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Gwyneth Paltrow: Late Birthday Dinner with Beyonce!

Gwyneth Paltrow: Late Birthday Dinner with Beyonce!

Gwyneth Paltrow looks gorgeous in head-to-toe Valentino as she enters Elio’s restaurant for a party last week in New York City.

The 40-year-old actress was joined for her reported late birthday dinner by good pals Beyonce and Cameron Diaz.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gwyneth Paltrow

Also in attendance at her party were Chelsea Handler, Kristen Wiig, and Ethan Hawke.

That same day, Gwyneth attended the The Tracy Anderson Method Pregnancy Project event launch for the workout DVDs created by Tracy Anderson herself!

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  • lori

    That outfit is not doing Gwyneth any favours

  • somali girl

    BeYAWNce is the same age as Gwyneth and Cameron. Looks like she is desperate to be a blonde too. Same tired wig for 15 tired years.

  • somali girl

    It also appears she died the wig lighter and her skin bleached. Just to fit in. Lol! She wants to be a white woman its painful to watch.

  • val

    @somali girl:

    girl please she s only sound desperate reaching for attention

  • somali girl


  • Weber from Brazil

    Dear Beyonce,
    stop already with this f#ckin’ skin bleaching!
    as a grown woman, successful, rich, and well married, u don’t need that
    I know u r a light skinned black woman, but this seems really over the top!
    plus the outfit looks weird on Gwyneth!

  • Grace

    @somali girl: Beyonce has always been extremely light, she practically looked white as a baby… plus isn’t her mother biracial?? stop being so negative, Beyonce is beautiful.

  • Grace

    @Weber from Brazil: the pictures are grainy and the lighting is low, you really can’t decipher someones skin colour in this situation… you beyonce haters always look for the next thing to bash this woman about.

  • anaïs

    @somali girl:

    gwyneth and diaz are both 40, beyoncé just turned 31. If you wanna be a good idiot, at least get you facts straight

  • A

    @somali girl: Oh shut the F up, you know you can’t bleach your skin to look like that.
    When you bleach your skin you get an ashy ugly, patchy, unnatural color, not a natural radiant light color like Beyonce.
    She has always been light, but when she dyed her hair blond it made her look even lighter.
    I don’t like Beyonce, in fact, I can’t stand her but she didn’t bleach her skin, that’s ridiculous. I wish she’d tone down the blond shade though, it’s way too much for her skintone, she should go with a darker blond color.

  • um

    Some of you are so ignorant. Do you all think that all Black people are the same color or something? FYI, Black people come in all types of shades, Black people also tan and use bronzers. Beyonce is a light skinned Black girl who happens to tan and bronze. Hence, why she’s lighter when the tan wears off and darker when she is tanned.

    Here’s a pic of Beyonce from 1998. Newsflash, not every light skinned black person is trying to be you, white people. Get off your high horses. What a bunch of ignorant and uneducated bunch we have here.

  • بحبككككككك

    tozzzz : Beyonce Gwyneth

  • LUCAS 6.6

    get a job better

  • somali girl

    @A: she did bleach several times. She’s wearing a lighter colored wig to blend in, a form of distraction just like Nicki minaj did. If she wore this light wig and didn’t bleach her skin would be darker. DesperateYAWNce is probably jealous of her friend Gwyneth blonde hair and fair skin. Lol!!

  • fake

    Beyonces new lifted face is hilarious. And everyone know that her uper lip is fake, everytime she get it done, it has a different size.

  • Perfect Couple

    That’s a weird outfit on GP. Makes her look like she has a pouch.

  • Grace

    @somali girl: why are you so concerned with her skin tone in the first place? you seem very upset. beyonce is a wealthy, beautiful and talented woman… and you are always in her posts speaking negatively. YOUR JEALOUSY IS SHOWING. lol

  • somali girl

    @Grace: no, not jealous and I don’t think anyone here is. She just happens to be the most overrated, the biggest liar and thief. Just exposing the overexposed.

  • Jenny

    What the hell is Beyonce stepping out of?? A spacecraft???!

  • Grace

    @somali girl: overrated & overexposed? Alright i would love for you to Name a performer of todays time who puts on a greater live show than Beyonce? NAME ONE! lol and how is she overexposed when she one of the most private women in the entertainment industry? get over it, YOU ARE JEALOUS OF BEYONCE KNOWLES!

  • http://twitter Tiana

    It does not make no sense what has this woman done illegally to get so much hate she is a role model to young girls like she didn’t have to make a sex tape, marry a rich man, (she had money before she married Jay Z and oh yeah and has and 300 million dollar net worth) So please stop bitching. Her record is clean boo, boo.

  • pickles

    I’m not a huge Beyonce fan, I don’t mind her, but I know that when you dye your hair you have to change your make up to match your skin tone with your hair. I dye my hair and change the color once in a while and you have to adjust make up.

    The only thing I don’t care for with Beyonce is how her and her husband are always surrounded by bodyguards, and they have all this bling, and expensive cars, and such, and they flaunt that stuff. There’s a lot of rich celebrities who don’t go out of their way to show off.

    Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband and his band Cold Play, they aren’t exactly poor, but you don’t see her flashing like Beyonce does. I think Beyonce & Jay Z get a lot of jealousy from people because they invite it.They aren’t low key.

  • Hussein

    Beyonce OBVIOUSLY bleaches, anyone denying it is delusional. Go watch Bills Bills Bills or any DC old video, she’s darker than that. BYE

  • Celeste

    @somali girl:

    What product does she use to bleach her skin?

  • Celeste

    Chelsea Handler, ugh!

  • NF

    Paltrow, Handler, Diaz = 3 blonde hags.

  • somali girl

    @Grace: this is my last reply for now… I got things to do…..
    Private? A private person would not come in front of the world at the MTVs and announce their fake pregnancy…. her album was a flop so she couldn’t bare the spotlight being on someone else. That night was meant for Britney, so she did what she knows best STEALING! stealing the night from Britney . Secondly pu$$y popping and stripper moves I don’t consider a dancing. If she does any normal routines its usually stolen.
    Overexposed for her thievery and lies. Overated due to PR and delutional fans etc… Nuff said.

  • somali girl


  • somali girl

    @بحبككككككك: why do you have so many ك in you’re بحبك???

  • ana

    this post is about gwyneth who feels really important.
    she had 3 b-day parties.
    one in italy, second in london and tis one in new york.
    she and cameron look redicolous, partying like 20-sometings and they are both 40.
    could they do something more with their time, money, infuence, connectios except to party all the time.
    gwyneth said thet she felt guilty when she left apple alone for an hour for a pilate class when she was little, now she is constantly continent hoping.

  • Octoberfest

    Gwyn’s big fat gut is spilling out all over the place. How pedestrian!

  • Green

    What a party. An all-around narcissistic bunch. I like Cameron Diaz though, and Ethan Hawke at least has talent. Sorry Gwyneth, you’re just a little too self-satisfied and not very with the times…however you do seem like a good mom and it does appear you have good intentions. Won’t even start on deflating-pregnant-belly Beyonce. Ok, she works very hard.

  • Katey

    Gwyneth is pregnant????

  • Tunisian

    @Grace: No she didn’t. You just need to google it and you will see. I don’t think she bleaches her skin though. It’s only make up.

  • Tunisian

    @Katey: I also think she is pregnant. That’s at least a 4 month belly ;)

  • ME

    I love BEY. I’m glad she has a good friend like Gwyn. At least she has friends at the top and not crabs in a barrel.

    Hating on BEY gets you no where. Those who worry about her every move and what she does with HER body is Envious. JEALOUSY IS another form of ENVY. Just accept it!

    BEY has taken over your lives and you can’t shake her. She’s all in your head. She has that affect on people. LOL

  • ana

    what’s next for gwyneth?
    a b-day party in la.
    wouldn’t suprise me, her b-day was 2 weeks ago and she is still celebrating.
    as for cameron, she lokks like gwyneths pupet.
    gwyneth always has bff like winona, madona and than she gets rid of them.

  • Peapo

    Somali Girl rarely has anything nice to say about any of the celebrities posted here. Check the comments, she is always writing insulting, false and just nasty things about everybody.
    I understand if you don’t like one or two celebrities, but she just hates on everyone. Boring!

  • Peapo

    Somali Girl rarely has anything nice to say about any of the celebrities posted here. Check the comments, she is always writing insulting, false and just nasty things about everybody.
    I understand if you don’t like one or two celebrities, but she just hates on everyone. Boring!

  • somali girl

    @ME: her body? Yuk nobody wants her elephant tree trunks. She is the fattest out of the bunch.

  • yem yem

    Wow I don’t care about Beyonce but let’s stop with the lies, she did bleach her skin. She looks diff to what she use to in that 3(O) group or whatever. Also nose job.

  • Angelina Jolie

    Another bi$h who dated my man when he was at his prime. So many years wasted dating older man. And now I’m once again stuck with a used up guy. He tries his best to look good for me, but his wigs wont do..but why won’t he commit to meeeeeeee? Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Look at her friends a broken nosed clown and a sheboon. Me I have non whyyyyyyy? Sniff…. sniff.

  • Helen

    No way this is make up it’s bleacher and even though she is richer than Cameron and gwyneth. She always acts like they are up grade because they are white

  • Dirkstar

    She looks happy on that picture!
    217, give me 5, makes 222,
    …and soon you´ll find GREAT LOVE like THE MAGIC DREW!

  • multidarealdeal

    To comment15 fake get it facts straight fake ain’t nothing fake about her hater you were straining it eyes hard trying to find smthing and couldn’t so u made some s__ t up. That’s sad a f!! Get off bets nutts.

  • multidarealdeal

    To comment 22 pickles wtf u talkin bout!? Dnt u spend ur money how u want to? They wrked hard for they’re money and should spend it like they want to its theyres not nobody else’s datum! Find somebody eles to judge and hate on the bey hating is getting old