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Liberty Ross: Lunch & Shopping Saturday!

Liberty Ross: Lunch & Shopping Saturday!

Liberty Ross and a male pal head into lunch at Le Pain Cafe on Saturday (September 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress and estranged wife of Rupert Sanders later went to the Balenciaga and Bally stores in West Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liberty Ross

The day before, Liberty hit the salon before heading over to American Rag to shop the afternoon away.

10+ pictures inside of Liberty Ross lunching at Le Pain Cafe and then shopping at some high end stores in West Hollywood…

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liberty ross shopping lunch 01
liberty ross shopping lunch 02
liberty ross shopping lunch 03
liberty ross shopping lunch 04
liberty ross shopping lunch 05
liberty ross shopping lunch 06
liberty ross shopping lunch 07
liberty ross shopping lunch 08
liberty ross shopping lunch 09
liberty ross shopping lunch 10

Credit: Brooks/Dharma; Photos: INFdaily
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  • help– her

    Kwisten is just a poor little wobbley spineless jellyfish, helplessly drifting along in the treacherous current, at the mercy of wicked creatures with big ol’ nasty pointy teeth. booohooooo

  • Pat

    What did she eat? I am guessing she has a lost a few pounds because of the affair.

  • guest

    @Jessica: I think some people just can’t be faithful even if they are married to a good looking person. Everyone has their own idea of beauty. I think Kristen is beautiful.

  • Marie

    Sorry but to me she looks too thin to be healthy and her clothes make it seem like she she’s trying to be way younger than she is…like a high schooler. If she was truly confident and apparently rising above her husbands cheating she would not be dressing so young for GROWN WOMAN in her thirties. Plus I highly doubt Kristin Stewart was the first or last …please he’s a director…or that his wife had no idea. The only real victims as always in most Hollywood marriages are the kids.

  • No liberty

    What a joke. Liberty’s dressing up like she’s in her teens. So obvious that she just wants the attention. Soooo wannabe actress! Stay home and work on your family life Liberty!

  • LS

    I think that dealing with pain should be a private thing and not to be put on display for the world to see. The fact that she is wearing the same shirt Rob wore, shopping at a Balenciaga Store, and smirking in all the pictures that have been taken in the past few weeks proves she is only out for fame.

    At least R and K are dealing with their pain in private. That shows more class to me than anything.

  • Fail

    A woman who wants attention wears make-up.

  • LaCroix

    What is up with all the hate? She hasn’t done anything wrong. Typical of KSTew fans to take things out on the innocent.

  • Simmy

    You Stewart fans are desperate. Hating on a woman that got cheated. Is this how low you have sunk? Well now we know why you like Stewart..

  • Leann

    Who is this weird looking woman?

  • Q

    Its funny how some people hate Liberty for getting pap’d but make excuses for Kristen’s immoral behavior

  • rt

    @Guest: Liberty isn’t as young as Kristen but she has a much better body. Kristen would look fat in that outfit.

  • yin

    I understand why you KStew fans hate Rupert, and I don’t disagree, but why do you hate Liberty so much?

  • yin

    @A: I agree with you. Knowing your husband cheated on you with a younger woman must hurt like hell. I think she’s overdoing it with the clothes and stuff but obviously she’s trying to prove to the world (and herself) that she’s not the stereotypical fat, frumpy, middle aged housewife who got cheated on. She’s trying to prove that Rupert didn’t hurt her.

  • Thinking

    I am proud of her. It is utterly humiliating to be cheated on in a normal life. But her face and name have been repeated in all kinds of magazines and online and EVERYONE KNOWS. You who have so little life experience have no idea. And you would now label her as a mastermind who wants to further her career at innocent Kristen’s expense? What is broken inside you that you kick a victim and champion the one who helped to hurt her?

  • Dani

    KStew fans bashing her when it’s their idol the real slut.. Not Liberty!


  • Katy

    she’s loving the attention.FAMEWHORE,

  • Laurie

    I see the psycho rob fans are here. They are fat grown women. Get a life

  • dee

    Enough of her and Rupert already, I still say her and her husband set this whole thing up to get their names and faces out there, never heard of them before and all of a sudden they are a household name. Not saying that Kristen didn’t do wrong, she could have said no but don’t believe she should take all the blame. She has paid enough and just hope she learned from her mistake.

  • rt

    @Laurie: umm I don’t see anyone talking about Rob. Lot of vicious KStew fans though.

  • Keeparme

    well, of course she is getting papped more and more — she is part of a very big scandal. back in the day, kristen and rob were papped a lot too, but they figured out OVER TIME how to get around undetected. not many celebs care or need to be so stealth – but Twi craziness made it necessary for Rob and Kristen. I just don’t understand the hate for Liberty – she is trying a bit hard with the outfits, yes, but I am not sure i wouldnt do the same if I got cheated on for the world to see…..

  • dee

    @Nina: My sentiments exactly!@Nina:

  • Sarah

    Funny thing about the comments is most ppl start with ‘ I don’t like Kristen but…’ is really bad loving this girl? Am I going to get bashed just because I like her? Seriously ppl stop with the bullying, I feel sorry for her she did a huge mistake, only an idiot can defend what she did, but she is only human! Give her a second chance!! every one deserve it

  • Keeparme

    and this sharing the blame argument is somewhat annoying too…i mean obviously kristen is the bigger star dating another big star…it is only common sense that the focus is on her more than rupert. if it were rob in the same situation, the focus would be just as strong, but people would just brush it off as him just being a typical guy….now, because it is a woman getting caught, it must be because she was tricked etc. — or she wasnt being satisfied at home…..the world is seriously a messed up place

  • http://JustJared lulu


    She won’t divorce him because she owe pervs her new found fame. He seduced K, compromised with the pics, L comes out as the victim. Now, we see her all the time smiling, strutting like a model, dresses like the kardashians, getting roles..without a wedding ring and kids entow. She won the lottery! This is of 5 mins of fame. Liberty calling the paps on speed dial is disgusting, but that’s what famewh0res does.

  • Nina D.

    Her shoes are BOSS!

    Why is everybody judging her and being mean to her? She didn’t do anything wrong. Why should she hide out in her house? If she wants to go out, she can’t control people taking photos of her. I say good for her for not letting her World stop turning because of her douche husband.

  • http://JustJared lulu


    If she was famous before the scandal give me link where she covered Vogue, or any European famous mags. She was a nobody until her and perv planned K’s humiliation so she can have a career in HW. If she stops calling the paps, we won’t see her either. LA is big enough, not all her movements should be documented. The shorts she was wearing in these pictures are the same shorts she was wearing on yestedays pics coming out/in hairdresser then shopping. This means she brought extra shirts to go with her new shoes, then called the paps again for a new set of pics. Famewh0re extraordinaire!!

  • Shae

    @Nina: I agree with you so much on this!

  • just lemnons

    Kim Kardashian took that embarrassing tape and turned it into a goldmine. Liberty better do the same thing with this scandal. Clean money, scandal money, it all spends just the same.

  • Lu

    I have nothing against here but I think she is enjoying this attention that she is receiving….also shopping in Balenciaga….really? She should quit her act…

  • niagirl

    Isn’t wearing the shirt that Rob wore on the cover of “Little Black Book Magazine”. If your ticked off and getting a divorce from your lying husband why would you wear and get photographed in clothing from a company that your husband’s tart represents and wear a shirt that eveyone knows the tart’s ex-boyfriend wore?

  • jared newbie

    Ok I started out this scandal firmly on her side but have gotten progressively not liking her milking this as time has gone on and she has definitly lost me on this one. Dressed like a 20 yr old (make that like one particular 22 yr old), wearing that shirt and shopping at Balenciaga.
    Maybe it’s time she started working on one of those multiple projects that have started pouring in unless it’s a reality TV show she’s after.

  • strange

    Now it seems like a publicity stunt.

  • strange

    Needs 10 lbs.

  • http://JustJared lulu


    A publicity stunt by the Rupervs and Kristen was their victim. They sold their soul for free PR,

  • Sam

    They two are taking advantage of the fame.

  • eve

    She is horribly skinny.

  • aquarius64

    @Jeez: I think Liberty’s public outings are payback for being globally humiliated by her husband and his hook up. Going to Balenciaga is a “take that, trampire” move. Liberty wants her husband to squirm and want Kristen to get her image dinged up so badly it could hurt her career. Liberty’s out for her pound of flesh – on both of them.

  • rt

    @aquarius64: totally agree with you. Woman has a sense of humor. Look at her pisssing off the Krisbians. LOL

  • Rosie
  • Sofie

    It’s not her fault paparazzi is following her now and people like Jared post her pictures around! Jeeez classy to blame her when she did nothing wrong!

  • lala

    so are we gonna have to get used to seeing her everywhere now simply because she got cheated on?come on…

  • anne

    It’s not Liberty’s fault the paps are on her tale all the time. What’s she supposed to do, hide out at home? Eventually the interest in her will pass but until then she has errands to run and people to see, so we’ll just have to get used to her pics for a while. This woman has done nothing wrong and I don’t see why there are people here who are intent on tearing her down.

  • yin

    @lala: No, it will die down as soon as Kristen makes an appearance. For now, Liberty is all the press has to keep the story alive.

  • yin

    @lulu: lulu don’t be lazy. Just google her name and all the mags and ad work wil come up.

  • Adriana

    Stop bashing the woman. She did nothing wrong. The paps are probably following her because of the tabloids and because of the scandal.

    The woman has a life but the only difference is that its now caught on camera.

    She’s also a well known model and a has a blog on Vogue UK. She was featured on the cover of Vogue and modeled for Burberry along with Kate Moss.

  • ann

    @Lu: Liberty used to be a model and she comes from money. She likes fashion. So what’s the problem with her shopping at Balenciaga? It’s not like she hasn’t shopped there before.

  • Drea

    @lulu: What, you forgot how to Google? Jeezus. If you can get past all the gossip stories, you’ll find all her fashion stuff. Here, let me get your lazy arse started:—day-1

  • Adriana


    Its a shame that this comment has been hidden. A lot of haters for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

  • Xiolablu

    I like her style but she may be too old to dress like this, also it reminds me of Kristin, she has the long legs and pretty face going for her.