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Gerard Butler: 'Seven Psychopaths' Premiere in NYC!

Gerard Butler: 'Seven Psychopaths' Premiere in NYC!

Gerard Butler attends the premiere of the new film Seven Psychopaths on Wednesday (October 10) at Clearview Chelsea Cinemas in New York City.

The 42-year-old actor helped support the cast of the film about a struggling screenwriter (Colin Farrell) who inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends kidnap a gangster’s (Woody Harrelson) beloved Shih Tzu.

Earlier in the week, Gerard took a stroll around the Big Apple.

Make sure to check out Gerard‘s new film Chasing Mavericks in theaters on October 26!

FYI: Gerard is wearing John Varvatos.

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gerard butler seven psychopaths premiere in nyc 02
gerard butler seven psychopaths premiere in nyc 03
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gerard butler seven psychopaths premiere in nyc 05

Credit: Nicholas Hunt, Marion Curtis, Andrew H. Walker; Photos: Starpix/Just Jared, Patrick McMullan; Getty
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  • Swansong

    You can grow potatoes in those crevises. He needs to stay out of the sun. He is not aging very gracefully and looks like he smells of piss.


  • Steph


  • cupcake

    I disagree i think he looks good.

  • Swansong

    Has he gotten together with Taylor Swift yet? They’re both going through all of Hollywood so it’s only a matter of time. I look forward to the song he inspires.


  • girlfrombrazil


  • gtrgf

    he’s a homosexual.

  • laly

    Ok where is colin?

  • mystic meg

    @Swansong: I disagree.
    Whilst I’m not a fan of the home hair dye, or the chubbyness, I think this is the best he’s looked in a while. His looks relaxed, and has that inner twinkle.
    Must be the iPhone-dropping date!

  • so true

    @mystic meg:
    That’s MG. She is his GF. Why would any one think she left???
    Oh, and if you mean the moivie she’s filming, that movie has been filmed already – it’s not a new project.

  • @so true!

    @so true:
    Calm down already! Tired!

  • NorthStar


  • mystic meg

    @so true: ??? I didn’t mention mg, or any movie she has made. She didn’t even cross my mind.

    But if it was her, and not seyfreid or any other girl he’s winked at recently, so what? Don’t understand why folks revel in stretching their imagination and reality to try to blacken her at every opportunity. Still, as long as they manage to convince themselves. It’s amazing what crap people will believe if repeated often enough.

  • mystic meg

    Look at his temples. Can you imagine how stunning he’d look in his natural greying hair colour? A while new realm of role opportunities.

  • Alina

    Why are some people so hard to keep talking about MG?? She is not and may never be! Gerry has not confirmed it, so who is MG? Nothing! Apparently someone is really interested in her PR! Too much attention to her here! It’s time to stop! Just saying!

  • Girlie

    No one knows if she’s still in NYC with him….if she is, then they are both doing a better job of keeping it quiet.
    So many people own an iPhone that it’s crazy to assume that it’s Madalina,
    Not to mention he last photo of her, she was using a Blackberry, walking out of an apartment complex in Italy…..who knows maybe she got herself an iPhone.
    But, she was referred to as “his date” in shavenport…..maybe it is her again.
    Another premier she didn’t get taken to.

  • Girlie

    Gosh, I just googled MG to see if I could find a photo of her using her cell phone but when I hit ‘images’ search, photo results came back for Gerard Butler!
    Okay, so it’s like an open secret now?

  • Reality Check Please!

    “Why are some people so hard to keep talking about MG??”
    Because she’s dating him!! Like wtf?
    Last time I checked, everything in his life was fair game….or just not, young attractive women?
    Who cares IF they are together. That is his business but as a fan I get to probe and if MG is within probing range, then so be it.
    Stop trying to control a public forum.
    “Not to mention he last photo of her, she was using a Blackberry”.
    Wasn’t there a blackberry on a desk too where she was photographed? In some producers office in Romania?
    And the photo results also show Leo Dicaprio – not unusual.

  • Alina

    @Reality Check Please!:
    You seriously think that GB may have a lasting relationship? Gerard Butler??????……. OMG!

  • Reality Check Please!

    Lasting? Who knows?
    Is he in a monogamous relationship now? Maybe; maybe not.
    I just don’t like my right to question his love life and who he is dating to be suppressed, that’s all.

  • Diana Guminski

    I hope he lasts longer with Maddie than I did with Michael. Life in Escondido ain’t so grand and then there’s the evil stepdaughter.

  • Alina

    @Reality Check Please!:
    I guess a lot is going on in his life. There’s no “secret”, I don’t see, but I have to agree with u! It’s his life, and we only outsiders and only!

  • Haha

    He slept with a model I know

  • Haha

    if he was that INTO that madaline girl her a$$ would be on the red carpet with him. Shes not so sµck it

  • Oktoberfest

    MG doesn’t use an iPhone, she uses a BlackBerry Smartphone.
    She posted from it to her FB page just yesterday. It says “via BlackBerry Smartphone App” right on the post. Whoever Gerry’s date was, it wasn’t the Romanian.

  • ……

    Nope it wasn’t…..

  • ……

    Madalina does not have an iPhone…..

  • Oktoberfest

    Her FB post from yesterday says:
    “Tuesday via BlackBerry Smartphones App”
    Here’s the link if anyone doubts me. It’s from her “wearing out my shoes” album:

  • twitter

    Sophie Parens @ soapy_parents 2 hours ago

    if someone doesn’t stop me I will propose to Gerard Butler on the dance floor right now m

  • boo

    He is so handsome, and so sexy…I’ve loved him since “Attila.:Wwhat other ersonality and star is handsome, well-educated, witty;, funny, and so athletic…? Did you ever hear Pitt on a talk show? What a boring an. McConaghey? Southern accent with boring comments… kClooney? well..he’s funnier than those other two. kBut Gerard? I forgot his accent..he has it all…..I cannot wait for Maveriacks and Playing for Keeps..hahhhhh.

  • Alina

    Sorry, but that’s just I see Gerry wearing only a shirt here?
    Tell me it is not so!

  • Krista

    Recently? Because saying GB slept with a model is like saying the pope is Catholic, it only counts if it’s recent and during the ‘reign’ of Madalina Ghenea. LOL

  • Judge

    Sounds like Gerry is out and about having fun and the Romanian is doing her own thing too.
    He got bored with a 23/24 year old?
    What a shocking development lol!

  • Judge

    “Recently? Because saying GB slept with a model is like saying the pope is Catholic, it only counts if it’s recent and during the ‘reign’ of Madalina Ghenea. LOL”
    Haha! Well said.
    I think the list of non-models he’s slept with would be shorter.

  • legends

    He looks great. He’s at his best weight; looks rested – at peace. Anybody that thinks otherwise, has a hidden agenda. Love the Butler – a real man. He always seems happiest when he’s in NYC!

  • legends

    @Swansong: Swansong, I’m convinced you’re a 12-year-old, right (?) – judging by your comments. Please, keep to the Justin Bieber sites from now on. Thank you.

  • Clamsie

    Where is it mentioned that his date was female? Why couldn’t hs “date” be a friend like Geanna, his makeup artist pal? Is it possible that his date was one of his male buddies?

    I’m guilty of saying “iPhone” when someone has any other brand of smartphone. Maybe Gerry says “Kleenex” when he’s really using Scott tissue.

    Then there’s the lying liars of twitter (mostly jealous WO hags) who make up anything and post it just to keep the f**ktards thinking he’s over Madalina. The woman works for a living and isn’t she ready to start shooting a new movie?

    I’m saying that no one knows jack. If he’s still with her, she’ll show up eventually. It’s possible that they are through. No one knows anything yet.

    Get a grip, people!

  • legends

    @gtrgf: Wow, you’re soooo mature. A sophisticated comment, for sure.

  • Joie de Vivre

    Hello! Sipping coffee and looking at Butler in leather, black shirt and jeans….it’s going to be a GREAT day! Always love this look on any man. And those greying temples give him a certain degree of sophistication, in my opinion. He’s 2 for 2 with his wardrobe choices this week. I agree with legends. He looks happiest to me while he’s in NYC.

  • @Clamsie

    Get a grip, cr/ap!!!

  • Judge

    “I’m guilty of saying “iPhone” when someone has any other brand of smartphone”.
    That’s just you sweetie.
    Confusing an LG or Samsung with an iPhone, in the dark, I understand. But this person handled the phone.
    Sorry, but no one cares who he’s with, but concluding that the twitter person is a moron that can’t distinguish between two of the most dissimilar brands of smartphones is stupid.
    By the way, as a Samsung user, I’m offended that you call all smartphones iPhones; we’re not all sheep sweetheart. Get it right!

  • angelsrock

    @Joie de Vivre:

    Gerry really does seem to be happiest in NYC and seems to have a better wardrobe hanging in the closet there, too.
    His eyes look bright and happy in recent pics.

    Today looks like another beautiful fall day in Maryland.
    Joie, good day to you and everyone here at JJ!!

    (I should be rather pouty since our Orioles lost a tough one to the Yankees last night in the bottom of the 12th)

  • Joie de Vivre

    @angelsrock: I know, but it was a good run for them this year. Reminded me of the old days back in the 80s. Yes, there’s that little twinkle seemingly returning to Butler’s eyes these days. Off to work on this lovely autumn day! Best wishes to you also, angelsrock and everyone else.

  • RoyalRyan

    Can’t wait to see this!!!!

  • Angela Chase

    He looks good here. Less hair suits him so much better.

  • food 4 thought

    @Alina: It’s not so. I think he is wearing the infamous “crusty pants” in that cover photo. They are buff-colored, and he wore them nonstop for a while.

  • food 4 thought

    He looks good here. And he even shaved (or trimmed) his neck. Thank you. That brassy hair and scraggly white beard was gross.
    IMO he needs to go one way or the other. Either let the hair go grey ( my preference), or keep the hair neatly and consistently colored and lose the beard.

  • Alina

    Lola Mendez @hernamewaslolaa

    i’m still swooning over how amazing gerard butler smells
    9:54 AM – 11 Oct 12

  • Alina
  • angelsrock

    Seems with all the negative thumbs that we have some pretty grumpy people around here. Hope your day gets better.

    Hubby said he saw a clip of Gerry as the leprechaun last night on TV. He couldn’t remember what channel as he was channel surfing. I guess it was some sort of preview, maybe Tosh O or some other crazy show.

  • Ginger

    Looking good Gerry my man. You do a lot for that jacket.