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Adam Levine: Maroon 5 Citi Concert!

Adam Levine: Maroon 5 Citi Concert!

Behati Prinsloo walks with a cup of coffee in hand while spending time with friends on Sunday (October 21) in New York City.

Earlier in the weekend, the 23-year-old Namibian model’s boyfriend Adam Levine performed a special concert for Citi/AAdvantage cardmembers with his band Maroon 5 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Levine

In two weeks, Adam‘s show The Voice will feature three nights of live shows to kick off the final rounds of the competition.

10+ pictures inside of Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo out separately…

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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, AP Images
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  • MrsOsborne

    Behati Prinsloo, whether dating Adam Levine or not is not worthy of paperazzi shots. No one cares about her. At best she is a second rate, “Teen Vogue” model. That’s is! Post worth being deleted! She won’t be in the spot light much longer. Her time will come to an end and it will be on to the next!

  • June

    Has Adam put on weight? Hes definitely looking a bit chunkier than his usual skinny self.

  • Read

    Are you even sure they are together? They haven’t been sighted together for over a month now..

  • ARies

    I am sure they are. She visited him on tour in indonesia (i think) and japan. There are fan pics and instagram pics . There have been no paapz pics the last month since he has just cme back to the US.

    I think he has, a little bit.

  • Fefe

    Well he’s put on some weight .I think he’s been putting on weight since dating behati because now that he’s with her he’s started drinking and smoking again..( Anne V you took such great car of him..why did you have to leave him ? sigh…) and they’re always seen buying ice-cream together even though I highly doubt they’re umm..eating it conventionally ..If you know what I mean…

  • Amber

    Seriously? Now Adam Levine is the Namibian model’s boyfriend? C’mon. She’s nobody!!! Bullshit!!!

  • SIGH

    Ugly…. But why she said he was a fine man??? It sounds fishy to me. I mean, if I really in love with him, I would say best word in the world to him than just say a fine man. I don’t like terminology of “fine man”. Eww!!!

  • Buzz

    she’s not a nobody! ppl who follow fashion stuff know who is behati, she was the face of Missoni, Hilfiger, Nine West, DKNY,etc
    she walked for LV,Versace,JPG,Chloe,Burberry,Eli shaab, anna sui,etc
    and obviously ppl here just a bunch of loser who only followed hollywood craps!!!

  • Buzz

    and not to forget she was also photographed by mario testino and other famous photographer

  • Carrie

    Behati isn’t as well known in the States, except for those who know VS. VS sells crap anyway. A great contract for Bee, but without Adam, few in the States would even know who she is. She learned by watching Anne.

  • MrsOsborne

    Thats for sure Carrie! A second grade model is a nice way to put it. I’m actually shocked she is a VS angel. I know she was hired for the PINK line but they seem to be keeping her. Compared with other angels, she’s just not there. i.e. Candice, Adrianna etc.

    @ Buzz She certainly was not the “face” of any of those companies! She might have done a pictorial for them but was not the face of. “The face” of means you have an exculsive contract and are the only model who models for them. If she was the face of all those companies she would be the most famous model in the world, and she certainly is not.

  • unknown

    Here is the thing. She isn’t famous. She maybe an VS Angel, which I feel they only made her that when Miranda was off having her maternity leave. And they in their minds thinking she can be a temp replacement in a way. Which there is no comparrison. She isn’t that famous at all. She is known just like Anne by who she is associated with. In this case deja vue Adam! If she was a SuperModel, not just like a VS model.she would be in every place nonstop like Alessandra, Miranda, erc. Paps didn’t really know she excisted if she was mentioned it was because another more famous model, say Chanel. As far as herself she is rarely photographed which even as a Runway model like Anne is ok to an extreme but to be an Angel and they associate you in everything you do by whom you are dating says it all.
    As far as the comment on Adam being a Fine Man. Its something that Behati would use. Don’t forget it was her mother that did the interviews. Very hard to find the actual tv ones, but a friend of mine who is from there says her mom loves the tv lately. Which is basically like a TMZ Entertainment type show. And yes mama made it plain that her daughter is aware of it too. Which brings to mind as far as not being photographed together, its not iuncommon for high profiled people don’t get photgraphed together. So just because there isn’t a photographed together doesn’t mean a thing. However, I think there are issues within their relationship. Yes his friends do post tweets to her. However, its a strange thing that Gene erased his towards her and still makes comments yet turns around and erases them. Which is strange even if they seem sweet and friendly. But why erase them? Just sayin.

  • Carrie

    Yeah, I’ve never seen Behati papped by herself so that alone raises the ‘red flags.’ Then again, I think most of Adam’s girlfriends have been papped once they got together with him. Otherwise, no one would care.

    And really, Behati’s mother should not be talking to the tabloids about Behati and/or Adam. That’s just asking for trouble.

    Adam sure knows how to pick them.

  • Carrie

    @unknown- When has Gene erased tweets? I don’t see any of Adam’s friends responding to her. Not that this really means anything. I saw that Adam’s brother tweeted at her about Halloween, but don’t recall if she responded back to him.

  • unknown

    SamS wife Steph tweeted her according to my source and also if you read Behatis tweets toward Gene he erased his. Just doesn’t make sense and also according to my sources. Gene hasn’t been vocal towardss Adam about his GF but has told a few people that he works with and are friends with personally he can’t stand her. She tells lies after lies and he feels sorry for Adam because even though some people consider him being stupid with being with her. The fact he is he doesn’t want to be alone.

    Also according to my sources and if anyone wants to question me at all. Remember I was the one completely right about Anne. But the fact is the only reason Behati seems like the perfect girl is because she was in fact friends with Anne and hung out with them a lot in NYC. She saw all the opportunities that Anne started to have and also saw how Adam spoiled Anne. She wants that. Behati isn’t the sweet girl next door that every one claims. She is worse than Anne ever thought of being. She is also very possessive, and jealous. She could be very aggressive if wanted too. She is a bully and according to my sources they told me she can’t wait for the VS Fashion show alright but her and her friends can’t especially see Anne there so she can brag. What is sad. Someone said Anne may not be a part of the VS show because they know what a lil bitch Behati and her friends can be. Just sayin@Carrie:

  • unknown

    Oh in case and you know some of you are thinking it, if she is a bad person why don’t his friends step in. Well…remember Anne when everyone stepped in. They saw how he bucked and stayed with Anne. Here’s the thing. They know if they say anything Adam wants to proove everyone wrong. So let’s just sit back and watch and let Adam learn on his own. That’s why they all say the are happy because they don’t want Adam to shut down. But I know his family isn’t thrilled with this relationship at all. This is from all my sources.

  • unknown

    Obviously any woman Adam will be with will be shot by paps but seriously these women in NYC as big as it is. How would they find them, atleast without Adam by their sides. If it was LA, ok I can see it, but now all the sudden they are taking photos of her. Even with the other VS models doing a shoot, she wasn’t photoed with out any of them by herself. Besides according to my sources. There is trouble in paradise. She has already shown jealousy a bit and everyone needs to sit tight. Tomorrow he will be on the Today show and we should be seeing more of her if they are together. However, someone said he wasn’t thrilled when he got wind of the fact she talks in her native language to her mom when certain people are around. Meaning how she switches from english to Afrikaan in a heartbeat. Which has raised a few eyebrows. Because it seems she switches when people walk in the room.

  • MrsOsborne

    I’m just a M5 fan. Nothing more. I do know that his dog (yes his dog has a twitter account) tweeted that she like Anne better. I also know the band, his family and friends (Gene, Shawn’s wife etc) were very fond of Anne. But they are done!

    I just think Behati is far too young for him. Any picture you see she is sticking out her tongue, just being a 23 year old girl. Silly. Not what he needs.

    That said I still think she a “B” class model. I’m still shocked she is an Angel. I don’t get it. Beautiful she is not.

  • Carrie

    Behati gives off that childish vibe. Kind of funny since Adam tweeted something negative about those who behave like children.

    Behati’s fans are kind of strange too, but that’s not her fault. I don’t know much about Anne’s, but I’m sure she has her crazy fans too.

  • Carrie

    Behati looks kind of old for 23. Just my observation. :-\

  • VS angel

    I agree with the VS observation! I am not a fan of her modelling but she did do an excellent job for PINK. Her childish personality suited PINK. Shes a disaster in the main line though. Put her next to Candice or even Erin, she looks so uncomfortable and unsexy ijn lingerie. I am not even going to talk being sexy like Ale or Adriana because they are much senior.
    And its not her age, shes 23 ! Bregje is about 3 yrs yunger but looks so much sexier than her in lingerie. So does Sara.
    VS should have just let her do PINK and not promoted her to the main line. But then most of the current VS angels should be dropped ! What was Ed razek smoking when he took some on, i would like to know !

  • MrsOsborne

    They are still together. There is one photo of them together with Ted Danson from the GQ Gentleman’s Ball last night. At least she dressed decent for the event. I wonder why they are not posing together. Thoughts?

  • VS angel

    They are a couple more pics in Gettys. Yes, it was a nice dress, boring and safe but at least decent. As a model, she should try pushing the envelope a bit instead of sticking to safe choices but i guess shes not for it. She did look very pretty,btw.

    As for why they dont pose together, i dont know ! Maybe unknown who seems to have some sort of insider info can let us know.

  • Carrie

    She still looks older than 23. ;-)

  • Sarah

    Adam! I can’t handle his hotness! Why Behati?! You should be my boyfriend,Adam!!!

  • http://@Everylsgirl Everlygirl

    I don’t get Adam’s interest in Behati, except she’s young. He needs to look beyond that. She is a pretty girl…..but just a girl!

  • martha

    The photos are telling. Adam appears to be using his drink to place distance from behati. He is physically closer to Ted. At dinner…behati is roaring with laughter…Adam does not appear engaged in her amusement. He is not touching her. His eyes appear dead emotionally. Rest of pictures are her alone or again laughing with a band member. He appears more engaged than Adam. My guess is Adam lumped her in with the band as “guests”. He needed a date.

  • Amber

    Maybe he’s sick and tired of her, but of course he ‘needed’ a date.

  • Val

    Looks like all the little Bee groupies are in a frenzy thinking that the primary and ONLY reason why Adam sold and moved to a new place is because of her. Aren’t these the same imbecile ditzes that were cooing and ahhing left and right about the last girlfriend? What are these latch on for the moment ‘fans’ going to do when he moves on and we all know that he moves on? Start hating on Bee as they did with the previous girlfriends of Adam’s past? As some have been commenting on here, he’s not one that can be without someone on his arm. In time and let us hope it’s soon, he’ll do away with this girl.