls a decade younger than him. If he is in fact dating her, I wish him the best. But I can guarantee, it will last a few months (if that) not even a year, then he will move on to someone else. Like always. It’s so predictable. Making the girl walk away from him so people don’t know they’re together, not allowing her to be photographed with him on the red carpet, only going to dinner in public with her when there are other people with them so no one will know if he is dating someone. All the classic signs of Joaquin’s womanizing, and the absolute guaranteed formula for a doomed “relationship”

  22. 22
    truly Says:

    She’s eating at the same table, just at the opposite and don’t even give a lokk at PTA. I saw Joaquin with his arm around her, she wore his cigs, next I saw her always behind him everywhere he goes, even sitting next to him, in his car at the Premiere. What do you want more??? I don’t want to see a kiss now that they got all Venice for them, thank you, no. They’re an item, and she’s exactly his kind of girl: young, tall, thin. So stop prentending you know because you know NOTHING!

  23. 23
    ultimate Says:

    If you’re not convinced, go toe the Joaquin Phoenix Central site, next their gallery and will you see by yourself. New pics with him, everywhere, at any moment. Sorry

  24. 24
    Ginger Says:

    He could be dating her. It’s the first time I have seen them together. After this movie gets released,it will be like WTL all over again and the papps will be all over every move he makes when they can. We will see more of who is is with then.

    JMO, this girl to way to tall for him. He is a short guy and a shorter female would compliment him better. He looks ridiculous with these tall girls.

    As a female, I would never date a guy shorter than me. I’m 5’2″ so this doesn’t happen. I get lots of short guys and that fine with me as long as I am the shorter one.

  25. 25
    Oscarman Says:

    They look cute together. I think that’s why he’s also so nervous, he knows she’s around and don’t want to freak out. It’s weird but not impossible and Keidis knows Joaquin, that he’s a good man so really, I don’t see why she would be there if she’s not dating him, honnestly

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