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Jude Law: I Pestered Wes Anderson With Emails!

Jude Law: I Pestered Wes Anderson With Emails!

Jude Law dons a “Dream Dream” military jacket as he runs errands on Wednesday (September 12) in London, England.

Last week, the 39-year-old British actor was in Canada to promote his upcoming film Anna Karenina at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

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Check out the video below of Jude talking to MTV News about how much he wanted to be in the film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Wes [Anderson],” Jude said. “I pestered him with emails for years, saying ‘I want to live in one of your films and I’d like to be in one of your films.’”

Jude Law – MTV News Interview
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  • Shamrock

    Congrats Jude!! Sounds like your “DREAM DREAM” is coming alive with you filming in Wes Anderson’s film. Looking forward to the upcoming film, Anna Karenina. Love you in “THE HOLIDAY”, one of my faves.

    Also, Sept. 21st is almost time for “PEACE DAY” and I’m sure you will be involved 100%. My daughter Sophia’s b-day as well!! It’s a very signicicant and lovely day~


  • knl

    He is SEXY! <3 I always love me some Jude

  • nepenthes

    He’s my fave but his outfit here is absolutely ridiculous. Sorry love!

  • KissThis

    This man looks sexy as hell even as a homeless bum

  • DanaJ

    Who doesn’t want to live in Wes Anderson movie??))))

  • cassie

    I love his outfit! it is a fun laidback outfit.

  • eloisa

    I love this men, but he seriously needs to get at least a shirt without holes!

  • dolorescraeg

    he’s probably just going to get some coffee in his neighborhood. he needs to relax too. jude you are sexy in a tux or jeans.

  • YouGotta’BeKiddingMe

    @Shamrock: Interesting. That’s almost the same birthday as the little b@st@rd who’s slag mom got herself purposely knocked up by tricking Jude into her little 18-year extortion fee. Quite a coincidence as well that her name’s Sophia…ho, is that you? Either way, that was a really easy $2.5 million-dollar deal over 18 years, huh?

  • pretty.nice


    he’s so sexy!!!

    and i love that jacket and shirt!

  • pretty.nice

    to 9

    how do YOU know how much it was?

  • pretty.nice

    also your language is really very foul…go away!

  • YouGotta’BeKiddingMe

    @pretty.nice: I know this because it was in just about every garbage tabloid site on here.

    Let’s see…do the math. It’s $10,000/mo. x 18 years = $2.1 million. Plus school, medical, etc. and whatever other B.S. this slag will come up with to try and squeeze a few more bucks out of Jude for the next 18 years. Overall, it runs roughly 2.5 mil, give or take a few 100 thousand.

    That’s REALLY good money for just laying on your back for a few minutes’ worth of “work”–I’d love to make that kind of cash, only I have more scruples than to hatch an extortion plot involving a rich guy to pay me 18 years of extortion fees just because I didn’t want to work in a strip joint, i.e. “Hooters”, any more…

    Good thing that in exchange for that kind of money, the ho’s no doubt had to agree to QUITE a lot of stipulations (read: GAG ORDER) about keeping anything about that little illegitimate cash cow of hers out of the tabloids. Like not selling photos of it for MORE bundles of cash–notice you NEVER see pics of it thankfully–the way she did of HERSELF when she was even fatter while she was knocked up and had that big gut of hers photographed and plastered all over every rag magazine in existence. (All the while, she was going “Please let me have my PRIVACY…” Really? So selling week-by-week pics of your exploding gut to the rags is how you keep your “privacy”??? ROFLMAO.) Otherwise, I’m sure all that money would go BUH-BYE. You NEVER see or hear anything about her or the byproduct of her extortion plot any more—thankfully. The less info there ever is on this slag & the whole debacle the better.

  • elle

    thanks jared he is a hottie <3

  • o

    This is a father of how many? And he want’s to be in a movie with Anderson, who is a avid pedophile supporter, supports the one who ran away from jail time in the USA and has not come back to face what awful things he did to a 13 year old girl and many others.

  • pretty.nice

    to 13,

    its not the kid’s fault and you are insulting a baby and jude at the same time with your foul, demeaning, bullying language. baby is half jude so you are insulting him twice!

  • YouGotta’BeKiddingMe

    @pretty.nice: I’m not demeaning or insulting Jude in the slightest. I would NEVER do that. I don’t consider that monthly extortion fee a part of him, biological or not–but instead, merely the by-product of an extortion plot devised by a scheming slag. She got what she wanted–a fat paycheck. Let her deal with it from here on.

    I always ignore things that should never exist in the first place, including this illegitimate by-product. I also don’t care a whit at all about what happens to it as long as it doesn’t interfere with Jude’s life or real kids. I am just SUPER happy that this despicable, low-life sperm depository is more or less forbidden to sell even MORE photos of her little “achievement” for even more profit. Hey–look at it this way. At least she doesn’t have to work at Hooters any more…

  • pretty.nice.

    do jude a favor and show some class. i know its hard for someone like you but try modifying your language to be more respectful. good day.

  • pretty.nice.

    also give peace a chance. happy peace day!

  • pretty.nice.

    you know, i just have to add, its still jude’s child and you are still hurting his feelings by talking about it the way that you do. your language bears the marks of someone who is verbally abusive by nature. i would like to remind me that the theme of this year’s peace day holiday is to stop being violent at home. that includes verbal aggression, which you display to a high rate. please refrain from it as doing your part this year for world peace day. being nice for a day shouldn’t hurt.
    maybe you should take anger management classes. your words are hurtful to a whole lot of women who are single moms.

  • pretty.nice.

    that should say I would like to remind YOU that this year’s peace theme is to refrain from domestic violence at home. domestic violence is not merely physical abuse, it is also emotional, psychological abuse as well, which your words fall under. if you don’t change your ways now, you will end up in an abusive relationship and possibly be a battered wife. it takes two and you are part of the nasty equation of domestic violence.

  • YouGotta’BeKiddingMe

    @pretty.nice.: FIrst, I would never end up in an abusive relationship becuase I wouldn’t stay two seconds in one, nor would I be an abuser in any relationship. The a-hole would be in jail the first time I got hit. And I’m not part of any violent equation–I simply state what the facts are with the situation of this ho-bag who intentionally got knocked up.

    Also, I’m not “verbally abusive”—all I’m doing is stating the facts. I haven’t said anything that isn’t true. What I AM stating is the fact that she’s not Mother Theresa by any stretch, and that I have every right to say anything I want about the fact that she’s a conniving gold digger. I don’t have to be “nice” just because she has a very carefully engineered gold mine in the form of this kid. I DON’T LIKE HER. I don’t like what she’s done, I don’t like women OR men who USE other people for monetary gain, and I especially HATE the way she whined, “Please respect my PRIVACY” the whole time that she was taking photos of herself and selling them to tabloids on a seemingly monthly basis.

    If she or you can’t handle the fact that I’m calling a spade a spade, that’s your problem.

    I don’t HAVE to like her OR the result of her scheming. She tried this with at least 4 other high-profile rich men—it’s just Jude’s misfortune that he’s the one that happened to fall into the trap. Jeremy Piven and several other high-profile celebrities were mentioned in past articles on this lovely woman as being former targets of hers before she FINALLY nailed Jude. He’s the ONLY one I feel for in this debacle.

    As far as “hurting Jude’s feelings”, 1. I seriously doubt that Jude spends any amount of time worrying about what’s written on “Just Jared”, let alone even READ anything on this or any other tabloid site.

    2. I would imagine that ANY man who’s been duped like that by some money grubbing tart would privately have similar feelings about the end result of this whole situation– they simply wouldn’t come out in public and ever SAY it because of P.R. reasons, obviously. People like you would just go, “What a jerk” if they actually could come out and speak their minds about the situation. Personally, I don’t care what anyone thinks, and I wouldn’t delude myself into thinking that Jude Law would even read anything on a site like this.

    I have no sympathy whatsoever for her—she’s not to be pitied. She’s a single mom of her OWN making—and she’s getting paid VERY well for her efforts. I bet REAL single moms who don’t have ulterior motives for getting pregnant in the FIRST place WISH they were scoring 10 grand a month for child support. It’s ludicrous for anyone to feel sorry for this waste of space, let alone say that her progeny needs 10K a month to exist. Plenty of FAMILIES with 2 parents and 2 or more kids get by on much, MUCH less than 10K a month and they somehow manage. Just because she’s able to squeeze that kind of cash out of a celebrity doesn’t mean she NEEDS it. It’s called being an OPPORTUNIST. (Well, it’s called a LOT of things, but that’s probably the nicest thing I could refer to it as on here…)

    P.S. You don’t have to worry about me and any kind of violence at home or abroad, verbally or physically. I’ve never hit anyone and I’ve never been hit, gotten into a verbal fight, or anything else. But if you were standing in front of me, I’d STILL give you my honest opinions on this. But thanks for playing quarterback shrink anyway. Stating an honest opinion isn’t being verbally aggressive. BTW—I’m curious as to which university you got your psyche degree, since you know so much about it.

    And I’ll celebrate Peace Day in a way of my own choosing, thanks very much. One that has nothing to do with turning it into “Be Nice To Starf*****s” Day.

  • Shamrock


    Wow!! You seriously need to seek help for your assumptions and harsh words towards people you do not know. I’m deeply insulted and appauled by your words.

    My daughter is going to be 9 yrs of age. She signifies all the good in this world!! Definitely, off sets people that are dark and troubled as you.

    Save your disgust and rants for another place that is far from here.

    Troubling to know that you are so hurt emotionally, that you spit out venom to others that are unknown to you.

  • sheryl

    Jude, you gorgeous creature, can I have the job of dressing you?

  • HeyJude!

    I love me some Jude. He looks kind of funny here but cute though. I loved him in The Holiday and Sherlock Holmes.

  • pretty.nice.

    I just have to say it again….

    Hey there Handsome!

    God Bless!

  • pretty.nice.

    try john gottman’s “why marriages succeed or fail”
    the four warning signs, behaviors, patterns, etc. spelling the end of your relationship:
    1. criticism
    2. contempt (this one is yours)
    3 defensiveness (so is this one)
    4. stonewalling
    if you don’t feel like reading the book, try youtube. he has some talks on there.
    he is a psychologist devoted to studying communication in marriage. but his study is applicable to communications between non spouses as well.

  • pretty.nice.

    he is actually a researcher in marriages.

  • pretty.nice.

    you can also use google to look up emotional abuse, wiki has something about it and then other cross references to deepen your research. most people who have been through divorce or are married and having marriage problems eventually get exposed to this knowledge.

  • pretty.nice.

    people who study and try to prevent bullying are also knowledgeable about emotional abuse and other forms of domestic violence.

  • pretty.nice.

    i just want to add that sometimes people are not meant to be together even if they are good people. no chemistry for example. the way you interact counts for a lot.

  • pretty.nice.

    I didn’t bother to watch the videos because i have had the book since 2000 and i have lots of other info in other areas.
    Dr. John Gottman Says 4 Things Predict Divorce